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Discussion, analysis and conversation from OptaPro on data analysis and analytics within professional football.

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5 - Interview with Steve Head. Addick.

Ryan Bahia hosts this episode in which Steve Head (Chief Scout, Charlton Athletic) and Ben Mackriell (Head of OptaPro) discuss the use of data at different levels of the game, and how roles have changed since data has become more widespread in professional football.Intro music "ISFP" by jckdvnprt can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/jckdvnprt/i-s-f-p


18 Oct 2016

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4 - OptaPro Analytics Forum. Proposal.

Ryan Bahia hosts this episode focusing on the OptaPro Analytics Forum and is joined by Sam Gregory, a former presenter at the event, and Johannes Harkins, an OptaPro Forum judge.More information on the forum:http://www.optasportspro.com/about/optapro-blog/posts/2016/news-2017-optapro-analytics-forum-accepting-proposals/Intro music "ISFP" by jckdvnprt can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/jckdvnprt/i-s-f-p


16 Sep 2016

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3 - Applied data analysis in MLS and NASL. Stateside.

This episode focuses on data analysis on the other side of the Atlantic. Brendan Kent of MLS’ Portland Timbers and Andrew Puopolo of New York Cosmos (NASL) join OptaPro’s Tom Worville, discussing their respective roles in recruitment and match analysis.Intro music "ISFP" by jckdvnprt can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/jckdvnprt/i-s-f-p


25 Aug 2016

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21 - Interview with New England Revolution analyst Tim Crawford. Evolution.

This Q&A discussion with Tim Crawford took place in January 2019, when OptaPro hosted its second #OptaProSoccer analytics conference in North America. In this episode, Tim discusses his seven years at the club, their processes along with the role of data and analytics in informing on-field decision-making.


14 Feb 2019

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20 – Academy analysis at Arsenal and breaking into the football analysis industry. Research.

Hosted by Ryan Bahia, Arsenal lead academy analyst James Krause joins the podcast alongside a returning Donald Barron, now at the University of Suffolk.Broken down into two parts, the first half focuses on James’ role at Arsenal and the wider topic of innovation within performance analysis.A common discussion point within this space is how people can break into the sports analysis industry. As well as sharing their own experiences, Donald draws on his thoughts as an employer (from his time at Norwich City) and how his life in the academic world has given a new perspective on this question.James also draws on his experiences, along with sharing what he looks for when bringing in new staff to the club.


26 Oct 2018

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19 - Interview with Nick Cushing, Manchester City Women's Manager. Gaffer.

Manchester City Women’s Manager Nick Cushing joins host Ryan Bahia and OptaPro Data Scientist Tom Worville for this episode of Three At The Back.In an in-depth discussion, Nick shares detailed insight on his football philosophy and how this is implemented with the team, his relationship with his analysis team and how City approach recruitment.


22 Aug 2018

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18 - Data, technology and international federations. Cap.

Recorded in the lead-up to the 2018 World Cup finals, host Ryan Bahia is joined by Head of OptaPro Ben Mackriell to discuss how international federations are using data and technology to inform and support performance.In a conversation that explores how federations are using data from first-team through to talent pathways and early identification, the pod finishes by touching on how the presence of technology on the touchline could influence the role of the analyst this summer.


11 Jun 2018

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17 - Interview with Wolverhampton Wanderers Sporting Director Kevin Thelwell. Promotion.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Sporting Director Kevin Thelwell joins OptaPro for this latest episode of Three At The Back.Also featuring Ben Mackriell (Head of OptaPro) and hosted by Ryan Bahia (OptaPro Marketing Manager), this episode focuses on an in-depth discussion on the role of a sporting director.Alongside the implementation of a club philosophy, Kevin also draws on his background in academy football; with conversation revolving around player pathways and the integration of an academy culture alongside the first-team.


16 Apr 2018

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16 - #OptaProForum and interview with Devin Pleuler and Luke Bornn. Insiders.

Recorded the day after the 2018 #OptaProForum, this latest episode of Three At The Back features both guest speakers – Devin Pleuler, Senior Analytics Manager at Toronto FC and Luke Bornn, VP Strategy and Analytics, Sacramento Kings.Both Devin and Luke share their Forum highlights, discuss the evolving nature of football analytics and outline their thoughts around the future of this industry.


20 Feb 2018

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15 - #OptaProSoccer and interview with Paul Carr. Stateside.

This episode sees OptaPro’s Three At The Back become Four as host Ryan Bahia is joined by OptaPro data scientist Johannes Harkins, OptaPro lead for North America Olive Miller-Farrell and special guest Paul Carr, senior researcher at ESPN.The discussion, taking place just after the first #OptaProSoccer event in Philadelphia, revolves around the event in the context of analytics in North American soccer along with exploring the use of data for different audiences, and where there are clear differences and overlaps, looking at how each sectors can learn from one another.


31 Jan 2018

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