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The Art of Masculinity

Through a quickly evolving world we are living in today, most men were given at a young age to act, feel and conduct their lives in a certain way. I am here to help empower men to embrace both forms of energy: the Masculine and Feminine, so they can step out of their hard shells and create a life where there's equal strength, toughness and still fluidity and softness.

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Episode 80: How to Prioritize Internal Health Over External Validation with Jeremiah Campbell

How men neglect their health on a regular basis, self-help or human transformation: mental wellness, you have to be really conscious of your thoughts, what can you do to be more clear in what you want? Things can happen to us or for us, nicotine and caffeine slow down the flow of blood to your brain, how when you need to get healthy it´s got to be from the inside out, gratitude is the ultimate form of receiving, you don´t know how bad you are until you get better, how we are chemical beings and more! "Everything around us forms our identity if we allow it to" "Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result, is literally de definition of insanity" "At the end of the day, it doesn´t matter what anyone thinks about me, is how I feel about myself" About Jeremiah: Discover Amare, The Mental Wellness Company: https://www.myamareglobal.com/44639 Donate to: https://www.rangerroad.org/ Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser

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19 Mar 2020

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Episode 83: The man Jam (4th Edition)

On this episode: We talked about: Knowing how some things in your life, change how you think, recognizing your fears and confront them, fearing of rejection, exploring your talents, hitting your goals in work and in life, improving your mindset, focusing on how to heal your body, how our brain functions, and so much more! "Make an effort, and say something and see where it goes" "If there´s anything I want to learn, I can absorb it and provide it for other people" " I never needed strength, when I was fully rested" Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser

1hr 8mins

10 Apr 2020

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Episode 81: How a Semiotic Approach Defines Your Masculinity

In this episode: how we conditioned masculinity, masculinity becomes unmarked and defined by its authority, femininity is defined by the lack or missing of something, there are some things associated with boys or with girls, how you developed your masculinity on your early years, every man has that expectation of certain gender roles between man and women, this is why I feel that women should do this or that things and more! "The semiotic relationships place a factor in our gender associations" How we understand the norms of masculinity and femininity?" "A lot of things that define you as an adult, were shown to you by your family" Discover Amare, The Mental Wellness Company: https://www.myamareglobal.com/44639 Donate to: https://www.rangerroad.org/ Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


26 Mar 2020

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Episode 75: What is the Essentialist Man

Discover Amare, The Mental Wellness Company: https://www.myamareglobal.com/44639 Donate to: https://www.rangerroad.org/ On this episode we talked about: Welcome to the 4-part series! How to define masculinity Being nice and supportive no matter what Basing masculinity on money and how much do you have Measuring how much of a "men" you are Tying masculinity to work How nobody has the same prescription The constant straight line of masculinity Where does masculinity come from? Changing my understanding of masculinity How to stop judging other men "How do you define masculinity in your life until now?" "Focus on a certain aspect of masculinity, not in all of them" Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


13 Feb 2020

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Episode 77: Who is the Positivist

On this episode we talked about: Men develop their mindset for masculinity Foundation of masculinity What makes us confident? The positivist builds its own foundation of masculinity What do you exhibit as masculine? How is this serving me, is this who I want to be? Think about the threads that you want There is no set foundation for what´s masculinity "Make sure to break old habits and connect those pathways to masculinity and confidence" "At the end of the day. what matters is knowing who you are internally" Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


27 Feb 2020

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Episode 76: The Man Jam (3rd Edition)

Discover Amare, The Mental Wellness Company: https://www.myamareglobal.com/44639 Donate to: https://www.rangerroad.org/ On this episode we talked about: Reminiscing on soccer Two wifes? The hot girlfriend situation Attractive people Insecurities on a relationship The touching factor Your wife and your friends The friend of all the wifes When you're stuck in the past Adjusting to your friends life situations Knowing what is not healthy in a relationship What does "ownership" means? Empowering your partner The peacock effect Pouring a drink on your own head Mic dropped! Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


20 Feb 2020

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Episode 84: When The Man In The Mirror Has Nothing To Offer

In this episode: What makes a real man, the experiences of growing as a man, looking back at your experience in life, how we constantly drag ourselves down, how we keep growing, loving ourselves constantly, taking a look at what doesn´t serves you and so much more! "You need to be able to wake up and say: that is the man I want to be" "Being emotionally tough and not responding to other emotions" "Just simply waking up and loving yourself, makes a man a real man" The Art of Masculinity has been rated as one of the Top 15 Masculinity Podcasts! Go check out https://blog.feedspot.com/masculinity_podcasts/ and see the article and rating! Discover Amare, The Mental Wellness Company: https://www.myamareglobal.com/44639 Donate to: https://www.rangerroad.org/ Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


16 Apr 2020

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Episode 79: The Not so Normal Normative Approach

In this episode we talked about: Normative male approach: Masculinity based on what men should be Fixed trades that respond to the fixed environment Basing masculinity into fiction What happens when we can't attend something that we look up to? If you´re not achieving something now, you feel less masculine What is normal about the normative approach to masculinity? We have lost all concept of masculinity because is not reachable Why are we following that prescription of masculinity? How am I going to break this cycle? "I am masculine in my own ways" "What kind of blueprint is that for you if you can´t achieve something that all men should have?" Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


12 Mar 2020

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Episode 74: How to Live an unHIDDEN Life with Robert Kandell

Discover Amare, The Mental Wellness Company: https://www.myamareglobal.com/44639 Donate to: https://www.rangerroad.org/ On this episode we talked about: The necessary tools for men Men can go to other men for support Women are getting more empowered People are motivated by inspiration or desperation Life isn´t the way that I thought that it would be We want the maximum result for the least amount of effort We´re trained to be mediocre communicators in society Women have connections to their emotions better than men No one did this to me, this is me I want to understand this part of myself I want more and I want to be bigger A lot of things can be beneficial if you open up yourself How to talk and communicate with women We live in the most informational time Self-love and self-esteem are highly attractive for women We live in a society of scarcity We actually live in a world of abundance Admit to yourself: I want something different "You have to make things accessible and pragmatic so people can understand" "When the pain of change is less than the pain of staying the same, then we change" About Robert: Robert Kandell is an interpersonal communication expert, speaker, podcaster and the author of the bestselling book, unHIDDEN: A Book for Men and Those Confused by Them. Since 2002, Robert's mission has been to help people find themselves and use their internal power to live their best lives. He has helped thousands of students up-level their communication, leading them to live more balanced, energized, connected and purposeful lives.Robert is a veteran of many worlds, having moved seamlessly from corporate America and the startup world, to becoming an authority in the personal development sphere, to building an international 8-figure business and authoring a bestselling book. He is the host of the podcast, Tuff Love, where he puts his compassionate, hard-hitting insight to work helping people move forward in their lives with clarity. He has been described as “part football coach, part loving dad and part slightly crazed drill sergeant”. His style is challenging, fraternal, highly rewarding, and definitely not for the faint-hearted.   6:52 Website: https://www.robertkandell.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kandellconsulting / https://www.facebook.com/robert.kandell Twitter: https://twitter.com/Robertkandell @Robertkandell Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robert.kandell/ @robert.kandell Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robertkandell/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA4BLzufNXxgKGUsLVDTnlQ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/robertkandell/pins/ Skype: Rbk_ot Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser

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6 Feb 2020

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Episode 82: Why Your Darkest Hour Can be Your Shining Moment with Doug Bopst

On this episode: it´s on us to bring our best during dark times, how life is about choices, what can I do to continue feeling like that? why we're always struggling with healing, when true transformation occurs, can you give unconditional love? listening to somebody else rather than myself, addressing my purpose and mission in life, taking the pain and making it into purpose and more! "We can´t just blame our past for everything" "In order for me to learn, I need to adapt new skills and grow" "If people don´t accept they have issues, they will never grow as a person" About Doug: Doug Bopst is an award-winning personal trainer, author, speaker and business owner. Those credentials and accolades are a result of his own transformation. He is a former felon and drug addict, sentenced to months in jail due to being found guilty of “possession with intent to sell.” He chose to use his time locked in that small cell to beat his demons and reinvent himself thanks to a combination of faith, family and fitness. He has helped hundreds of people improve their health and wellness. He is the author of three books: "From Felony to Fitness to Free," about how people can turn a negative into a positive and make the most of their second chance. His second book, "Faith Family Fitness," encourages readers to cultivate their spirituality, believe in themselves and stay mentally, physically and spiritually fit. In his third and latest book, "The Heart of Recovery," he interviews many of the most inspiring individuals in recovery from of all walks of life to learn what they are doing to thrive in recovery from addiction. He has been featured on national media outlets such as the Today Show, Men's Health, Goalcast, Cheddar, Greatist, Thrive Global and others... Doug has also been featured as a guest on various podcasts including Impact Theory, Rise Together Podcast, Rich Roll Podcast, This Life with Dr. Drew and One37pm. He has also been featured on local media outlets in his hometown such as WBAL 11, WJZ 13 and WMAR 2 and in the Baltimore Sun as one of Baltimore's “12 Fitness Heroes” in 2015. "From Felony to Fitness to Free" a short documentary about his story premiered at The Reel Recovery Film Festival in Los Angeles and New York City in 2018. He has spoken to and worked with many companies, organizations and schools including McCormick and the Clemson football team. Website: dbopstfitness.com IG: dougbopst FB: Doug Bopst Podcast: The Adversity Advantage Discover Amare, The Mental Wellness Company: https://www.myamareglobal.com/44639 Donate to: https://www.rangerroad.org/ Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser

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2 Apr 2020

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Episode 78: TBI, PTSD, and Mental Health Issues with Dr. Lance Davis

In this episode we talked about: Healing ourselves from the root problem, not only the symptoms The human body as a complex biological computer Sleep and hormones How PTSD is more mainstream now and more easily to talk about Talking about your difficulties What are you putting into your body? The information is out there Recognizing changes in your body How the lack of structure crashes people Women are more creative in a lot of ways Paying attention to your inner dialogue Reinforcing what is true and what you know it´s true If you don´t have goals, you go wherever life takes you "Talking about your disease is only one part for recovery" "There´s a lot you need to learn, to get where you want to be" About Lance: Lance's journey began when he enlisted in the Army in December 2002. During his time in the military, he was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. He ended his contract in April 2009 and moved back into the civilian world. While going to school, a colleague of his told him to get his military disability re-assessed. A few months later Lance met with a VA psychologist and was diagnosed with PTSD. Roughly a year later, Lance decided to seek treatment through the VA. He regularly saw a counselor and was not getting the results he wanted. On top of other symptoms, he had constant low-grade headaches and wasn't sleeping well. The doctor told him “that's normal” and prescribed him medication. As a doctor, Lance, who effectively treats headaches on a daily basis, was frustrated because he was not able to make any change in himself. At this point, he decided that the VA and the normal medical model wasn't going to work for him. After doing much reading and research, he found his way to Dr. Mark Gordon and the Millennium-WAF TBI Project. They started treating his PTSD as a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Treatment cleared Lance's mind and gave him a vision of how he wanted to help others. Lance took a deep dive into personal work. He found out that the stories we tell ourselves affect how we see the world around us. The work that Lance did on himself inspired him to coach others to make similar changes in their lives. All the tools that he uses have been put to the test. Social Media Links: http://www.flourishhealthcommunity.com/ IG: i_am_drlancedavis Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


5 Mar 2020

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Episode 116: Becoming a Jacked Vegan with Julien Hierro

On this episode, we talked about: Training harder over time, protein, getting educated on what you eat, nutrition and training, commitment in becoming vegan, keep things simple, allowing yourself to learn, investing on yourself, asking for help, exchange of energy, focusing on improving yourself and so much more! "The simpler you make your vegan meals, the easy is going to be to stick with it" "Usually, vegetarians and vegans make healthier decisions when it comes to picking up their food options" "Money is like energy: where your money goes energy follows" About Julien: Julian former fittest man of Venezuela in 2015, he's now vegan, showing the world that it's possible to be jacked on diet without animal products. He's the leader at the Jacked Vegans Academy. IG: @julienhierro Webpage: www.jackedvegancall.com Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


17 Sep 2020

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Episode 90: Your Blueprint and its Effect on Your Masculinity

On this episode: Understanding our genetics, blueprints change based on the environment of our parents and the environment changes you as a man, masculinity is fluid, what gave us our blueprint?, what happens when you change your environment?, your antennas to the world are your eyes, ears, feelings, etc., the external environment is dictated by the internal perception, and the external environment is creating the way how your masculinity is evolving, how you perceive the world and much more! "Our blueprints are part of that survival instinct that is within our genetics" "Negativity affects our cellular response and make you embody those negative aspects around you" Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


28 May 2020

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Episode 89: Down but Never Out with Anthony Trucks

On this episode: teaching people how to upgrade their lives, how what you create, creates you, this is your reality: deal with it,  what can I do and create before I die?, how we are the hardware of the computer and our identity is the software, the story I tell is not my story, it´s my experience, being a black kid in a non-diverse environment, people can only give what they've got inside. "What if that thing that took place gave me a reason to have a better life?" About Anthony Trucks | Motivational Speaker I motivate and inspire by giving people new perspectives, tools, and the support they need to take action and get things done.  You can find Anthony's bio at https://www.anthonytrucks.com/about/ Freebie! https://www.anthonytrucks.com/slow-or-go.php Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


21 May 2020

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Episode 88: Insecurities of Being with a Boss Lady

On this episode:  How evolution is a natural product, most men are not okay with women making more money, society makes us believe that the man brings the money, starting to be unapologetically supportive to her and her mission, be respectful on her making more money, embrace, be present and enjoy the gift, insecurity of not feeling like a man, truly believe in yourself and what you're talking about, how resentment brings more troubles, how to start a cycling journal, leave the space to talk and be constructive, and so much more! "The biggest question that needs to be asked by the man is: why do you feel insecure?" "If you start to support her, you're going to start to change that narrative that you are not a man in your mind" "Make sure that you talk about and have conversations with your wife, about how you're feeling" Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


14 May 2020

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Episode 87: Knowing Your Value and Persevering with Gaurav Valani

On this episode: What's your story and what you want to do? What's the fastest way to get where I want?, how you sometimes associate your success with how much money you make, losing yourself in comparisonitis, why you should have really good mentors,  approaching to interviews with confidence, how you have to look the failures as opportunities instead of obstacles, evaluating how you keep doing things, being able to remove your ego, you should never build your life around chasing arbitrary goals and so much more! "When is it going to be my turn to be successful?" "You naturally compare to others, and when you do that, you tend to put yourself down" "You should never quit on a bad day, you should quit on a good day" About Gaurav: Gaurav Valani is an Entrepreneur, Career Coach, and a former executive of one of the most well-known publicly-traded companies in the world, Overstock.com Over the past 12 years, Gaurav has in some way shape or form been helping people build meaningful careers. He started out his career bouncing around 10 different dead-end jobs within 6 years after graduation. During that time he stumbled into the staffing industry began his career as a recruiter. Throughout his recruiting career, he's helped companies like Google, SpaceX, Disney, Warner Bros, Coca-Cola, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, and many others to find top talent. During this time, he would study exactly how these companies would find candidates, how they would interview them, negotiate salaries and ultimately hire these employees and not only that, but he would also study how these employees grew their own careers after landing these high-paying jobs. Once he learned the exact strategies successful people used to not only land high paying jobs at some of the best companies in the world but how they also kept moving up in their careers after they've landed those jobs, he applied those same strategies to his own career and went onto become a co-founder of a $72M staffing agency (prior to acquisition), start a career coaching company which has helped hundreds of people all over the world build meaningful careers, and landed a high-level executive position at one of the most reputable publicly traded companies there is today. Through all the information he's gained throughout his career, Gaurav has helped thousands of professionals land six (and even seven) figure jobs at some of the biggest companies in the world. Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


7 May 2020

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Episode 86: Why Being a Gentleman Should be Celebrated

On this episode: Some people fear being a gentleman, being a gentleman is a thing that should be celebrated, I would never taught that paying for a meal or opening the door for my partner, was a disrespectful thing, the men that are also gentlemen are polite to everyone, what is the thing that you're fighting with to say that gentlemen are no good?, you have to own what you're doing, be confident in yourself and don't let anyone make you feel bad, that you don't have to please everybody, you only have to be happy to the man in the mirror, how you're showing a positive form of a man and so much more! "The real men are also gentlemen, and they're confused on what they're supposed to be doing" "The issues that you have right now, are the reflection of your internal issues" "You have to be the man that makes you happy, it doesn't matter what people talk about you" Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


30 Apr 2020

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Episode 85: Healed People Heal People with Lucas Mack

On this episode: How souls can connect to other souls, knowing that what's within me is enough to survive, what am I doing with my life?, we cannot plan our pain, how am I going to be a good masculine figure for my children, turning my pain into a purpose for helping people, helping men to heal, how to be the healthiest version of yourself, exploring life, figuring things out and live, knowing that I am loved and free to explore and think, having the courage to experience love in it's purest form, and so much more! "When you know your purpose in life, you can navigate thru a lot of hard decisions and make it thru" "I'm going to take my mask off so you can take your mask off, and we can be safe together" "You're good enough: you're still worthy and deserve to be loved" About Lucas: Lucas Mack works with people who are looking for healing, forgiveness, rest, balance, purpose and peace in their lives by reconnecting them to an understanding of the true definition of love and the power it brings, by giving them personal empowerment, a clear vision, purposeful direction and an ability to give back. Growing up in an abusive home where fear and confusion ruled his life, he's been able to break the cycle and find true healing. He learned that love gives truth permission to come forth resulting in personal freedom, and the reason we aren't free is because we don't know what true love is. He leads people to experience change in themselves in order for them to impact the world, through spiritual reconnection, personal healing, and legacy building. You are invited on a vulnerable journey to experience the fullness of love. The world is waiting for you to be free. Your family is waiting for you to be free. And, most importantly, you are waiting for you to be free. LinkdIn: 4th Avenue Media FB: Lucas Mack IG: @lucasjamesmack Webpage: www.lucasmack.com Discover Amare, The Mental Wellness Company: https://www.myamareglobal.com/44639 Donate to: https://www.rangerroad.org/ Let's connect over on Instagram: @Johnny.Elsasser


23 Apr 2020

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