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Hey lady! How crazy was your day? I bet it was busy and it left little room for you to breathe, think and grow intellectually. You work so hard to get through the day but where is the opportunity reflect?Well that's where I come in. My name is Audrey, I am a 32 year old woman, licensed therapist, mother, entrepreneur, wife, boss, and your new best friend. I want you to join me at the table and meet some of my wisest friends and colleagues. We will leave you thinking about who you are, who you aren’t and who you want to be . Find me on Instagram @audreyoffthecuff and tell me your favorite episode!

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Life is Always Worth Living

Has mental health impacted your life or someone you know? If so then this is the episode for you because today I sit down with Nancy Eigel-Miller founder of the nonprofit 1N5. Nancy turned a devastating life experience into the fuel to drive her new lifes purpose which is to save young lives from suicide. Her organization partners with the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to implement mental health education programs to students ranging from kindergarten to college to raise awareness around mental health and prevent suicide.  Today you will learn how to stay persistent in the face a doubt, how to share your story without stigma to break the cycle and how to model self care and mental wellness to prevent mental illness for generations to come.  Prepare yourself to be in awe of her strength, grit and determination to never take no for an answer. This is for everyone who need to know that life is worth living no matter what.  Welcome to another episode of AOTC.  Instagram: @1N5.org.stopthestigma Twitter: @1N5.org.stopthestigma Website: www.1N5.org Youtube: 1N5 Facebook: 1N5.org


20 May 2020

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Your Anxiety Doesn't Have To Paralyze You

Ok guys, how many of you are curious about what people talk about in therapy? Of course that next to impossible because of privacy laws but I wanted to find a way to open the door, just ever to slightly, to give you a glimpse inside my office. TodayI sit down with a former client of mine. Her name is Tessa and she is a successful women who is so freaking brave because she is sharing her story about a lifetime of anxiety and recent willingness to get help. I hope this story inspires you to take a step towards wellness and consider seeing a therapist.


13 Nov 2019

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How to Have Self Care at Work and at Home

Is self care overrated and actually putting more pressure on women? If you are someone who thinks self care means soaking in a bath and listening too Josh Groban then this podcast is for you because we are breaking down the brutal truth behind self care and debunking the myths behind the self care fad that leads women to believe that a massage can fix all their problems. Today you will learn how employers coerce employees into wellness models and why the don’t work, how to integrate wellness into your day at work and home, and why being likable comes from your childhood injuries and why it follow us into adulthood.  I chat with corporate wellness coach Maddie Gough who dives into the corporate wellness model and what we need to really be doing at work to make sure that women feel satisfied and keeping their self care cup full.    Find Maggie on Instagram: @maggie.z.gough Links: https://linktr.ee/maggiegough


7 Jan 2020

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Your Worth Is Not Measured By How Much You Do

Do you measure your worth based on how much you got done? If you are someone who measures her success based on a to-do list, then this episode is for you because your worth is NOT measured by a list of to-dos, your sense of worth lives inside of your mind. It’s time to conquer it. Learn how to slow down and measure your worth from the inside out. Today I sit down with Dr. Ashley Solomon, a Cincinnati-based psychologist and owner of Galia Collaborative. She is a wife and new mother to her fourth children and a down to earth psychologist who leads with vulnerability and compassion for her clients. If you’re like me, you’re tired of measuring your self-worth on how productive you look. From our conversation you will learn one way to slow down and put your phone away, how to see change as a positive thing, and what therapy looks like for women in their 20’s, now verses a decade ago. I promise you, this episode deserves your FULL attention! Welcome to #AOTC Instagram: @galiacollaborative  Links: https://linktr.ee/galiacollaborative


30 Nov 2019

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How to Live an Authentic Life Without Going Crazy

When you're split between home and work and social life, it's hard to be genuine all the time, let alone find time to take care of yourself. Today, I get some great life advice from Jess Stoffel, a #LadyBoss business owner with some words of wisdom for all you women out there that (just like me) let your inner critic get the best of you. Not anymore! Jess's Design Business: https://epicmediainc.com --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/audreyoffthecuff/message


1 Oct 2019

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Achieving Your Dreams Without the Burnout

When does ambition turn into workaholism? If you are someone who runs on a hamster wheel trying to discover new ways to build your happy life but you get less than desirable results then this podcast is for you because I sit down with Haley Burkhead, an extremely positive, eager, and successful young female CEO who tells the brutal truth about why you aren’t reaching your potential and what you can do about it right now, today! From this episode you will learn, how to stop being busy for the sake of being busy, how to change a negative thought into a positive thought and see results, and how to align your life now to achieve your goals for the future. PS-If you’re an avid follower than you already know but for those of you who are new, my new puppy Rosie joins me today and she makes her presence know so much so that office coordinator Jaylene puts her in timeout.  Instagram: @haleyburkhead  Quiz: https://quiz.tryinteract.com/#/5e4ecad9ff64a400146c561d

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17 Dec 2019

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Why Being The "Nice Girl" Is Dangerous

If you’re like me, saying no is hard. It’s even harder as a woman when we are taught to be the “nice girl” After listening to Anne Levinstein a female veteran police officer, turned divorce coach and mediator, you will learn why it’s not safe to be the nice girl and why a firm 'no' can save your life. If that wasn’t enough she will also teach you how to date like a CEO and take charge in your relationships. Guest Anne Levinstein  IG: empowerselfdef Website: https://empowerselfdef.com/ We believe the foundation of self-defense is a safe, strong, and positive mindset, and we build from there. Empowerment and self-defense is as much about respecting your emotional boundaries as it is protecting your physical ones.  We hope to instill within you a clear vision about what it means to be a "hard target." Our workshops offer instruction on focused strikes, chokehold/bear hug escapes, and basic ground fighting (skills police officers learn in the academy), but we also place a heavy emphasis on learning how to spot a potential threat and preventing a violent attack in the first place. Resource Mentioned Mosaic Method https://www.mosaicmethod.com Similarly, assessing whether a situation has the combination of factors that are associated with escalated risk and danger requires that you know what questions to ask, and then know how to consider all your answers in a way that enhances insight. The MOSAIC method works by breaking a situation down to its elements, factor-by-factor, and then seeing what picture emerges when the pieces of the puzzle are put together.


6 Nov 2019

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Take Ownership of Your Business

If you are someone who has a goal in mind and wants to show the world what it is but the imposter syndrome is getting in the way then this episode is for you because we talk about the mind traps of self doubt and the fear that holds you back from showing the world what it is you are capable of.  Today you will learn how to stop comparing yourself to others and get off that hamster wheel of self doubt, how to create a community of people who know that you are capable of great things and hold you accountable for going big even when you want to play small and lastly, why its important to seek out mentorship and coaching in your weaker areas and chose to grow and learn rather than feeling inferior and quit.    If you are someone who knows that you have a gift, skill or knowledge that needs to be shared with the world then this episode is for you because today I chat with Lacy Boggs, the owner of the Content Direction Agency. Lacy is incredibly knowledgable in the feild of content marketing but also a true inspiration for all of us who have big dreams to never give up.    Instagram: @lacylu42 Website: https://lacyboggs.com Blog: https://lacyboggs.com/blog/


5 May 2020

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Shame in Procrastination

Did you know more and more adults are identifying procrastination as one of biggest causes of anxiety? Yet it remains a taboo topic for most adults? Why is that? Well today we explore why it’s not just teenager thing, it’s something we all do in varying degrees. Today on AOTC we dive into the nitty gritty aspects of procrastination to figure out exactly what is and how we can stop sabotaging ourselves and ascend into massive success both personal and professional life.My guest today is Dr Christine Li, a NY based psychologist who is a recovering procrastinator herself and now is the owner of Procrastination Coach. An extremely popular program that provides people with the tools to live their best life and ascend into their level of success without sabotaging their progress.  From our conversation you will learn how procrastination impacts your relationships, what you can do to over come self-sabotage and how you can recover from procrastination and ascend into your level of success faster.  Instagram: @procrastinationcoach Links: https://linktr.ee/procrastinationcoach


19 Nov 2019

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How to Be Confident and Successful as a Creative Entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur, writer or artist then this episode is for you because today on AOTC we dive deep (and I mean deep) into the mindset of people who are creators and who have a mission to share their gift. Today I sit down with Jennie Nash, creator and owner of Author Accelerator Today you will learn, the money mindset that will mess with your success and how to turn it around, why it’s normal to have stress and pain during high intensity moments in your business, and how to make sure you are creating for the right reasons and getting the results you want. Welcome to another episode of AOTC.  Get exclusive access to FREE resources and link at authoraccelerator.com/audrey these are TOO GOOD to see! Instagram: @jennienashbookcoach Websites: www.authoracceleator.com www.jennienash.com www.bookcoaches.com 


10 Jun 2020

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How to Stop Dieting and Live Guilt Free

Do you have an emotional relationship with food? If so, this is the episode for you because today I sit down with Amber Romaniuk. She is the CEO of Gain Food and Body Freedom and host of The No Sugarcoating Podcast. Amber is helping women to overcome their eating disorder behaviors and rebuild healthy relationships with food and their bodies through social media.  Today you will learn, how industries influence women’s perceptions of their bodies, how to use intuitive eating to reach your goals, and how to set boundaries so you can start putting yourself first.  I hope this episode inspires you to take a step back and reevaluate the way you look at food and at yourself. If you would like to get to know more about Amber’s mission check below for links to her socials.  Welcome to another episode of AOTC.  Instagram: @amberromaniuk Youtube: Amber Romaniuk Website: www.amberapproved.ca "The No Sugarcoating Podcast": https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-no-sugarcoating-podcast/id1158699464 Take the emotional eating quiz: https://amberapproved.ca/emotional-eating-quiz


29 May 2020

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Creating a Productive Mindset

The uncertainty of COVID-19 has put all of us in the unknown territory of working from home. If you are someone who thrives on routine and consistency yet you feel out of control and aimless then this episode is for you because today we share concrete suggestions on time management and how to create a mindset that makes you productive and successful working from home. Today you will learn how to manage your time and what resources we use that keep us productive, how to stop multi-tasking and stay focused on what actually moves the needle, and why perfection is holding you back from getting the work done. This is one of the most relevant episodes I have recorded and I hope this helps you during COVID-19 to stay productive and focused during these uncertain times.  Instagram: @virtuallydone Website: https://jemmavirtualassistant.co.uk


28 Apr 2020

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Part 2: Finding Your Niche In Small Business

Do you aspire to open your own business but you let fear get in your way? If you are someone who has a talent and want to enter the world of ownership then this is the episode for you because Liz Hansen, owner of Chicago Boudoir Photography tells us why you don’t need to have it all figured out before you start.   It is time to be your own boss.   In this podcast you will learn three must do’s before starting a business, the difference between networking for business and connecting for friendship, and why niching is a good business strategy.    And just a side note Liz and I had so much to say we broke our conversations down into two episodes, check out part one where Liz and I discuss how to prepare for a boudoir session and the empowering effect it can have on you.    Liz Hansen The owner and photographer of Chicago Boudoir Photography, a boutique photo studio that empowers women through beautiful portraits liz@chicago-boudoir.com IG: @chicago.boudoir


10 Dec 2019

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Have a Goal? Learn to Start Before You're Ready

Before we get into today’s episode I just want to tell you how much I am loving this journey in the podcast world. I have never felt more invested in a project in my life! This is a true labor of love. Today, December 25th 2019 I am sincerely grateful for all of you who have shown me an immense amount of love. Since starting this show almost 8 weeks ago, we are at 1400 downloads, 36 5 star rating and 20 reviews that are truly from the heart. If you are a new or old fan, please do me a favor and review and rate our show because in a world that is measured by the number of likes and shares, I can’t reach more women without you. And… I answer every dm on Instagram so come on over and tell me your aha moments from AOTC. Are you someone who dreams of living a life outside of the box yet you worry about other people’s judgments? If you are holding yourself back because you care too much about what others think about you then this is the episode for you because I sit down with Jessica Stadler, creator and owner of Ignite & Empower Mastermind for female entrepreneurs and she teaches us how to take risks in the early years of a dream and why you don’t have to have it all figured out before you start. Instagram: @jessica.stad  Links: https://linktr.ee/lifestyle_with_jess

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24 Dec 2019

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How to Turn Your Pain Into Purpose

If you or someone you know has struggled with infertility or pregnancy loss, and feels like no one understands what you are going through then this episode is for you because today I chat with Aimee Baron, Founder and Executive Director of  “I Was Supposed to Have a Baby”. Today Aimee shares her struggle with infertility and the losses she has experienced over the years in the hopes to provide support and resources for other women and families going through a similar situation.  Today you will learn, how to treat someone after a they’ve experienced a loss, how grief can turn to anger and how to channel it for the right purpose, and how to become objective about your situation, even when it seems impossible.  This episode is so meaningful to me and I think it will be for any other moms out there who are struggling with conceiving or infertility. Make sure to check below to see where you can find Aimee and get connected with her.  Welcome to another episode of AOTC Instagram: @iwassupposedtohaveababy Website coming soon: iwassupposedtohaveababy.org


13 May 2020

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