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Hey there!I sit and chat with a wide ranging set of individuals from both inside and on the outside of the Tabletop/RPG/Boardgame industry about their experience, insight, & motivations. Put on a show whilst you are painting and hear the stories behind your fellow geekers and the people that created the games you know and love.I hope you enjoy.

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Ep 38: Vincent Venturella (Warhammer Weekly)

Hello and welcome to episode 38 of the paint all the minis paint ramble podcast.This week I talk to Vincent Venturella. Vincent, alongside being an awesome painter, he also has his own long running you tube channel Warhammer weekly where he discusses news, events and anything of note in the world of tabletop gaming alongside a painting activity where he spends an epic 5 - 6 hours poring over peoples work and discussing their successes.I hope you enjoy the show!

1hr 13mins

6 Oct 2017

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Ep 26: Uncle Atom (Tabletop Minions)

This episode I talk to Uncle Atom from Tabletop Minions about his experience, background, and his activities. This podcast could have gone on for hours and hours! Hopefully we can have another chat at some point.This podcast has been released early as we now have over 1000 page members on the Paint All The Minis Facebook Group. Come on over and show us what you are painting. Thanks to Uncle Atom for giving some of his time to the show, I hope you enjoy! Dan

1hr 6mins

20 Jul 2017

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Ep 55: Bryan Cook (Bolt Action Alliance/WWPD/Painting Tutorials)

Guest Bryan Cook Bolt Action ~ WWPD: Wargames, Board Games, RPGs, LCGs, and more! This week I talk to Mr Bryan Cook from the island detention centre. Bryan has had an interesting experience in the hobby and is probably best know to date for his painting tutorials through the bolt action alliance and WWPD group. This is a group of people who create podcasts, news updates, and painting tutorials focusing on ww2 and the Bolt action tabletop game from warlord games. Bryan and he is the epitome of what we stand for as a Paint all the minis page and podcast. Positive, helpful, modest, insightful, and passionate about the hobby. I hope you enjoy the show

1hr 9mins

26 Jan 2018

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Ep 33: Dave Lewis (Hawk Wargames. Dropzone Commander/Dropfleet Commander

This week I talk to Mr Dave Lewis the brain box behind hawk war-games and the drop zone and drop fleet commander games.I really enjoyed talking to Dave and a lot of interesting areas came up during our chat such as what sparks a new edition of a game, his personal history into the industry and the build up and development of his company.I could have spoken to dave for about a week about his interests, his history, and his insight, but it was his wife’s birthday so we had to stick to an hour!As always I hope you enjoy the show, and dont forget to come and show us what you are painting on the paint all the minis Facebook group. It doesn’t matter what you are painting, at what level, in what game, we are interested to interact with you as you make your story in the hobby.


1 Sep 2017

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Ep 20: Michael Rinaldi (World Renowned Painter/Modeller/Author 1/35scale)

This week I talk to Michael Rinaldi a world famous Author & Modeller.Mike has released 6 books to date focusing on, amongst other things, oil paint rendering and weathering of scale models.As always, many thanks to Mike for his time and I hope you enjoy the show.Check out Mikes work:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RinaldiStudio/Official Page: https://www.rinaldistudiopress.comEmail the show: paintalltheminis@gmail.com

1hr 19mins

11 Jun 2017

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Ep 14: Rick Priestley (Legend of Tabletop Gaming)

This episode I talk to Rick Priestley!If you aren’t aware of who Rick is then, he was one of the driving forces behind Games Workshop for a number of years and was an integral part of Warhammer Fantasy, Rogue Trader, Warhammer 40k, Necromunda, Lord of the Rings, Bolt Action, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Black Powder, amongst a great many other wizzy jolly things!Come and show us what you are painting on the Paint All The Minis Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/groups/499424820244289/

1hr 17mins

7 May 2017

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Ep 41: Andy Hobday (Warlord Games/Footsore Miniatures)

Hey there! This week I talk to Mr Andy Hobday of Warlord Games and also Footsore Miniatures. I speak to Andy about his journey into the tabletop gaming industry along with his two main projects, aside from his regular day job which are Test of honour (A Feudal Japanese 28mm skirmish game) and the upcoming gangs of Rome (a skirmish game based during the roman empire).I hope you enjoy the show and please please if you do enjoy share us with one of your chums. I think there are loads more Paint Ramblers out there who are just waiting to find us! 

1hr 3mins

27 Oct 2017

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Ep 3: Michael Neely

This week I chat to Michael Neely.We talk about how he loves white, hates orange, loves to see other people happy, and paints because he enjoys it. Come at join us at Camp Paint!


13 Mar 2017

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Ep 127: Seb Lavigne (Professional Painter)

This week I speak to Seb Lavigne. Seb is an amazing painter and is currently a studio painter for Mythic Games, you have probably seen his work for Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, Solomon Kane, or Reichbusters. You may have also seen his work on Moonstone from Goblin King Games which was featured recently on the podcast. We cover his personal history and chat over anything interesting that came up along with some more painting focused questions on his preferences and experience. As always check out the Paint All The Minis FB group where you can see what our community of over 4000 has been up to and you can show us your painted minis, you can also the you tube, the patreon, the website, you can email paintalltheminis@gmail.com with any Q’s you may have

1hr 6mins

26 Apr 2019

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Ep 150: Sustainable Gaming (Not Overbuying/Mental Health)

This episode I catch back up with Mr Fish as we delve a little deeper into sustainable gaming now we have set the scene in episode 1. We look closer at the idea of not allowing ourselves to buy too much stuff and also how this hobby may positively or negatively effect our personal mental health.  If you want to chat and share your experience then please head over to the Paint All The Minis Facebook group.  We hope you enjoy the show! 

2hr 26mins

27 Sep 2019

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Ep 119: What's going on with Mantic Games (Ronnie Renton)

This episode I catch up once again with Ronnie Renton of Mantic Games, and we talk about all the fun and interesting things that came out since we last spoke and also what to expect in 2019. If you are listening to this as it comes out then check out the current terrain Kick Starter campaign, you can get involved, or equally check out the late pledge. It is a really great way to add a new aspect to your games with their pieces of terrain. Its always great to talk to Ronnie and I hope you enjoy our chat.


5 Mar 2019

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Ep 151: Sustainable Gaming (Painting Regularly/Physical Health)

Welcome to another Sustainable Gaming podcast where Mr Fish and I delve a little deeper into the concept. This week we focus on painting regularly and also how the hobby may positively or negatively effect our physical health.  Another great  chat for me personally and I hope you take something from it also. 

2hr 14mins

5 Oct 2019

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Ep 92: Why I love Battletech/Malifaux (David Muir)

Hey there, This week I talk to Dave Muir and about all the reasons why he he loves both Battletech and Malifaux. Dave is a great positive page presence on Paint All The Minis and it was great to talk to him and get to know him better. Battletech and Malifaux are both games I have heard of and seen from afar but not played. I hope to be able to get involved soon! I hope you enjoy the show!

1hr 2mins

25 Sep 2018

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Ep 71: Mike Tuñez (Co Creator Blood & Plunder/Co Founder of Firelock Games)

This week I speak to Mike Tuñez the co creator of Blood and Plunder a 28mm scale skirmish game set in the golden age of Caribean piracy. Also co founder of Firelock Games, who produce this game along with some exciting new additions to come. I’m always looking to interact with you so if you have additional questions for Mike, or clarification on anything brought up then please come and hang out with us on the Paint All The Minis facebook group. You can also come and show us your painting projects and work. At Paint all the minis we are all about the average joe getting involved in the hobby on their own terms. The whole ethos for us is helping you to get your geek on via all our offerings. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/paintalltheminis

1hr 3mins

18 May 2018

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Ep 29: Jez Allum (Commission Painter)

Hey!A sneaky early release for you all this episode! Feeling saucy so decided to chuck it out early! This week I talk to the gentleman Jez Allum a commission painter from Birmingham, England. He shares his eclectic experience of gaming and painting, a pleasure to listen to. Hope you enjoy


4 Aug 2017

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Ep 129: Tim K (Ragnarok: Heavy metal combat in the Viking age)

This week I speak to Tim Korklewski author of Ragnarok, heavy metal combat in the Viking age. Ragnarok is released May 30th 2019 so if after the show it has tickled your fancy then do a wee internet search for it, or follow our link in the description and get amongst it. As always on the show we delve into Tim’s back story along with talking about the core and key mechanics for Ragnarok and also the Morpheus engine that Tim has created which hints at many more games to come. https://ospreypublishing.com/ragnarok

1hr 29mins

10 May 2019

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Ep 114: Andy Hobday (Warbanner: Mortal Gods/Gangs of Rome)

This week I talk once again to Andy Hobday of Warbanner. Warbanner has recently been through a restructure taking in board Footsore Miniatures and also Special Artisan Service Miniatures. They released Gangs of Rome, a skirmish game set in the streets of the Roman Empire, last year and will be releasing a new game Mortal Gods in 2019. I caught up with Andy to discuss his strategy of eating his Christmas dinner along with a catch up on Gangs of Rome, plus also information on Mortal Gods. Its always great talking to Andy and I wish him and Warbanner all the best in 2019 Dont forget to check out paintalltheminis.com for a whole raft of other content such as bat reps, unboxings, paint tutorials etc. Plus also come and show us what you are painting on the Paint All The Minis Facebook group, or just lurk about and see what others are painting. Remember no one will judge you negatively for your work, we just want to share in your hobby and celebrate you getting your brushes out. In order to support all of our activities we have a Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/paintalltheminis

1hr 6mins

1 Feb 2019

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Ep 148: Brent Amberger (Goobertown Hobbies YouTube Channel)

This episode I speak to Brent Amberger of the Goobertown Hobbies Youtube Channel. Goobertown Hobbies is a youtube channel I personally really enjoy as there is a lot of thought, depth, and insight included in the videos I have watched. In an age of clickbait and also lots of videos/content that appears to have been put together to over promise and underdeliver I find Brent’s videos to be insightful and interesting. The way that he does his videos I appreciate, he never seems to be ‘selling’ anything, he just seems to be sharing his thoughts and his ethos, which is something Ii really enjoy. It was great talking to Brent and it is yet another positive byproduct of this podcast for me personally that not only do I get to find channels like Brent’s but I also get to spend an hour chatting to him, it was a fun chat and I hope that you enjoy it too.

1hr 32mins

13 Sep 2019

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Ep 139: Stuart M (Great Escape Games)

This week I speak to Stuart of Great Escape Games. Great Escape Games not only offers a wide variety of interesting rule sets such as Dead Man’s Hand, a western style skirmish game, Iron Cross, 1914, Seven Days to the River Rhine, all table top war games in a variety of eras, but they also offer miniatures in ranges that may not be offered by other companies in the eras we play. Romanians, Mountain Italian Alpini, Greek Mountain troops to name 3 such ranges from the WW2 era. Taking Seven Days to the River Rhine and Iron Cross as two examples, what really interests me is that each unit in a force generates a token which can be spent at a variety of times through a turn, it deviates from a traditional turn structure. You can also activate the same unit multiple times, potentially. It is an interesting mechanic, to name just one of the facets which make these games appealing to me personally. If that sort of thing sounds interesting then give Great Escape Games a look and see what you think. http://www.greatescapegames.co.uk It was a genuine pleasure talking to Stuart, as I mention in the show it was the longest pre show I think I have ever had, over an hour chat about loads of different subjects, and the podcast could also have lasted about triple the time. Thanks for coming on Stuart, it was a pleasure to spend some time with you. I hope you enjoy the show.

1hr 27mins

12 Jul 2019

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Ep 133: Rich from Too Fat Lardies (What makes a good game?)

This episode I talk once again to Rich from Too Fat Lardies. Go back to episode 110 to hear about Rich’s back story as in this episode we discover Rich’s opinion on what he thinks makes a good game. We delve into research, D6’s, campaigns and anything else that crops up over the hour or so we talked. It’s always fun talking to Rich and he makes engaging and interesting games. Go and check out Too Fat Lardy games to see if you agree. https://toofatlardies.co.uk

1hr 20mins

31 May 2019

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