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SGEM#285: And I See Your True Colours Calming You – From your Anxiety

Date: February 28th, 2020 Reference: Rajendran et al. Randomised control trial of adult therapeutic colouring for the management of significant anxiety in the Emergency Department. AEM February 2020 Guest Skeptic: Dr. Corey Heitz is an emergency physician in Roanoke, Virginia. He is also the CME editor for Academic Emergency Medicine. Case: One night during an overnight shift, you are […]

29 Feb 2020

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SGEM#286: Behind the Mask – Does it need to be an N95 mask?

Date: March 4th, 2020 Reference: Radonovich et al. N95 Respirators vs Medical Masks for Preventing Influenza Among Health Care Personnel. A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA 2019 The Respiratory Protection Effectiveness Clinical Trial (ResPECT) Guest Skeptics: Dr. Christopher Patey is an Assistant Professor with Memorial University Medical School in St. John’s, Newfoundland Canada. Over the past seventeen […]

7 Mar 2020

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SGEM Xtra: Masks4All in Canada Debate

Date: May 18th, 2020 I was asked to participate in a debate regarding the issue of Masks4All in Canada by the people involved in the COVID Information for Canadian Physicians Facebook group. This is a private group ~22,000 physicians, residents, students and nurse practitioners from around the world. I was reluctant to participate but was convinced […]

18 May 2020

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SGEM#277: In the Pregnant YEARS – Diagnosing Pulmonary Embolism

Date: November 13th, 2019 Reference: van der Pol et al. Pregnancy-Adapted YEARS Algorithm forDiagnosis of Suspected Pulmonary Embolism. NEJM 2019 Guest Skeptic: Dr. Theresa Robertson-Chenier is currently an Emergency Physician practicing at the Peterborough Regional Health Centre. She is also an adjunct faculty member with Queen’s University, Department of Family Medicine. Case: A 32-year-old female, G1P0, who is […]


30 Nov 2019

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SGEM Xtra: Come Together, Right Now – Over Renal Colic

Date: December 16th, 2019   Reference: Moore et al. Imaging in Suspected Renal Colic: Systematic Review of the Literature and Multispecialty Consensus. Annals of EM, JU, and JACR 2019. Guest Skeptics: Dr. Christopher Moore is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine a Yale School of Medicine. He is also the Chief for the Section of Emergency Ultrasound and […]


28 Dec 2019

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SGEM Xtra: She Blinded Me with Science – Not Pseudoscience

Date: March 12th, 2020 Guest Skeptic: Dr. Jonathan Stea (@Jonathanstea) is a PhD Clinical Psychologist working at the Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary, Alberta. He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Calgary. This SGEM Xtra is based on a tweet from about a month ago on The 10 Commandments of […]

14 Mar 2020

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SGEM Xtra: Strange BRUE

Date: October 2nd, 2019   Reference: Ramgopal et al. Changes in the Management of Children With Brief Resolved Unexplained Events (BRUEs). Pediatrics 2019 Guest Skeptic: Dr. Katie Noorbakhsh is a pediatric emergency physician at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. This is an SGEM Xtra and it was inspired by the recent publication in Pediatrics on BRUEs. […]


7 Dec 2019

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SGEM#283: Can You Be Absolutely Right in Diagnosing a SAH Using a Clinical Decision Instrument?

Date: January 29th, 2020 Reference: Perry et al. Prospective Implementation of the Ottawa Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Rule and 6-Hour Computed Tomography Rule. Stroke 2019 Guest Skeptic: Dr. Rory Spiegel is an EM/CC doctor who splits his time in the Emergency Department and Critical Care department. He also has this amazing #FOAMed blog called EM Nerd. Case: A 48-year-old […]

8 Feb 2020

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Date: December 17th, 2019   Reference: Reeves and Reynolds. The NNT-WET and NNT-DRI: (Mostly) Satirical New Metrics to Emphasize the Inherent Inefficiency of Clinical Practice. AEM Dec 2019. Guest Skeptics: Dr. Mathew Reeves is a Professor and Interim Chair of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the College of Human Medicine at MSU. Dr. Joshua Reynolds is […]


21 Dec 2019

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