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Show 2 Toilet training puppies and dogs

Traditional toilet trainingToilet training is a funny thing in that there are two completely different issues to understand. Firstly there are those puppies (and sometimes dogs) who simply need some help in the area of being reminded where we would like them to go pee pee and poo poo, (this is what we commonly know as toilet training). Read more about it and watch the videos on this free Video Course here: Puppy Potty Training. This issue is usually quite straightforward to solve, however there is often a lot of patience involved. But it has very little, if anything, to do with being the pack leader.Toilet training as a behavioural issueDogs are pack animals and when a dog believes that they are the pack leader a whole host of issues can arise surrounding the area of toileting. Often a dog will have been toileting very happily for several years when suddenly you return to a very large poo in the middle of the carpet and it is completely out of character. This is what I would call a behavioural issue surrounding mixed messages about being the pack leader. Here is a list of just a few of the signs that suggests that your dog is in need of something other than more basic toilet training: Toileting in the house when you leave (even if it is for a short period) Marking your possessions such as shoes, bed, the children’s clothes Urinating outside then coming inside and finishing off Finding poo or wee right in the middle of the room, almost like your dog is trying to tell you something When you get these sorts of issues, no amount of training is going to sort things out. Rather you need to understand where your dog is coming from and why they are doing what they are doing. It’s about understanding what your dog is thinking and why. Then the solution will become obvious.Inside the podcastI have included lots of tips and help and advice about training puppies. Here are just a few of the topics I have touched on… Crate training Setting your puppy up to succeed Breaking old habits The feeding and watering routine The power of rewarding What to do if your puppy makes a mistake I think what I have to say will fascinate you even if you don’t have a dog or puppy with these issues. So enjoy the podcast and love your dog. And remember, for those of you after immediate help with your dog training, check out my video website www.theonlinedogtrainer.com. Good luck! Comment below and let me know how you get on.


18 Aug 2013

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Show 4 Excited and aggressive dog greetings

The Doggy Dan Podcast Show No.4 is available now. This blog will give you an overview of what is included in the podcast: Excited and aggressive dog greetings. (If you are not needing help with this topic then don’t worry, the topic you want is coming soon… just leave me a comment and let me know what you'd like me to cover, OK? Alternatively you can go straight to my video website to watch ALL my training videos, over 300, at The Online Dog Trainer - all for just $1!)So what's in this podcast…This podcast looks at the very common issue of dogs meeting other dogs on the walk and being so excited barking, pulling and jumping that their behaviour looks anything but friendly. Very often there has been no aggression but your gut instinct tells you that all is not well and it would be wise to nip the behaviour in the bud. I couldn’t agree more. Prevention is better than cure and that's what this podcast is all about. But first to that question…Excitement or Aggression?“So is my dog being aggressive or are they just excited?” This is the big question that many people are asking themselves, (and often me) as their dogs race up bounding and barking at dogs that they meet. The answer is not simply one or the other, and in most cases I would suggest it is a bit of both. As I explain in the podcast the more excited your dog is the more chance that their behaviour may be interpreted at aggressive or threatening and so the calmer your dog is the better your chances of a calm encounter.What should I do when my dog is pulling and lungingInside the podcast I go through in detail your three options... Walk away – if your dog is way too excited Let them meet – if your dog is calmer than usual Calming your dog down, then make a decision – this is where the training comes in It may sound a bit obvious but having those three options clear in your mind will give you some immediate direction as you approach a dog. Knowing what your options are helps you to select the right one which in turn will help you to achieve your goal.An amazing journey for answersI also look at one lady's quest to solve her dog's over-excited barking towards other dogs and how 4 different trainers had given 4 completely different solutions to this issue, none of which have brought her any joy. We look briefly at some of the unsuccessful approaches she has tried, what she has learnt from the 35 dog training books she has read and the fascinating insights that she has gained. This podcast is dedicated to her commitment to finding an answer!Calming your dog downThe real key to success is understanding how to calm your dog down. Inside the podcast I explain how the following areas will help you achieve this. Practical tools and techniques – some of the methods that I use everyday for calming your dog down that are especially useful on the walk and at the park How being the pack leader at home will result in a completely different dog at the park (calmer!) The trick of calming an over excited dog and what you are trying to achieve when you are training them to be calm. (this is a very subtle point but is crucial for success and often overlooked.) So if you are are wondering how to interpret and alter your dogs behavior as they approach other dogs then you have found the place. First listen to my free podcast and if you enjoy it and it all makes sense then I’d suggest you get straight onto solving the cause of the problem by checking out my video website theonlinedogtrainer.com All the best, and enjoy your walks!


3 Feb 2014

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Show 5 Socializing a new puppy

Listen to the Doggy Dan Podcast Show No.5 by using the player above, or subscribing to iTunes and listening on your mobile device. This post will give you an overview of what’s included in this episode: Socializing a new puppy. If you have a new puppy and want to understand what socializing is all about and why it’s so important then you’ve come to the right place… If you don’t have a puppy, or yours is already socialized properly, then please, in the comment section below, tell me what issues you’d like me to cover in future episodes. Alternatively if you have a puppy and want help with other puppy problems or dog training you can go straight to my video website for help and watch my training videos at The Online Dog Trainer - over 300 videos for just a $1 trial!Why, when, where and how should we socialize your puppy?Inside the podcast I cover off these important questions: WhySocializing your puppy is one of the most important activities that you can do. It allows them to experience a whole variety of different dogs at an age where they are most tolerant and submissive. Inside the podcast I help you see the whole experience through your dogs eyes so that they have the best experience possible when socializing. Think of it like taking a child to childcare when they are young. It is important that they learn how to behave around many children. This is not to say that they have to be best mates with everyone! WhenTiming is crucial when it comes to socializing. If you leave it too late then you can really run into trouble. Often you will find yourself balancing advice from your vets that you need to wait for more vaccinations before you socialize your puppy. Inside the podcast I talk through how I would weigh up these two important pieces of information and come to a decision. WhereThere are many different ways to socialize your puppy, one solution does not suit everyone. You can take your puppy to pre-puppy training, puppy training, doggy day care, the vet, or the park. Many people choose to do the socialization themselves and do a great job. Inside the podcast I point out the benefits and downsides of each option and leave you to decide what suits you best since there is no one way to go about socializing. Do-it-yourself is a perfectly good option when you do it correctly.HowThe most important part is knowing how to actually socialize your puppy in a way that will ensure that they have a good experience and can take that into the next doggy meet and greet. Knowing when and how to step-in to stop overly excited play and when to leave your puppy is crucial to helping set boundaries for your new puppy. Getting this wrong can make the situation worse and create a mountain out of a mole-hill!The three C’s to socializing I also cover off three important aspects to socializing: Calm – how to maintain a calm situation and how it affects your puppies experience. Control – why you need to be in control of your puppy and a simple way to achieve this Choose – the importance of selecting the right dogs or puppies to socialize with and why older dogs are so important. As you can see there is a massive amount of tips and advice inside the podcast helping you to get this crucial aspect of your puppy training right, first time. Some classics mistakes to avoid To ensure your success I have decided it makes sense to alert you to some of the biggest mistakes that people make when socializing their puppy and how to avoid them. So often people only find out about these things when the opportunity has passed them by. Sometimes just a little bit of knowledge can make a big difference. So if you really want to end up with a dog friendly, well behaved, dog-sociable-dog then make sure you are aware of:  The most common error that people make when socializing their puppy The biggest reason that socializing goes wrong and does not work What you need to do to ensure that your puppy stays friendly with dogs as they grow up. There you go! If you have a new puppy then I suggest that you listen to the podcast and enjoy learning about why, when, where and how to socialize your puppy and the mistakes to avoid so that you end up with the dog of your dreams. And remember, for those of you after immediate help with your puppy training, check out my video website The Online Dog Trainer – you’ll also get access to Project Moses, the 8 week–1 year video diary of me raising my puppy, Moses (over 30 videos). And to say thanks for reading this post, I'm giving you free access to 5 videos from my training website. Grab them now: Get your free videos. All the best, and enjoy the socializing - it's so much fun!


19 Feb 2014

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Show 6 Barking when left alone.mp3

This post will give you an overview of what’s included in this episode: Barking When Left Alone. If you have a dog that's barking and barking every time you leave the house, then this is for you… But if your pooch is calm when you're out, then please, in the comment section below, tell me what issues you’d like me to cover in future episodes. Alternatively if you have a dog or puppy and want help with other problems or you need some dog training, then go straight to my video website and watch over 250 of my training videos at The Online Dog Trainer - try it all for just a $1!Helping dogs who bark when they are left at home alone.So what’s in this podcast? Well let me explain:Understanding the causeThe first thing that I help explain is the reason behind why most dogs are barking when they are left. Very often we assume or think that it is our dogs way of showing us that they are bored, or just being naughty however this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact a good way to test out the bored theory is to ask yourself if your dog is bored when you are at home… If they are calm and relaxed most of the day then the chances are that your dog is not simply bored! (And dogs are not naughty for the fun of it – so that rules that out).The two main causesIn fact the two main scenarios that cause your dog to bark are trigger barking and separation anxiety. They are very different scenarios. Trigger barking is where something sets your dog off and your dog simply does not stop. They are stressed and just keep on going. Whereas separation anxiety doesn’t need a trigger to get your dog barking, they simply become stressed when you leave and bark continuously. Inside the podcast I help explain fully what is going on in these two situations and explain what the solution is.Other techniquesThere are so many approaches to solving barking but most of them do not go to the root cause of the problem. In some situations they can certainly help and are worth trying however I would recommend only in conjunction with the basic solution that I have put together. On their own they are very unlikely to work.We cover all the home alone barking issuesHere is a short list of some of the other things that we also discuss which impact your dog's barking when they're alone… Exercise – does it help, is it the solution? The Environment – the impact that making your dog comfortable can have Herbal remedies vs drugs – would I recommend them? Music, TV – whether it can help your dog Inside vs outside – where is best for your dog Large area or small – what will work best Why harsh methods that just try to “stop the barking” are missing the point As you can see it is an action packed podcast. At the end of it you will see barking dogs in a fresh new light and you will see that stopping barking dogs even when you are not at home is not complicated – you just need to know how :) and hopefully your neighbours will love you even more! Dogs are beautiful and amazing creatures. They deserve to be treated and understood for what they are. This podcast is all committed to us understanding them and helping them better.Getting it rightSo if you are wondering how to stop your dogs barking when they are left at home alone then you have found the right place. First listen to my free podcast and if you enjoy it and it all makes sense then I’d suggest you get straight onto solving the cause of the problem by checking out my video website The Online Dog Trainer - there's a whole section on Barking with loads of videos of me dealing with the problem in other people's homes, and specifically, videos on Barking When Left Alone.  Join here: The Online Dog Trainer (for over 300+ detailed, step-by-step videos covering every issue of dog training, including The 5 Golden Rules of being the Pack Leader)


26 Feb 2014

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Show 7 How To Use Food In Training

In this podcast we look at the amazing topic of how to use food correctly when training your dog. If you have ever wondered whether or not you are using it correctly and making the most out of it, then this podcast will answer all those questions. Many people are using food when there’s absolutely no need for it, others are making things more complicated by using it, and some are not using it when it could really help with their training. It’s important to note that things in the dog training world have changed over time. Years ago, the use of food in training was absolutely unheard of. Now you will find some dog trainers shoving food into their dog’s mouths for doing virtually nothing. So if you find yourself confused, hoping that maybe there’s a middle ground that would make sense to you that has been overlooked then I think you will enjoy what I have to say. Here is a summary of what we go through in the podcast: How To Use Food In Your Dog Training1. Why you should use foodFood is like money to a dog… for many dogs it’s their training currency. There are some behavioral issues that can be fixed in an instant with food. I answer some of the key questions such as shouldn’t dogs just do as you say without having to use food?2. What are the exercises where we seriously consider using food?The use of food during the puppy training phase. How food can be used to help stop some behavioral issues. How to use food as a powerful distraction.3. When not to use foodWhy using food treats will never replace dog psychology. Why using food treats is only a part of the solution. The danger of not using treats wisely (when your dog outwits you!). How treats can actually encourage the behavioral issues you are trying to extinguish when they are used at the wrong time.4. Seeing food through your dogs eyesNot all food is created equal. The $1 million pay cheque. My dog’s absolute top shelf favorite treat. I answer the question “What is more appealing to a food orientated dog than a sausage”. We finish of the podcast with whole bunch of tips and tricks all related to the use of food, that will help you and your dog get the most out of every little morsel that they eat! By the end of the podcast you will see food in a completely different light and understand what great dog trainers have learnt. That food used correctly is a very powerful tool. Simply throwing a bowl of food down in front of your dog each morning without a second thought will become a thing of the past! So enjoy the podcast, and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading, have a great day and as always, love your dog.


12 Mar 2014

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Show 0 - Introduction to Doggy Dan and The Online Dog Trainer

1. Who is Doggy Dan?Who am I, what do I do, where have I come from and why am I so passionate about sharing my knowledge! If you have just stumbled across me then feel free to check out my other websites www.doggydan.co.nz (my New Zealand dog consult site) and www.theonlinedogtrainer.com (my international online dog training website).2. So what’s so special about my method?When you understand how different this method is and how it approaches dog training from such a different angle compared to conventional “dog training” you will start to see why I love it so much.3. The fun and games of a professional dog trainerSo what do I really get up to on a day-to-day basis? What do I actually do during a consult and how does it work? I’ll cover that off so you know how and why I get to deal with so many dog owners with so many problematic dogs of all breeds and sizes.4. This method can help YOU todayWhatever your situation I believe that you will find a way to help your dog and improve your situation. I have worked with many people who were about to give up, having tried what they thought was everything. Hope is a good thing… possibly the best of things.5. The future of dog training is here…When you see how powerful some of the basic principles are in my method you really begin to wonder how long will it be before everyone starts to implement it under some version or another!My promise to youThis method uses what I call the Laws of the Universe. So many of the teachings and basic learnings that have proven to be so powerful (such as how to diffuse potentially explosive situations with my two children!) that I have employed many of them in more than just my dog training. As a parent I have found much of this dog training method invaluable in becoming a calm, gentle pack leader for my children. On the 3rd May 2013 the largest book publisher in the world will publish my first book called “What The Dogs Taught Me About Being A Parent”, so look out for that. I’ll be in touch with links on where to get it, for the best price. When you put in place some of the principles that this method is based on, your life will change forever. This podcast is only the beginning.Questions or Feedback? Leave Me a Message!If you have a question you’d potentially like answered on the show, or just feedback in general (constructive criticism and praise is absolutely welcome!), feel free to quickly and easily leave a comment below. And, please Thank you again for your support, and I wish you all the best!


7 Aug 2013

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Show 3 Dogs fighting in the same house

Dogs fighting in the same houseOne of the strangest things about this topic from our human point of view is that it often seems to be for absolutely no reason at all. Your dogs may have lived together for many years, happy and content. Then over a period that could be days or months, the aggression has begun. Very often it seems to be started by one dog more than the other. It can be extremely confusing why it is happening which is why stopping it can be virtually impossible unless you really understand what is going on. One thing is for sure. All the training in the world is not going to stop your dogs fighting. No amount of puppy training, dog obedience or advanced dog obedience is going to prepare you for what you need in this situation…very likely your dogs attended and passed all these classes. What is required is a certain amount of dog psychology. And that is where I can help.The real cause of the problemDogs are pack animals, with leaders and followers. Fighting between dogs is almost always very closely if not completely linked to a fight to become the pack leader. In my experience the overwhelming factor in stopping dogs from attacking each other is implementing a clear leadership program. This is where both dogs are shown that they are the followers and that you as the human shall decide who does what, where and when. This may sound tough but in fact it is a very gentle approach to calming dogs down. Once your dogs know that they are not in charge many will simply calm down and live harmoniously with the other dogs in the house. Inside my video website I show you a comprehensive program to becoming the pack leader, just like I would show you during a consultation. This is the key to your solution.Managing your dogs and their needsAs well as becoming the pack leader to your dogs it is important that you cover off a number of other important aspects when bringing them back together. Managing the environment is key especially in the early stages this could mean keeping your dogs apart when you are not around and using a crate or a baby gate to manage the introductions. Monitoring your dogs’ energy is crucial to succeeding. Sometimes they will be more relaxed and ready to be together than others. It is up to you to use common sense and pick suitable times to put your dogs together. Exercise will tire your dogs out and generally calm them down. If you have high energy dogs especially you will need to put in place a structured exercise plan so that your dogs energy does not build up leading to frustration and then aggression. Built up energy has to go somewhere. Understanding how everyone’s actions that live in the house have a huge impact on how the dogs will behave.Inside the podcastI have included lots of tips and helpful advice inside the podcast about helping dogs fighting in the same house. Here are a just a few of the topics I have covered off Understanding why it happens from your dogs’ point of view! The importance of staying calm yourself Keeping control of your environment Removing all the triggers and learning to recognise what they are The use of muzzles Why your dog being the pack leader can cause fights If you are stuck in a situation where your dogs are fighting then rest assured that this method works. So enjoy the podcast, and congratulations on finding the answer to your problem. And remember, for those of you after immediate help with your dog training, check out my video website theonlinedogtrainer.com All the best, and happy Holidays!


15 Dec 2013

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Show 19: The Secrets of Dog DNA Testing: Uncovering Breeds, History and Health Issues, with Adam Boyko from Embark

Show 19: The Secrets of Dog DNA Testing: Uncovering Breeds, History and Health Issues, with Adam Boyko from EmbarkToday’s GuestAdam Boyko -  Co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Embark - Leaders of DNA Testing for DogsMy guest today is Adam Boyko from Embark. Embark is a leading dog DNA testing company, providing dog lovers with detailed analyses of their dogs’ DNA. This process identifies breed makeup and potential genetic health conditions. Embark clients love that their support also contributes to Embark’s ongoing research, done in conjunction with the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Powered by a deep love for dogs and a passion for understanding everything about them, Adam Boyko and his brother, Ryan, have spent the last decade learning everything they could about dogs and asking the deeper question like: How did dogs first get humans to fall in love with them?  How did humans and dogs change each other in the years since then? And how can we best care for our furry family members? Ever wondered what dog DNA testing could tell you about your dog? Tune in to hear this fascinating story of where our dogs came from, and what makes them who they are today!You’ll Hear About: [03:45] What Embark is all about [08:30] What Embark’s DNA testing can tell you about your dog [10:00] The huge number of potential health conditions that Embark can detect  [10:45] How inbreeding could affect your dog  [13:45] The first breed of dog genome sequenced [14:50] Which breeds are the most inbred [16:15] Testing pedigrees [17:20] Variations in inheriting DNA … and is Doggy Dan more Egyptian than English?  [20:37] Intriguing breakthroughs during the Boykos’ research trips [22:00] What we know so far about the evolution of wolves into dogs [24:00] Purposely bred breeds vs naturally occurring breeds [27:00] Is the Dingo a ‘dog’? [29:00] How we ended up with such wide and diverse breeds of dogs [34:30] The breed of dog that sings! [38:30] The rarest and extinct dog breeds [40:00] All sorts of interesting things we can identify in dogs’ genomes [41:30] The surprising strongest genome signal identified across dog breeds [42:40] Who was “Flopsy”? [43:15] What you can learn about YOUR DOG when you use Embark’s DNA testing services - and how it can SAVE YOU MONEY! [45:30] How a dog’s appearance can actually be misleading when trying to guess their breed [46:30] Can breed determine temperament? [49:00] How to get a test done for YOUR dogSpecial Podcast Only OfferAdam has extended a special offer to all my podcast listeners. For a limited time you can save $30 on a Breed + Health Kit today by using the coupon code DNA30. Click on the link below and discover your dog’s DNA story... Save $30 on my DNA Breed + Health KitLinks & ResourcesEmbark website: https://embarkvet.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EmbarkVet/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv5RSkcC9YEY-wQjfdqHfTQ Twitter: https://twitter.com/embarkvet Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/embarkvet Learn more by tuning into the podcast! Thanks for listening—and again, don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes / Spotify to get automatic updates. Cheers, ~Doggy Dan 


22 May 2020

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Show 18: Beating Cancer With Healthy Dog Food Recipes, with Ryan Alarid

Show 18: Beating Cancer With Healthy Dog Food Recipes, with Ryan AlaridToday’s GuestRYAN ALARID - Advocate for healthy food for dogs, and author of Real Food for Dogs My guest today is Ryan Alarid, who sadly, like many of us, lost his beloved family dog, Rosie, to cancer. Rosie was struck with frequent seizures that broke his family’s hearts. Her once happy and relaxed loving eyes showed pain, embarrassment and confusion as she deteriorated to the point of losing control of her bladder and falling down frequently. Within 2 years of her diagnosis, after trying various remedies and medications with limited success, it was time to let Rosie go.  Ryan and his family were devastated, but he was also MAD! Why did this happen? What could he have done to prevent it?  This tragedy set Ryan on the path to finding the cause of Rosie’s—and many other dogs’— cancers. Today he shares with us what he learned, and how to potentially almost double your dog’s lifespan, and quality of life. Let’s find out what our dogs REALLY need in their DIETS with Ryan’s Healthy Dog Food Recipe BooksYou’ll Hear About: [08:52] Rosie’s sad cancer story [10:45] When it’s time to say goodbye [18:06] Commercial dog food  [18:56] Ryan’s research into kibble [23:50] The Maillard Reaction and its link to cancer [27:57] Wet food [29:40] How to use the Salt ingredient to make an educated guess about the amount of other ingredients in the food [32:30] Feeding dogs meat [34:00] Real Food for Dogs - Recipes [43:30] Spices for dogs [44:26] How expensive is giving your dog Real Food? How much time does it take? [48:04] What about grains, flour and pasta… and garlic? [52:22] Get Ryan’s books for a bargain!Links & ResourcesCheck out Ryan’s Healthy Dog Food Recipe Books where he shares the massive discount for all my TODT listeners. Ryan Alarid and Rosie If you are interested in more about dog food check out this video by Dr Beckerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0lFwdNm_Go For a great resource about exactly what’s in YOUR dog’s food check out Dog Food Advisor Learn more by tuning into the podcast! Thanks for listening—and again, don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes / Spotify to get automatic updates. Cheers, ~Doggy Dan 


6 May 2020

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Show 17: The Amazing Animal-Human Connection, with Carl Safina

Show 17: The Amazing Animal-Human Connection, with Carl SafinaToday’s GuestCARL SAFINA - Ecologist, Author, and Advocate for Planet EarthMy guest today is Carl Safina, leading ecologist, author, and advocate for all living things. He’s written numerous insightful books exploring our human relationships with the living world, and how we can make it better. Carl has worked with elephants, whales, macaws, chimpanzees, and even raised a raccoon who showed a similar connection with us that our own pets do!  If you’ve ever wondered if you’re anthropomorphizing your pets (attributing human emotions and feelings to animals) then Carl’s take on this may leave you pleasantly surprised!  Let’s find out what our dogs are REALLY THINKING!You’ll Hear About: [5:05] How a dog mourned the passing of a family chicken [8:15] The parrot who escaped on the back of a dog [9:30] A dog’s concept of death  [11:38] One dog’s amazing response when a packmate passed. [21:53] Whether dogs dream [24:44] When anthropomorphizing is spot on [26:50] The science of observing an animal’s behavior versus assigning an imagined reason for the behaviour. [31:45] How dogs love [37:28] The indoor raccoon who knew when it was about to put outside. [40:30] How dogs read our subtle and unintentional cuesLinks & ResourcesJack’s behavior when Peanut passed: https://theonlinedogtrainer.com/a-dogs-amazing-ability-to-understand-life-and-death/ Website: https://www.carlsafina.org/https://www.safinacenter.org/ Facebook:  Carl Safina https://www.facebook.com/CarlSafinaAuthor/ Instagram: @csafina, @safinacenterTwitter: @carlsafina, @safinacenter Youtube: Among Carl’s many informative and intriguing YouTube videos, this Ted Talk is pretty cool:  What Animals are Thinking and Feeling, and Why it Should Matter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wkdH_wluhw


8 Apr 2020

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