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Relationships are for heroes.Join bestselling author—and host of the #1 YouTube channel for women’s relationship advice—Matthew Hussey and his brother Stephen Hussey, as they offer tips and insights on how to make sense of the beautiful mess that is finding and maintaining love, while nurturing the relationship you have with yourself. In weekly episodes, they share practical advice, hard-won wisdom, and the occasional musing on relationships and the increasingly confusing world of modern dating. No matter your relationship status, the Love Life podcast will meet you where you are. About the Hosts: Matthew Hussey is the New York Times bestselling author of Get the Guy, and host of a YouTube channel that has received 400+ million views. Get the Guy co-writer and YouTuber Stephen Hussey holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Oxford University.

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7: 3 Texts That Make Him Chase You

Most women are used to being told things like: “You need to make him work for it”, “You need to have standards”, “You need to respect yourself” But how do you actually do it? For example, if he sends you a flakey text on the night of a date, how should you respond to get him chasing again (whilst showing you have self-respect)? In this episode, we're going to give you 3 killer texts that show your standards, put you back in control, and double his attraction for you. Download the free guide at 9texts.com


9 Mar 2020

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3: Don't Let Your Vision Of A Healthy Relationship Be Compromised

When you fall in love, it's way too easy to start trying to fit someone into your world, even if their behaviour compromises your deepest values. You start to go off track, for weeks, months, years, until you're left asking, "How did I get here?"    If you've ignored the red flags for too long. Stop. Pause. Make a decision that NOW is the time to get back on track and listen to this message...


24 Feb 2020

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16: Everything You Know About Attraction Is Wrong

What is the secret that makes a man look into a woman’s eyes and think, “She is the one for me?” It isn’t her looks. It isn’t her masters degree in literature. It isn’t the fact that she had the same favorite pizza place in the city (though that helped…). No, the reason he fell hard for this woman was because of something no one talks about… Maybe it’s happened to you before: You knew you kind of liked a guy, but then he did one special move that made your heart do a triple back flip – now you are crazy about him. How does this happen?? It’s not about fancy tricks, it’s about understanding this secret of deep, lasting attraction... Get Matt's free confidence training at GetCoreConfidence.com 


10 Apr 2020

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11: Powerful Lessons In A Crisis (With Ed Mylett)

What can we do when crisis hits? How should we change our goals, our routines, our emotional response when our lives get shaken by unpredictable problems? As we face the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Matt had a powerful conversation with renowned entrepreneur, speaker and author Ed Mylett (@EdMylett) to talk about what this means for us and how we can be a for for good in this crisis. In this episode we cover: What health routines Ed is using to keep fit while remaining indoors Better questions you can ask yourself to reframe moments of crisis How to do good when others are panicking (even if it's just for one person) What lessons we can learn from losing our usual comforts How to use this moment to set yourself up for a better future Follow Ed's podcast "The Ed Mylett Show" on iTunes.  Download Matt's free training at GetCoreConfidence.com Follow Matt @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen @stephenhhussey


24 Mar 2020

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12: Just Broke Up? This Conversation Will Give You the Closure You Need (feat. Girls Gotta Eat)

“Is there anything I can do to rekindle the relationship with my ex?” It’s one of the biggest questions we have after a breakup. And if you’re finding yourself losing sleep at night, replaying conversations and events, wondering if there was anything you could have said or done to keep the relationship… then this episode is for you. It’s an example of a conversation you can have that will empower you to either rekindle your relationship with your ex… or get the closure you want so you can move on. P.S. I had the best time with Ashley ( and Rayna on the Girls Gotta Eat Podcast! Tap here to subscribe on iTunes! Follow the @GirlsGottaEatPodcast, Ashley @AshHess, and Rayna @Rayna.Greenberg. - Follow Matthew @thematthewhussey - Follow Stephen @stephenhhussey Download the free guide to dating after heartbreak at 3SecretsToLove.com! 


27 Mar 2020

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10: How To Love After Being Hurt

Ever been hurt or betrayed?   Maybe someone broke your trust, cheated, or took your love for granted...   If so, I’m really sorry. The pain that can come from heartbreak is unlike anything else. It’s sickening. But, there is something even more heartbreaking than heartbreak itself: Allowing the ghosts of the past to trick you into giving up on your next great love story.   If you’re finding it hard to open yourself up to love again… If you are spending your life avoiding rejection right now instead of going after what you really want…   If being vulnerable and letting your guard down scares you to death…   This new video is for you. It’s natural to want to protect your heart…   But if constantly playing defense is preventing you from meeting the REAL love of your life, you’ll never get to see just how much happiness your future still has in store for you. Come on. We’ve got this, you and I.   Let’s be courageous together. No more holding yourself back.   Let’s live!   If you KNOW it's time to finally transform your confidence and get the love you deserve, go to MatthewHusseyRetreat.com


20 Mar 2020

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25: 4 Fears That Stop People Opening Up To You

From Stephen (@stephenhhussey) People spend a lot of time asking the question: “How to do I get my partner to open up?” But they rarely think about the ways in which they regularly punish their partner whenever they want to reveal their beating vulnerable heart. The problem with just saying to someone, “you should open up more”, is that it’s a frustratingly vague request.  I’ve noticed that a huge amount of my emotional openness depends on feeling like I have the right environment to be free to express what’s really going on inside. So if you want your partner, family, or friends to open up emotionally, here are 4 worries that are probably going through their minds that need to be dealt with first...


21 May 2020

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15: "Am I The Only One Not Living My 'Best Life' During Coronavirus?"

I don’t know about you, but I’m already exhausted by the avalanche of motivational quotes online right now. Advice everywhere. Everyone talking. It’s kind of numbing. Realistically, we’re not exactly focused on how to live our “best” life right now. We’re trying to keep ourselves and our families safe, salvage a few of our regular routines, and keep ourselves from devolving into a Netflix and Oreos spiral. Well, at least I am. And just like you probably do, I fluctuate between being OK and feeling intense melancholy about the situation. (I’m also sick of being taunted by home workout videos I’m not actually doing.) Anyway. If you can relate to any of this, I made this episode for you. I certainly haven’t got this all figured out. And you probably haven’t either. But I think there are some very manageable ways we can feel a little better right now, and release the pressure of the unrealistic expectations many of us are putting on ourselves in what is already a very difficult time. I explain them in this podcast. One day at a time, friends. ►► FREE download: “9 Texts No Man Can Resist” → http://www.9texts.com ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” → http://www.SayThisToHim.com Get My Latest Dating Tips and Connect with Me… Blog → https://www.howtogettheguy.com/blog/ Matt's Facebook → https://facebook.com/CoachMatthewHussey Matt's Twitter → https://twitter.com/matthewhussey Stephen's Twitter → https://twitter.com/stephenhhussey


7 Apr 2020

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22: 5 Causes Of Unrequited Love and How To Prevent Them

There’s a ridiculously simple principle Matt talks about in his seminars. So simple it seems kind of silly. Naïve even. But it’s actually great. It goes like this: “Make it a rule only to like people who like you back. If you can do that, you’ll never go wrong.” Sounds tough, I know.  After all, attraction isn’t a simple choice right? Many of us feel we have no control over who we become attracted to, which can often lead to that great generator of humanity’s worst misery and best poetry: Unrequited love. Unrequited love is when we fall hard in love with someone who don’t love us back. It’s the painful kind of obsession that keeps you awake at night, and sees you spending hours at your laptop obsessively scouring your crush’s Facebook profile praying that they don’t change their status to “in a relationship”, or that makes your stomach convulse at the thought of catching them kissing another person. If you've ever fallen hard for someone who doesn't return your feelings, here 5 reasons this happens and what you can do to get your life back...


8 May 2020

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24: Is It Risky to Flirt with Him? How to Read His Signs

“WTF? Do not use this.” This is a comment I received last week. It was in response to a flirty little text that I suggested you use with the guy who is on your mind right now. In fact, this text really seemed to divide people. Someone even said it could result in “catastrophe.” And this comment had likes. A lot of them. W. T. F. So, despite the fact that I was going to move on to a different topic this week, my director Jameson Jordan politely (feistily) asked (demanded) that I respond to these comments. And I never say no to Jameson when he gets feisty. So, here is that response... You might be a little surprised by my response, because if you felt like the texts I suggested were a little dangerous, it might reveal a bigger, deeper, more important red flag at play. I hope you enjoy it. And if you don’t, please don’t leave any more comments that make Jameson make me do more work. I’m tired, and I’m in my pajamas. ►► FREE download: “9 Texts No Man Can Resist” → http://www.9texts.com ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” → http://www.SayThisToHim.com


18 May 2020

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18: What Made You Fall In Love With Him? (Micro-attractions pt. 2)

A couple of episodes ago we asked you: What are the moments that made you fall in love in the past? We call these moments micro-attractions. Yes, you can find someone sexy. You can like the same movies. But it's those little behaviours that totally fly under-the-radar that make us say, "Holy crap! I've never met anyone like this before!" So, Steve dived into the inbox and looked at YOUR stories of the moments that made you fall head over heels and discuss what this tells us about long-term attraction.  --- Follow Matt @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen @stephenhhussey 


19 Apr 2020

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19: Is Coronavirus Revealing You Have a One-Sided Relationship?

Another week in isolation... This crisis is really putting a magnifying glass on my (alarmingly natural) gift for hibernation, as well as my capacity for eating chocolate. How about you? It’s also exposing a lot of cracks in relationships – both those under the same roof and the long-distance ones – as they strain under the weight of this “new normal.” Just this morning, I had the pleasure of working with a woman who is in my live coaching group, and she confided that she was having an issue with her boyfriend. Like many, she found herself in a long-distance relationship all of a sudden, as she and her guy self-isolate about 30 minutes from each other in their separate homes. I said to her, “That must be tough. Are you speaking every day?” Her answer revealed more than I anticipated... It quickly became clear to me that her needs were being ignored, and that she was ignoring a conversation she needed to have. Something I’m worried too many people are doing right now. If you’re in a similar situation, where you’re feeling scared to ask for what you need, then you need to hear this episode. Thinking of you. Follow Matt @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen @stephenhhussey Get the FREE video training at TheBravestYou.com


22 Apr 2020

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23: 7 Irresistible Texts to Flirt From a Distance

Hey :) In today’s podcast, I’m bringing you some practical advice on how to flirt at a distance. Some “Quarantexts,” if you will. Ahem. Think of them as little bits of irresistible charm that you can send to the guy who is on your mind right now. These texts are designed to bring a smile to his face (and yours), as well as kick off a playful dynamic so you can develop (or strengthen) your bond – even when you’re not physically together. Just because we’re stuck inside it doesn’t mean we can’t flirt, whether it’s with someone we’ve been seeing for months or someone we just met. In fact, we must flirt – none of our romantic situations will survive without it. Thinking of you, friend. P.S. Stay to the end of the clip to get a whole list of cheeky texts you can use to keep the attraction going. #8 is my personal favorite – adorable and sexy at the same time. ►► FREE download: “9 Texts No Man Can Resist” → http://www.9texts.com ►► FREE download: “5 Compliments to Get Him Addicted to You” → http://www.SayThisToHim.com Follow Matthew @thematthewhussey Follow Stephen @stephenhhussey


12 May 2020

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6: 4 Questions That Tell You Whether It's Time To Leave Your "Situationship"

What is the limbo between being in a relationship and also not being in one? Recently it has been called a “situationship”: the moment when you’re in something more than a friendship but less than a relationship. There are obvious reasons one would choose this not-quite-a-relationship state of affairs for themselves. It’s flexible. It doesn’t ask you to give up huge chunks of your time. It lets both of you decide to get together only when you need temporary intimacy, or casual sex, or just a person to hang out with at the weekend. All well and good…in theory. The hard part is keeping things that way... Here are the 4 questions that tell you when it's time to leave your situationship and find the right person for you!  - Follow Matthew @thematthewhussey. - Follow Stephen @stephenhhussey. - Email the show at podcast@matthewhussey.com 


5 Mar 2020

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5: Why Men Don't Open Up (And What To Do)

Let's talk about masculinity. In 2020, there is still such a gap of understanding between men and women that deeply affects our romantic relationships and prevents us expressing our love fully and honestly. In this episode Matt explains: - How men struggle with vulnerability vs. expectations of "being a man" - Why men are afraid to be honest about their fears and inner feelings - What men AND women can do to make men feel safer expressing their honest emotions --- Follow Matthew @thematthewhussey, and Stephen @stephenhhussey on Instagram and Twitter.  Email the show with your thoughts at podcast@matthewhussey.com Download the 5 Techniques To Get Him To Open Up at GetHimToTalk.com


2 Mar 2020

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4: Why Do Happy People Cheat?

There's no easy way to talk about infidelity. It's a painful, difficult topic that evokes a strong emotional reaction. But it's also one that so many people face that I wanted to bring you one of the wisest voices out there on this topic: relationship expert, psychotherapist, and bestselling author Esther Perel! (@estherperelofficial)   Listen as we talk about why even happy people can be driven to cheat, what to do about it, and whether there is ever a path to recovering a relationship after infidelity.      Email your thoughts at podcast@matthewhussey.com!


27 Feb 2020

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2: The Big Question: How Are You At Your Worst??

You might be the kind of person who is funny, joyful, and amazing to be around when you’re in a great mood. But what about when things get tough? Or stressful? Or when there’s conflict and problems? It’s time to ask the really important question that defines so many relationships: “how are you at your worst??” Listen to the episode to find out why this is one of the most defining parts of yourself you can ever work on to improve your love life... Follow Matthew @thematthewhussey, and Stephen @stephenhhussey


20 Feb 2020

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8: The Dumbest Mistake People Make In Dating

Last episode we talked about how to respond to a flakey guy using “Bliss Point” text messages - which combines being salty and sweet to make someone WANT to pursue you and live up to your standards.  Except… Some of the more angry responses said things like: “Matt, why would I even think about being sweet to a guy who flakes on a date?? He should be chasing me already, and if not, I have a right to be angry when I text back…” To tell you the truth, I’m really glad these comments came up (and I kind of expected it). In this week’s podcast, we explain why this response relates to a huge mistake 99% of people make in dating. Make sure you don’t fall into this common trap... Email the show at podcast@matthewhussey.com Follow Matthew @thematthewhussey, or Stephen @stephenhhussey on Twitter and Instagram! 


13 Mar 2020

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9: Men And Sex: What You Should Know

Pull up a seat. It’s time we had an honest talk about men. When looking for love, I believe there’s no better way to start than by deeply understanding what drives the opposite sex. It teaches you not only the psychology of attraction, but also, how to avoid the wrong people who are driven by their worst instincts and toxic behavior. So in this episode, I sat down for a juicy conversation with my good friend Lewis Howes @lewishowes, host of the School Of Greatness podcast, to discuss the truth about masculinity, why certain men become “eternal bachelors”, and what this means for you as a woman in the dating scene. If you want to know how to spot which guys to date when it comes to finding commitment, you need to hear this… - Download my free guide: “5 Compliments Men Love To Hear” → http://www.SayThisToHim.com - Follow Matthew @thematthewhussey - Follow Stephen @stephenhhussey Email the show at podcast@matthewhussey.com


16 Mar 2020

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14: Answering YOUR Questions About Dating In Coronavirus

Time for a coronavirus Q&A! Today we're doing something a little different.  We promised we'd read out some listener emails, so it's time to dive into the mailbox and hear about YOUR experiences dating in the time of corona!  Topics include: being alone during a break up, how to love being single, and moving love forward when you can't leave the house.  Follow Stephen @stephenhhussey Follow Matthew @thematthewhussey Download the FREE video training at GetCoreConfidence.com


4 Apr 2020

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