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Focusing on the centrality of the gospel for everyday life and liturgy - Dr. Brad Nassif reminds us each week to focus on the heart of being Orthodox.

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A Christian Worldview

A correct Christian world view allows us to see ourselves as we really are, to see others as they really are, and to see God as He really is.


31 Aug 2007

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Holy Week and the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Holy Week and the Gospel of Jesus Christ -- Dr. Nassif takes us on a brief stroll through Holy Week as he keeps our eyes focused on the single, most important message of the Eastern Orthodox Church: The saving gospel of Jesus Christ.


21 Apr 2008

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Justin, Tertullian, and the Society of Biblical Literature

Dr. Nassif goes to San Diego to take listeners down the aisle of the premier academic guild called the Society of Biblical Literature. He introduces you to the work of the organization, what Orthodox scholars are doing there, and how we might respond to the challenge of religious diversity today.


8 Dec 2007

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Christ Is Risen! Part 4 - The Sunday of the Paralytic

This week the Church focuses our attention on the healing of three people by Jesus Christ. The point of these mighty deeds is to spotlight the power of Christ to forgive sins, heal the sick and raise the dead. Why? So that we might entrust our lives to the living Lord! This podcast will show you why Jesus wants us to keep our eyes fastened on the gospel, and the good things that come to those who do.


17 May 2008

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Desert Spirituality for City Folks - Part 17 - Anger

At its core, anger is a dark and cruel wish for harm to come upon the person who hurt you. The Desert Fathers had at least three strategies for conquering anger: 1) don't be surprised when anger enters your soul, 2) deal with it quickly, and 3) die to your ego. A humorous story taken from the life of St. Makarios of Egypt illumines the way to an anger-free life.


5 Apr 2008

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Christ is Risen!  Part 1 - Three Timeless Truths of Christ’s Resurrection

From Pascha to Pentecost, Orthodox Christians greet each other with the words "Christ is Risen! Indeed, He is Risen!" What do those words mean? Dr. Nassif identifies three timeless truths about the Resurrection of Christ: 1. Christ is forever alive 2. Christ conquered death 3. Christ will be the Judge of the living and the dead. Listen to what these three truths mean in the teaching of the New Testament. Next week, he will apply them to our everyday lives.


2 May 2008

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The Simplicity of the Gospel

We must never lose sight of the simplicity of the Gospel, and its far-reaching consequences for everyday life.


8 Sep 2007

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Desert Spirituality for City Folks - Part 2

What caused the monastic movement to arise in such dramatic ways in the life of the Orthodox Church? Dr. Nassif explains the historical and spiritual motivations behind the greatest renewal movement in the history of Orthodoxy. Get your camels ready for a fascinating journey into the heart of the desert!


22 Dec 2007

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St. John Chrysostom - Part 2 of 2

Dr. Nassif discusses the role of the Bible in the work of St. John Chrysostom. Priests, teachers and parents will not want to miss this important podcast!


24 Nov 2007

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Desert Spirituality for City Folks - Part 5 - St. Anthony of Egypt

Who were some of the great personalities of the desert? Is there anything we city dwellers can apply from their lives? Today we begin by looking at the greatest of all monks -- a common man of uncommon holiness -- St. Anthony of Egypt.


12 Jan 2008

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St. Symeon the New Theologian Speaks

Are we more concerned with obeying liturgical rules than with having a heart filled with justice, mercy and faithfulness to God? St. Symeon the New Theologian speaks!


3 Nov 2007

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Orthodox Theological Society Interview with Sister Nonna Harrison

Dr. Nassif introduces you to Sister Nonna Harrison, an Orthodox nun and professor at St. Paul's School of Theology in Kansas City, MO where she teaches Orthodox studies to Methodist seminarians. Listen to how she teaches the Methodists, and what the Methodists have taught her! She also discusses her work as a scholar and author, and the books she has published with St. Vladimir's Press. If you'd like Sr. Nonna to speak at your Church, contact Dr. Nassif through email and he will forward your inquiry to her.


28 Jun 2008

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Desert Spirituality for City Folks - Part 14 - Gluttony

How Not to Fast During Great Lent. How are we to interpret some of the Church's liturgical guidelines during Great Lent? What's so special about not eating fish, meat, cheese, oil, wine and so on? Are these foods "unclean"? Is there something special about these foods but not others? In this podcast, Dr. Nassif interprets the meaning of these foods in light of the " big picture" of what Lent is supposed to be all about: Love for God, and love for neighbor. Listen to this penetrating evaluation of some of the ways we go about our lenten fast.


15 Mar 2008

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Orthodox Theological Society Interview with Matthew Namee

For the next few podcasts Dr. Nassif will be interviewing three people who participated in the annual meeting of the Orthodox Theological Society that recently met in Chicago. On today's broadcast, he interviews Matthew Namee, a young historian. This is one young man whom Dr. Nassif believes holds great promise as a future lay leader in our Church. You'll enjoy getting to know Matthew as you learn about the vision the Lord has given him for his work in the American Church. (11:49)


21 Jun 2008

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Desert Spirituality for City Folks - Part 3—Theology of the desert

Why the desert...? Dr. Nassif discusses the lure of the desert and what its landscapes taught the monks -- and us today!"


29 Dec 2007

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Desert Spirituality for City Folks - Part 7—Love the Goal

What is the goal of the monastic life? Why all that fasting, prayer, silence, meditation and so forth? What's behind it all? Dr. Nassif looks for the answer in a most unexpected place: The inner life of the Holy Trinity! He shares how "love" is the goal of the monastic life-- Love for God and love for neighbor.


26 Jan 2008

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Desert Spirituality for City Folks - Part 8—The Journey

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to developing intimacy with God, such as Bible study and prayer. Rather, the monks teach us a variety of new ways of relating to God that meet our needs in deep and lasting ways. In this podcast, Dr. Nassif talks about "the journey" of applying spiritual practices taken from the lives of the desert Fathers.


2 Feb 2008

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The Way of a Plgrim

Dr. Nassif discusses three important lessons we learn from the the Russian novel "The Way of a Pilgrim." In addition to the prayer from that novel, known as the Jesus Prayer, he talks about other types of short prayers and their value to us as a means to our spiritual growth.


20 Oct 2007

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Pentecost: Power for Everyday Living

Are you tired of trying to live the Christian life? Do you feel like giving up because you just can't find the strength to do what Jesus has asked you to do? Then this week's liturgical lesson is for you. An important part of the answer can be found in this brief podcast today.


14 Jun 2008

Rank #19

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Scholarship and Experience

Dr. Nassif looks at the relationship between scholarship about Christ and our personal experience of His Resurrection.


15 Sep 2007

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