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The Keeping Your Kids Busy Show

The Keeping Your Kids Busy Show is an exhibition providing a platform for all parents in the U.A.E. to source & meet kids activity, entertainment and facility providers in person, under one roof. They get to experience all the U.A.E. has to offer to keep kids engaged during non-school hours & holidays.Join us in our podcast as we discuss the various opportunities available as well as hot topics on parents minds.

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Episode 5: Introducing Olivia Ducker

In this Episode we take a different angle, we speak to & interview one of the talents, the kids. Join us as we converse with the very talented Olivia Ducker who is a student at The West End Academy in Dubai.


6 Apr 2022

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Episode 4: Interview with The GAIA Centre

Join us as we take a deeper look at The Gaia Centre Dubai. Why & how they formed, their core purpose and all they have to offer!


17 Mar 2022

Rank #2

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Episode 3: An interview with Trusity

Join us as we learn more about Trusity & all they have to offer!


6 Oct 2021

Rank #3

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Episode 2: An interview our latest exhibitor CreaKids.

Join us as we talk to CreaKids & learn about their history, future plans & all they have to offer.


1 Sep 2021

Rank #4

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Episode 1: Introduction

Join us in Episode 1 for the introduction to myself and to The Keeping Your Kids Busy Show. Discover what the show is about, why it was launched and who its for. We also give a brief update as to the format & future of the Podcast. Enjoy the listen!


2 Aug 2021

Rank #5