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Sunday Times bestselling author, keynote speaker and executive coach, Jamie Smart, hosts The Thriving Coaches Podcast. In this show he works with coaches and other transformation professionals (trainers, therapists, consultants etc) to help them break through their limiting beliefs and grow their practices. You'll also hear Jamie coaching people who want to transition from full time employment to something more fulfilling and on-purpose for them. In the process, you'll get to eavesdrop on these powerful sessions and uncover the key insights, realizations and distinctions that you can use to grow your practice, have a bigger impact on your clients and live a life you love. Jamie Smart’s books include the number 1 bestselling CLARITY: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results, The Little Book of Clarity and The Profitable Coaches Scorecard: The 10 Multipliers Growing or Slowing Your Professional Practice. His third book, RESULTS: Think Less, Achieve More (foreword by Shaa Wasmund MBE) became a Sunday Times Business Bestseller in December 2016 and his latest book, The Little Book of Results was released in April 2018.

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PCP016: Christina Cooper - Effortless Client Enrolment

In this week’s episode you will hear a recording of a coaching session that I did with one of my clients - Christina Cooper. Christina is a coach and a therapist and she’s already transitioned from charging by the hour to enrolling clients onto longer term coaching packages but as you’ll hear in this session she had some ‘teething pains’ with that, feeling uncomfortable about talking to clients about money and as you’ll hear, all of that turned out to be what I call a grounding issue. The cool thing about this is that within a few days of us doing the session Christina enrolled a client on a 2.5k 6-month coaching package. For full show notes, please visit https://www.jamiesmart.com/pcp16


28 Mar 2018

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PCP 012: Liz Scott - Coaching Packages, Connection and the Present Moment

In this session, you’ll hear me coaching Liz Scott. What starts out as a 'tactical' question about coaching packages (what's involved, how do they work etc) turned into a much deeper conversation about value, integrity and who you really are. Liz is a coach and trainer who works with a wide variety of individuals and organisations, ranging from police forces to education authorities. She collaborates with schools and works directly with children, teachers and head-teachers. And one of the interesting things about Liz is that she worked as a reporter and producer for the BBC for 12 years. And following this coaching session, Liz went on to train with me as a Clarity Coach. For full show notes, please visit http://www.jamiesmart.com/pcp/12


31 Jan 2018

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YEP 011: Chris Norton - The Power of Trust

Chris Norton is a director of Mentor Group, a company that specialises in sales transformation for large organisations. He’s the author of “The DNA of Success” and co-author of “Bareknuckle Customer Service”. And one of the interesting things about Chris is that he’s a master of what he calls the one-hour close. For full show notes, please visit http://www.jamiesmart.com/yepp11


19 Oct 2016

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#024 - TCP INTERVIEW: The Coaching Show

This episode is a little different, because rather than me interviewing someone, it’s me *being* interviewed for The Coaching Show, by Master Coach Christopher McAuliffe and another coach, Alex Terranova. And this was an interesting one.  As you’ll hear, it was pretty fast-paced, and I really enjoyed the challenge of making the value and approach involved in principles based coaching explicit to a couple of experienced coaches who were brand new to the subject.  We talked about 3-day intensives, and what has to happen before a busy executive is willing to take 3 days out of a packed schedule to do an intensive with you.  We also talked about the whole domain of growing a coaching practice, so we explored that too.  Speaking of which, this September, for the last time ever, I’m kicking off my 12-week Thriving Coaches Blueprint programme, so if you want to grow a thriving practice in a way that fits with who you really are, head over to jamiesmart.com/thriving to find out more. Like I said, this is the last 12-week coaching immersion I’m doing - going forward we’re going to release Thriving Coaches Blueprint as a digital-only programme, and maybe do a six week version. So if you’ve been thinking about doing this with me, the train is leaving the station! And of the 48 places on this programme, half of the places have already been booked, so it’s probably going to sell out. So once again, go to jamiesmart.com/thriving to find out more about the Thriving Coaches Blueprint.


15 Aug 2019

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PCP 001: Russell Davis - Playing A Bigger Game

In this episode of the show, I coach Russell Davis, a performance and mind coach. Russell works with his clients using a coaching package model, but he noticed that he wasn't always offering potential clients the size of package he really thought they needed. It turns out that the reason why was because of fear of rejection, judgment and criticism. At the start of the session Russell said he wanted to play a bigger game, so that he could inspire his clients to do the same. During the session we explored the whole domain of courage, and Russell discovered that his challenge wasn't the one he thought it was! For full show notes, please visit http://www.jamiesmart.com/pcp/01


30 Aug 2017

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PCP 003: Jack Austin - Becoming Real

In this episode, I coach Jack Austin, a purpose-driven business consultant. Jack already has a big impact with his clients, but he wants to be able to connect with new clients more easily. When we started the call, he told me that he sometimes feels uncomfortable in social or 'networking' contexts, and believes he needs to get better at that. As we dive into it, we discover that what's been getting in the way is an extremely common fear; something that countless coaches and transformation professionals share. This was a really touching and moving session for both Jack and me, so I look forward to hearing how it lands for you.


27 Sep 2017

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#031 - Addiction, Compulsion and Habits (and the solution to all of them) with Dr Mark Howard

The conversation you’re about to hear is one I had with my dear friend and colleague, Dr Mark Howard just before we recorded an ‘Impact Kit’ for my ClarityPro members.    Mark is a licensed psychologist who's spent *decades* sharing the principles with people to help them recover from addictions. As such, he's probably the most experienced person on the planet when it comes to sharing the principles to help people break free from life-damaging habits and compulsions. Mark and I first met ten years ago in Santa Cruz, when I sat in on a group session he was doing and I was blown away. Behind his gentle demeanour, I could sense a rock solid certainty about what people have going for them. Mark and I became great friends and he’s one of the people I continue to learn from and be impacted by, so I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.    By the way, if you’re a ClarityPro member, you’ll find the Impact Kit I mentioned in the Addiction, Habits & Compulsions module. You’ll hear Mark and I discussing how we work with clients around addictions, and some of the key distinctions and insights that inform that work.   And if you’re not a ClarityPro member, but you want to learn how to share the principles with anybody, on any topic and in any situation, you can find out more about our community and what’s on offer at www.JamieSmart.com/claritypro. On Friday January 3rd at midnight, we’re closing the doors to new members. So after Friday January 3rd, we won’t be accepting any new members until we open the doors briefly at the end of April. So if you’ve been thinking of joining ClarityPro, now’s a good time.    In addition to that, we’ve got the next ClarityLive event coming up on January 11th & 12th, and the theme for this ClarityLive event is the whole domain of goals, results and taking things to a new level, so we thought we’d go with a new year / breakthrough theme. And I’m mentioning that because when you join ClarityPro before January 3rd, you get a free ticket to a ClarityLive event, so you can use it for the January event, or for one later in the year. So you can find out more about ClarityPro and what’s on offer at www.JamieSmart.com/claritypro   And finally, I want to thank you for listening, and wish you a happy, peaceful and relaxing time during the holiday season.


19 Dec 2019

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YEP 012: Kimberley Hare - Finding What Works For You

Kimberley Hare is Managing Director of Kaizen Training Limited, a consulting firm she co-founded 27 years ago. She draws from a variety of approaches, and works now exclusively from a Three Principles perspective. She is also an expert in the Neuroscience of Leadership, Engagement and Culture Change, Positive Psychology, Social Psychology and Influencing, NLP, and Brain-Friendly Learning. She is a regular keynote speaker at conferences all over the world, and has published numerous articles on learning, leadership and organisational change. Kimberley is a CpF (Certified Professional Facilitator) certified by the International Association of Facilitators. She is the author of two best-selling books about the brain and learning. For full show notes, please visit http://www.jamiesmart.com/yepp12


26 Oct 2016

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PCP 011: Ann Bridges - Habits, Compulsions and “Beginner’s Mind”

In this excerpt from a Clarity Coach Training Masterclass, you’ll hear me coaching Ann Bridges. Ann is a registered nurse with over 20 years of experience, currently working as a community nurse. She teaches birthing classes to couples and is currently organising a women’s empowerment summit in Sydney, Australia. We start the session with with a discussion about how to create packages for prospective clients, but soon dive into the domain of eliminating habits and compulsions, and into the power of being a perpetual beginner. For full show notes, please visit http://www.jamiesmart.com/pcp/11


17 Jan 2018

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YEP 030: Chip Chipman - Waking People Up With Love

Chip Chipman is one of the most experienced teachers of the inside-out understanding of the principles discovered and taught by Sydney Banks. His work ranges from corporate consulting through to pioneering work with inmates in jails. And one of the interesting things about Chip is that he’s one of the people who’s had a massive impact on me personally over the years. For full show notes, please visit http://www.jamiesmart.com/yepp30


21 Jun 2017

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#002 - Kim Kaase, Wisdom and Client Enrolment

In this episode you are going to hear a coaching session I did with executive coach - Kim Kaase back in 2015 on a BETA test of my programme 'The Thriving Coaches Blueprint'. One of the things that is interesting about this episode is that after the session Kim went on to enrol clients on coaching packages and to put what she learned into practice with great effect! This episode is sponsored by my new book - The Little Book of Results. You can find out more about the LBOR and purchase your copy here: https://www.jamiesmart.com/getresults


23 May 2018

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PCP 007: Verena Debnar - Just Take The Next Step

In this episode, I’m coaching Verena Debnar. Verena works with her partner, educating people around the financial system, but she wants to transition to doing something with more freedom, meaning and purpose. She wants to find something she really loves doing, and so that’s what I coach her on. For full show notes, please visit http://www.jamiesmart.com/pcp/07


22 Nov 2017

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#010 - Dealing with difficult / challenging people

In this episode you’re going to hear a group session I did in Amir Karkouti’s ‘What the F*#$ Are The Principles?’ group and it was not only a lot of fun (the session was called “Outsmart Jamie Smart”); it was also super-impactful for a lot of people, so I wanted to share it with you. Here’s what it was about: I asked people to think of the most difficult and challenging people to discuss your work with - especially clients – and then they came on the session LIVE and role-played those people and scenarios so I could demonstrate how I’d handle it.  Here are some of the examples: A psychotherapist who’s deeply embedded in a different way of working, and is defensive about the idea that transformation can be fast, simple and sustainable. A victim of child abuse who’s outraged at the idea that their suffering has anything to do with their thinking. A judge working in family court who’s got lots on their plate and needs things to be explained clearly and simply. We’ve also got the classic example of a coaching client who says “I know it’s my thinking, but how does that help me?”  When I tell you my response involved a hotdog made of cheese being fired into space, that may give you an idea of the kind of creativity and imagination that can help you when you’re dealing with these kinds of situations.  In the process, I give plenty of pointers about what I’m responding to, and what’s informing the different ways I’m working with people, and how you can do this for yourself.   By the way, this episode is sponsored by the certified Clarity Coach Training programme, a 10-month immersion into the principles behind clarity. The programme is formally open for registration and it’s not just for coaches, we’ve had all sorts of people go through the programme including computer programmers, doctors, call centre workers, layers, parents PR specialists, therapists, office workers, entrepreneurs, surgeons, people who are already coaches and consultants and trainers and even a professional footballer and if you’re interested it’s worth knowing that we’re not running the programme next year so the intake that’s starting this September (2018) is the last chance you’ll get to join us until 2020 at the very earliest. So if you want to find out how to become a Clarity Coach and see what’s involved in bringing an understanding of these principles into every aspect of your life go to jamiesmart.com/coach

1hr 8mins

22 Aug 2018

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#009 - Demo – Dealing with Impostor Syndrome, Self-doubt and Self-belief

This episode is one I’ve shared on my Get Clarity podcast this week, but it’s super-relevant to coaches, therapists and transformation professionals, and here’s why: it’s a coaching session I did with a coach who was struggling with self-doubt and lack of self-belief.    Emma Broome is an elite performance coach, with a background in elite performance herself as an aerial skier. But when she first reached out to me, she told me she was really struggling with impostor syndrome and self-doubt. And she was surprised when I said, “That's a bit of a specialty of mine, so we'll get that handled, probably during the first week of the programme.” I invited her to do a coaching demo with me during a Thriving Coaches Blueprint bootcamp, and the recording you’re about to hear is the result. By the way, 2 weeks ago she posted on Facebook saying, “I had my first enrolment conversation 10 days ago, did my first proposal last week and had it accepted yesterday! I now have my first half day intensive in 10 days time.” So things have really shifted since she and I had this coaching session.    This episode was brought to you by the certified clarity coach training programme, and the 2018 programme is now open for registration, and here’s something you need to know; we’re NOT running the programme next year, so the intake that’s starting this September 2018 is the last chance you’ll get to join us until 2020 at the earliest, so if you want to find out how to become a Certified Clarity Coach, and see what’s involved in bringing an understanding of these principles into every aspect of your life, go to www.jamiesmart.com/coach

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15 Aug 2018

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#026 - Mind-blowingly weird: the strangest fact about your perception

What you’re about to hear is an excerpt from a Masterclass I did a few years back during the Clarity Certification Training. You’re about to discover something mind-blowingly weird: it’s quite literally the strangest fact about your perception, and it blows me away every time i think of it. And it’s going to be particularly useful to you if you’ve ever said, “I know it’s just my thinking but…” - I hear that a lot from people when it’s clear to me that they don’t know it’s got much if anything to do with thinking. You’re also going to find it useful if you want to know the difference between thoughts, thinking and the power of Thought.    By the way, our flagship programme, the Clarity Certification Training is now open for enrolment and you can save up to £3,000 by getting one of the Super-Earlybird places that are available until this Monday, 30th September. A few things worth knowing…   1. Clarity Certification Training is our flagship seven month programme for anyone interested in bringing an understanding of the principles behind Clarity into their life or work.   2. I’m going to be delivering all 7 modules on the Clarity Certification Training myself, so you’re going to be working directly with me.   3. We’re limiting the number of places on the programme to 36 people, so it’s going to fill up fast.   4. There’s an early booking price which means you can save up to £3,000 when you book your place by this Monday, 30th September 2019   >>> You can find out more and book your place at www.JamieSmart.com/coach   And if you have questions about the programme, you’ll find a button on the page that lets you schedule a call with Deb on my team to answer your questions. You’ll find all of that at www.JamieSmart.com/coach


27 Sep 2019

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#008 - Demo - Money Beliefs and Signing up Coaching Clients

This episode is a coaching session I did with coach and therapist Pete Bryceland nearly 4 years ago during the beta test of the Thriving Coaches Blueprint programme. I did the session in a group setting and the reason this may be of particular interest to you is that in the 3 weeks following the session Pete signed up two coaching clients on packages of 10 thousand pounds each. So he made more money in that month than he’d made in the previous year. By the way we are about to kick off the final Thriving Coaches Blueprint of 2018. The doors close this Frida, august 10th and for the first time in 3 years I’m going to be doing all the group coaching sessions on this intake personally. That means that each person who come on this intake of the programme is going to get 1-1 coaching with me in a group context. So if you want to find out what’s involved and see if you’re a good fit go to www.JamieSmart.com/thriving

1hr 6mins

8 Aug 2018

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#022 - Interview: Better relationships from the inside-out

in this episode of the get clarity podcast, you’re going to hear a conversation I had on the subject of relationships with two of my dear friends and colleagues, Jan and Chip Chipman. I recorded this interview with Jan and Chip at the same time as we were recording material for ClarityPro. Claritypro is our low-cost membership programme for people who want to share the principles like a pro with anybody, on any topic and in any situation.     In ClarityPro, we cover a different topic every month, ranging from stress and anxiety to confidence & self-belief, and we give the members all the resources THEY  need to share the principles effectively with the people they want to reach.    Well, June’s topic was relationships, and we were lucky enough to have Jan and Chip record an audience engagement lesson for our members  on working with clients around the whole area relationships.   And that brings us to this episode. What you’re about to hear is a conversation I had with Jan and Chip Chipman, all about relationships. my team and I believe the most valuable things a person can discover is how their mind works and who they really are. And Jan and Chip are two of the people who I’ve really learned a lot from, particularly in the domain of relationships. They’ve been learning and sharing the inside-out understanding for over 40 years, and they’ve got a wealth of experiences working with individuals, couples, prison inmates, large companies and all points in between.  And if that ‘members only’ session is of interest to you, you can check out the membership programme at jamiesmart.com/claritypro/.  ClarityPro is our answer to the question of how to enable a person like you who’s been touched by this understanding to share it impactfully with others, and it really is a brilliant resource for anyone looking to share this understanding right now with the people in their world. And when you join our community today, you’ll also get a free ticket to attend one of our ClarityLive 2-Day Events. So to find out more and join ClarityPro go to jamiesmart.com/claritypro


31 Jul 2019

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PCP019: Jamie Smart - The Profitable Coaches Scorecard - part 3 - Authentic Leadership

During this series of mini-episodes I'm reading chapters from my book - The Profitable Coaches Scorecard, the 10 multipliers that are either growing or slowing your practice. In this episode I am talking about multiplier No. 3 - Authentic Leadership. This series is brought to you by The Thriving Coaches Blueprint which you can find out more about at http://www.jamiesmart.com/thriving


5 Apr 2018

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PCP 002: Nicky Bartley - You Are Enough

In this episode, I coach Nicky Bartley around reducing the number of 1:1 clients she's working with as she simplifies her life. This means working with fewer clients, but in a deeper, longer-term way. In the process, we end up exploring the whole question of "Am I enough?", a doubt that many coaches share. Nicky is a coach who works with a wide range of clients from individuals with panic attacks and anxiety to helping entrepreneurs and businesses with a variety of issues. And one of the interesting things about Nicky is that she helps coaches and other transformation professionals around the whole area of visibility. For full show notes, please visit http://www.jamiesmart.com/pcp/02


13 Sep 2017

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#001 - Ankush Jain, You're Far More Powerful Than You Think

In the first episode of the new Thriving Coaches Podcast you will hear an interview I did with Ankush Jain. Ankush is one of the people who's featured in my new book 'The Little Book of Results'. While the book is designed for anyone who wants to create more of the results that matter to them, it is specifically useful to coaches, therapists and other transformation professionals because it's based around the structure I have already used to show hundreds of coaches how to grow thriving practices and increase their impact.  If you want to hear more about the big launch competition we are doing for LBOR goto https://www.jamiesmart.com/getresults 


9 May 2018

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