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Intel consistently challenges the laws of physics as it advances chip technology, leading the industry in advances in technology, education, culture, manufacturing and social responsibility. From behind-the-scenes looks into building the latest chips to breaking news updates on the products that will take advantage of the newest advances in chip technology, find out directly from the experts at Intel.

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AI Customer Conversation Analysis – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 273

In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Mauro Bennici, Co-Founder and CTO of You Are My Guide joins host Jake Smith to discuss Ghostwriter AI customer analysis and forecasting. Mauro talks about the journey of You Are My Guide, starting out using natural language processing (NLP) to help provide tourism services and evolving into an NLP platform called Ghostwriter AI that provides a suite of services to call centers and enterprises of all kinds. He talks about how Ghostwriter AI uses artificial intelligence to analyze audience sentiment and create predictions for marketing, social media campaigns, and other campaigns. Through their collaboration with the Intel AI Builders program, You Are My Guide has optimized their solution for Intel processors enabling a broad range of customers to deploy their AI platform without changing their hardware stack. Jake and Mauro wrap the episode discussing the future of NLP giving companies the ability to truly address the needs of their customers and provide value in real time. For more information, visit: ghostwriter.ai Follow Jake on Twitter at: twitter.com/jakesmithintel

18 May 2022

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Future of AnalyticsOps in Manufacturing – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 272

In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Nelson Lee, Head of Partnerships at Synergies joins host Jake Smith to discuss the importance of data science and AI in the manufacturing industry. Nelson talks about how Synergies works to close the gap for manufacturing organizations using outdated data and limited data science expertise in their decision-making processes. He highlights how their platform, JarviX, accomplishes this by visualizing a company’s data, analyzing it, and generating insight triggered by simple queries. Nelson also talks about the deep collaboration between Synergies and Intel resulting in incredible performance improvements for their platform. Jake and Nelson wrap the episode discussing the future of AI and how it will continue to be a differentiator for businesses moving forward. For more information, visit: synergies.ai Follow Jake on Twitter at: twitter.com/jakesmithintel

4 May 2022

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AI Digital Fraud Protection – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 271

In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Mateus Dalponte from Axur joins host Jake Smith to talk about the importance of digital risk protection and how to mitigate the evolving world of digital fraud. Mateus discusses how Axur’s Fake Social Removal and Digital Risk Protection platforms can help protect a company’s reputation by constantly adapting to today’s evolving fraud landscape. He also illustrates how the work Axur has done with Intel utilizing OpenVINO with ONNX for OCR model creation enabled Axur to achieve GPU level performance on Intel processors. Mateus wraps the episode talking about how Axur will continue to analyze and adapt to the future of fraud using AI to combat it. For more information, visit: axur.com/en/ Follow Jake on Twitter at: twitter.com/jakesmithintel

15 Apr 2022

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Solving for Productivity in Data Science with Modin and AI Optimizations

The rapid advancement in machine learning and data science fields have aided data scientists in arriving at meaningful insights. However, it’s not been an easy task to optimize machine learning infrastructures to allow data scientists to focus on their core expertise. Today, we will discuss how certain tools and hardware optimizations are not only saving time, but also enabling data scientists to be more productive. Learn more: Ponder.io Intel oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit Intel Distribution for Python Intel Distribution of Modin Intel Extension for Scikit-learn Intel Optimization for PyTorch Intel Optimization for TensorFlow Guests: Devin Petersohn, Cofounder and CTO of Ponder Areg Melik-Adamyan, Principal Engineer and Engineering Manager at Intel

11 Apr 2022

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AI-Based Customer Service Automation – Conversations in the Cloud – Episode 270

In this Intel Conversations in the Cloud audio podcast: Markus Lippus from MindTitan joins host Jake Smith to talk about how AI is innovating many industries across the world including customer service. Markus discusses how his background in biology shaped his passion for machine learning (ML) and helped drive the creation of MindTitan. He highlights how MindTitan and Intel worked together to optimize their TitanCS solution on Intel Extension for PyTorch achieving improvements on inference performance running on Intel CPUs and driving better real-time call analysis. Markus also talks about how MindTitan’s solutions are driving disruption in the telecommunications industry citing an important customer case study with Elisa Estonia AS. Jake and Markus end the episode talking about the future of AI research and development. For more information, visit: mindtitan.com Follow Jake on Twitter at: twitter.com/jakesmithintel

7 Apr 2022

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2021-2022 Intel IT Annual Performance Report – 20th Edition

Intel has long been at the forefront of radical innovations that have revolutionized the way we live and work – beginning with the development of the first microprocessor, transforming the world as we knew it by making a new era of computing possible. Over the next 50+ years, Intel has continued to transform industries, driving business and society forward by creating the underlying technology powering the digitization of everything. Read more from Archana (Archie) Deskus, Intel Senior VP and CIO, in the 2021-2022 Intel IT Annual Performance Report – 20th Edition.

9 Mar 2022

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A Path to Cloud: How to Approach Hybrid vs. Multicloud

In this third episode of Intel’s Path to Cloud series, Phil Vokins, Cloud Services Director with Intel Americas is joined by experts Chandra Chitneni, Networks Principal Engineer and Sridhar Mahankali, Networks Security Principal Engineer to discuss the differences between and considerations for adopting private vs. hybrid vs. multi-cloud options. In this video, the team demystifies the differences between those three cloud models; shares some of Intel’s internal cloud adoption experiences and best practices; and provides tips and guidance on how to choose the most suitable cloud infrastructure.

4 Mar 2022

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AI in Gaming: Empowering Game Developers

In the gaming world, artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be a game-changer. It has played a pivotal role in enhancing game-player’s experiences. Amongst other capabilities, Artificial intelligence is used to generate responsive, adaptive, or intelligent behaviors primarily in non-player characters (NPCs) similar to human-like intelligence. With the right tools and access to advanced technologies, developers can create more immersive game experiences and take advantage of machine learning algorithms. Listen in to learn how AI is influencing the gaming industry and the game-developer ecosystem. Guests: Adam Goodrich – Adam is the founder and general manager of Procedural Worlds based in Sydney, Australia. Peter Cross – Senior Software Engineer at Intel. Learn more: Procedural Worlds Canopy by Procedural Worlds Intel Game Dev AI Toolkit Intel Distribution of OpenVINO Toolkit Intel oneAPI Toolkits

28 Feb 2022

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IT@Intel: Increasing EDA Performance and Throughput with the Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family

IT Best Practices: Intel IT operates 56 data center modules at 16 data center sites. These sites have a total capacity of 103 megawatts, housing more than 360,000 servers that underpin the computing needs of 116,000 employees. Intel IT has four main segments of operation: Design, Office, Manufacturing and Enterprise. This paper focuses on only the Design segment. Intel’s silicon Design engineers need significant increases in computing capacity to deliver each new generation of silicon chips. To meet those requirements, Intel IT conducts ongoing throughput performance tests using real-world Intel silicon Design workloads. These tests measure Electronic Design Automation (EDA) workload throughput and help us analyze the performance improvements—and in turn, business benefit offered by newer generations of Intel processors.

17 Feb 2022

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IT@Intel: Secure Cloud Printing and Imaging

IT Best Practices: Intel employees expect easy-to-use, seamless and effective printing. Intel IT has the responsibility to find the most cost-effective, secure and technically viable solution. Marrying these two goals is an art, and Intel IT’s best practices can demystify this process, provide insights about the selection of devices, help evaluate different modes of ownership and balance user and business needs. Our printing and scanning services have evolved over time. Initially, we used a decentralized management model. To improve efficiency, we adopted a more centralized model, where Intel IT, not the business units, procured and managed devices. More recently, we have implemented a highly secure, private-cloud-based model and work with a single vendor to manage the devices and services. This secure, cloud-based managed print services (MPS) model provides the following benefits: • Significant reduction in printing costs • Security improvements • Enhanced user experience In addition, the MPS model brings Intel closer to “The Workplace of the Future,” with greener printing policies. The MPS approach has been successful and is a useful example of Intel IT best practices. Moving forward, we will continually analyze data from all printing and imaging devices to gain insights about printing behaviors across the enterprise. We will strive to fine-tune the MPS model and policies to improve cost and efficiency even more.

17 Feb 2022

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