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Hootcast: A Hootsuite Podcast

Welcome to Hootcast, a podcast that explores the unexpected ways you can use social for your business. Each episode, we’ll share insider strategies from inspirational brands and experts, with tips on how to put your learning into action.

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Amber Naslund: The Secret to Getting More from Social Media

Digital marketing expert Amber Naslund tells us how to get the most from your social investment, with tips on how to avoid common pitfalls.Learn more about:How to build a social following: http://ow.ly/l2Sr30fx9vsHow to calculate your social media ROI: http://ow.ly/MvzH30fx9E4


30 Sep 2017

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British Museum: Storytelling Strategies Every Social Marketer Should Know

We chat with the British Museum’s senior digital marketing manager Kate Carter about how they keep millions of followers engaged with creative storytelling strategies.Learn more about:The British Museum’s virtual reality tour: http://ow.ly/aAcG30iEJluMuseums that are doing cool stuff on social: http://ow.ly/xCNU30iEJnFExciting new things to try on social in 2018: http://ow.ly/kFjG30iEJsY


28 Feb 2018

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LinkedIn: Lessons from a Silicon Valley Veteran

Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes chats with LinkedIn’s CMO Shannon Brayton about lessons learned from her time in the tech industry, along with social media tips for business professionals.Learn more about:LinkedIn etiquette fails: http://ow.ly/ziUZ30hfHRq5 things your brand should be doing on LinkedIn: http://ow.ly/emIf30hfI6LShannon’s thoughts on reverse mentoring: http://ow.ly/sebs30hfIkS


15 Dec 2017

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Purdue University: How to Raise $28.2 Million in a Single Day

Purdue University’s Steve Schlenk and Kate Jolly tell us how they used social media to run the most successful fundraising campaign in the school’s history.Learn more about:Purdue Day of Giving: http://ow.ly/45Aw30gv3teHow to use Snapchat for business: http://ow.ly/JHWB30gv3FA


10 Nov 2017

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Things You Should Never Say to a Social Media Manager

In this episode, social media managers share weird questions they get asked at work.Learn more about:The day in the life of a social media manager: http://ow.ly/js5M30oINv1


25 Jul 2019

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