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Grateful Dead

Well as we ease out of April it seems like a great idea to bring you s show from 1977... I have always tried to feature a show from that stupendous month of May '77, but all of those have either been featured already or commercially released, so I decided to go with this relatively unknown but excellent show from April 23rd, 1977 in Springfield MA. The show has an easy mellow feel to it, reminiscent of '76 Dead, yet it has the tight harmonies and unexpected dips and turns of those classic May shows. From a fine, flowing 'Sugaree' through the great 'Loser' and 'Row Jimmy' I found lots of favorites in this first set. The highlight however is probably the Scarlet>Fire which closes the set, and marks only the 3rd time they performed 'Fire on the Mountain'. We'll play the second set next week... Grateful Dead Springfield Civic Center Arena Springfield, MA 4/23/77 - Saturday One Sugaree [11:17] ; Cassidy [4:29] ; Loser [7:25] ; New Minglewood Blues [4:34] ; Ramble On Rose [6:55] ; Me And My Uncle [2:52] ; Row Jimmy [9:34] ; It's All Over Now [6:17] ; Scarlet Begonias [7:07] > Fire On The Mountain [10:32] You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod042718.mp3 Thank you so much for your kind support of the Deadpod. I received a note along with a donation this week that said 'I'm a happier person since I discovered the Deadpod'.. I agree... :) thank you my friend, made my week.

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27 Apr 2018

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Dead Show/podcast for 5/23/14

I think this second set from 7/31/82 is a fitting treat for this 3 day Memorial Day weekend. This one is a real keeper.. it starts out with an incredible Scarlet ->Fire.. Jerry really takes the lead here with a number of very nice solos, each different and each wonderful to listen to.. the seque into Fire is very nicely done as well.  They follow with an enteretaining reggae-esq Estimated, then a somewhat fast Eyes goes into a great Drums segment, Phil leads them out from there into a very interesting Uncle John's Band.. the Truckin' that follows has a bit of a false start but a strong finish, and this leads into the highlight of the set, a gorgeous Morning Dew.. the boys warp it up with a Saturday night and a rather anti-climatic Dough knees encore..  Still I can't imagine anyone went away displeased..  Grateful Dead Manor Downs, Austin TX,. 7/31/82 set 2: Scarlet BegoniasFire on the MountainEstimated ProphetEyes of the WorlddrumsUncle John's BandTruckin'Morning DewOne More Saturday NightDon't Ease Me In You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod052314.mp3The Deadpod is made possible through the kind financial support of my listeners. I can't thank you enough.  Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.. and take a moment to remember the sacrifices of the Men and Women who we honor this Memorial Day.

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23 May 2014

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Dead Show/podcast for 10/11/13

Whether it was the fact that my mind has been turned toward this era of Dead by the release and success of  'Sunshine Daydream' or the fact that I"m not really ready to face another Winter, I ran into discussion of this gem of a show and decided I had to feature it on this week's Deadpod. This is the 2nd set of a show that took place just after the band came back to the States from their famous 1972 tour of Europe, July 16th, 1972 at Dillon Stadium in Hartford Connecticut. While we only have the 2nd set in decent soundboard quality (and even then there is an audience patch in the Not Fade Away), this is still a gem that every fan of the era should get to hear.  This starts out with a Truckin' into a fabulous Other One.. this slowly turns into a wonderful jam that leads us into a very nice He's Gone.. The Looks Like Rain and Sugar Magnolia that follow are fine, but the highlight of the show follows when the band is joined by Dickey Betts and Berry Oakley for a blistering Not Fade Away and Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad. Just when you think the music couldn't possibly go further, they raise it up a notch with a smoking Hey, Bo Diddley..!  The band comes out for a Johnny B Goode encore but by then I can't imagine the fans could ask for much more..  Dillon Stadium, Hartford, CT (7/16/72) Truckin' drums The Other One He's Gone The Other One Looks Like Rain Sugar Magnolia Not Fade Away Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad Hey Bo Diddley Johnny B. GoodeYou can listen to this week's Deadpod here:http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod101113.mp3I hope you enjoy the beauty of October and this stunning set of music. I could not bring the Deadpod to you without the financial support of my listeners, to whom I am very grateful. Thank you for your support.

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11 Oct 2013

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Dead Show/podcast for 7/19/13

Ah summer.. in the midst of its heat and humidity its wise for us to sit back and breath it in.. and savor it for passes like dew.. this week's Deadpod is of course the second set of a show that seems to me to embody the kind of setlist that a summer GD show should have.. lyrics that speak of starlight and songs that twinkle and sparkle like the summer night sky. Crazy Fingers.. Uncle John's Band.. Terrapin.. and of course Morning Dew.. even the Quinn the Eskimo reminds me of warm summer shows outdoors watching the boys .. I hope you've been lucky enough to see Furthur this year.. for all of us we have the chance to savor this recording and close our eyes and remember warm summer nights and the music that could take us along with those breezes..  Grateful DeadOxford Plains Speedway (7/2/88) Crazy Fingers Playin' in the Band Uncle John's Band Terrapin Station drums The Wheel Gimme Some Lovin' All Along the Watchtower Morning Dew Sugar Magnolia Quinn the Eskimo You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod071913.mp3 Thank you for listening, and for your support... which I rely on to be able to bring you the Deadpod..  peace.

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19 Jul 2013

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Dead Show/podcast for 7/11/14

While we are in high summer my thoughts turned to great summer tours and despite my reservations about some shows from this year, I couldn't help but realize that this year had to be represented - 1985. The band played an amazing summer tour with such a wide variety setlists filled with extraordinary breakouts that the year deserves to be honored despite the well-known problems with Garcia's voice and the all-too-obvious tendency to overindulge in certain stimulants..  This week's show is a great example.. this week we get to hear a stellar first set from July 13th at the Venura County Fairgrounds in Ventura CA. The show opens with a very unusual One More Saturday Night, which rolls into an exceptionally well-played 'Fire on the Mountain' .. as I've heard it told, there actually were fires on the hills behind the stage as controlled burns were being done during the show.. One of the best 'Walkin' Blues' follows, the the fun Dupree's, I imagine the Mama Tried->Big River got everyone dancin', but the Bird Song that follows is dope for sure. Love to hear the Music Never Stopped that follows, a great great Summertime tune!   Ventura County Fairgrounds, Ventura, CA (7/13/85)One More Saturday NightFire on the MountainWalkin' BluesDupree's Diamond BluesMama TriedBig RiverBird SongMusic Never Stopped You can listen to the Deadpod here:http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod071114.mp3 The Deadpod can always use your support. Please consider a donation by clicking on the 'Donate' button or dropping me a note for an address to send a check. If you have a business and are interested in doing some underwriting on the Deadpod, please let me know. Thanks!!

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11 Jul 2014

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Dead Show/podcast for 12/8/17

This week - a really fun second set from the early Winter/late Fall of 79. This set starts out with a great Shakedown Street into a drummer's favorite - Samson and Delilah. Jerry slows things down a bit with a beautiful 'High Time' bu tthey pick back up with a long and well jammed-out Estimated->Eyes of the World. The jam going into Drums is particularly tasty. 'Black Peter' comes out of Drums, then they rock out the rest of the set with a 'Around and Around' into 'Johnny B. Goode', and a rockin'  'U.S. Blues' encore.. hope this gets you up and rockin' and keeping those bones warm:) Grateful Dead Cleveland Public Auditorium Cleveland, OH 11/29/79 - Thursday Two Shakedown Street [11:49] -> Samson And Delilah [7:01] ; High Time [7:53] ; Estimated Prophet [13:29] -> Eyes Of The World [16:02] -> Space [8:13] -> Drums [7:#15] -> Black Peter [10:31] -> Around And Around [4:59] -> Johnny B. Goode [4:40] Encore U.S. Blues [5:29] You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod120817.mp3 Your support of the Deadpod is very much appreciated!

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8 Dec 2017

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DeadShow/podcast for 8/5/16

This week's Deadpod is the result of a request for something from 86 or 87 from a longtime supporter of the Deadpod so I decided to pull out this show, which is one of my favorites from the early 86 shows.. This comes to us from the Berkeley Community Theater, April 22nd, 1986.  The set opens with a wonderful coupling of Box of Rain -> Visons of Johanna.. the last time the band would play that Dylan tune until the final year of 1995. This is a very fine version indeed. The remainder of the set is quite well played as well, with a nice Bird Song and Deal among the highlights..    Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA (4/22/86) Box of Rain Visions of Johanna Mama Tried Big River Bird Song Little Red Rooster Deal   You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod080516.mp3     Happy Birthday Kevin ;)    and thanks to all of you whose support makes the Deadpod possbile..    Have a wonderful week!


5 Aug 2016

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Dead Show/podcast for 12/29/17

First off - Happy New Year! Always a significant date on the touring calendar, the NYE run has seen many great shows over the years. I've decided to bring you one from 39 years ago, 12/29/78 at Pauley Pavilion at UCLA in Los Angeles CA. This rather long first set is a combination of slower Garcia ballads and rockin' Weir covers.. but it all works and I hope you'll enjoy it.  An opening 'Jack Straw' is always a treat, and this one is quite welcome.. 'They Love Each Other' follows, then Bobby brings out a nice 'Mama Tried' into 'Mexicali Blues'.  Garcia again slows it down a bit with a soulful 'Loser'. Other highlights in the firs set include a great rockin' 'Passenger' followed by a 'Tennessee Jed' with a great Garcia solo. 'Sugaree' that follows the 'Minglewood' is very tasty as well! Grateful Dead Pauley Pavilion - University of California Los Angeles, CA 12/30/78 - Saturday One Jack Straw [5:28] ; They Love Each Other [6:58] ; Mama Tried [2:24] > Mexicali Blues [3:56] ; Loser [7:15] ; Looks Like Rain [7:54] ; Stagger Lee [5:33] ; Passenger [5:00] ; Tennessee Jed [8:44] ; New Minglewood Blues [5:14] ; Sugaree [9:15] ; The Promised Land [4:28] You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod122917.mp3 I wish for everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be safe and hope for better days... thank you my friends for your support....

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29 Dec 2017

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Dead Show/podcast for 11/3/17

This week we bring you the historic second set from the Dead's performance on Holloween night, 1991 in Oakland California. This one is powerful, dark at times, rocking at times. Very introspective I think. A great 'Scarlet->Fire' leads it off, followed by Bobby on Truckin' and Spoonful. The Dark Star is the heart of the matter of course, wonderful flights of imagination and highlighted by Ken Kesey's eulogy for Bill Graham. Words that resonate today. The Last Time is a great choice coming out and then a personal favorite 'Standing on the Moon'. The rest of the set includes a 'Throwin' Stones' (was this misplaced?) and then the great 'Not Fade Away'.Jerry celebrates the day with a Werewolves encore!  Grateful Dead Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena Oakland, CA 10/31/91 - Thursday Two Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain > Truckin' [7:10] > Spoonful [6:20] (1) > Dark Star [11:16] (1) (2) > Drums [14:28] > Space [12:17] (1) > Dark Star [3:18] (1) > The Last Time [5:33] (1) ; Standing On The Moon [8:12] > Throwing Stones [9:48] > Not Fade Away [7:20] Encore Werewolves Of London [5:31] (3) Comments (1) with Gary Duncan on guitar ; (2) Ken Kesey gives spoken eulogy to Bill Graham ; (3) sung as Werewolves of Oakland You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod110317.mp3 Thank you my friends for your kind encouragement and support.  Don't forget our Facebook page!  practice kindness

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3 Nov 2017

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Dead Show/podcast for 5/27/16

Sometimes the inspiration for a Deadpod will hit me when I'm looking over setlists, trying to see which one fits my mood for the season we're in. This week, i was turned onto a show I hadn't listened to before from one of our contributing listeners, who told me about this , his first Dead show. This comes to us from May 6th, 1978 at the University of Vermont in Burlington VT. This is a fine recording - soundboard in this week's first set, audience in next week's second set but both showcase the band on a night that I think they are clearly 'on'. This set starts with a fine Sugaree, and continues with excellent versions of  Minglewood, Peggy-O. A rockin' Beat It On Down the Line follows, then we head back to the Old West for a great 'Loser'. Looks Like Rain, It Must've Been the Roses and a nice Big River are all well played. Deal closes the set and gets the crowd amped up for the second set to follow..  Patrick Field House (U of Vermont), Burlington, VT (5/6/78) Sugaree New Minglewood Blues Peggy-O Beat it on Down the Line Loser Looks Like Rain It Must Have Been the Roses Me and My Uncle Big River Deal   You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod052716.mp3   A huge thank you to everyone who entered the Red Rocks contest, especially those of you so kind as to contribute to the Deadpod.. much much appreciated!  I only wish I had more CDs to send out - who said CDs are dead? :)    Finally, as we move into summer.. have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, be safe, and take a moment to remember and reflect upon those who lost their lives for us.

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27 May 2016

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Dead Show/podcast for 5/16/14

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling the need for a little early jump into summer.... so this week I decided to bring you this excellent summertime Dead show, recently requested by one of my wonderful listeners. This sweet show comes to us from that weird town of Austin, Texas :), back in 1982. Just a day before Jerry's birthday I think you'll agree that he and the rest of the band were in a fine mood for this classic summertime show. The first set, which we'll hear this week, has a great song list, highlighted for me by a sweet Bird Song, a surprisingly good Little Red Rooster, and a wonderful jam out of Music Never Stopped into Deal.. The band keeps ripping it up in the second set which we'll hear next week..  Manor Downs, Austin, TX (7/31/82)Alabama GetawayPromised LandCandymanEl PasoBird SongLittle Red RoosterRamble on RoseIt's All Over NowBrown Eyed WomenMusic Never StoppedDeal You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod051614.mp3Of course to those of you able to contribute to keep the Deadpod on the air, my most sincere thanks and appreciation!  Hope you have a fine weekend with blue skies and sunshine!

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16 May 2014

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Dead Show/podcast for 3/22/19

Let's welcome Spring with this wonderful second set from March 26th, 1973 at the Baltimore Civic Center. Since I'm a bit under the weather this week I'll just point out a few (obvious) highlights - the jam following Truckin' including the Weather Report Suite Prelude, the wonderful Eyes , and of course Morning Dew.  I hope you enjoy this one, and feel free to join the Deadpod group on Facebook and offer your suggestions for shows you'd like to hear on the Deadpod!  Grateful Dead Baltimore Civic Center Baltimore, MD 3/26/73 - Monday Two Ramble On Rose [6:10] ; Big River [4:09] ; Here Comes Sunshine [7:50] ; Greatest Story Ever Told [4:42#] ; Candyman [6:30] ; Me And My Uncle [2:41] ; He's Gone [10:#49] > Truckin' [14:45] > Weather Report Suite Prelude [2:02] > Jam [5:36] Wharf Rat [10:17] > Me And Bobby McGee [5:35] > Eyes Of The World [14:29] > Morning Dew [12:42] ; One More Saturday Night [4:25] You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod032219.mp3 Thank you for your support!!! 

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22 Mar 2019

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Dead Show/podcast for 2/8/19

This week we can forget our troubles with a fine second set from this early 1979 date in Kansas City. Scarlet starts a little slow, and Jerry's voice cracks a bit here and there, but he really starts soaring around the 3:30 mark. Around the 6:00 minute mark the calypso beat moves in, Donna's background vocals add just enough mystery not to be overpowering, and we float along waiting for the other shoe to drop. Eventually Jerry's notes flutter in like a bee, as the rhythm intensifies; a beautiful transition into 'Fire'. Again, while Jerry's voice is a bit strained, his playing is is unhurried, yet searing.. uplifting. Once you hear these two, you know you're in for a great musical moment. 'From the Heart Of Me' brings us back to Shakedown Street, and  in perspective, we're reminded of what was lost when Donna and Keith left the band. Excellent Jerry solo around the 4:00 min mark of the first one, all around a nice, unhurried jam, the boys spread their wings and you feel the music as it lets them glide into 'Eyes of the World'. Here the soundboard tape is patches with an audience source but there is little loss of fidelity. There's a marvelous, somewhat dark and forboding jam following Drums and a short but interesting Other One. The double encore with a 'Miracle' closer, sure seems to indicate they were having fun that night! Grateful Dead Soldier's And Sailors Memorial Hall Kansas City, KS 2/10/79 - Saturday Two Scarlet Begonias [12:33] > Fire On The Mountain [10:37] ; From The Heart Of Me [3:31] ; Estimated Prophet [11:51] > Eyes Of The World [11:13] > Space [1:37] > Drums [6:30#] > Space [13:38] > The Other One [6:46] > Wharf Rat [9:57] > Sugar Magnolia [8:16] Encore One More Saturday Night [4:47] ; I Need A Miracle [6:13] You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod020819.mp3 May the music bring you joy and peace. thanks so much for your kind support.

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8 Feb 2019

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Dead Show/podcast for 12/22/17

Our annual Christmas Deadpod features a very entertaining acoustic show from the summer of 1970. While it is true that the mandolin and the guitars are higher in the mix than optimal, I am of the opinion that the quality of the recording, and the originality of the set list, make this a worthwhile pastime on a cold winter's day. I do hope you agree.  I wish for all of you peace and happiness and hope that this holiday weekend finds you with the people you love, for that is the greatest of all gifts.  Grateful Dead Golden Hall - San Diego Community Concourse San Diego, CA 8/5/70 - Wednesday One - 31:06 Candyman [6:46]%[0:17] ; El Paso [5:44]%[0:10] ; Rosalie McFall [3:34]%[0:06] ; Tell It To Me [2:25];[0:15] ; Drink Up And Go Home [2:44]%[0:26] ; A Voice From On High [2:57]%[0:08] ; Cold Jordan [2:26] > Swing Low Sweet Chariot [3:02] [0:08] Two - 31:34 Deep Elem Blues [5:35]%[0:04] ; Dark Hollow [3:18]%[0:05] ; Friend Of The Devil [3:55]%[0:05] ; Mama Tried [2:52]%[0:04] ; To Lay Me Down [6:18];[0:15] ; Dire Wolf [3:15];[0:14 intro] ; The Ballad Of Casey Jones [5:03];[0:06] You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod122217.mp3 thank you for your kindness and for listening to the Deadpod! 

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22 Dec 2017

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Dead Show/podcast for 3/3/17

As March blows in we go back in this week's Deadpod to the spring of 1981, and one of the fine shows from the band's run at Madison Square Garden. Last year we played the previous evening's show, but this performance from March 10, 1981 deserves a spot on our favorites as well. The show beings with a Mississippi Half-Step that starts off great, then a shocking bit of feedback/reverb blows through the sound system - the band simply plays through it like the pros they are, but don't let it throw you off, this is a great version! This flows into a fine, stand alone version of Franklin's Tower. I always enjoy these, and this one is no slouch. Me and My Uncle follows with Weir joking that the earlier feedback was all planned. They slow it up a little with 'Roses'. Don't Easy Me In occupies a rare mid-set position, and there is some nice improvisation in the Lazy Lightnin'->Supplication transition. A strong first set that I hope puts you in a fine space as we roll into early March!  Grateful Dead Madison Square Garden New York , NY 3/10/81 - Tuesday One Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo [11:36] > Franklin's Tower [11:03] > Me And My Uncle [3:05] ; It Must Have Been The Roses [6:18] > Little Red Rooster [6:12] ; Don't Ease Me In [3:15] ; Lazy Lightnin' [3:24] > Supplication [6:03] ; Brown Eyed Women [5:27] > Looks Like Rain [9:19] > Deal [7:13] You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod030317.mp3 My thanks for your kind support!! 

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3 Mar 2017

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Dead Show/podcast for 8/30/13

Here's a labor day weekend show for you from the Fall tour of 1991.. This was a request from one of our facebook friends, for a show from the run that took place at the Richfield coliseum in Richfield Ohio.. I decided to play the first show from this run, but it wasn't an easy choice as all three shows have their moments.. while the real highlights from this night come in set 2, this week's first set contains plenty of fine playing .. Jack Straw is nicely played, as is the Jack-A-Roe that follows. The entire set is well played, and solid, and a nice long first set as well. I am always pleased to hear Friend of the Devil, and the Cold Rain and Snow->Promised Land close the set on a real high note and leave us wanting more..  Richfield Coliseum, Richfield, OH (9/4/91)Let the Good Times RollJack StrawJack-A-RoeWalkin' BluesFriend of the DevilBlack-Throated WindTennessee JedMasterpieceCold Rain and SnowPromised Land You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod083013.mp3 Have a safe and happy Labor Day my friends!thank you so much for your support of the Deadpod - without which I would be unable to publish it..

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30 Aug 2013

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Dead Show/podcast for 5/26/17

Wow, Memorial Day weekend already! Hope you have some fun plans to welcome in summer! Hopefully you'll find this wild show from 1969 to be the perfect complement to some your times this weekend..  This comes to us from May 31st, 1969 at McArthur Court at the University of Oregon. Always a crazy show as you know the Pranksters will be out in force - and are they ever - especially on the first few songs as you will hear. (if you don't care to listen to Ken Babbs insane rap, just fast forward about 10 minutes after the Cold Rain and Snow :) The band settles down afterwards and puts on a typically manic 1969 performance - Garcia is if anything, overly excited at times - but this is quintessential early Dead and I hope you enjoy it! Pigpen is excellent on an alltime 'Lovelight' , Garcia gives a very extended version of  'He Was A Friend of Mine' and the 'Dark Star' that follows is to me, the highlight of the set, played in the familiar 'Live Dead' style. Sadly 'Cosmic Charlie' is cut on the tape, but there is plenty here for any fan of early dead - over two and a half hours of Live Dead for your Memorial Day Weekend .. ;)  Grateful Dead McArthur Court - University of Oregon Eugene, OR 5/31/69 - Saturday One - 1:35:43 Hard To Handle [3:57];[0:55] ; Cold Rain And Snow [4:13];[6:15] ; Yellow Dog Story [1:40];[2:45] ; Green Green Grass Of Home [4:05];[1:04] ; Me And My Uncle [3:02];[0:46] ; Cryptical Envelopment [1:56] > Drums [0:54] > The Other One [10:46] > Cryptical Envelopment [3:#11] > Sittin On Top Of The World [3:28];[0:58] ; It Hurts Me Too [5:34];[0:59] ; Turn On Your Love Light [29:04] Two - 43:56 He Was A Friend Of Mine [14:27];[0:16] % Dark Star [23:58] > Doin' That Rag [4:37#] > Cosmic Charlie [#0:30] Encore - 12:42 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [8:51];[0:10] ; And We Bid You Good Night [3:11] Comments Total time [2:32:21].  Ken Babbs & sundry other pranksters marshall the chaos between the first few songs.  Jerry plays pedal steel guitar on Green Grass. At 1:52 into the Cryptical reprise there is a cut ; probably several minutes are missing here.  It's anybody's guess how much of the second set may be missing. You can listen to this week's Deadpod here:  http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod052617.mp3 Thank you for your support of the Deadpod!  Be safe and have a great weekend. 

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26 May 2017

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Dead Show/podcast for 2/9/18

45 years ago today the Dead premiered the 'Wall of Sound'.. they also premiered the following classic songs: China Doll, Eyes of the World, Here Comes Sunshine, Loose Lucy, They Love Each Other, Row Jimmy, Wave That Flag (Later US Blues).. this week we'll listen to the first set from this spectacular show, from February 9th, 1973 at the Roscoe Maples Pavilion at Stanford University, Palo Alto California. I can't believe I never played this before on the Deadpod but it appears I have not.. my thanks to Steve for the suggestion for this week!    Roscoe Maples Pavilion (Stanford U), Palo Alto, CA (2/9/73) Promised Land Row Jimmy Black Throated Wind Deal Me and My Uncle Sugaree Looks Like Rain Loose Lucy Mexicali Blues Brown Eyed Women El Paso Here Comes Sunshine Playing in the Band You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod020918.mp3 Enjoy.. and thanks for your support!

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9 Feb 2018

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Dead Show/podcast for 3/7/14

This week I'm bringing out a show that has been on my request list for some time, I believe the reason I hadn't played it before is probably because I only have the first set in a soundboard format - the show is certainly good enough to warrant a listen as this first set contains the very first performance of 'Visions of Johanna' .. but that's not the only highlight of this first set.. Beat It on Down the Line and Big Railroad Blues are very solid as is the Music Never Stopped.. I think you'll enjoy this one and want to send out a special thank you to our friend who requested this!   Hampton Roads Coliseum, Hampton, VA (3/19/86)Hell in a BucketStagger LeeC.C. RiderCold Rain and SnowBeat it on Down the LineBig Railroad BluesLooks Like RainVisions of JohannaMusic Never StoppedDon't Ease Me In You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod030714.mp3 My thanks to all of you who help keep the Deadpod alive! I am indebted to you for your support!

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7 Mar 2014

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Dead Show/podcast for 7/26/13

This week's Deadpod features some really unique music from the summer of 1976.. this one comes from the famous run at the Orpheum Theater in San Francisco, from July 16th, 1976.. We only have the 2nd set of this show in soundboard quality so that is what I'm going to present.. I think you'll agree that this is a fine example of the more exploratory side of the band that was unfolding after the hiatus of '75 and before the signature sound of 1977.. The entire run is quite worth exploring, and many would argue that the next night, with its magnificent 'Comes A Time' would be a better choice, but we'll keep that in our pocket for a future Deadpod.. This second set has some really unique music, I'm very fond of the Playin'>Jam>Cosmic Charlie.. wowza! and what a set list... not only does Samson follow that, but another great 'Spanish' Jam.. then the Playin' reprise following the Wheel.. just when you think the surprises are surely over.. we get a GREAT 'High Time'.. some folks don't care for this more jazzy or improvisational side of the band, but after its been a bit since I've heard any I am refreshed when I hear it.. I hope you find it so as well.. Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco, CA (7/16/76)set 2Playin' in the Band-> Stronger Than Dirt jam-> Cosmic Charlie-> Samson and Delilah->Spanish Jam-> drums-> The Wheel-> Jam-> Playin' in the Band reprise-> Around and Around High Time Sugar Magnolia E: U.S. Blues You can listen to this week's Deadpod here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/deadshow/deadpod072613.mp3The Deadpod is only possible through the generosity of its listeners. My sincere thanks to those of you who have contributed to keep the show on the air. Please stay in touch if there is anything I can do to make it better!

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26 Jul 2013

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