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Our vision and purpose is to be a church that is fresh, real, and powerful! Below is a compilation of messages from Jurgen & Leanne Matthesius, our Awaken Church team, and other world-class guest speakers!

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I've Got the Power - Dr. Matt Hubbard

"Lighthouses may be surrounded by storms and chaos, but they remain unshaken to fulfill their purpose because their lives are built on the rock!" This amazing message by Dr. Matt Hubbard will inspire you and build your faith as He reminds us of the POWER that we have as we build our lives on the Word of God.


8 Mar 2020

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What God Brings Out Of Isolation // Part One - Ps. Jurgen Matthesius

In this eye-opening message, Ps. Jurgen describes multiple instances in the Bible where God did powerful work during times where people were self-isolated. Don't miss out on part one of this faith-filled message as Ps. Jurgen reveals how God brings consecration, revelation, and transformation out of this season of isolation. It will uplift and encourage you by reminding you that God works everything together for good in all seasons!


19 Apr 2020

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Unholy Harmony - Ps. Samuel Deuth

"Every time that God wants to advance your life, He calls you to a new season of purification, a process of attaching yourself to Jesus and detaching yourself from sin and distractions." Don't miss out on this power-packed message as Ps. Samuel Deuth describes the blessing that comes with doing relationships according to God's design.


23 Feb 2020

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