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Edgar Grunewald and Bill McGrath discuss all things worldbuilding - the process of constructing fictional settings.

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AP #02: Google Trek

Discuss this episode on the subredditIrish Creator's Day at Google:Irish Creators DayA problem with youtubeAnother problem with youtubeCurious.comKhan AcademyIrish Creators Day ScheduleJack Septic EyeKeralisDaithi de NoglaMelanie MurphyFoil, Arms and HogPre Google Shopping Trip:Rode Shotgun MicHot Pink Nintendo 3DSThat Awful 3D FeatureFlow FreeWhere Edgar Plays his TetrisStar Trek:Star Trek TNG: Starship MineMaquisSiskoTim RussTuvokWil Wheaton on Geek and SundryAir Force OneDie Hard on an XSuggest a Re-write of Starship MineSpock in TNGUnification 1 & 2Addendum:Chat to us on the subredditEmail the show (edgar@artifexian.com)FacebookTwitter

1hr 2mins

28 Mar 2015

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AP #51: Heavy On The Beans

Volcanic Worldbuilding, Meme Culture, Scouting, Word Order, Conspiracy Theories. Subscribe: iTUNES, RSSSupport Us On PatreonDiscuss This EpisodeLINKS:This Past WeekendArtifexian Book Corner FormThe Broken Earth Trilogy - N. K. JemisinThe Artifexian SubredditThe Oldest JokeOn ScoutingFREE WORD ORDER in OA | ft BiblaridionFREE WORD ORDER in OA FU | Bird SpeechAddress PalThe Complex Call Of The Carolina ChickadeeSCPTom DeLonge & UFO’sLost Frontier by Kevin MacLeodLink: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4004-lost-frontierLicense: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/Thanks for listening, everyone.

2 May 2020

Rank #2

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AP #04 : The Star Wars Galaxy Is Andromeda

Bill and Edgar chat about galaxies, the fermi paradox, biscuits and Edgar's fear of aliens.Discuss this EpisodeFOLLOW UP:XidnafHangulBlack MetalImmortalBal-SagothMeads of AsphodelAnaal NathrakPathfinder SocietyEmail BillWaking LifeMaster and Commander: The Far Side of the WorldWorldbuilding and ArtChris Fite-WassilakThe Object30secfantasy.comLeave opinion in the subredditWorldbuilding - Weekly Challenge Video Response - ColorsGALAXIES:Artifexian's Galaxy Videos:The Warhammer 40k GalaxyStar Trek Galaxy aka The Milky WayMilky Way Quadrants100,000 Stars (The Milky Way in 3D)Cartesian QuadrantsStar Wars GalaxyThe Star Wars Galaxy is AndromedaSt. Elsewhere TheoryWarp DriveGalaxies in FictionFermi ParadoxWikiKurzgesagt VideoIO9 on the Fermi ParadoxDrake EquationThe Great FilterGalactusKardashev ScaleMars Trilogy

1hr 46mins

30 May 2015

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AP #07 : Handwavia and Dager

Subscribe via RSS or itunesDiscuss this EpisodeFollow up:HornBlower SeriesNaval Officer RanksSharpe SeriesThe PeanutGalactic CartographyAlaskan State FlagStarry Plough FlagLyraHandwavia and Dager:How to Create Planetary Systems PlaylistBill's System (Handwavia)Edgar's System (Dager)Perceptions of the Heavens Video(Poke)planets VideoLagrange Point VideoLaplace ResonanceDwarf Planet Orbits VideoLife on EuropaEclipse PhaseNemesis - NOT SCIENCEGreen Room:"Nordic" LibyaPaper TownsBoJack HorsemanThe FuzzIMDB Top 250 TV Shows"!@#?" scene (NSFW)

1hr 32mins

29 Aug 2015

Rank #4

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AP #13 : Flag Semiotics and Contemporary Nihilism

Edgar and Bill play musical roulette, follow up on some political worldbuilding, read some stories, analyse some s**t flags, talk alphabets, and attempt to solve Edgar's computer woes. Subscribe via iTUNES or RSS Discuss this Episode SHOW NOTES: Follow Up: Yoshida Brothers (Hishou) Unions vs Guilds Abdullah Öcalan - Democratic Confederalism Bill's Worldbuilding Blog Eric Lange - 30secfantasy.com Eric's Other Dager Story China Miéville - Jack S**t Flag Corner: Fés-Boulemane Scripts: TehSarcassicCanadian Deviant Art Proto-Alphabet Song Edgar's Script Vowels Idea Texas Flag Iroha Rune Poems Green Room: Email Edgar some tech advice. Musical Credits:"Myst on the Moor" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Licensehttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

1hr 56mins

3 Jun 2016

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AP #0E : Atomic Bear Science

Edgar and Bill discuss music worldbuilding, atomic bear science, a vexillological cup and Star Wars: The Force Awakens - (SPOILERS CLEARLY MARKED). Subscribe via iTUNES or RSSDiscuss this EpisodeSHOW NOTES:Follow Up:#TeamLiquoriceOrigami Maths 1Origami Maths 2The InvisiblesOldboyOpera IXDenigrataEthnomusicologyViHart on PythagorasPythagorean TuningThe Pelican History of MusicMaori MusicEmail usS**T Flag Corner:Flag of ZheleznogorskThe CupEurope?Eurovision Song ContestStar Wars:The Force Awakens (Wikipedia-spoilers)Lightsaber CombatDeath of the AuthorFF OchuSixty Symbols: The ForceD:ReamThanks for watching and listening everyone - it really means an awful lot to us. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. See y'all in 2016!

1hr 17mins

21 Dec 2015

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AP #32 : Worldbilling

Locism, Heraldry, Atmospheres, Language, Mediation.Subscribe via iTUNES or RSSSupport us on PatreonDiscuss this EpisodeLINKS:Atlas-style Map Making (via /u/vorropohaiah)/r/worldbuildingSong ExploderLamarckismAmerican MooseThomas Jefferson Needs A Dead Moose Right Now To Defend AmericaThe Official CoADesigning Earth-like AtmospheresKármán LineEffects Of Various AtmospheresHelium vs Sulphur HexafluorideAlbedo: Mapping With TemperatureOn Aeskhonan LanguageCulture SeriesBog Body RyanairMindfulnessSam Harris Music: Man Down Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Licensehttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Thanks for listening, everyone.

1hr 37mins

9 May 2018

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AP #16 : The Novel I Will Never Write

Edgar wrote some stuff and Bill is forced to listen to him ramble on about it.Subscribe via iTUNES or RSSDiscuss this EpisodeSHOW NOTES:Pre Show:Pie ChartWoT: Eye of the WorldMistborn: The Final EmpireTemeraire: His Majesty's DragonCreating a Writing SystemPostmodernismSavant: OrakelInfected Mushroom: Army of MushroomsMain Topic:Dager Chapter SynopsisEye of World Chapter SynopsisSeoulBill's fictionMondegreenDr.Katia Perea - Playfully Transgressing Normative CodesHumorismSigmund FreudGender specific/neutral pronounsGreen Room:Steven UniverseThe Legend of KorraVoodooPadMendeley Desktop

1hr 58mins

31 Aug 2016

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AP #06 : In Excruciating Detail

Discuss this episode on RedditFollow up:Star Trek: Voyager (Lifesigns)Artifexian Aliens and New MusicBreaking Bad: FlyM Knight ShyamalanWOW MusicXidnafNew Horizons and Pluto:PlutoCharles BoldenXkcdPlutoUp Goer 5What if?Order of the StickKirkwood GapsThe Making of Artifexian:Atomic RocketsSourcesGoogle BooksArXivNumberphileStoryboardAudio TutorialsAll That PaperEquipmentCanon EOS 700DIntervalometerNanguang CN-600CSAManual Exposure TutorialPodcastsRadiolabHello InternetStar TalkAccidental Tech99% InvisibleThe Green Room:From Elvish to KlingonConan the BarbarianRed NailsPhoenix on the SwordTower of the ElephantHour of the DragonFlagsBangladeshCzech RepublicProvoMilwaukeeTHE GLORY THAT IS POCATELLOOstrava's !!!Roman Mars' Ted TalkAmsterdamVenetoNordic Libya

1hr 56mins

30 Jul 2015

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AP #18 : Cyberpunk Is Now Irrelevant

Edgar & Bill discuss worldbuilding software, micro worldbuilding, city worldbuilding, folk metal, TEDx, politics and are joined by a very special guest.Subscribe via iTUNES or RSSDiscuss this EpisodeLINKS:Ira Yake ReviewNato AlphabetConlang Videos/r/conlangsUniverse sandbox 2/r/worldbuilding/r/mapmakingG-PlatesG-ProjectorMap ProjectionsThe New Map ProjectionUpside Down MapMalazan Book of the FallenBlood MusicNeuromancerMUSIC SUGGESTION FORMThe Night Watchman - One Man RevolutionTom MorelloKanye West's "Lecture"Education in FinlandUilleann PipesChoi Soon-sil scandalThanks for listening, everyone.

1hr 50mins

12 Nov 2016

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AP #46: The State Of Mesa

Trees, A Fictional US State, El Camino, Russia. Subscribe: iTUNES, RSSSupport Us On PatreonDiscuss This EpisodeLINKS:Mr.Beast#TeamTreesTidal Locking TimescalesIsles Of ScillyThe State Of MesaBank Of Artifexia SubmissionBank Of Artifexian MapSend Stuff To Us HereEl CaminoBlood Money Table ReadStalin & LeninBillpoleon MerchThanks for listening, everyone.

1hr 13mins

5 Nov 2019

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AP #29 : Astral Conflicts: Ultimate Wizards

Edgar & Bill discuss Star Wars: The Last Jedi. SPOILERS Subscribe via iTUNES or RSSSupport us on PatreonDiscuss this Episode LINKS:Patreon ChangesPatreon ApologySubredditYoutube ChannelIndependent Eye MovementNiko Lepka’s PRGBill PolianStar Wars: The Last JediMace Windu Is SnokeDarth Jar JarThe Cremaster CycleHindemithDas Triadische BalletAtomic BlondeThe RubberbanditsBlind Boy PodcastThe OAUniversal PaperclipsA Dark RoomKittens GameHave a wonderful Christmas, Artifexia, and a very happy New Year.

2hr 3mins

21 Dec 2017

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AP # 21 : Psilocybin

Edgar & Bill chat about religion and carrots. Subscribe via iTUNES or RSSDiscuss this EpisodeLINKS:Flag of the Republic of TexasEureka FlagShibaniHouse GrunewaldBill's ReligionBill's 'Obtuse' WritingPrimordialFenCrom DubhGig Review - Amanda DigioiaSlow Watch (Also 24 hour face)AnathemBlue Carrots Thanks for listening, everyone.

1hr 29mins

9 Apr 2017

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AP #20 : Hyper Monkey

Bill on Shibani, Edgar on Takarian fauna; flags, and lots, lots more. Subscribe via iTUNES or RSSDiscuss this EpisodeLINKS:/r/worldbuildingHI: Rogue One ReviewAP: Rogue One ReviewOaFlag SimulatorIrish Republic FlagGadsden FlagGlendon Lean/r/heraldryShibaniThe Language Construction KitPlaudietsch LanguageTakarian FaunaAstrid Fryzek/r/hybridanimalsNoh TheatreThanks for listening, everyone.

2hr 29mins

6 Mar 2017

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AP #24 : I Figured Out What Artifexian Is!

The penny drops! Edgar finally understands what Artifexian actually is and Bill does a bit of military worldbuilding before they both spend WAY too long talking about books and TV shows. (Spoilers)Subscribe via iTUNES or RSSSupport us on PatreonDiscuss this EpisodeLINKS:Chaotic AdequateUnlucky TravelerAlbedo PaperWarfare in NlamoShakaChampion WarfareName of the WindHandmaid’s TaleThe OaThanks for listening, everyone.

1hr 26mins

24 Jul 2017

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AP #27 : The Aos Sita

Edgar & Bill talk conlanging, Star Trek, flags, and ancient Takaran war dances. Also, some music and a bit of Blade Runner.Subscribe via iTUNES or RSSSupport us on PatreonDiscuss this EpisodeLINKS:WORDBuildingArtifexian Highlights #2VegetarianismStar Trek: DiscoveryJade-cat Comment#BillpoleonOG BillpoleonThe Unmade PodcastCulmaer’s Script for OaMega-Earth ProjectionsThe Scablands: A Scarred Landscape as Strange as FictionBaccoonSkoxThe Guiding Principles on Flag DesignGood Flag, Bad FlagAtomic Bear ScienceFlag of ZheleznogorskTakaran Rebel Flag DesignUniverse SandboxKaduatán - OzkavarkúiIthkuilDavid J Peterson’s YTAlien Weaponry - Rū Ana Te WhenuaThe Aos SitaThe HakaNo-ApeKekak Fire DanceContent warning : 01:20:37 rape mention.Thanks for listening, everyone.

1hr 28mins

7 Nov 2017

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AP #40: The Red Book Of Whatever

Tech-building, Depot 15, Oa, Money, DnDSubscribe: iTUNES, RSSSupport Us On PatreonDiscuss This EpisodeLINKS:Younger Dyras ExtinctionRandall CarlsonGraham HancockReports From Depot 15 (SHORT)Reports From Depot 15 (FULL)Map Of The SpiresKim PossibleTense, Aspect & Mood in OABiblaridionFeature Focus: Nonconcatenative MorphologyBank Of Artifexia CoverageBank Of Artifexian Postal AddressArtifexian COAJohan Anthoniszoon ‘Jan’ Van RiebeeckSouth African & Zimbabwean MoneyCulmaer’s BlogLost Mine Of PhandelverMusic:"Long Note Two" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Licensehttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/Thanks for listening, everyone.

1hr 27mins

2 May 2019

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AP #1E : Schlurbgerf

Edgar & Bill chat numbers, names, maps and flags…lots of flags!Subscribe via iTUNES or RSSDiscuss this EpisodeLINKS:HI: Rogue One Star Wars SpecialNorth Korean FlagSouth Korean FlagI ChingKorean Naming ConventionsKorean NumbersMolly MetcalfeWelsh Counting SystemDallas County FlagAdair County FlagAdair County Water towerRedesigned Flag of Adair, Iowa1984 (possible) World MapXappa MapPurple SkullPrefecture Style FlagJapanese Prefecture FlagsPennant FlagFlag of Leninogorsk District, Tatarstan, RussiaInjection Flag15 Flag ShapesThanks for listening, everyone.

1hr 44mins

22 Jan 2017

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AP #2X : In Bob We Trust

AP #2X : In Bob we trustEdgar & Bill talk about podcasts, Hamilton, Star Trek, Star Wars, the worst flag ever, musical languages, Bill's worldbuilding and a Artifexi-census.Subscribe via iTUNES or RSSSupport us on PatreonDiscuss this Episode LINKS: How Ads Work on YoutubeCasey NeistatTAP Channel TrailerAsmodean UnderscoreArtifexian Patreon/r/worldbuildingThe Blindboy PodcastWelcome to Night ValeHamilton - SampleOfficial Unofficial Artifexian Discord ServerFlag of the F.A.K.E.L. - P.O.R.T.O.S F.A.K.E.L. - P.O.R.T.O.S in the WildA Language Made of MusicSol-re-solHow to Actually Design a FlagMartian VexillologyMachine Learning FlagsFlags in ContextBills WorldbuildingArtifexi-censusThanks for listening, everyone.

2hr 8mins

24 Jan 2018

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AP #2E : Traditional Italian Pirates

AP #2E : Traditional Italian PiratesEdgar & Bill talk classical music, heraldry, the Sins of Amuhlin, conlanging, Black Panther and The Handmaid’s Tale. Spoilers in the Green Room.Subscribe via iTUNES or RSSSupport us on PatreonDiscuss this EpisodeLINKS:The Genius of MozartThe Devil’s StaircasePlanetocopia (Possible NSFW)Stephen L Gillet’s ‘Worldbuilding’‘New Methods’ by Ira TakeMistborn SeriesGovernor General of Canada CoAThe FAKEL-PORTOS of HeraldryTranslation of FAKEL-PORTOS TextThe Sins of Amuhiln (part two)Nouns: A Case of CaseDog is a GenderThe Art of Language Invention: ErgativityDyirbalBlack PantherThe Handmaid’s TaleMusic:"Ever Mindful" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Licensehttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/Thanks for listening, everyone.

1hr 59mins

27 Feb 2018

Rank #20