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Cars. Trucks. Life. Things that run. Things that don't. And anything in between. The Hooniverse Podcast is about the intersection of all things automotive and everyday life. That means we'll also talk about anything that pops into our little brains. From beer and wine to dogs to travel, and anything else that strikes our fancy in a given moment. Our attention span is nill. Our episodes are rambling. Pull up a chair, pop on some headphones or turn up the volume in your car, hit play, and stay awhile.Cheers.

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Maximum Bob

Operating on very little sleep this week I sit down with Blake and we discuss the new Mercedes C Class, we admonish BMW for diluting their brand and Blake talks about his time with Bob Lutz and the demise of Pontiac.  In addition I tested about a billion cars with the YouTube /Drive crew as summarised below.C7 Corvette911 Carrera SMercedes CLA 45 AMGFord Fiesta STAudi S7BMW M5Porsche CaymanBMW 320


30 Oct 2013

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On the Future of Cars and Real Records with Alex Roy

Alex Roy joins us in the podcast studio, which is filled with the whole gang this week. Our chatter ranges from the future of cars in general, some insight into the world of Morgans, and a bit of talk about cross-country records. This involves the real ones, and maybe ones that aren't quite as real. Alex is one of our favorite guests, so sit back and enjoy this one folks - it's a longer one, and it's a good one.

1hr 22mins

1 Jul 2015

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42 Chargers! w/ Ken Anderson and Carlos Lago

Once again Los Angeles traffic has split Jeff and I from our hosting duties, however all is not lost. Ken Anderson head of Mountune here in the states and Carlos Lago join me for an extended chat.  Ken shares pretty much everything he can about the development work they're doing on the Focus RS; making it even more impressive.  Carlos joins in shortly after we start and the turbo Ford talk turns into an appreciation for all things small 4 cylinder and turbo.  In addition we spend a little time on the hypercars of 2015 we all adore but few will touch.

1hr 32mins

29 Jun 2016

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#FLOOF with guest Matt Farah

We did his, now he does ours...our podcast that is, and we're referring to guest Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire. He's been a busy man the last year or so, with his steady stream of One Take videos on his own channel or the great shows he's hosting for NBC Sports as part of The Drive.Matt sits down to talk with us about all of that, and then some. Also we get in some questions as well. If you want to hear what's essentially the first half of this podcast, you should also tune in to our host Jeff Glucker sitting in as a guest on Matt's TST Podcast.

1hr 29mins

25 Jan 2017

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A TI-85 to the Taint with Regular Cars Reviews

Mr. Regular and Roman himself join hosts Jeff and Chris in the podcast studio this week. It's a longer episode to make up for the two weeks we took off.Let's not list what was discussed here... just hit play and ENTER THE WORLD OF MR. REGULAR

1hr 31mins

7 Oct 2015

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The Future Of Hot Rodding

Host Jeff Glucker and Producer Chris Hayes dive into some new car chatter. One of the main topics is the subject of the future of hot rodding, and how Jeff believes it will be about electric cars, coding, and drive-by-wire adjustments.Additionally, there's news of a purchase for the Hooniverse family. A new project car is arriving, and you can learn more about it by listening in.OPEN YOUR EARS AND LET US TAKE THEM!


21 Jan 2015

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Too Short

Blake Z. Rong is back from Amsterdam and joins Jeff Glucker in the Hooniverse studio for the Hooniverse podcast.. This is a short podcast, but we cram in a ton of topics. Everything from questions for the designer of the C7 Corvette, the proper pronunciation of the Huayra, our love of wagons, and on to Blake's Miata, Raphael Orlove's Baja Bug, and a certain familiar Firebird.


20 Mar 2013

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Ladyballs w/guests Aaron Gold & Miles Branman

Jeff and Chris are joined in the studio by guests Aaron Gold (About.com) and Miles Branman (Digital Trends). The topics include some new car news:Tesla Model 3Mazda patents a rotary enginePorsche makes a ...chair.BMW offering an incredible two-day driving school.After that, we get into how our guests got into the world of automotive journalism. Aaron got his start as an intern in the UK and Miles fell in with the Fast Lane Daily team. After that we meander through listener questions before a few updates on the truck and other things we've driven.

1hr 10mins

6 Apr 2016

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Casa de Klapman

Jeff had to step out this week... something something I'm a father... something something daugter...  so I took the chance to meet up with Hooniverse regular Zack Klapman for a one-on-one catch up.  This week we cover the Long Beach Grand Prix, the recent passing of the "One Take" reigns to Zack and my deliberations on a new daily.

1hr 14mins

18 Apr 2018

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LS & LT Performance with Texas Speed and Performance from SEMA 2015

In our penultimate SEMA 2015 episode Jason Conner (@TerminatorConn) and I sit down with Texas Speed and Performance.  In easily one of my favorite episodes from SEMA we cover Taxas Speed's mail order tuning business, the evolution of their small block business, the Gen 6 Camaro, the Texas Mile, the realities of internet racing versus reality and what it takes to manufacture their own cylinder heads and camshafts.


13 May 2016

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Return of the Zack

Zack Klapman is back in the podcast studio, and he joins us in a discussion on some fresh news items. We chat about the McLaren body armor built for a billionaire, Toyota's new GR sub-brand, and that rad Ford Lightning Tribute truck sold in Georgia.After that it's time for your questions, and there's a lot of them so we never get to chatting about our own drives and recent vehicular experiences.

1hr 13mins

20 Sep 2017

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Roll, Roll, Roll Your Rental

Jeff Glucker and Blake Z. Rong are joined in the podcast studio by Tom Morningstar of The Smoking Tire. With the Geneva auto show fresh in our heads, we talk about some of the new supercars that were shown off. From there we move on to talking with Tom about his work with DRIVE and being a cameraman for some pretty cool automaker projects. Morningstar also spills the beans on his recent roll in a rental, and why he rides a bicycle.

1hr 5mins

27 Mar 2013

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Coconut Oil

This week the gang talks about the new Mercedes-Benz X-Class truck and a potential Hyundai mid-engined hot hatch. From there the discussion moves to the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack and then over to the McLaren 570S.After that it's question time, with questions coming from Patreon, Twitter, and Facebook. Additionally, Chris squeezes in a review of the Waylens he's been playing with for the last few weeks.

1hr 1min

26 Oct 2016

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That's The Waze It Goes

We're back in the studio! Jeff and Chris finally cleared their hectic schedules to sit down and stare at each other for an hour. Thankfully, guest Zack Klapman is there to break up the awkwardness and regale us with tales of his car buying adventure.

1hr 17mins

25 Feb 2016

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Race Recap 2

Duncan and Jeff are back for the second episode of the Race Recap. There was lots to cover as the prior weekend saw plenty of racing action. Formula 1 was in China and Rosberg continues to kick ass. Long Beach played host to IMSA, IndyCar, and the Pirelli World Challenge. Each race had its highlights and its lowlights, and the hosts dive into all of it on this fresh Race Recap


20 Apr 2016

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Oh Canada, you bring delicious beer

Jeff and Zack are joined in the studio by guests Brendan McAleer and Ryan West. One is a tremendous writer from Canada who has been on the show before and the other is a first time guest that brings the heat by one-upping nearly all the beer bringers. Nearly.... Brendan and Jonny still win all.The topic ranges from Brendan's ability to cover amazing cars new and old to Ryan's world with the Right Foot Down website and Untitled Car Show podcast.Also... Jeff is thinking of selling the #HoonTruck!

1hr 33mins

16 Nov 2016

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A History of Hot Rodding w/ Gale Banks

Gale Banks is a man who knows what it takes for an engine to create power. He's been in the business of creating reliable and powerful engines for decades now, and the man has incredible stories to share. Gale was a guest awhile back on Episode 21 and now he's come back to share more of his wonderful insight and knowledge.Banks is one of our favorite guests, and we could easily turn this into a three-hour podcast episode. Alas, it can't last forever and Gale had to run off to have dinner that evening with his good friend Syd Mead.Yup, he's more fascinating than you even knew...

1hr 17mins

5 Aug 2015

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Random Chatter

Jeff and Chris are in the studio to talk random automotive BS. The topics include the new Camaro, a Fox Body Mustang with an LS V8, Lexus GS F, and some more YouTube comments.


12 May 2016

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Go Team Discovery!

JonathOn Klein and Colin Woodard join us in the Hooniverse podcast studio today. You all know Klein, and Mr. Woodard joins us as a guest from Motor Trend. We talk about some of the interesting machines they've driven lately. This includes a Dirt Sprint car that apparently wants to behave more like a rally car than a dirty drift machine.After that it's time for questions, and we ponder far too long about the fate of the upcoming C8 Corvette.

1hr 23mins

18 Oct 2017

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What makes for good automotive TV? [w/ Patrick Costello]

Patrick Costello joins me on this episode of the podcast and we walk about automotive television. He's an Executive Producer for Truck Night in America and we worked together on Top Gear US (when it was still good, on the History channel). So we wanted to talk a bit about what goes into making a show, why other shows don't work, and what we do like out of certain shows.After that we dive into your questions. Also we're recording from a brewery - thanks again Four Sons Brewing!


2 May 2018

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