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Man of War: Forging Men into Warriors

In this raw and motivational show we focus on forging men into modern day warriors. We uncover the secrets of how Tier-1 Men are created. You will learn how they live, how they think and what sets them apart. These men are the chosen few who have the courage, self confidence and warrior spirit that is embodied in every aspect of their life. Whether they are running toward gunfire, walking into a boardroom or being a transcendent fathers and husbands, at the core they remain warriors. Every show, internationally recognized combatives expert, decorated law enforcement officer and entrepreneur Rafa Conde pulls no punches and pierces the veil diving deep into the heart of elite warrior minded from around the globe. Their motivational stories of success, tribulations and strength will empower you to start honing your Warriorcraft to be battle ready for the game of life. Through these powerful conversations you will learn that you do not need to be a soldier or a cop to walk the warrior's path. Rafa gives you warrior-hacks that any man with the desire to make a change can implement them into their lives. You will strengthen your mindset, courage, self confidence and self defense skills on your path to becoming a modern day Warrior.

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050: Zen Mind, Warrior Spirit | Green Beret Tu Lam

In this special 50th episode we focus on two key components that make up a modern day warrior. The clarity of mind (Zen Mind) and the indomitable fighting spirit (Warrior Spirit).Mastering the mind comes from zen discipline and constant training. The cultivation of the warrior spirit occurs when you persevere and push yourself beyond  your self imposed limits. Our special guest is Tu Lam who is man that embodies the warrior spirit in all facets of his life.Tu Lam (Retired U.S. Army Special Forces- Green Beret)--23 Years Full Spectrum US Special Operations throughout 27 countries worldwide. He was a Team-Leader for a multitude of assignments in Unconventional Warfare, Foreign Internal Defense, Special Reconnaissance, Hostage Rescue, Direct Action and Counter-Terrorism Operations. Tu is the founder/CEO and Director of Training and Research Development for Ronin Tactics Inc. which specializes in Law Enforcement and Military tactics and combatives training. Tu’s wisdom shines through in this podcast. His philosophy on life and war is reminiscent of the samurais of old.Join us in one of the most profound episodes we have ever recorded. We dive deep into the mind and soul of a warrior in battle and in life. Learn about bushido the path of the samurai, how to implement peace and serenity into your life, what makes a modern day warrior, how to strengthen your fighting spirit, the differences between sport and lethal combat, why training the mind and body is so important for being successful in combat and in life.Grab your FREE Warrior Manual at www.forgingawarrior.com/manualCheck out the Online Warrior Development Academy (14 Days FREE) at www.forgingawarrior.comGet the show notes for this episode at https://www.manofwar.live/mow/50

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24 Mar 2018

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083. Fit For Life; The Warrior's Way | Navy SEAL Stew Smith

On this energetic episode we dive into living a fit life from a warrior’s perspective. We are not talking about hitting the gym or going on some steroid wave. We are talking about making a life change and being prepared physically and mentally for anything that comes your way. As a warrior you must be always be battle ready.Our Special Guest is Navy SEAL Stew Smith who is the founder of Stew Smith Fitness and a best selling author of over thirty books. This guy is an expert on Tactical Fitness.Join us in this conversation where you will learn why it is so important to be fit not just for your health but to protect your life and the life of your loved ones.Being fit is part of the warrior culture. You can start off slow and work it in slowly until you progress into a higher level. You want to create habits that increase your discipline and strengthen your mindset.Whether you are 25 or 55 this episode is for you. You don’t need weights, you don’t need a gym, just get your ass out there and do some type of functional physical activity.It’s time to step up and change your life. Develop the mental toughness to win in life. The time is now! DO NOT MISS The Most Empowering Event of The Year! The Conclave of Warriors Miami Dec 1-2 For More Information Go To: www.conclaveofwarriors.comCheck out Our New Youtube Channel: https://bit.ly/2u66z9aGo Grab Your FREE Warrior Manual at: www.forgingawarrior.com/manualJoin the Warrior Development Academy at: www.forgingawarrior.comCheck out all the show notes: https://www.manofwar.live/mow/83


24 Jul 2018

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004. Negotiate Like Your Life Depends on it | Chris Voss

In this episode we explore the relationship between the warrior mindset and effective verbal communications, especially negotiation. Our guest is Retired FBI Agent Chris Voss who was the lead international kidnapping negotiator for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the New York City Joint Terrorist Task Force. He is also he Founder and CEO of the Black Swan Group Ltd and author of Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It. Voss introduces emotional intelligence as a key component of communication and how the mind of a hostage taker operates. If you liked this show and know someone that would benefit from listening, please share it with them. Don’t forget to subscribe to Man of War on iTunes and give us a review.Visit Black Swan Group at http://blackswanltd.com and pick up the book Never Split the Difference HEREVisit our website and get a copy of our new FREE Guide “ 7 Steps to Becoming a Warrior” and of course to our FREE newsletter at https://www.manofwar.liveCheck out our Warrior Development Program WARDEV. It is going virtual with online lessons, webinars, coaching and a bunch more. Join our brotherhood at: http://www.warriorbreed.co


30 Jul 2017

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052: The Way of the Warrior Poet | John Lovell

On this powerful episode we focus on living a life as a warrior poet. Life goes beyond running and gunning.The “Warrior Poet” is a protector who trains and fights for higher purpose. They are members of a rare fraternity of warriors who fight with intellect, conviction, and great skill. Motivated by a love for others, warrior poets become students of the art of war so that they may triumph when the enemy calls.Our special guest is John Lovell. He is a former special operations soldier and the founder of the Warrior Poet Society. Lovell has a strong presence on youtube and has developed a large following of warrior poets.Join us in this conversation where we dive into various topics such as mass shootings, being a warrior poet, firearms training, spirituality, being a husband.Learn key components to living a life that embodies a warrior spirit. Implement what you learn here into your life for success in all facets of your life. Grab your FREE Warrior Guide at www.forgingawarrior.com/manualGET 14 DAYS FREE Join the Warrior Developmental Academy at: www.forgingawarrior.comCheck out all the show notes at: https://www.manofwar.live/mow/52


31 Mar 2018

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Through The Gates of Fire | Steven Pressfield

Episode 137 takes you on a journey into the Spartan and Roman Warrior Culture. Not much has been written about the Greek cultures and the code of conduct of the warrior. Two books stand out. The Gates of Fire and The Warrior Ethos. Both books have been suggested reading for many military and law enforcement units.Our guest on this podcast is Steven Pressfield. He is a world renowned best selling author of the Gates of Fire and the Warrior Ethos amongst several others.This episode dives deep into the virtues, mentality, selflessness, fear, chivalry, bravery, purpose and a warrior's way of life. So many of these elements can be implemented into today's worldThis is a very unique and dynamic episode that will fire you up. It will shine a new perspective on life.Remember to step up and be courageous in the heat of battle, the battle of life.If You are ready to make a change in your life and enter an elite brotherhood of warrior minded men go watch the powerful documentary and apply at: www.menofwarcrucible.com/unlock-videoFor all show notes and podcast catalog along with more information on the Man of War Movement go to www.manofwar.live


4 Apr 2020

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054. A Warrior's Best Friend | Navy SEAL Mike Ritland

In this off the cuff episode we explore the connection of dogs and warriors. K9’s have always been a man’s best friend. They have been used in the battle fields for decades. Instinctively they will give their lives to protect their handlers and serve them for the the span of their lives. K9’s are truly a man’s best friend.Our special guest is Mike Ritland who served as a Navy SEAL for 12 years. He is a New York Times Best Seller and founder of Trikos International and Warrior Dog Foundation. Mike is also the host of the Mike Drop Podcast.As a weathered warrior and a prolific K9 trainer, Mike speaks from the heart and pulls no punches. We dive deep into the connection of man and dog and break the myth about what makes a good protection dog. Not all dogs are cut out to be warrior dogs, Mike explains that just as the SEAL’s go through selection, so do the dogs that he selects to be warrior dogs.Step up and make a change to your life today. Get a new outlook on what it means to protect the ones you love. Implement what your learn in this episode to your life today. Grab your FREE Warrior Guide at www.forgingawarrior.com/manualJoin 0ver 100's Warrior Minded Men at the Warrior Development Academy atwww.forgingawarrior.com (Get 14 Days FREE No strings Attached)Check out the show notes to this show at https://www.manofwar.live/mow/54


9 Apr 2018

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A Warrior Among Men | Navy SEAL John Allen

In this powerhouse of an episode number 134 we dive into what separates men from warriors. The reality is that there is a big difference.Our guest is former Navy SEAL John Allen who is the founder of Elite Meet and an entrepreneur making things happen in the veteran community. During this charged up conversation we discuss John's experience as a SEAL, his near death experience, how to develop courage, self confidence, our society, his family, mental toughness and so much more.There are great takeaways from this episode which you can implement into your life immediately. As always listen at your own risk.YOU MUST BE HERE!The Most Empowering and Life Changing Event of The Year...The Conclave of Warriors 2 Get your tickets here www.conclaveofwarriors.comMen of War Crucible Selection Application Linkwww.menofwarcrucible.com


19 Oct 2019

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013. Overcome Mindset; When Warriors Rise Up To The Challenge | Navy SEAL Jason Redman

In this highly motivational special episode we take the show to a whole new level. Our focus is the Over Come Mindset as our special guest likes to call it. A mindset that pushes you beyond your self imposed limits.We are honored to welcome former Navy SEAL, New York Times Best Selling Author of "The Trident" and a Warrior in all aspects of life, Jason Redman. This conversation goes deep into the mindset of a warrior. Jason is a motivational man that leaves no room for the weak hearted. Jason set off on a whirlwind career, completing three deployments to South America where he conducted numerous Counter Drug missions throughout Colombia and Peru. He returned in December of 2000 to become an instructor for his SEAL Team’s Basic Land Warfare block of training. He spent the next year and a half teaching Marksmanship, Reconnaissance and Surveillance operations, and advanced communications.Petty Officer 1st Class Redman was one of fifty naval enlisted members selected for the prestigious Seaman to Admiral Program. He began school at Old Dominion University in August of 2001 and in May of 2004 he was promoted to a Naval SEAL Officer. In May of 2006, he graduated from the grueling US Army Ranger Course of Instruction to further his tactical knowledge and increase his understanding of Joint Operations and Army mission planning. In May 2007, Jason deployed to Fallujah, Iraq and served as Mobility Force Commander and Assault Force Commander for over 40 Direct Action missions throughout western Iraq.While acting as Assault Force Commander on an operation to capture an Al Qaeda High Value Individual LT Redman’s Assault Team came under heavy machine gun and small arms fire and he along with two other Teammates were wounded in the ensuing firefight. Despite being shot twice in the arm and once in the face, as well as multiple rounds to his helmet, Night Vision Goggles, body armor, and weapon, Jason and his Team fought valiantly winning the fight, ensuring everyone came home alive.LT Redman retired from the Navy in 2013 and founded Wounded Wear which later evolved into the Combat Wounded Coalition, a Non-Profit organization which supports combat wounded warriors and families of the fallen. He currently acts as the executive director of the organization and is also the founder and CEO of SOF Spoken, aspeaking company which provides inspirational presentations on leadership, teamwork and overcoming adversity for businesses, first responders, sports teams, and government organizations. He has spoken to many great organizations including the Marriott Corporation, the NFL Cincinnati Bengals, ODU Monarchs Football Team, the MLB San Diego Padres, NASCAR, and the United States Naval Academy.Jason's military decorations include the Bronze Star Medal with Valor, Purple Heart, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Joint Service Achievement Medal, Navy Achievement Medal (five awards), Combat Action Ribbon (two awards) US Army Ranger Tab and numerous service awards. Don't forget to take notes and implement the lessons that you learn to your daily life. These lessons will lead to the discovery of the Warrior Spirit within yourself. Get Your FREE Manual 8-Steps to Living a Warrior Lifestyle at:https://www.forgingawarrior.com/freemanualGet The Show Notes at https://www.manofwarlive/mow/013

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29 Sep 2017

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005. A Warrior's Heart Forged Through His Art | Michael Israel

In this show we focus on developing the heart of the warrior through the focus of one's craft. We welcome world renowned Master Speed Painter Michael Israel. He is a man that walks the warrior's path and it reflects in his humanitarian spirit and his mastery of the paint brushes.As a Karate black belt, he integrates his mindset and skill-set to his stage performance. Michael has raised millions for charity and has performed for Presidents of the United States, celebrities and Fortune 100 CEOs. He has raised millions of dollars for over 100 charitable organizations including the Special Olympics, Ronald McDonald House Charities and Navy SEALS Family Foundation. Join us in this motivational conversation where we explore the warrior's mindset, awareness, discipline and uncover how Michael focuses on and off the stage. Get ready to learn numerous warrior elements that can be implemented immediately into your life to help you live a battle ready life. You can reach Michael Israel at : http://www.michaelisrael.comLinks to the show.Website: https://www.manofwar.live/mow/005Join our Brotherhood! Visit Man of War: https://www.manofwar.liveWarriorbreed: http://www.warriorbreed.coFacebook Page: https://m.facebook.com/manofwarmovement/Warriorbreed Private Facebook Group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/warriorbreedbrotherhood


6 Aug 2017

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020: Eradicate Negativity; Forging Confidence The Warrior's Way | Navy SEAL David Rutherford

This Special 20th episode is a great stepping stone for the Man of War Podcast. We focus on Self-Confidence and how to develop it by Eradicating Negativity from our lives, the warrior's way. As warriors we don't have any room for negativity. We use challenges and obstacles as springing boards to develop and strengthen our self confidence. This is done by implementing key elements that combat the negative insurgency in our lives.Our special guest is Navy SEAL David Rutherford. Dave is a Internationally known Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author, Co-Host of The Never Quit Podcast with Marcus Luttrell and Founder of Team Froglogic which has reached over 4 million people around the world. His passion for teaching is founded in helping people learn to embrace their fears, forge their personal and professional confidence and commit to living a team oriented lifestyle.David served in the Naval Special Warfare Community as a SEAL student, Combat Paramedic, Operator and Instructor. David inspires audiences and individuals across America and around the world with his emotionally entertaining style of speaking, writing and coaching. His Froglogic Concepts are derived from combining his 25 years of exploring and researching the human condition with over 70 plus years of operational successes within the UDT/ Navy SEAL Teams. Join us in this motivational conversation where nothing is left to chance. We cover down on self confidence and how warriors strengthen it for success in business and in life.Don't miss this hard charging episode where you will learn methods and tactics that will build your self confidence stronger than ever before. Go Grab Your FREE Warrior Manual at: www.forgingawarrior.com/manualCheck out the life changing documentary at: www.forgingawarrior.com/warriorfilmCheck out Team Froglogic at: https://teamfroglogic.comFor all the show notes go to: www.manofwar.live/mow/20

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18 Nov 2017

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006. Be Bold and Fight Life Head On | Charlie "Spaniard" Brenneman

In this show we focus on Boldness which is defined as the lack of hesitation in the face of danger. Our guest Charlie "The Spaniard" Brenneman went from being a Spanish teacher to a top contender in the UFC. His warrior determination and boldness pushed him through to achieve his dream which soon turned into reality, upsetting #6 ranked fighter in the world, Rick Story in 2011. Soon after, his life changed and he skyrocketed into the world rankings. Charlie has been a master at transitioning his experience as a professional fighter from the cage to speaking and mentoring. His journey inspired him to author a book titled "Driven" which has served as his platform for inspiring others to achieve greatness. Our conversation will uncover how boldness can be applied to your life and make you stronger from the inside out. We will go into the mind of a fighter and most importantly learn the lessons of his trials and tribulations. Join us and dive into the very real world of of one man's pursuit to embody the warriors's spirit in all aspects of his life. There are many lessons learned here that can easily be implemented into your daily life. Join our Brotherhood at:www.manofwar.liveYou can reach the Spaniard here:http://charliespaniard.comListen to his Podcast at:SPANIARD101: Learn to be BOLD!https://itun.es/us/b8kheb.cGrab his book DRIVEN: My Unlikely Journey from Classroom to Cagehttp://charliespaniard.com/book/Sign Up for the Warrior Development Program! Warriorbreed: http://www.warriorbreed.coFacebook Page: https://m.facebook.com/manofwarmovement/Warriorbreed Private Facebook Group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/warriorbreedbrotherhood


13 Aug 2017

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024: A Warrior's Dominion over his Mind, Body and Spirit | Navy SEAL Ray "Cash" Care

On today's special episode we focus on the Warriors Dominion of his body, mind and spirit. Dominion is one of the main components of the modern day warrior archetype. A warriors dominion over his being separates him from the average man.Our special guest is Ray "Cash"Care. He served our nation for 10 years in the SEAL teams. Ray is well known from the History Channel's hit series, "The Selection: Special Operations Experiment" where he was an instructor. He has also been in movies such as Captain Phillips and hosted the BBC smash hit, "Ultimate Hellweek," and "Modern Shooter." Ray is also a former winner of the "Ultimate Soldier Challenge." This guy is the real deal. He is raw and to the point and pulls no punches. He is also a family man, that lives with passion and gives of himself to help and inspire others of all walks of life as a motivational speaker and a physical trainer. Join us in this wide ranging conversation about the way of the warrior in today's world. We go into discipline, mindset, raising kids, crushing fear and much more. There are so many lessons to be learned here. Whip out your pen and paper and take notes but most importantly start implementing what you learn from this episode to your life.Get Your FREE Warrior Booklet at www.forgingawarrior.com/manualFollow Cash on social media IG/FB @raycashcare Website: www.rogueamericanapparel.comCheck out the show notes at www.manofwar.live/mow/24Join The Brotherhood of Warriors Facebook Group at: www.facebook.com/groups/thebrotherhoodofwarriors

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17 Dec 2017

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090. Finding Your Course of Action | Johnny Primo

On this straight forward episode we dive deep into the heart of taking action in the real world. As warriors it is crucial to find our own course of action. We must be precise and committed to the betterment of ourselves, even if that means changing the path that you set out to walk.Our Special Guest is Special Forces Green Beret Johnny Primo who is the founder of Courses of Action a cutting edge tactical training company.Primo’s mentality and brutal honesty about life exemplifies the warrior’s spirit.Primo is not only an elite firearms instructor, he is a shrewd businessman and entrepreneur. His vision is to connect with his students by giving them a true to life experience where they can learn life saving skills and apply them when the shit hits the fan.Primo is a deep man who had a rough childhood. He overcame major challenges in life to become who he is today. He talks openly about his struggles in life and demonstrates that you can rise up from whatever hole you are in no matter how deep or dark it is.Join us in one of the most interesting conversations we have had. Take notes and implement what you learn from this episode to your life today!Secure Your Seats For The Most Powerful Event of The Year!The Conclave of Warriors Miami December 1-2 Check out The Website www.conclaveofwarriors.comGrab Your FREE Warrior Manual at www.forgingawarrior.com/manualJoin The WarriorDevelopment Academy (14 Days FREE) Go to www.forgingawarrior.comCheck out all the show notes at https://www.manofwar.live/mow/90Grab Your Man of War Get and Shirts at http://www.manofwarswag.com


21 Aug 2018

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007. Rite of Passage; Crossing Over into Warriorhood | Frank Miniter

In this episode we focus on Rites of Passages to manhood that have been all but lost in our society. Learn what separates a warrior from the common man and how to implement the warrior spirit into all facets of your life. Join us in this deep and thought provoking conversation with Frank Miniter. He is a warrior minded adventure journalist and New York Times Best Selling Author of The Ultimate Man's Survival Guide. He has floated the Amazon and run with the bulls of Pamplona. Along the way he was taught to box by Floyd Patterson, spelunked into Pompey’s Cave, climbed the Gunks, and graduated from the oldest private military college (Norwich University) in the U.S. He was a Senior Editor at Outdoor Life magazine and was the Executive Editor of American Hunter magazine. Miniter is a contributor to Forbes, is a Field Editor for the NRA’s American Hunter, is a contributor to Outdoor Life, and also writes for FOX News, The Washington Times, and American Rifleman. Miniter has also been a guest on FOX News, The World Over with Raymond Arroyo, One America News’On Point with Tomi Lahren and Glenn Beck's show to name a few. Our conversation explores what it takes to be a warrior in today's world and why men must regain confidence in order to step up to a higher level for their families and to leave a lasting legacy. We also go in to Running with the Bulls in Spain and Miniter's first hand experience of an old school Rite of Passage. Subscribe to our Newsletter and Download a FREE Guide: 8 Steps to Living a Warrior Lifestyle at:https://www.manofwar.live/guideBuy Frank Miniter Books Here:http://frankminiter.com/books/Join our Brotherhood! Visit Man of War at: https://www.manofwar.liveWarriorbreed: http://www.warriorbreed.coFacebook Page: https://m.facebook.com/manofwarmovement/Warriorbreed Private Facebook Group: https://m.facebook.com/groups/warriorbreedbrotherhoodemail: manofwar.usa@gmail.com


20 Aug 2017

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The Dynamics of Success | Steven Edisis

In episode 135 we dive into the mind of a business warrior. We connect the dots on what success is all about but more importantly we focus on the road to get there. You see the road is usually bumpy and full of surprises.Our special guest is Steven Edisis who is the CEO of Dynamic Capital an entrepreneur and a sales coach.Steven's approach to business is dynamic and straight forward. We discuss overcoming obstacles and staying focused on the target. We also speak about today's society, the emasculation of men and how we can make a change in our society.This is a podcast that will steer you in the right direction and will make you question your focus and your purpose.As always, listen at your own risk!Do not miss the most powerful event of the year go grab your tickets at www.conclaveofwarriors.com


14 Nov 2019

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016. In Pursuit of Excellence, A Warrior's Approach to Leadership Today | Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson

In this dynamic episode we focus on striving for excellence through the implementation of key leadership tactics. This conversation highlights the connection of two warrior minds from different backgrounds but with similar missions. Our special guest today is retired Navy SEAL Brent Gleeson. He is an acclaimed Motivational Speaker, Author of TakingPoint and a Successful Entrepreneur. Upon leaving SEAL Team 5, Brent turned his discipline and battlefield lessons to the world of business. and is an expert on topics ranging from leadership to building high performance teams. Brent has also starred in several reality shows including NBC’s ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ and Discovery Channel’s ‘One Man Army.’Brent's passion to give back and support this country's warriors is evident. He sits on the executive board of the Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation and his family is an Ambassador Family for March of Dimes. Join us for this no fluff down to earth conversation where you will learn that in life sometimes taking a risk is what separates those that are successful and those that are not. It's about one critical action-constantly striving for excellence no matter what your endeavor. Get your pen and paper and get ready to take notes and immediately implement what you learn in this episode to your life.Get Our Brand New FREE Manual " Strengthen Your Warrior Spirit" at https://www.forgingawarrior.com/manual Visit Brent's Website at: www.brentgleesonspeaker.comPurchase His Book TakingPoint at: www.brentgleesonspeaker.com/takingpointFor Show notes visit http://www.manofwar.live/16 Enter The War Room at https://www.forgingawarrior.com


22 Oct 2017

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Fit is NOT a Diet, It's a Way of Life | Thom King

In this enlightening episode 130 we answer the question why health is a primary component in living a warrior life. We dig deep into the mentality of staying fit at any age and why proper nutrition is essential. We go down the Keto path and reveal a bunch of myths and some great information about this type of lifestyle.Our guest is Thom King who is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of Stevia Brands, "Guy Called Keto" and an author.Founded by King in 1999, Stevia Brands Inc. is one of the largest importers, manufacturers and distributors of clean-label sweetening systems and natural sweeteners. Emulating such renowned entrepreneurs such as the Wright Brothers and Steve Jobs, King started his company by first asking the critical question, “Why?” Based on the understanding that it’s only by determining the “why” of what you want to do that you can achieve lasting success, King’s business isn’t simply something he does for a living. It stands as a testament to who he is, what he does and how he lives his life.Join us in this interesting and thought provoking conversation where we cover subjects such as mindset, diet, Keto, discipline, entrepreneurship, fitness and so much more.For this one I would highly recommend that you whip out a pen and paper and take some notes!As always, don't just listen to this podcast, apply these elements to your life starting today.If you have what it takes to get initiated into the Men of War Society go to www.menofwarcrucible.comThe most empowering event of the year is happening in beautiful Fort Lauderdale Florida in the Ritz Carlton go grab your pre-sale tickets for a limited time at www.conclaveofwarriors.comFor all show notes go to https://www.manofwar.live/mow/130


5 Jun 2019

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014. Call To Action: Active Shooter Survival From a Warrior's Perspective | Rafa Conde

On this Special Release episode we focus on Active Shooter Survival from a Warrior's Perspective. By popular demand, Rafa Conde brings you Call To Action #2. This episode is in response to the Las Vegas Mass Shooting, it is not for the weak hearted or the easily offended. October 1, 2017 was a sad day for all human kind. The Las Vegas Active Shooter Incident was hard to swallow, it was the worst mass shooting massacre on U.S soil. While my blood was boiling and every ounce of my being wanted to be there, I felt compelled to record an episode where I covered key elements to survive an active shooter incident, this from a warrior's perspective.We go over the key elements that will help you survive an active shooter incident: Perception, Advance-Situational Awareness, Mindset, Fighting Spirit, Cover-Concealment, Shielding, First Aid, Breath Control and Adaptive Tactics. Anyone can apply these elements to survive an active shooter incident.I hope that you gain some valuable information from this show and store it in your toolbox. Even if you remember a couple of these proven tactics and techniques I shared in this episode, I have done my job. To save a life is worth every ounce of energy I put into this show.I would like hear your thoughts and comments, you can reach Man of War at manofwar.usa@gmail.comGet Your FREE Manual "8 Steps to Living a Warrior Lifestyle" Here: http://bit.ly/2kAjgaNVisit the podcast page and get show notes here: http://www.manofwar.live/mow/014Visit The online Warrior Development Program Here! https://www.forgingawarrior.com


7 Oct 2017

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F**** The Past, The Time is Now | Chris Cavillini

On episode 128 we crank things up with a real and raw episode. This is a rags to riches story where you break the chains from the past and become a success right now.So many people live in their past failures and van never get out of the mud. The reality is that you can change right here and right now.Our special guest today is Chris Cavillini who is the founder of Nutrition Solutions. He is a warrior that took the wrong path which send him to jail many times even after he returned from the military. One day he realized that he wanted a different life. Inside he was a good man, a warrior that had lost his way. He fought back hard. Chris overcame challenges, lot's of them and today he is the CEO of a multi million dollar company. He loves to help people and is an influencer and fitness expert who focuses on mindset.Join us in this powerful conversation where we go into mindset, discipline, life, struggles, success and keep it real AF.As always listen at your own risk!Check out the Men of War Crucible - A life Changing Experience focusing on the resurgence of the warriorGo to: www.menofwarcrucible.comFor all show notes go to https://www.manofwar.live


6 May 2019

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015. Leadership For Warriors; Lead From The Front in Business and in Life | Ryan Hawk

In this episode we focus on Leadership for Warriors. Join us for this empowering conversation where we uncover key principles and tactics that will inspire you to step up and start leading from the front. Leadership is one of the most important components to living a life that embodies the Warrior Spirit. Our guest today is a man that has made it his mission to study and cultivate leadership. Ryan Hawk is the creator and host of The Learning Leader Show, a top rated iTunes business podcast that focuses on learning from the smartest, most creative leaders in the world. Forbes has called The Learning Leader Show “The most dynamic leadership podcast out there.” And Inc magazine listed The Learning Leader Show as one of the top 5 podcasts to “help you lead smarter.”Ryan also writes for The Huffington Post on the topics of leading and empowering others. In addition, he is an executive at a Fortune 500 company in a Leadership role — His background is in the profession of selling where he’s won multiple awards for his production. Prior to his business pursuits Hawk was a decorated college football quarterback (at Miami University and Ohio University). A strong leader always leads with honor, integrity and inspires others to succeed not just in their chosen endeavors but also in life. Listen and immediately implement what you learn in this episode to all facets of your life. Get Your FREE Manual "8 Steps to Living a Warrior Lifestyle" Here: https://www.forgingawarrior.com/manual Visit The Learning Leader Show Website at:www.learningleader.comVisit the Man of War Podcast Website and get show notes here: http://www.manofwar.live/mow/0015 Visit The online Warrior Development Program Here! https://www.forgingawarrior.com


14 Oct 2017

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