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Up Fuel Podcast - Start Or Grow Your Online Business

Chris Guthrie from UpFuel.com teaches you how to build an online business on the side that can replace your day job income. Learn how he and others are making a full time income online and how you too can be your own boss living the lifestyle you've always dreamed of. Covering online income, websites, money, blogging, seo, adsense, outsourcing, marketing, self employment, advertising, social media, facebook, twitter, youtube, amazon, ebay, podcasting and anything else that helps you build your online business.

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MMOTI 17: How Brian Leyde Profits Over $100,000+ Per Month Selling Physical Products On Amazon

In this podcast episode I interview Brian Leyde who in less than one year is pulling in over $100,000 in profit per month selling physical products on Amazon.com. March 2014 he's on track for $400,000 in sales and ~$250,000 in profit. Brian's success story is amazing and as he shows in this interview, the business model of selling physical products on Amazon has huge potential to scale. If you'd like to sell physical products on Amazon and avoid all of the hassles and headaches of shipping out product, dealing with refunds etc you'll love this episode.


24 Mar 2014

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MMOTI 003: How To Sell Seven Figure Websites With Justin Hartzman

In this podcast episode I speak to Justin Hartzman of WeSellYourSite.com about selling websites and he sheds some light on the process of what it takes to sell a website for a lot of money. Justin was the website broker on the seven figure website deal for DealofDay.com for our last guest on the podcast Joel Comm from episode 2. I'm a huge fan of buying and selling websites as a way to make money online having sold one of my websites in a deal worth six figures in late 2010. I met Justin when I was in Colorado as the buyers consultant for Deal Of Day and thought he'd be a great person to come on the show. Be sure to stop by my blog UpFuel.com so you can learn more about how to build your own online business.


7 Jul 2011

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MMOTI 012: How To Make $35,000+ Per Month Selling Kindle Books

I speak with Ty Cohen who I met at a conference in North Carolina earlier this year. We were at dinner in a large group and I got to talking with Ty and he told me his story about his success with Kindle and I had to get him onto the podcast. Ty currently generates over $35,000 per month selling Kindle books! This is yet another great method to build additional income with and Ty provides a lot of actionable great content on this podcast. Check it out.


3 Jul 2012

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MMOTI 21: How Matt Stone is Making Thousands a Month Promoting $0.99 Kindle Books

In this podcast episode my new co-host, Casey Ames, and I interview Matt Stone. Matt is not only a Kindle book author, but also has an indie publishing company and a book promotion website. In this episode we discuss Kindle marketing strategies, how Matt is using 99 cent books to make money on Amazon, and much more. There is also an opportunity for you to make some money being an affiliate for Matt's website BuckBooks.net.


1 Oct 2014

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MMOTI 009: How To Profit From Domain Names - Advice From 1995 Domain Investor Rick Schwartz

In the ninth podcast episode I speak with Rick Schwartz who began buying domain names back in 1995 and now has a portfolio of well over 5,000 domain names including great ones like candy.com portfolio.com and more. He has a very interesting story in how he built his domain name business and how he saw the rise of the internet and the need for a domain name just as he saw in the early 90's with phone numbers. He shares some practical advice for those of you looking to get into domain names and you'll love some of the one liners that Rick dishes out in this podcast as well. Enjoy the show!


5 Dec 2011

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MMOTI 006: How To Build And Run A Sports Network Of 50+ Blogs With Sujeet Patel

In this podcast episode I speak with Sujeet Patel who runs a massive network of sports related blogs. His blog network is comprised of over 50+ blogs. On this podcast Sujeet talks about how he first got started in this business by browsing various internet marketing forums such as Digital Point and Sitepoint and quickly began building various websites. Since that early time of trial and error while building websites he has ultimately helped to build up a massive network of more than 50 blogs in the sports niche. He offers some great advice for those of you looking to build an internet business with a focus on creating and managing dozens of web properties. I hope you enjoy it!


19 Sep 2011

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MMOTI 13: How To Scale A Niche Website Business with Adsense Flippers

In this podcast episode I speak with Justin Cooke and Joe Magnotti from AdsenseFlippers.com. I've known Justin and Joe for about a year now and they have a very interesting business model around building niche websites with the help of their team of outsourcers and then reselling those websites on both Flippa and more recently on their blog. There is a lot of great info on this podcast and Justin and Joe represent the first pair of business partners I've interviewed at the same time. I'm sure you'll pick up some great tips when you listen to this podcast.


1 Aug 2012

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MMOTI 007: Conversation With Jason Yelowitz - Author Of Bathrobe Millionaire

In this podcast episode I speak with Jason Yelowitz who has generated millions of dollars in commissions as an affiliate marketer and recently released the book Bathrobe Millionaire. On this podcast Jason talks about how he first got started in this business back during the high valuations dot com era in the early 2000's. After running a few other internet businesses he transitioned into the life of an affiliate marketers and focused on building his business out of his home. It's a very interesting story filled with some big successes and big failures. I love being able to speak with other internet entrepreneurs that have been involved for years in the market because the advice shared based on experience is well worth listening to. I hope you enjoy it!


12 Oct 2011

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MMOTI 008: How Michael Houtzager Sells Millions Of This Mystery Product

In this podcast episode I speak with Michael Houtzager who has one of the most interesting online businesses selling millions of this mystery product. It's such a cool and unusual business that you'll just have to click the play button yourself to hear about how he sells this product all over the US. Michael talks about how his emphasis on offline relationship building helped him to build a business selling millions of this mystery product to repeat buyers time and again. He teaches several very valuable lessons that apply to any online business and not just the ecommerce space that he operates in. You'll love listening to this podcast where Michael discusses how he's built a great business in this unlikely niche.


17 Nov 2011

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MMOTI 010: What I Learned From 2011 And What I'm Changing For 2012

In this podcast episode I talk to you about my goals from 2011, where I failed and how I'm changing things in 2012. I also cover the three pillars of my business I'll be working on in 2012. I'll be discussing the strategies I'll be employing to accomplish my goals in 2012 and how you can apply those strategies to your own business. Hope you enjoy this podcast and have a great start to 2012. The next episode will be back with guests soon.


2 Jan 2012

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