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Master Your Feelings Master Your Life is a podcast dedicated to helping you get off of the emotional roller coaster. Each episode provides specific strategies for moving from thought to action and regaining control of your life. The host and producer, Karren Garrity, is a licensed professional counselor, speaker and author.

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#21 Escalate or De-escalate?

You have a choice on how to respond.  Making a conscious choice to escalate or de-escalate is a powerful decision.


31 Jul 2015

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#7: Stress and the Circle of Control

In this episode you will learn why it is important to recognize the type of stess that is making you feel overwhelmed. The key to over coming 'overwhelm' is to defuse stress.


16 Jan 2015

Rank #2

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#22 Hurdles

Have you ever wanted to do something different? Take a risk?  Shift gears? But dont seem able to make it happen? Let's talk about hurdles


2 Sep 2015

Rank #3

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#9 The Emotional Avalanche

We've all been in that overwhelmed place - come learn a startegy to calm the chaos!


30 Jan 2015

Rank #4

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#6: Importance of Failing

Learn about “Failure” and how our society has become so focused on success that we’ve lost touch with the fact that there is a steep learning curve to accomplishments. Rarely do you get something perfectly right the first time.


9 Jan 2015

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#8: Listening- It more important than you think

Understand the signifcance of listening so that you can be heard! Believe it or not, the secret to being understood is understanding others.  And the best way to get people to listen to you is for you to listen to them...


23 Jan 2015

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#11 Meeting someone where they are

Want to discover how simple it is to get people's attention and be able to explain yourself more clearly and with better results? Listen in!


13 Feb 2015

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#15 Proactive vs Reactive

Being proactive puts you in greater control of a situation - looking down the road preparing yourself for what ever might be coming your way


3 Apr 2015

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#10 Intention & Practice

It's all about creating traction - join me and hear how to do it.


6 Feb 2015

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#12 Changing The Dance

Previously the strategies have aimed at helping you  get off that emotional roller coaster that can sabotage your day and your life.  Now I want to share with you some tools on how to apply these skills to situations and relationships.


20 Feb 2015

Rank #10