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Dave Arnold, chef and inventor, answers listener questions on the latest innovative techniques, equipment, and ingredients in the food world. Each week on Cooking Issues, Dave solves your cooking dilemmas with his mile-a-minute stream of knowledge. Got a question on ike-jime, the Japanese fish killing technique? We got you covered. Hydrocolloids, sous-vide, liquid nitrogen? No problem. Have a question about pimping your oven to make great pizza? Give us a call. Occasionally Dave will invite special guest chefs, bartenders, authors and columnists to join the show.

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Episode 78: Maxime Bilet

This week on Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez are joined in the studio by one of the authors of Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking, Maxime Bilet. Tune in to hear our hosts discuss the innovation and comprehensiveness of the revolutionary cooking encyclopedia, as well the Modernist Cuisine book tour. Dave and Maxime answer listener questions about dairy alternatives, edible fibers, and the psychoactive properties of nutmeg and absinthe. Also, hear Dave and Maxime’s ideas about food pairings, and the different flavor balances used in Western and Eastern cuisine. This program was brought to you by Modernist Pantry. “In terms of timing, and people being open to the merging of arts and science- it’s a beautiful thing. It’s something that a lot of classic traditionalists wanted to reject. When you embrace [Modernist Cuisine], you realize that each really enhances the other and it’s such a clean, beautiful relationship. It was prime for that, and people are responding; it’s a testament to the progress of looking at the different roles of food.” — Maxime Bilet on Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking


3 Apr 2012

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Episode 98: Preserving, Smoking & Pig Heads

What do you do with a pig head? Why don’t more people like scrapple and haggis? Want more tips on food preservation? You’re in the right place! Tune into another hilarious and information-packed episode of Cooking Issues hosted by Dave Arnold. He takes listener questions on everything from coffee infused cocktails to the poisonous nature of Indonesian candle nuts. Find out why Dave thinks there will be an explosion of immersion circulators on the market soon and his advice for smoking a whole chicken. Do your best to keep up with Dave’s mile-a-minute stream of knowledge and learn more about a myriad of food and cooking related issues. Today’s program was brought to you by Hearst Ranch. “Guanciale is one of the more delicious things in the world. It ranks in my top 1 of pizza toppings.” “Salt is usually used in conjunction with dehydration for preservation in foods like ham. Salt also has other properties – it inhabits some bacteria but not lactic acid bacteria.” “With the immersion circultator dropping below $500 there will be an EXPLOSION of circulators on the market.” –Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues


25 Sep 2012

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Episode 85: Back From Japan!

Dave and Nastassia are back from Japan and Cooking Issues has returned! Dave’s mailbox is full and he attempts to answer as many questions as humanly possible. From coffee brewing to cow muscles to intervase enzymes, Dave continues on his mission to solve any and all Cooking Issues on-air. Learn more about egg free custards, ways to prepare foods for those allergic to eggs and how to effectively roast meat. Ever try making bagels and pretzels at home? Hear some tips about avoiding lye disasters in the process and hear Dave’s pretzel rules. This program was sponsored by The International Culinary Center. “If you add fat to your pretzels, I have a problem with you and your pretzels. It’s an abomination, it turns into a cracker – it’s terrible. Also, if it’s not twisted it’s not a pretezel, it’s a pretzeloid. The best pretzels I’ve ever had in my life are from Martins Brothers – you can get them by mail order.” –Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues


12 Jun 2012

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Episode 84: Nastassia Hates Coffee

This week on Cooking Issues, Dave takes issue with Nastassia’s distaste for coffee and, to a lesser extent, hipsters as she heads off to Seattle after the show. He takes listener calls on Memorial Day BBQ advice, pressure cooker recipes, and tips for beet terrine. Find out what Charlie Trotter’s is like in it’s final months as a restaurant and find out why home curing ham isn’t always the best move. This program was sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. “A great thing to make with pressure cookers is stocks and soups. Something to remember is that pressure cooking drastically mutes flavors like onions. The trick with pressure cookers is to use a minimal amount of liquid.” “Please don’t mess with your microwaves. That said, I’ve done it plenty of times.” –Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues


22 May 2012

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Episode 306: The Art of Flavor

This week on Cooking Issues, Dave and Nastassia are joined in the studio by Michelin two-star chef Daniel Patterson and celebrated natural perfumer Mandy Aftel, co-authors of the new book The Art of Flavor: Practices and Principles for Creating Delicious Food. Plus, we take questions about the best food cities, Orbitz (the drink, not the gum), and more! Cooking Issues is powered by Simplecast


3 Oct 2017

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Episode 94: Curing Meat and Making Sausage

Dave Arnold is heading to Colombia, but not before another episode of Cooking Issues. Dave and Nastassia Lopez start the show off talking about making and preserving cocktail cherries at cellar temperatures. Tune in to learn about the proper balance of sugar, alcohol, and calcium to maintain the structure of the cherry! Later, Dave answers a question about texture in homemade sausage, and how fat is instrumental in determining how a sausage holds up. How can a homebrewer infuse a coffee flavor into beer? Tune in to find out! Other topics include making gummy candies, knife sharpening, and how to make a proper curing room at home! This episode has been sponsored by The International Culinary Center. “Fat is not just fat; fat is a mixture of fat and connective tissue. When it’s native, it will hold itself in place, but if it’s melted out it’s not gonna hold.” “The smaller a curing chamber is, the less stable it’s going to be over time.” — Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues


21 Aug 2012

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Episode 189: Sous Vide and Fireball Whiskey

This week on Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold is joined by Douglas Baldwin, author of Sous Vide for the Home Cook to discuss death curves, low-temp safety, and his ChefSteps sous vide class. Later on they discuss the ethics of food safety procedures and the risks of eating. Dave also takes listener questions on injection turkey brining and the science behind the infamous fried turkey explosion. After the break Dave goes into detail on grinders of all types and his thoughts on the Fireball whiskey recall. This program was brought to you by Cain Vineyard & Winery. If you’re going to try something new and experimental for Thanksgiving, test it first” [13:00] “Cooking is relatively unsafe unless its very well controlled. This is why people get food poisoning all the time. As a whole, low temp cooking is vastly more controlled than traditional home cooking and therefore more safe.” [19:00] “The average sprout is an abomination!” [25:00] –Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues


18 Nov 2014

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Episode 248: Creaming Issues

This week on Cooking Issues, Dave kicks off the show by giving Nastassia some belated birthday gifts, before diving into box of ice cream sandwiches and a listener question on how to keep cream fresh for longer. After the break, Peter Kim talks about sustainability initiatives at MOFAD and repurposing spent fruit, before Dave steers the conversation right back into a big bowl of cream.


26 Apr 2016

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Episode 242: J. Kenji López-Alt

On this week's episode of Cooking Issues, Dave and Nastassia are joined in the studio by J. Kenji López-Alt, chef and author of the New York Times bestselling cookbook The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science. They chat about early adopters of email, whether bay leaves actually do anything to food, how to properly chop chives, liquid smoking vs. actual smoking, pressure canning, ramen-izing Italian noodles, weighing cocktail ingredients, and check in on Kenji's progress with eating vegan for the entire month of March. Plus, Dave responds to a listener's email regarding the GAPS diet.


8 Mar 2016

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Episode 384: No Offense, Elizabeth

Today Dave and Nastassia are joined by Peter Kim of MOFAD.  Most importantly, they talk about the Museum of Food and Drink's ongoing kickstarter - donate today to help them put up their next exhibition: African / American: Making the Nation's Table, curated by Dr. Jessica B. Harris. Beyond that, they talk about roasting pigs, burning sausages, kitchen ventilation, emulsions, and much more. Have a question for Cooking Issues? Call it in to 718.497.2128 or ask in the chatroom.Join Heritage Radio Network on Monday, November 11th, for a raucous feast to toast a decade of food radio. Our tenth anniversary bacchanal is a rare gathering of your favorite chefs, mixologists, storytellers, thought leaders, and culinary masterminds. We’ll salute the inductees of the newly minted HRN Hall of Fame, who embody our mission to further equity, sustainability, and deliciousness. Explore the beautiful Palm House and Yellow Magnolia Café, taste and imbibe to your heart’s content, and bid on once-in-a-lifetime experiences and tasty gifts for any budget at our silent auction. Tickets available now at heritageradionetwork.org/gala.Cooking Issues is powered by Simplecast.

1hr 15mins

29 Oct 2019

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Episode 69: Fried Meatballs, Fish and More

Dave returns to the studio this week with tales of dog sledding in Sweden and opening up his new bar, Booker and Dax, in New York. Tune in to learn how to keep your meatballs from falling apart, what the Dextrose Equivalent scale is and how to use it, as well as helping those of you with fish allergies find something you can eat. This episode is sponsored by Modernist Pantry. “When you’re cook meatballs, you have to fry them BEFORE you cook them in a bag with butter. That will keep them from falling apart.” “I use Dextrose Equivalent 20 glucose syrup when I make ice cream and want to get the texture but not add too much sweetness.” –Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues


24 Jan 2012

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Episode 57: Bread, Brains, and Gum

This week Cooking Issues gets sticky and wierd. Dave and Nastassia answer your questions about using gums such carrageenan and guar in your cooking as well as giving you eating and traveling tips for those traveling to to New York with kids (hint our very own Roberta’s is perfect for kids!). Tune in to learn how to make Dave’s special Neapolitan pizza recipe as well as Jim Lahey’s no-knead, no stress bread and how to cook a whole goat head! This episode is sponsored again by The Modernist Pantry which is giving away a free sample of the pre-hydrogenated gum when you listen for the code inside this weeks episode of Cooking Issues.


11 Oct 2011

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Episode 327: A Tongue-Driven Response

This week, we’re joined by James Briscione, author of The Flavor Matrix, to talk fear of flying, Watson, zucchini, flavor pairings, and all things taste! James's new restaurant, Angelena’s, will be opening in Pensacola, Florida this fall. Cooking Issues is powered by Simplecast


17 Apr 2018

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Episode 340: Timing Issues

On this week's rapid-fire show we're talking Nastassia's trip to Spain, Dave's new hydraulic press, freezing corn on the cob, Malört, rotary evaporators, and...well, that's about it. Cooking Issues is powered by Simplecast


21 Aug 2018

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Episode 389: Bright as an Operating Room w/ the team from Ora King Salmon

On this extra special, season finale of Cooking Issues friend of the show Maisie Wilhelm brings us the fine team from Ōra King Salmon - Lauren Zimmerman, Michael Fabbro & David Smith.  Together they discuss the differences in perceptions between farmed and wild fish in the US versus the rest of the world, the discuss the importance of kill methods, and tackle DIY Cold Cured Salmon. Also, we take brief forays into outfitting a food truck and a new kitchen, how to thicken up hot sauce, State by State ratings for BBQ, and whether you should barbecue deer. The holiday season is all about food and community. There’s no better time to show your support for food radio by becoming a member! Lend your voice and help HRN continue to spreading the message of equitable, sustainable, and delicious food – together, we can change minds and build a better food system. Go to heritageradionetwork.org/donate today to become a crucial part of the HRN community.Have a question for Cooking Issues? Call it in to 718.497.2128 or ask in the chatroom.Cooking Issues is powered by Simplecast.

1hr 18mins

17 Dec 2019

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Episode 231: Harold McGee Returns

The inimitable “Curious Cook” Harold McGee rejoins Cooking Issues to tackle questions on everything from egg nogg to aquafaba. Dave Arnold breaks down the differences between canned and fresh sardines and talks more turkey. 


1 Dec 2015

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Episode 328: Seeds Don't Stress Me Out

Nastassia is absent this week, but we're joined by masterbaker Jim Lahey of Sullivan Street Bakery, and first-time father Peter Kim! We're talking bread, bicycles, jerk chicken, being called a jerk by your kids, and more! Cooking Issues is powered by Simplecast


1 May 2018

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Episode 107: Food Science Schooling

This week on Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold and Nastassia Lopez are talking gummies, meringue, studying food science, and sous vide! Tune in to hear Dave offer his suggestions for making a small appetizer that includes prawns and herb gels. Find out if food processors ruin the flavor of lemongrass. Listen in and learn more about spinning lemon and lime juice, exotic spices, and the best way to cook a prime rib! Dave answers a listener question about continuing education in food science; is it better to learn in a restaurant or in an academic setting? Can melatonin be used as an antioxidant in food? Can pig bladders be used for light sous vide work? Find out on this episode of Cooking Issues! This program has been brought to you by Tekserve. “If you’re going to use a dehydrator, you want to dehydrate [a methylcellulose meringue] at 130-5 degrees Fahrenheit, but you’re going to want to store it 110-120 degrees- much lower than 135 degrees- because if you store it at a high temperature and cook it for a long time to hold it, it’s going to start tasting cooked.” [6:45] — Dave Arnold on Cooking Issues


11 Dec 2012

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Episode 297: Velveting, Fish Sauce, Copying Recipes, and More

Coconut oil used to be good for you now it is bad. Can you copy recipes from chain restaurants? How is tonkotsu broth made? On this week's episode of Cooking Issues, Dave and Nastassia are joined in studio by Momofuku's former Chef de Cuisine Nick Wong, and Dave's son, Booker to talk about all of the above plus velveting techniques, Japanese fish sauces ayu and ishiri, mushroom dough recipes, thermometers, and much more!


27 Jun 2017

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Episode 358: Induction Cookers, Country Ham, Vita Prep and more

On this episode of Cooking Issues, Dave Arnold answers phone calls and tweets regarding induction cookers, country ham, Vita Prep vs Vita Prep 3 and dives into the latest at his bar. And listen in on a new Chef series that Existing conditions will be hosting. Stay Tuned. Cooking Issues is powered by Simplecase. Photo Courtesy of Eric Medskar

1hr 7mins

5 Mar 2019

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