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519 Become A Realized Leader With Harvard Professor, Daniel P. Brown

Daniel Brown, Ph.D. is Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School and has served on the faculty for over 38 years. A senior meditation master, Dr. Brown has trained and taught with top Indo-Tibetan Bon & Buddhist lamas for more than 48 years, including lineage holders from some of the great schools of Buddhism. He is the author of 24 books, and winner of the 1999 Guttmacher Award from the American Psychiatric Association and the American Academy of Psychiatry & Law for outstanding contribution to forensic psychiatry.Listen & Subscribe on:iTunes / Stitcher / Podbean / Overcast / SpotifyContact InfoWebsite: www.MindOnly.com Website: PointingOutWay.org – Retreats Website: AttachmentProject.org Book: Pointing Out the Great Way: The Stages of Meditation in the Mahamudra Tradition by Daniel P. BrownMost Influential PersonMenri TrizinEffect on Emotions“Emotions has no grab to me anymore.”Thoughts on Breathing“If I don't breathe, I don't stay alive.”Suggested ResourcesBook: Pointing Out the Great Way: The Stages of Meditation in the Mahamudra Tradition by Daniel P. Brown App: n/a


1 Apr 2020

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174 Happiness, Joy and Peace Discovered After A 10 Year Search By Scott Wilhite

Scott Wilhite is an award-winning commercial filmmaker turned social entrepreneur. As a writer, producer, and director, he was enjoying a promising creative career without actually enjoying it. During ten of his most productive years, he found them to also be ten of his darkest, most unsatisfying years. He felt directionless and that his life was missing purpose and meaning. This all changed when a friend introduced him to the world of positive psychology and showed him the difference that comes from deliberately, consciously choosing what he mentally focuses on. With his personal transformation, he wanted to make the education easily accessible to others.Contact InfoWebsite: www.ncourage.lifeMost Influential PersonShawn Achor (TedX Speaker)Effect on EmotionsI had all this terrible stuff going on in my life which was so bizarre because so much of life was good for me but I didn't realize it so having those emotions now to where I'm more in control rather than being tossed around by something that seems to go bad in my day, you know now I have more control. I'm not just going with the flow. I'm charting my course.Thoughts on BreathingI do some of that breathing in the mornings when I meditate and I spend a few minutes focusing on my breath and really getting centered there.Suggested ResourcesBook: The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky App: Feed Your Happy


19 Dec 2016

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182 Love Your Body and Reclaim Your Life Explains SexyFit Creator Zlata Sushchik

Zlata Sushchik transforms women to become healthier and happier. She moved from Russia to the United States when she was 16 years old. Overweight and frustrated, she became a fitness competitor in order to shake off 30 pounds. Later, due to extensive dieting and overtraining, she decided to transition toward a life of using mindset to become truly fit and to help other women beat their subconscious fears and find health and peace. She has now helped thousands of women through her Sexyfit Podcast and her transformative training methods which include changing habits, meditation and applying powerful mindset concepts.Contact InfoWebsite: www.SexyFit.com Book: The SexyFit Method: Your Step By Step Guide to Complete Food Freedom, Loving Your Body and Reclaiming Your Life Podcast: SexyFit PodcastMost Influential PersonGabby Bernstein (American motivational speaker, life coach, and author)Effect on EmotionsI am very aware of my emotions and I understand that I don't need to control them; all I need to do is feel them.Thoughts on BreathingBreathing is huge. I suffered from anxiety and every time I get in the anxious state, I take a deep breath and hold and breathe out. This is something I do every day and it helps me, not just get through my day, it helps me really thrive in my day.Suggested ResourcesBook: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Book: Anything by Author Abraham Hicks Book: The SexyFit Method by Zlata Sushchik App: I don't use an app for thisAdvice for NewbieI would say, start with gratitude. That is a beautiful fast track to mindfulness that doesn't take a lot of conscious or subconscious effort. It will take you to a beautiful state of love, compassion and kindness faster. From there [I recommend] five minutes of meditation a day.


16 Jan 2017

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268 Unlock Self-Love With The Mindfulness Key Suggests Joie Cheng

Joie Cheng, (M.S.W. Masters of Social Work), is the Self-Love Luminary. She's passionate about helping women love themselves so they can live their best life possible. Joie is a certified professional coach, mentor, healer, circle facilitator, and trained yoga teacher. Joie has a degree in Social Work and Psychology. She is the best-selling author of her book, The Naked Truth: A Woman’s Journey to Self-Love. This book conveys Joie's personal journey of healing herself naturally from depression through self-love.Contact InfoWebsite: www.JoieCheng.com Book: The Naked Truth: A Woman's Journey To Self-Love by Joie Cheng Free Gift: The Seven-Day Self-Love ChallengeMost Influential PersonDeepak ChopraEffect on EmotionsI think mindfulness has helped me to not get attached to the stories you get in your head about what something means and just saying, there's a thought and I can just let it pass. I don't have to be attached to it.Thoughts on BreathingBreathing is a really good way to instantly become aware and instantly drop into our body and notice our breath. That's a really simple practice that we can do any time of the day. Just take a couple of deep breaths, especially if we're feeling stress, or are tired or whatever, just to take a few deep breaths. It's an instant state change.Suggested ResourcesBook: The Naked Truth: A Woman's Journey To Self-Love by Joie Cheng App: The Timer on your phone. When the alarm goes off, just be aware of what you're thinking.Bullying StoryI was fortunate not to have a lot of bullying when I was a kid. There was this one girl when I was in Junior High, who used to make fun of me for being my race, my ethnicity. She would do that 'eye' thing where she would move her eyes. And she'd say things. Actually I think that I was grateful because mindfulness did help me because I didn't internalize it. It think a lot of kids take it in and they think, oh, there's something wrong with me. So they really think that it's about them, rather than realizing that it's about the other person. When someone bullies you, they're feeling insecure. It really has nothing to do with the person that's being bullied. I just want to say that I really appreciate you making that connection between mindfulness and bullying  because I've never thought about that before and it made me think, yeah, you're right, mindfulness really can help with bullying.


9 Nov 2017

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305 Daily Self-Care So You Can Thrive; Naturopath Todd Nelson

Todd Nelson is a Naturopathic Doctor in clinical practice for 35 years. He is the co-author of 3 books on health and has contributed to 8 books on health. Todd is an expert in helping people recover their well-being by practicing exceptional self-care. Todd is a well-known speaker, both publicly and to health professionals, and does hundreds of media appearances. He is a former radio show host, and corporate wellness trainer.Contact InfoWebsite: www.TOLWellness.com Book: Cannabis For Chronic Pain: A Proven Prescription For Using Marijuanna To Relieve Your Pain And Heal Your Life by Dr. Rav IvkerNOTE: Todd Nelson is the major contributor to the above book.Most Influential PersonRobert K. Cooper (Head of Cooper Strategies (The first to teach me what he called an instant calming sequence) www.RobertCooperPHD.comEffect on EmotionsMindfulness makes me calmer, more sane human being. You know, we all can get into this ... I call it the blender drink of our thoughts. You know, like when you, you do a smoothie in a blender drink, right? And it's all smashed up and we can get whirling with so many different things in it. For me, it can connect me into this feeling of urgency and nervousness and being a little neurotic. And so mindfulness has really helped me dissipate that soften, that, find more peace and be able to more consciously choose it at will during the day.Thoughts on BreathingI don't know of anything that changes your state faster than changing your breathing. Truly. I mean, if you just take a moment and go, where's my breath? Holding my breath, my diaphragm's up in my rib cage here. How do I just take a breath? Take a sigh. Mindfully breathe through my nose, out through my mouth, even just a few breaths and just let my diaphragm drop, my whole abdomen drop. Within anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute, I can access calmness. Wow, what a neat technique. I can do that anywhere. Anytime. Any circumstance.Suggested ResourcesBook: Any book by Pema Chodron such as - The Compassion Book: Teachings For Awakening The Heart App: N/ABullying StoryYeah, you know, Bruce, when I was a kid I was a pretty sort of highly sensitive wimpy kid, not an athletic kid and definitely the one to get picked on. I was very sensitive to suffering of other kids and the underdog and suffering of animals and all sorts of things. And I remember in grade school I used to walk home from school. There were all these wonderfully positioned bushes where these two guys would hide out and wait for me. They would jump out and want to hassle me push me around and take my lunch money, that kind of stuff. Well, one day my father decided to hide in those bushes and wait for those to give them a dose of their own medicine. So he jumped out, scared the holy crap out of them and gave me a good talking to. And strangely enough, we all ended up being friends. Those guys were so shaken up and scared. My dad sort of facilitated this; he was a great guy but when you ask me how mindfulness helped me later in my life, about the age of 17, I started learning Kung Fu. It was partly for self-defense but I would say out of the seven years of training I went through in Kung Fu, the core lesson that I got was being mindful, staying awake, staying present in the midst of somebody hitting me. I can't tell you how valuable that is. It wasn't like I would have just signed up for that knowing what I was getting into necessarily. I got to a place where we would do these round robins of sparring with one another. And I was just getting overwhelmed emotionally by doing this with all these people and getting hit and hitting them. And it was all a very controlled thing. But at one point I fell down in a fetal position and I could barely handle it. So my instructor brought me up, facilitated me getting through the feelings of that and I went back in. I went back in and something shifted in me and I was able to stay present throughout the rest of the exercise and honestly, that stayed with me for life. I was able to go, wow, I'm just observing all this. I'm having to spar with these people and stand my ground and defend myself and show up and stay awake and not get overwhelmed by my feelings. When I'm in conflict or hard circumstances these days, I referenced that. I go back to that feeling state in my physiology; what we called it was the eye of the hurricane. I'm staying present in that calm core place of observation and being able to then come up with solutions to what's happening. So I practiced that for 40 years or more.


19 Mar 2018

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193 Create a Life Around Who You Truly Are Says Computer Zen Guy, Calvin Correli

Calvin Correli is a software engineer, a creator, a meditator, a musician, an online entrepreneur and an all round mindful guy. He was born and raised in Denmark and currently lives in New York City.  Calvin has created a million dollar software company called Simplero which is an all-in-one solution forselling courses and knowledge online. Calvin once created a product called Computer Zen which helped people use computers while using a Zen mindset. Calvin is a meditator and feels that’s a great way to spend quality time with your inner child.Contact InfoWebsite: www.CalvinCorreli.comMost Influential PersonGay HendricksEffect on EmotionsRadically. I was completely cut off from my emotions for the majority of my life and so starting to get all that untangled. In the beginning of that process it seemed like everything was like a yawn of this untangled stuff. I couldn't tell things apart but now I see my emotions, which is great. I love my emotions. I want them.Thoughts on BreathingI do Gay's [Gay Hendricks] 'Yes Breath' every morning as part of my routine. I work a lot with my breath, trying to get different breathing techniques down.Suggested ResourcesBook: There is Nothing Wrong With You by Sherri Harper Book: F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way by John Parkins App: No Apps - Calvin suggests to delete FB from your phone.Mindfulness Meets BullyingAs a child, I was bullied quite a bit. I think people quickly figured out I was a pretty easy victim. Throughout the whole thing, mindfulness pretty much from anyone or anywhere, mindfulness in me and really seeing what was going on [would have made a difference]. It personally wasn't about me. Mindfulness in any of the teachers who were actually present to what was going on. Mindfulness in my parents. Anyone of those places would have made a big difference. What tended to happen was that, if they say something, people would be like, 'oh we've gotta do something' and then there would be parental intervention that was just not helpful at all, it just makes it worse. Being with me and how I was feeling, them and how they were feeling, Any of those things would have made a huge difference. There were some kids in the class just above me, for some reason they thought I was the funniest thing in the world to go after. Anytime they saw me around school they would hit me. They would just be looking out for me [to hit me]. During wintertime, I would never make it outside when there was snow because the minute they saw me, there would just be snow all over.Advice for NewbiePay attention to yourself more than anything. Listen to other people and get inspired. Trust your own sense of what resonates with you because we're all alike in many ways but we're all different and what's gonna work for you is not necessarily what's gonna work for somebody else. Allow yourself to be selective, allow yourself to see what you resonate with and pick that. Do expose yourself to a bunch of stuff. That's helpful.


23 Feb 2017

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261 Mindfulness, Quantum Physics and Healing With Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

Dr. Anastasia Chopelas’ unusual combination of scientific curiosity and heritage as a 4th generation healer makes her uniquely qualified to understand the subtle energies that promote or deteriorate health, success and relationships. She retired from a 40 year career as a physicist and researcher studying quantum and vibrational physics to become The Scientific Healer. Her processes are responsible for hundreds of medical miracles, some of which are outlined in her book, The Diamond Healing Method. Dr. Anastasia’s scientific background enables her to explain energy healing in simple practical terms, to make everyday miracles believable.Contact InfoWebsite: www.ScientificHealer.com Free Gift: 11 Minute Wake Up Your Brain Audio Free Gift: 5 Day Success Challenge Podcast: www.ScientificHealer.com/radio/ Book: The Diamond Healing Method: Get Healthy No Matter What Your Doctor Says by Anastasia ChopelasMost Influential PersonMy Sunday School Teacher: When I was in Sunday School I had a really awesome teacher who, when she talked, I used to be completely fascinated. She had this really peaceful demeanour about her and she was very deeply devout. Just by that connection with her, we were friends for 40 years. She really influenced me from a very young age.Effect on Emotions I don't have explosive emotions, like I know what I'm feeling. When I get angry I can feel it but I don't explode out. I start thinking, what is it about them that's making me angry because it's usually about me so I know that I usually turn it back in and ask myself what am I doing that is making me angry because that person is doing it. I look at it like that person is showing a mirror to me.Thoughts on BreathingI take deep breaths every day because it brings me into the moment. So many of us are stuck and this used to be me sometimes when it was bad: stuck about worrying or shame and guilt of the past and worrying about the future. When you start breathing deeply, at least when I do, I breathe deeply all the way down into my belly. I use my belly and I imagine the air is going all the way down into my toes. As soon as I get into that breathing, it brings me right into the moment and I stop. It brings me away from the past and away from the future and into the now. Then I ask myself, how am I doing right now and that really settles everything down.Suggested ResourcesBook: The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav Book: The Road Less Traveled, Timeless Edition: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth by M. Scott Peck Book: The Diamond Healing Method: Get Healthy No Matter What Your Doctor Says by Anastasia Chopelas App: Pomodoro App for your computer or phone


16 Oct 2017

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136 Don't Let The Demons In and You'll Do Really Well Says Five Minute Bark Host Dennis Langlais

Dennis Langlais is an inspiration to thousands. Since he was five years old he wanted to build teams, be a speaker and motivate people. At the age of 16 he became a professional Free Style BMX Bike Rider, travelling the world to compete. In 1991 he started his first business called Perfection on Wheels, successfully presenting over 7000 live shows. He is now well known as host of The Five Minute Bark Podcast where he continues to inspire listeners across the world.Contact InfoWebsite: codiedog.com Youtube: Five Minute Bark Twitter: @DennisLanglais Facebook: Dennis LanglaisMost Influential PersonTony RobbinsEffect on EmotionsIt's a good way to recheck where you're at because, we live in this massive world and when we get in a situation where we're down and out or not focused, we then put ourselves in a small little box, right now I'm visualizing it as this 8 by 8 square box that we stick ourselves in, and we forget that the whole world is out there.Thoughts on BreathingBreathing is just... you're tensed up, I don't know if people know about, cancer happens and disease happens more from tenseness, stress. It's a drug you should be taking every day. You should breath as much as you can, you hear a lot about it these days, drinking water and breathing. I remind myself because I have friends who are stressed out to no end about their businesses and themselves and I see them not breathing and I see them not focusing on breath and it reminds me to do it.Suggested ResourcesBook: The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles App: The Cody Dog Inspirational Tools for Success PlatformAdvice for NewbieYou've got a thousand things you've got to get done, you've got to take one little thing and get it done one little thing, and get it done. Just chip away one little piece at a time because if you keep looking at the big picture, you're just never going to get anything done. It's something I always struggle with. I have to reconnect myself to get one little thing done, today I'm just going to get these three automated emails done. Today I'm just going to get these podcasts done. So you got to chip away at these things in little pieces. You're going to get distracted constantly about the big picture, but the big picture is much more important.Free BonusDownload your five free guided meditations by Bruce Langford called Fine Tune Your Focus. Watch and listen, or close your eyes to listen. Enter your name and email. Click here: www.MindfulnessMode.com/focus


22 Aug 2016

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185 Better Leaders, Better Schools Happen With Mindfulness Says Principal Daniel Bauer

Daniel Sunshine Bauer is a Principal at a middle school in Texas. He is dedicated to the success and development of school leaders everywhere and he helps them create a winning culture by focusing on what’s truly essential so they can lead with courage and integrity. His passion is developing school staff members to their fullest potential. Daniel says, 'the impact a highly-functioning staff can have on the student body and community is priceless.'  His mission is to create better leaders to lead better schools. Daniel believes in mindfulness, meditation and running and finds these habits help keep him focused and centered.Contact InfoWebsite: www.DanielBauer.com Podcast: Better Leaders, Better Schools Email: Daniel@BetterLeadersBetterSchools.com Free Gift: The 15 Challenging Questions Guaranteed To Unlock Your Leadership Potential Text "UnlockNow" to 33444 for a free gift or email Daniel directly for this gift.Most Influential PersonChade-Meng Tan  (Author of Search Inside Yourself)Effect on EmotionsIt makes me notice them [emotions]. It helps me be aware that they exist. It helps me separate them from what follows. So even if it's a great happiness or a great hurt, I can just notice it and then chose to respond in a positive way. This is as opposed to letting emotions dictate where I go.Thoughts on BreathingBreathing slows you down. When you focus on your breath I find that you have slower, more intentional breaths. It brings your heart rate down and it brings you into a place of calmness. That's why I enjoy when meditating, I really focus on the breath. Plus, how do you meditate? It's okay that your mind wanders, but your breath is the centering piece. It's about calmness and decluttering your mind. Suggested ResourcesBook: Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan App: Calm  (Also Headspace)


26 Jan 2017

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175 Quantum Healing and NLP For Body and Mind Transformation; Beth Sutherland

Beth Sutherland is a coach with extensive abilities including Neuro Linguistic Programing, better known as NLP, Quantum Healing, Healing Touch as well as incredible intuitive gifts. She helps her clients undergo major transformational changes through unique coaching experiences as well as healing sessions, workshops, and programs for the physical body. Some of her influencers include Bob Proctor, Louise Hay, Tony Robbins, Zig Zigler and Dr.Wayne DyerContact InfoWebsite: bethsutherland.comMost Influential PersonWayne Dyer and Adam McLeodEffect on EmotionsI used to say my shoulders were my earmuffs because they were up so high, and my fingernails used to be dug inside my hands, and my legs were so locked that I had bowed legs that went backwards. The emotion I had inside my body most of the times was fear. Fear of somebody catching me doing something wrong, or just being me, which I thought was wrong. Mindfulness was allowing. Allowing me to be me, allowing that my body and brain profile was just the way I wanted it to be. I was hardwired and nobody else knew how to deal with it, so I was lucky that I unlocked it. And so I go back to that and say, turn the thoughts around and they will turn to nothing eventually.Thoughts on BreathingThat's one of the things that I learned that I didn't do properly. I breathed opposite the way I should. Most people when you breathe in, you gasp for air as if you're taking air and it ends up in your throat. You're actually supposed to breath in through your nose and fill up your diaphragm, fill up your belly. And so, I was totally backwards breathing, and that causes an awful lot of strain on the body, not getting enough oxygen during the day and that kind of stuff. I have this 1,2,3 process where I use total body modification. it's one of the courses that I took. You actually put your fingers together and it triggers the top part of your lungs to open, then the bottom part, and then the diaphragm and so, within 3 seconds, you're breathing in and you're filling up all of those areas. You're nurturing yourself when you're breathing in and you're allowing the toxins to come out when you're blowing everything out at the end. So, just by touching your pointer fingers, then your pointer finger and your middle finger, and then pointer, middle and ring fingers together it will allow you to breathe.Suggested ResourcesBook: Surrender by Dr. David R Hawkins App: NoneAdvice for NewbieGive yourself permission to start doing it and say, 'I'm not wasting time by taking half an hour in my day to do this. I am actually gaining time.' People need to shift to get there, to realize they can't say, 'I don't want to waste half an hour doing that'. It goes by very, very quickly and it absolutely adds tenfold to your life.


22 Dec 2016

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Using The Success Principles During Challenging Times; Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield is well-known for one of the most successful series of books of all time, The Chicken Soup For The Soul books. Although I would call him a mindset expert, he didn’t grow up around a self-help mentality. His mother was an alcoholic and his father was a workaholic. Later, through his determination, Jack became familiar with certain principles of success that he used in the late 1980s to create the Chicken Soup For the Soul series, even after being turned down by 144 publishers. Jack shares the same principles of success that he used to succeed back in the ‘80s, in his book, The Success Principles: How To Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be. Now Jack’s most recent book, The Success Principles Workbook, is available as a powerful companion guide to the original publication.Listen & Subscribe on:iTunes / Stitcher / Podbean / Overcast / SpotifyContact InfoWebsite: www.TheSuccessPrinciplesWorkbook.com Book: The Success Principles WorkbookMost Influential PersonDawa Tarchin Phillips, Tibetan Buddhist lama and mindfulness teacher: www.DawaTarchinPhillips.comEffect on EmotionsIt's kept me much more calm and much more neutral. Sometimes people think I don't have any feelings. The truth is, I've learned that most of my feelings come from thoughts and if I'm aware of the thoughts and can deal with them at that level, then I don't have to have the emotional outbursts. I still cry when I see cats and skunks playing together on YouTube. I love interspecies things and I cry at movies. I don't cry so much about loss. I cry more at the joy of beauty and love.Thoughts on BreathingI do breathing exercises as part of my yoga and my meditation practices in the morning. My wife and I just spent a month in India; the whole month of February. We had a private yoga instructor who started with 30 minutes of breathing exercises and then 30 minutes of yoga. I studied Kundalini Yoga with a yoga teacher back in my '30s [and learned] to do that breath of fire real fast.Suggested ResourcesBook: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle Books: Anything by Thich Nhat Hanh (Here's an example: The Art of Living) App: I'm not a huge app guy, other than the CNN Newsfeed on FacebookBullying StoryMy dad was an alcoholic and he got violent when he got drunk he would rage and if I wasn't careful I would get beaten, so I would literally hide inside the radio. I would wait till he went to bed so he couldn't find me because he was violent. So I got bullied by him. He was a verbal bully as well as a physical bully. I got bullied as a kid too [in school]. They always teased the new kid that came in and I was the new kid.Free GiftDo you want to become more calm, relaxed, peaceful, and content? Learn how by downloading this free ‘Waves of Content' Meditation by Bruce Langford. Unlock the secrets of calm here: MindfulnessMode.com/wavesofcontent


25 Apr 2020

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217 Use Mindfulness To Gain Power and Opportunity Suggests Pamela Gold

Pamela Gold is a deeply spiritual and insightful thought leader. She’s been called a Modern Day Yoda, providing deep wisdom and inspiration to all who have an opportunity to connect with her. Pamela’s childhood was spent on the family farm in upstate New York and later she graduated from Yale University; entered the business world and met success at the young age of 24.  After pausing to have a family, she then co-founded West Village Parents and went on to pursue her passion for fitness and wellness. Yoga became a new focus in her life and it connected her love of philosophy, science, psychology, and wellness, and eventually led her to discover her life's work: teaching inner peace as the key to our greatest evolution and ultimately, world peace.Contact InfoWebsite: www.GoldEvolution.com (See the free resources including the breathing guide) Book: Book: Find More Strength: Five Pillars To Unlock Unlimited Power and Happiness by Pamela Gold Get the First Chapter of Pamela's book for free here: Find More Strength Book email: pam@goldevolution.comMost Influential PersonMy kriya yoga teacher, Yogacharya Don Abrams, affectionately called "Don Baba".Effect on EmotionsThe more mindful we can be, the more we have a buffer between how we originally were going to react and how we chose to respond. Feeling angry, feeling sad, feeling our emotions ... that is never bad. Those feelings are always teaching us something; it's always an opportunity to learn. The question is, how do we handle them? What are we going to do with that energy? So, the more mindfulness that I have, the more power that I have moment to moment. As I get triggered, I can use that as an opportunity. Own that opportunity to learn and to grow instead of pushing it out, blaming someone else, reacting in a way that's destructive to someone else. At the end of the day, our relationships are based on trust so if we act out of these negative emotions and blame someone else for how we feel, we're going to be undermining the strength of our relationships.Thoughts on BreathingBreathing and our mind go hand in hand. On my website, I share a breathing guide. While we sometimes feel that we can't control our minds, we can always control our breath. One of the things I learned in yoga school, and that I've played with and refined, is how, by focusing on different parts of our breath, we can kind of control and hack how our mind is handling something. By keeping our breath even, we keep our mind even.Suggested ResourcesBook: The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer Book: Find More Strength: Five Pillars To Unlock Unlimited Power and Happiness by Pamela Gold App: Stop Breathe Think (www.StopBreatheThink.org)Bullying StoryI think every child is going to face time when people are unkind. Someone is putting their own feelings ahead of someone else's. Everything that I've learned up to this point has influenced my parenting. My children come home with stories about times when people are unkind. One of the mantras I've taught them has been that it is never cool to be rude or to be unkind as they face, perhaps another child that is excluding them and being unkind and perhaps trying to make themselves feel better by being unkind. Using this awareness that, no matter how imperfect we are in any given moment, you always can learn from the situation that you could have handled something more skillfully, with more grace, with more compassion yourself. But if someone is being unkind to you, that's on them. When I was in fifth grade, I had a friend .... it was the end of the year party and there was this whole thing where we weren't going to have the party at her house, we were going to have the party at our house. I started to see that she was getting her feelings hurt, so I told her what was going on. I kind of betrayed the confidence of my other friends in doing so. Understandably, my other friends were upset with me. That spiraled into some of my friends being very cruel and it was very hurtful. At the time I didn't have the awareness to recognize that I could have done things better. If someone's being cruel or unkind, that's on them.


18 May 2017

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122 Become Mindful Of Who We Are To Find The Joy Within Us Says Joyologist, Susan Squire

Susan Squire is a Joyologist. She constantly brings joy into her own life and the lives of others regardless of their circumstances. She shares simple tools which makes choosing joy more meaningful, feasible and fun. Susan is also a certified nutritional therapist and yoga teacher. She is on a journey ----more----of whole foods and plant based eating, and has overcome autoimmune and mental and emotional challenges by changing her relationship with food. Now that she has moved into a healthy place with her own body, Susan is delighted to spend her time helping others in her role as a Joyologist.Contact InfoWebsite: www.susangsquire.com Facebook: Simply Joyful LivingMost Influential PersonMarianne WilliamsonEffect on EmotionsBeing able to be mindful of who I am and where I am and why I am and how I am. Just being able to connect to that and be present in that moment has allowed my emotions to not be all crazy, wild and all over the place but just to be centered in that joyful experience of every single moment.Thoughts on BreathingBreathing is so powerful. We talk about core and a lot of times people think,"Oh I've gotta build that 6 pack abs," but to me, core breathing is what gets the flow from head to toe and it's right centered there in our heart, in our true core. Breathing is actually the letter B in my book and as we breathe through things we can live through things and so breathing is essential, it's core. [show-notes-breathing]Suggested ResourcesBook: A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson Book: The Ideal Made Real by Christian D. LarsonAdvice for NewbieI would say, first and foremost, believe you are valuable. Believe that you are joy, that you are there for a purpose and you can find that purpose. All you have to do is take a moment to connect and believe in who you are. Stop frantically frenziedly searching out there, because joy isn't lost, it's in you. You can find that through a mindful connection of believing how awesome and powerful you are and what a great purpose you have for being here on this earth.Free BonusWant more joy in your life? Susan Squire strongly recommends this great book. She says the author is her fellow Joyologist! "Count it all joy, everything that we have, we can live it with joy."  Click below to get the entire book. (Enter your name and email address so I can send it to you). The Ideal Made Real by Christian D. Larsen


21 Jul 2016

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272 Mental Resilience Using Mindfulness Explained By Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, Master Resilience Implementer, Professional Speaker, International Radio Show Host, Performance Enhancement Expert, and Author, with almost 10,000 of speaking and training time. He inspires and motivates you to “Live Your Brand” so you can grow personally and professionally. Millennials to 50 year old Professionals hire Sean to teach them Mental, Physical, Social/Emotional, Spiritual Resilience Skills that empower them to withstand, recover,and grow through adversity, stress, and life's changing demands in a highly interactive and engaging environment, utilizing online coaching sessions and face-to-face workshops. Sean equips people with the tools necessary to live EPIC lives, and leaves people better equipped to manage change effectively.Contact InfoWebsite: www.TheSuccessCorps.com Facebook.com/TheSuccessCorps or Facebook.com/SeanDouglasSpeaks LinkedIn: Sean Douglas Podcast: Life Transformation RadioMost Influential PersonJulianna RayeEffect on EmotionsI know when I start getting anxious, scared, happy I literally feel those emotions and I know those emotions are coming up. I can feel myself getting mad. I am more in tune with my body.Thoughts on BreathingBreathing is huge. When I smoked, I used to say that smoking was a stress reliever. What do they tell you in stress relieving class? They tell you to go take a ten second break, breathe in, breathe out. I would say, that's what I'm doing when I'm smoking. Breathing is so important because the more oxygen you get to your brain, there's a lot of science behind the breathing technique.Suggested ResourcesBook: The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor Book: The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale Book: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod App: Headspace (The paid version is also excellent)Bullying StoryI'm a maintainer on the F15. Some things that we do are funny so we think. We are really tight knit, like we are brother and sisterhood and we treat it as that. This is our family. We will defend you forever and we will pick on you like brothers and sisters. What we'll do is we'll take young airmen and we'll say, we have this crack in the intake of the airplane. We just found it and we need you to come and look and see what we see so you can learn. When we pull back the intake cover, we ... (listen to hear more of Sean's story).


23 Nov 2017

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103 Have a Positive State of Mind To Start The Morning Urges Fitness and Mindset Coach, Ian Ryan

Ian Ryan is a personal trainer and has worked with hundreds of clients in the Washington DC area over the past 8 years. He gets excited working with clients who are committed to changing their body and mindset. Ian hosts his own podcast called Fearless and Healthy and has a blog called Golden Habits.comContact InfoCompany: Fearless and Healthy Website: fearlessandhealthy.com Blog: Golden Habits.com Podcast: Fearless and Healthy PodcastMost Influential PersonDarren HardyEffect on EmotionsIt has definitely helped so much in my life. It has made me happier, it really has and being mindful has made me more grateful for the world around me. It has made me realize that we live in an amazing place, so I can't say enough about how much it has impacted me.Thoughts on BreathingBreathing really helps me get centered and it relieves stress from my life, so when I feel like I have a million things that are discombobulated in my head, just taking a step back, working on my breathing, being present. This really relieves so much stress from my life and as a fitness guy I'm going to say that it will help decrease your cortical levels. You wanna keep your cortical down so having some type of stress relief practice in your life can really help with that and breathing is just one of those things.Suggested ResourcesBook: Mindset Matters Most By Brian Grasow App: EvernoteAdvice for NewbieDon't think that you have to do a million things to get benefits from it. Start with one simple practice, take timeouts during your day. If your stressed out at work just take a couple minutes every single day to get up and move around, take some deep breaths and you can build on things. If your starting with meditation, you might start with a simple hundred count breathing exercise and then expand on that as you become more comfortable with it but simply it at first. Build small incremental habits one step at a time and over the long haul you will see a ton of results.


6 Jun 2016

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254 Conquer Your Food Demons With Help From Lorraine Crowston

Lorraine Crowston is a certified life coach, a speaker and an author and is particularly interested in helping people deal with their food demons. Lorraine has worked as a chef, a computer network instructor, a trainer and a project manager. Lorraine Crowston has bundled all of her life experiences into a package where she helps people achieve physical and emotional health in playful, easy-to-follow steps. Her book, 'The Devil's Food Cake Made Me Do It', is a great example of Lorraine's unique way of viewing life and helping people.Contact InfoWebsite: LorraineCrowston.com Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn: @LorraineCrowston Community: GoRead.com  (Lorraine has an author's page at GoRead.com) Book: The Devil's Food Cake Made Me Do It by Lorraine CrowstonMost Influential PersonJenny McKee (One of the women I do a lot of networking with)Effect on EmotionsMindfulness has caused me to be a kinder, gentler person. I don't have to be the manager. I don't have to be the hard, make-all-the-decisions person. It's been a lovely journey. I'm really liking being able to sit back and just take it easy.Thoughts on BreathingBreathing is so interesting because I've just finished doing an audio book. It's the audio version of my book. I've taken a voice acting coach and I also do Yoga. Breathing is part of all of those things. When you're recording an audio book, you try not to breathe too loudly because it will pick it up and it has to be cleaned up later. But when you're doing Yoga, it's a totally different thing. You're making sure you totally focus on the breath.Suggested ResourcesBook: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck Book: The Devil's Food Cake Made Me Do It by Lorraine Crowston App: FatSecret.comBullying StoryI was the smallest kid in the class. I don't term it quite so much as bullying, but I was definitely teased quite a bit. I was very fortunate, because I was the youngest of six, so once I got home I was safe. I had a whole crew of people around me that kept me safe. It was my safe haven. I think that a lot of the times, I look back and think about these people who had bullied me or teased me at the time and I sometimes wonder what was going on in their household. If they are feeling powerless at home, this is their was to regain power and so they're going to look for the person that they think is the most vulnerable and bully them. Unfortunately what happens, in my case it didn't work. I had five older siblings that picked on me. What I think happens is that they look for the most gentle soul who won't fight back. That's really a shame because these poor gentle souls are the ones who take the hit a lot more. They don't have that hard core to fight back and so it is much more damaging to them than what may have happened to me when I was growing up. My mom stopped protecting me and so I had to fight my own battles, so in a way, internally in my own house, I had to stand up for myself or find the means to navigate through the whole family dynamics. I had the tools for it. Imagine if I had been an only child where I'm closeted and maybe a gentle soul and I wouldn't have received those tools to sorta say, hold on, I'm not going to be your victim, I'm not going to take the bullying. Back off. Then you get those very bad situations.


25 Sep 2017

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Bring Calm To Your Troubled Mind

Bring calm to your troubled mind. I'll talk about four topics, specifically Breathing, Mantras, Meditation, and Sleep. Breathing - Make a time twice each day to breathe at least 30 deliberate, deep breaths. Do an inhale through the nose if possible and then pause and exhale as much as possible. Use a counting pattern like inhale for 6, pause for 2, and exhale for 4 counts. You can do breathing exercises while walking, stretching, or enjoying nature. Mantras - Create a personal mantra that has deep meaning for you. Take some time with a notebook and jot down words that are important to you. You can get some ideas by searching online for mantras that work for other people. Settle on a mantra for yourself that feels good, isn't too long or too short, and then commit it to memory. Every time you feel some anxiety or self-bullying happening in your mind, quickly shift to your mantra. This will help you feel calmer and more relaxed. Meditation – Find a place that is comfortable and sit on the floor on a mat or sit in a straight-backed chair. Focus on the flame of a candle if you wish and you may want to use some essential oil in a diffuser. If you're new to meditation, use a guided meditation or nature sounds. A timer can be helpful so you won't be wondering how much time has passed. The app, Insight Timer is an excellent tool to help with meditation. You can use it only as a timer, or for nature sounds or you can find many guided meditations on the app. Sleep - Avoid your phone, device, or screens of any kind for two or three hours before bedtime. Also, don't expose yourself to the news in the three hours before bed. Set your phone to airplane mode, turn it off, or turn off wi-fi if you have your phone anywhere near you while sleeping. Also, it's recommended to turn off the wi-fi in your home during sleep time. Eating food just before bed can also affect your sleep. Some recommend a cold shower in the hour or two leading up to bedtime, especially if you've been having a tough time getting to sleep or sleeping soundly. Caffeine can disturb your sleep, so avoid coffee, tea, or chocolate in the afternoon or evening. Let me know if these suggestions helped you to be calmer and if you have an added suggestion, please email me at bruce@mindfulnessmode.com. I'll mention your suggestion on an upcoming episode. Stay in the mode, Mindfulness Mode.


13 May 2020

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189 Surrender To Fear To Reach Peace Says Relationship Expert Erik Newton

Erik Newton is a relationship guy. He formerly worked as a family law attorney & helped thousands of couples get divorced. As a result, Erik understands the nuts & bolts of relationships and their full life cycle from beginning to end. His expertise in relationships led him to team up with a psychologist friend to lead premarital courses for couples, offering them real-life skills so they wouldn’t need a divorce attorney. Erik’s passion for helping couples get mindfully connected and ultimately build healthier relationships caused him to transition from law to working full-time creating a place where couples can go for information, inspiration and real truth. That place is an extensive on-line resource called TOGETHER, found on the web at www.Together.Guide.Contact InfoWebsite: www.Together.guide Podcast: Together - The PodcastMost Influential PersonMy mom.Effect on EmotionsMy emotions are less terrifying. My emotions now happen and pass through and I can enjoy them fully for what they are; the good and the bad. I'm less attached to avoiding them. I'm less attached to seeking the good and avoiding the bad. I allow both much more frequently.Thoughts on BreathingBreathing is a great way to occupy mind. I find that focus on breath allows mind to have something to do so that being can be. It's when minds chitter chatter is quieted for a moment; is occupied by immediate experience that being can unfold for me. Often times I'll use breath to calm and quiet my mind; to allow the universe to settle.Suggested ResourcesBook: Your Brain on Sex: How Smarter Sex Can Change Your Life by Stan Siegel App: NoneBullying StoryI'll make a distinction between what I believe is true and my identity's experience of my past. My identity has it that when I was a kid I was a nerd and I was bullied. My identity has it that I was often betrayed by people who were close to me and when I was younger it was how they became cool kids; by beating up on the dork. And when I was older, for some reason I think it was a pattern I was creating. It all fit into this rubrik; this view of how the world worked and how I fit into the world that ultimately I would be betrayed by the people who were close to me and that was a bullying mechanism when I was a kid. The truth is I don't think that's the case anymore. There were experiences and I interpreted them through a particular lense because I have a mind and my mind is limited. The truth is something much greater. My experience through a lot of my life was resisting bullying.


9 Feb 2017

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284 Discover The Better Brain Solution With Dr. Steven Masley

Dr. Steven Masley motivates people to become healthier, starting with heart and brain health. He's a physician, nutritionist, best-selling author and he's also a chef. Dr. Steven Masley is the creator of the number one health program for public television called, 'Thirty Days To A Younger Heart'. Dr. Masley has recently written 'The Better Brain Solution", which is the first book to show how the brain can become insulin resistant through diet and lifestyle and to make clear how and why this has been directly linked to cognitive decline and memory loss.Contact InfoWebsite: www.DrMasley.com Free Quiz - How's Your Brain Doing? Bonus: Better Brain Shopping Guide: The 12 Foods To Add and the 12 Foods To Avoid to Make it Easy For You To Be Mindful About The Choices You MakeMost Influential PersonMy step father, Chuck. He had a procedure; and had a massive stroke. I learned what dementia was. It wasn't necessary, he didn't need it. I feel badly to this day that I didn't do more for him earlier on. He said, 'don't let this happen to others'.Effect on EmotionsMindfulness is calming on my emotions. It feels like love and stability in my life when I'm more mindful. When I'm not, I tend to be more anxious and depressed. I'd much rather feel loved and focused than anxious and depressed. That's a lack of mindfulness, is anxiety.Thoughts on BreathingI like taking a deep breath and filling myself with spirit. I even like to, after I stretch and workout in the morning, I like to take a deep breath. I feel like green energy pours into my body when I'm taking a deep breath. When I blow out, I'm just blowing out tension. I use my breath to help me in a kind of meditative, processing way of being more calm and focused. Breath to me is like breathing in spirit.Suggested ResourcesBook: Eating Mindfully: How to End Mindless Eating and Enjoy a Balanced Relationship with Food by Susan Albers Book: The Better Brain Solution: How to Start Now--at Any Age--to Reverse and Prevent Insulin Resistance of the Brain, Sharpen Cognitive Function, and Avoid Memory Loss by Steven Masley App: Heart Math[show-notes-resources]Bullying StoryI got bullied as a kid. I got beaten up. I got kicked around. It was not pleasant. I can completely sympathize with anyone who has been bullied before. Part of it was just being susceptible. I wasn't being mindful, I wasn't being confident. It wasn't moving with purpose. Preditors picked on me. Do I know what it's like to be bullied? Sadly, yes. I think we've got to stop this. I think the food industry is bullying the American population today, making money off of them and killing them. I think we've got to stand up to that kind of bullying and be mindful and make right choices and not let that happen. Certainly, it's happening to our children. I would say the whole food industry is bullying our kids today too. When I think about it in the context of what it was like to be beaten up as a kid, and now realize what we're doing to other children today, that really gets me going. I think it's time for us to stand up and put a stop to bullying. It's also time to stand up and be mindful about our food choices and not let people feed our kids, junk. And us too. We have to be responsible for ourselves too, and stop eating sugary junk and food with toxins. We have to demand a clean world to live in so we can thrive and feel fantastic and be more productive.


4 Jan 2018

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525 Mindfulness Insight From Successful Entrepreneur, Johnathan Grzybowski

Johnathan Grzybowski, is the co-founder of Penji, a platform that gives you on-demand access to the top two percent of designers in the world. Penji has been named as a “top startup to watch” according to Philadelphia Magazine and acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America according to Inc. Johnathan has also founded multiple marketing-related startups and his daily life is peppered with mindfulness practices.Listen & Subscribe on:iTunes / Stitcher / Podbean / Overcast / SpotifyContact InfoCompany: Penji Website: Penji.co Podcast:  Blind EntrepreneurshipMost Influential Personn/aEffect on Emotions“My goal now is to more to take a step back and be mindful of the other person's time and attention and not react as quickly as I once did.”Thoughts on Breathing“It isn't a technique but it's something that I'm mindful of because sometimes I forgot breathing even when I'm meditating.” “I need to get better at it.”Suggested ResourcesBook: Never Get A Real Job by Scott Gerber App: n/aBullying Story“I was called “gay” and the “F” word  in any type of egocentric situation in high school.” “If it wasn't for those moments, I wouldn't be able to handle some of the situations that I'm in as an adult.”Mental Toughness Special OfferThese challenging times are tough for many of us. Understanding how to have mental toughness can help us take control and move forward in the best way possible, leaving behind overwhelming stress and panic. One of the quickest ways to learn mental toughness is right here: * www.MindfulnessMode.com/tough Get 40% off by using coupon code “Bruce” * Note: The above link is an affiliate link, meaning I, Bruce Langford will receive a commission if you decide to make a purchase through this link, at no cost to you.


23 Apr 2020

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