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Vince Antonucci on Preaching to the Unconvinced

Vince Antonucci talks about his new eBooks, Preaching to the Unconvinced and Sermons for the Unconvinced. exponential.org/ebooks


11 Feb 2014

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Michael Frost 5 Habits of Missional People

Michael Frost on 5 Habits of Highly Missional People. exponential.org/ebooks.


4 Feb 2014

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Church Planting That Engages Culture

2009 Exponential Conference Nuts and Bolts Track with EfremSmith

1hr 1min

12 Jun 2009

Rank #3

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Dave Ferguson Interview

Interview with Dave Ferguson about his new eBook Keeping Score that is available via exponential.org/ebooks


14 Jan 2014

Rank #4

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Why the Missional Movement Will Fail

In this Exponential 2013 podcast, Mike Breen and Sally Breen talks about why the Missional movement will fail. There has been much talk over the last few years about missional movements. Sadly, for all of the discussion and effort, the missional movement is destined to fail if it is not accompanied with a simple but significant way of making disciples who can make disciples who look like Jesus. It simply isn't sustainable. In this workshop, we'll look at the ways in which a discipling movement is always the undergirding foundation for any missional movement of lasting force and momentum.


4 Jan 2014

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Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

In this Exponential 2013 podcast, Pete Scazzero talks about emotionally health discipleship. This practical seminar will look at how to implement the unique missing elements of spiritual formation in 21st century churches around the world. Questions that will be addressed include: How do we nurture leaders who serve out of deep interior life with Jesus, a cup that overflows? How do we grow people who are emotionally mature adults who create a healthy church culture? How do equip our leaders who to have a growing, dynamic marriage and/or singleness that sustains them for ministry long-term? How do we initiate specific changes for the transformation of the wider church culture?


3 Jan 2014

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Get Off Your Donkey!

In this Exponential 2013 podcast, Reggie McNeal speaks about how, in the parable of the Good Samaritan, the person in need only gets help when someone gets off his donkey. This workshop is a call to action for leaders to unbundle and release the social capital of our congregations into making our communities better. God's people need to call the party of cross-domain collaboration to solve our biggest problems.


2 Jan 2014

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Nuts & Bolts for a Discipling Movement

In this Exponential 2013 podcast, Dave Rhodes and Mike Breen discusses how every movement of discipleship and mission in the last 2000 years has actually had a number of things in common. In this workshop, we'll look at the necessary components for starting a discipling movement, focusing particularly on a common language, reproducible vehicles and the rate determining step for every movement: Reproducing leaders.

1hr 4mins

1 Jan 2014

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The Disciple-Making pastor

In this Exponential 2013 podcast, Bill Hull, a highly respected discipleship leader, helps church planters understand their role as the head coach creating a disciple-making community. Practical insights from one of North America's leading voices on discipleship.


30 Dec 2013

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Leaders: Being the Person That Affects Change

In this Exponential 2013 podcast, Philip Nation talks about the kind of person necessary for change. We've all heard the saying: "Everything rises and falls on leadership." This workshop will address the type of leadership necessary for discipleship to be transformational and how to put believers on a path to leadership as well.


24 Dec 2013

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Posture: How Relationships Change Discipleship

In this Exponential 2013 podcast, Philip Nation speaks about posturing yourself for God willed change. What kind of posture is necessary in a person's life for life change to occur? Is it just humility or is it just missional? Join us for this workshop as we deal with the ideas of how personal posture and relational intentionality affect discipleship.


23 Dec 2013

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Three Key Relationships for Every Disciple

In this Exponential 2013 podcast, Jason Lantz, who planted Love Canton, shares why the principles of "up, in and out" matter if you want to be a disciple who makes disciples. Pragmatic practices that have been proven in the Love Canton church plant.

1hr 6mins

16 Dec 2013

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Four Relational Spaces That Will Transform Your Discipleship

In this Exponential 2013 podcast, Alex Absalom, one of the pioneers in the missional movement, shares the value, benefits and Biblical basis for using different group sizes in discipleship as well as practical steps to launch missional community groups.

1hr 4mins

15 Dec 2013

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Six Steps to Building Healthy Senior Leadership Teams

In this Exponential 2013 podcast, Tony Morgan addresses the six steps to building healthy senior leadership teams. Based on Tony's eBook Take the Lid Off Your Church, this presentation is designed to help you rethink your structure beginning with the senior leadership team. Tony will address several key questions regarding the health of your team. If you feel stuck in your leadership or as an organization, you might want to stop looking at your frontline staff or blaming the people you're trying to reach and spend a little more time evaluating the health of your senior leadership team. This workshop is designed to help you begin that journey.

1hr 2mins

23 Nov 2013

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The New Multi-Site Frontier: Networks and Movements

In this Exponential 2013 podcast, Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson talks about networks and moverments of multi-site. Are you thinking multisite is so "yesterday"? Do you feel like you've heard all there is to say about reproducing leaders, campuses, and churches? Think again.This workshop is for your entire leadership team. You will learn how to lay out a dynamic reproducing strategy, giving practical 'how-to's' for not only reproducing Christ followers, leaders, artists, groups/teams, and sites, we'll also look at the new frontier of reproducing that results in movement: reproducing apostolic leaders and networks. Many church leaders think this new frontier of the missional movement is inspirational, but not something that's achievable. Join us to learn how.


5 Nov 2013

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Leading a Gospel Centered Church that is Immersed in Culture

In this Exponential 2012 podcast, Chris Seay speaks about leading a gospel centered church. Paul's letters to the church in Corinth are useless to churches that only engage the religious culture, but they have so much to teach the church that enters the deep brokenness of culture. Discover the truths that guide churches engaging the brothels and pagan temples of our day.


16 Apr 2013

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Communicating Vision Visually

In this Exponential 2012 podcast, Jim Randall speaks about using visuals to communicate vision. Churches pump out communications all day long and miss the opportunity to constantly reflect and reinforce the vision. Yes, your church needs to brand-it's not a four-letter word imported from corporate world. How does the church tell its story to its community? What can the church learn from its media savvy competitors? How can we capture culture with our brand? Have you simplified and created the tools to help you trickle your identity into every interaction a person may have with your church? Learn the essentials and nuances that teams often overlook and what you can do to create communication and environments that connect with people's hearts and minds.


7 Apr 2013

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Building a Leadership Development Culture

In this Exponential 2012 podcast, Mac Lake speaks about building a leadership development culture. Growing organizations have an ever-increasing need for more leaders. However, most struggle with the frustration of weak or non-existent processes for the development of new and existing leaders. They are aware that a failure to increase their leadership base will ultimately hamper the progress of their overall mission. This session offers solutions leaders can implement today and begin creating a leadership development culture that will keep their leadership pipeline full to overflowing.


30 Mar 2013

Rank #18

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After the Call

In this 2012 Exponential podcast, Pat Furgerson and Doug Foltz speak about what happens after the call. So you've been called to plant a church... That's awesome! But now what? Join us to learn how to put together a plan to lead you from your current reality to your desired future. You'll leave prepared to put pen to paper in determining your next steps in forming the church God has placed within you.

1hr 1min

4 Mar 2013

Rank #19

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The Hardest person to Lead

In this Exponential 2012 podcast, Chris Seay talks about the hardest person to lead. The hardest person to led in our church is not our Board or our Staff. It's not the congregation. The hardest person to lead is our self. As goes the leader, so goes the church. How can we master our lives and live lives of discipline and self control? How can we grow as a leader?


28 Dec 2012

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