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A podcast about mysteries from anywhere and everywhere - the unusual, the strange, the perplexing and the down-right odd. Scientific, historical mysteries, unusual stories and events as well as the paranormal will be featured on this podcast.

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EPISODE 3 - Mysteries Abound

A Savage Hoax: The Cave Men Who Never Existed, Awesome Or Off-Putting: The Boy Who Started Fires With Only His Eyes, Decoders take a crack at letter sent to Fermilab, Biblical Text-Writing May Have Poisoned Monks, Meteorological Madness: Is Weather being Used as the Ultimate Weapon?

12 Jul 2008

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EPISODE 117 - Bizarre Slips in Time

8 of the Most Intriguing Disappearances in History Carnivorous Butterflies What Makes These Dominican Children Grow Penises at Puberty Can the Earth Be Conscious Bizarre Slips in Time 10 Terrifying First Hand Accounts of Sleep Paralysis Busking

8 Oct 2015

Rank #2

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EPISODE 152 - Earth is an Alien Prison

Earth is an Alien Prison Could Aliens Be Hibernating 11 Famous Families with Eerie Curses 5 True Stories About the Militarys Paranormal Research The Mystery of Roanoke Endures Another Twist Why Did the Egyptian Masons Down Tools I have Never Woken Up in the Same Place Twice

13 Jun 2017

Rank #3

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EPISODE 150 - The Legend of London's Time Traveling Tomb

10 Crazy Facts About Urine What Really Felled the Hindenburg Did This Ancient Explorer Make It To the Arctic in 325BC The Strange Mystery of Colonel Fawcett and the Lost City of Z Siege of the Little Green Men The Legend of Londons Time Traveling Tomb The Worlds Weirdest Wars

10 May 2017

Rank #4

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EPISODE 83 - People Who Can See in Pitch Blackness

French Archaeologists Discover Beautifully Preserved Deformed Skull Research Suggests Big Cats Amy Roam the Wild Houdinis Greatest Trick Debunking Medium Mina Crandon Spring Heeled Jack Comes to Brighton People Who Can See in Pitch Darkness The Arcade

5 Dec 2013

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EPISODE 4 - Mysteries Abound

A Slip in Time, Builder discovers "priceless" Tolkien postcard, Empty Tomb and Strange Glyphs Point to a Cover-Up in Egypt, The Kraken, The Most Valuable Coin in the World: The 1933 Double Eagle

16 Jul 2008

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EPISODE138 - 8 Mysterious People Without a Past

8 Mysterious People Without a Past Execution by Elephant Octopus DNA Does Not Belong to Our World Scottish Poltergeist Ghost of Black Monk of Pontefract Eclipse Wind The Green Man Haunts Zombie Land Road The Reappearance of Carrie Mae

30 Sep 2016

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Episode 176 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Creepy Coincidences @ 01.16 (Parade / Nctrnm)H.H. Holmes @ 6.10 (Elapsed / Lobo Loco)Tama Shud @ 28.04 (Paradise Lost / EsGi)Antarctica Theories @ 42.47 (Zers / The Serotonin Anvil)Immortal Baby @ 59.36 (Aerstream / G. Org)

22 Apr 2019

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EPISODE 98 - The Still Mysterious Death of Edgar Allen Poe

The Origin of Human Beings According to Ancient Sumerian Texts 9 Signs of Your Past Life Sex Emerged in a Scottish Lake Whats Lurking in Swedens Waters Desert Glass Formed by Ancient Atomic Bombs The Still Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe Unseen Entity While Investigating a Crime Scene Cemetery Scare Strange Night at an Old Haunted Church

23 Oct 2014

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Episode 167 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Daddy Long Legs @ 1:23(Electric V2 / Blazej Lindner)Ghosts, Demons and Aliens @ 7:29(Air / Neil Milton)Mystery Painting @ 14:15(Reflections / Michael Mucklow)Lost Dutch Masterpiece @ 21:38(Waiting to be Born / Spheric Lounge)Dare Stone @ 48:14(Calling / Urban Myth Club)Creepy Pasta . How Do You Prove You Are Alive @ 57:23(The Drifter / EsGi)Author’s Facebook Page (Ad Horror)https://www.facebook.com/ADHorror/

22 Jul 2018

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EPISODE131 - 18 Medical Professionals Share the Creepiest Things Seen

18 Medical Professionals Share the Creepiest Things They Have Seen Mysteries Mounds in Sth America A Secret Forest Grew for Millenia in Nth America Australian Link to US Civil War Robert The Haunted Doll Delivering Meat to Cats The Fish in the Deep My Dead Mothers Notebook Chupacabras The Sandman

31 May 2016

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EPISODE 105 - Spooky Tales only

Poltergeist From the Attic Mysterious Suspicious Highway Accident The Seer of Possibilities The Black Fog Ickbarr Bigelsteine revisited from Episode 68

17 Feb 2015

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EPISODE 128 - 10 Strangest World War 2 Unsolved Mysteries

The Forgotten History of the London Stone 10 Strangest World War 2 Unsolved Mysteries The Australian Kelpie Manila Cemetery Beverly Hills of the Dead The Mysterious Death of the First Man in Space Creepypasta The Darkness of Farside mdd69fie

18 Apr 2016

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Episode 173 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Planet 9 @ 1.07(Track 14 / Artist)Rum Hospital @ 7.13(Winter Sun / Cross the Border)Fletcher Christian @ 13.42(Premonition / G)8 Things About British History @ 19.41(SOS)Bathtub History @ 39.24(Flow / Valerie Mih)PODCASTS:Believe: Australian Paranormal & UFO RadioDevilry: Episode 1Wombat Poo @ 54.54(Once / Michael Mucklow)

21 Jan 2019

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EPISODE 5 - Mysteries Abound

Piltdown Man, Scouring Thailand Rivers for Giant Stingrays, The Killer Oceans -What Really Wiped Out the Dinosaurs? Mystery Hill - America's Stonehenge?, The Devils Footprints

23 Jul 2008

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EPISODE 160 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

What is Time @ 00:59 (Calling / Urban Myth Club) Reclusive Family @ 8:18 Australian Submarine @ 13:16 (Breeze Across the Heather / M.A. Ward) 10 Ancient Irish Mysteries @ 16:02 (Celtic / Menno Van Dijk & Dais Outside / Matthew Blacklock) Muslims Love Jesus @ 29:47 (Ley Lines / M.A. Ward) Being Left-Handed @ 32:49 (Soniclust / Paddywack) Hollow Earth @ 41:23 (Emptiness / Alexander Blu) Australiaâ??s Slave Trade @ 48:45 (Deserted / Elijah Bossenbroek) Alcatraz Hopi Men @ 57:34 (Drifting from Sadness / Craig Sounda Brown) Crunched Up Paper House @ 1:05:15 (Tone Sun / Tpia)

1 Jan 2018

Rank #16

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Episode 180 - Mysteries Abound Podcast

Long Pointy Shoes @ 01.08 Melody / Menno van DijkMind Reading Technology @ 11.28 River / Alexander BluBearded Lady Interview @ 25.49 Tall Tree Butterflies / KeenanBlack-Eyed Kids @ 37.35 Tomorrow's Road / Ken KurlandTomb of Genghis Khan @ 46.24 Madador / AlexPrince Albert's Killer @ 54.32 Waiting to be Born / Spheric Lounge

25 May 2019

Rank #17

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EPISODE 59 - Strictly Paranormal Tales / Set One

Haunted Hike The Day The Creek Disappeared Null When Ghosts Attack Unknown Visitors

12 Aug 2012

Rank #18

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EPISODE109 - 16 Creepy Things Kids Have Said to Babysitters

16 Frighteningly Creepy Things Kids Have Said to Babysitters Queen Victoria Dreamed Up the White Wedding Dress in 1840 Vampire Healing Hail of Stones from Nowhere The Librarian His Stache and the Most Dangerous Book on Earth Millions of Spiders Rain Down on Australia Sea Sparkles My Creation

19 May 2015

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EPISODE 121 - Why Are Cats So Insanely Afraid of Cucumbers?

10 Unanswered Questions from WW2 Why are Cats so Insanely Afraid of Cucumbers A Brief History of the Haunted House The Strange Legend of Fred Fisher 220 Year Old Apple Tree Single Eyed Newborn Ritual Caves Found on Witchcraft Island Astronomers Spot Mysterious System 1600 Light Years Away Scientists Think a Whole New Type of Life Form Could Be Living in Our Guts The Top Secret Document written by Oppenheimer and Einstein on Aliens and UFOs One Word Story Creepypasta

17 Nov 2015

Rank #20