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Whether you’re starting a new career, building a business, or finding it difficult to wake up and complete a job you despise. Understand there are folks in your community who have been in your shoes, faced similar concerns, and struggled with the same fears you do! Successful individuals find ways to overcome obstacles and become financially wealthy, happy, and live a lifestyle they always dreamed of. It’s important that we all recognize the battles they faced, and the sacrifices they made to get to where they are now. Success is not something that arises overnight! Mistakes will be made, failure will occur, and even though you rarely hear about these challenges and sacrifices made by the ones who are successful, they are there. Some may bury them deeper than others, but through the process of asking the right questions you can uncover those battles. We are here to reveal those stories, and no matter what stage of life you are in, the insight that will be shared today will better your future, give you motivation, and a taste of what those hard times looked like to those who were once in your position. So stop feeling alone, or unaccompanied by the hard times of doing something only a few have the opportunity and willingness to accomplish, because you’re about to find out that even the very best, brightest, and most successful have business scars.

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Twists, Turns, & Lessons Learned 020 Joe’s Mobile Gym (Joe Ament)

Innovators are those who introduce new methods, ideas, or products to a market. Usually when we think innovation we think tech, but in reality innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. With a military background, a passion for body building, and years of experience as a personal trainer. Joe Ament shares how he has disrupted the typical stationary gym model by creating a mobile gym that comes to you! Contact Info: http://www.joesmobilegym.com/ https://www.instagram.com/mobilejoe2010/


5 May 2020

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Twists, Turns, & Lessons Learned 019 Four Peaks Capital Partners (Mike and Kara Ayala)

High school sweet hearts or business partners…? How about both! This power couple sits down with us today to review the businesses they’ve owned and operated since their early 20’s. We discuss how they’ve acquired mobile home parks across the country, sold a business that appeared in Inc. Magazine, and even dive into how their mentors continue to change as they break through new levels of success and life. Contact Info: https://www.fourpeakspartners.com/ https://www.instagram.com/kara_ayala/ https://www.instagram.com/themikeayala/

1hr 19mins

7 Apr 2020

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Twists, Turns, & Lessons Learned 009 Aquatic-N-Writing Rehab (Shayna Weir)

Shayna Weir and Dr. Michelle Turner own and operate one of the most gratifying businesses I have had the opportunity to learn about. Working with children with disabilities, and coaching them to tackle everyday activities that most of us quickly take for granted. As both women work full time jobs and raise a family of their own, they also spend countless hours building a business and making a difference in so many parent’s and children’s lives. Tune in as we sit down with Shayna Weir and hear more about Aquatic-N-Writing Rehab’s trials and tribulations. Contact Info: aquaticnwritingrehab@gmail.com www.anwrehab.com/https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rWgTm-CRO4


16 Oct 2019

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Twists, Turns, & Lessons Learned 005 Xendurance (Jason St Clair)

Owner/CEO of Xendurance, Jason St Clair, joins us as we discuss how their revolutionary performance supplements are changing the industry standard and leading the way for all natural supplement companies to follow. Listen in as we navigate our way through Jason’s path to success, and some of the hurdles he has faced along the way. Contact Info: *https://xendurance.com/ *https://www.instagram.com/xendurance/ *https://www.instagram.com/jasonxnd/https://www.facebook.com/xendurance1 * https://twitter.com/Xendurance

1hr 16mins

15 Aug 2019

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Twists, Turns, & Lessons Learned 008 Nico’s Barbershop (Rajiv Patel)

Nico’s Barbershop is not the end nor the beginning of this small business owners journey. Rajiv Patel, owner of Nico’s Barbershop shares some of the good, the bad, and the ugly from his past. During today's session we get into an in depth, detailed conversation on how coming from nothing doesn’t have to define you, but can lead you, and inspire you to accomplish incredible things. Join in as we hear how this musician, entrepreneur, and now community leader expands on his outlook on life, and how to create positivity when it seems like there is nothing to be positive about. Contact Info: https://www.nicosbarbershop.com/ hello@nicosbarbershop.com https://www.facebook.com/nicosbarbershopaz https://www.instagram.com/nicosbarbershopaz/ https://www.instagram.com/rajivpatel/

1hr 4mins

30 Sep 2019

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Twists, Turns, & Lessons Learned 012 Arizona Biomechanics (Dr. Matt Colby)

Determining where your aches and pains stem from can be challenging, but what’s even more difficult is finding someone you trust to help fix your injuries. On todays episode we sit down with a well known chiropractic sports physician to hear about his unique story in becoming a chiropractor, expose the truths behind what chiropractors are really trained and licensed to do for their clients, and how he and his team repair busted athletes daily! Contact Info: http://drmattcolby.com/ https://www.facebook.com/drmattcolby/ https://www.instagram.com/drmattcolby/


2 Dec 2019

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Twists, Turns, & Lessons Learned 016 Templeton Group & South Rim Investments (Templeton Walker)

In every friend group, there is one person who makes your entire group just a little more confident, energized, and remarkably funny. No matter the situation this individual seems to stay positive, collected, and could even be considered the hype man. Well, todays guest is that guy! Join me as I sit down with Templeton Walker and experience what it feels like to surround yourself with a friend who has that kind of impact on your life. Not only will we laugh and make jokes, but we will also discuss the difficulty that comes along with being leaned on as the the guy who is always upbeat. Don’t be fooled, with humor will come wisdom. In this episode you will hear how one of the most successful wholesalers in the valley is making a living by treating people the right way, and always keeping his core values top of mind. Contact Info: https://www.instagram.com/tempewalker/ https://thetempletonwalkerpodcast.libsyn.com/

1hr 14mins

4 Feb 2020

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Twists, Turns, & Lessons Learned 011 Amazon Seller (Dean Diepholz)

Have you ever wondered how Amazon operates, or how it’s able to sell so many products at such a rapid rate? How about all the ads and videos we see of people making money selling for Amazon, and how they are making 6+ figures doing so. Have you ever been curious how it all works and if it’s even real? During this episode of Twists, Turns, & Lessons Learned we sit down with a young but experienced entrepreneur to debunk all these myths about selling on Amazon. You will hear the breakdown of how it all works, and if you can truly be profitable making a career as a seller for Amazon. Tune in as we sit down with Dean Diepholz as he explains how he got involved in this unique business and the courses he has now created to help others have success selling on Amazon as well. Contact Info: https://linktr.ee/deandiepholz https://www.instagram.com/deandiepholz/

1hr 15mins

18 Nov 2019

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Twists, Turns, & Lessons Learned 003 Desert Rebel (Abbey Harding)

Abbey Harding is a young entrepreneur and the founder of Desert Rebel. Desert Rebel is a clothing company that specializes in handmade, fashionable, and empowering children's clothing for mothers all across the nation, allowing them to dress their kids in a more unique and expressive manner. BIO: Abbey Harding After graduating high school, I enrolled at Arizona State University in hopes of pursuing a career in teaching. After going through the motions for 2 years, I started to realize that college was not benefiting my life in the way that was expected. This was a point in time where I truly had not discovered my passion yet. Because of this, I ended up dropping out and it left me completely lost and depressed. I felt like I had failed myself and I had no idea what I was supposed to do with my life moving forward. Some say you have to lose yourself to find yourself, and that is exactly what I did. I eventually started creating, reconstructing and up-cycling pieces out of boredom and I quickly found MYSELF. I realized that life is all about the ride, not the destination, and I wanted to enjoy the entire ride. I knew I did not want to spend my ride sitting in an office from 9-5 everyday, which is just me. I knew I had to spend my life creating and making magical sh*t for everyone around the world to rock. I first started Fairy Stitched Couture - a tutu shop for kids and enjoyed it but I wanted to add more to my shop. I soon found a serious passion for creating distressed styled clothing and started offering some distressed pieces in my tutu shop. Not long after that, I had women asking left and right for me to make a distressed women's collection. They were looking to wear the clothing that I had been designing/creating for babies and kids. Because of the added interest, I decided I wanted to create a new brand that fit both me and my shops style. I was born and raised in Arizona and will forever be a desert child and I don't always believe in following the "system". Sometimes I like to color outside the lines and I have learned that that is ok. You don’t always have to take the path everyone else is on. That is when I came up with Desert Rebel, I created this brand to offer empowerment for my fellow rebels and RAD apparel for women and kids. I hope all my pieces bring you as much happiness as they have brought me. Stay wild. Be yourself. & Follow your dreams. Contact Info: https://www.desertrebelaz.com/ https://www.instagram.com/desertrebelaz/ https://www.facebook.com/desertrebelaz/

1hr 16mins

1 Jul 2019

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Twists, Turns, & Lessons Learned 014 Scrapbook.com (Drex Davis)

It began in 1999. Jill Davis had been scrapbooking for over 25 years, was an expert crafter and taught local sold-out classes on paper crafting. Creative expression filled her life with meaning and joy and she loved sharing that passion with others so much that she wanted to do it on a larger scale. Soon after, through a series of miraculous events - some might even call it fate - Jill was able to obtain the domain name Scrapbook.com. She jumped in feet first and started Scrapbook.com out of her home office, launching the first version of the site at the turn of the millennium. Tune in as we sit down with Jill’s son and co-owner, Drex Davis. We hear how much has changed over the last 20 years, from the communities they serve, to the resources they use, but one thing stands true, their passion to empower beautiful, meaningful, handmade creation. Everything they do is with the intent to keep that their #1 focus, and because of it they’ve exceeded their wildest dreams and now operate a company happily welcoming millions of crafters every month! Contact Info: https://www.scrapbook.com/ https://www.facebook.com/scrapbookcom https://www.pinterest.com/scrapbookcom/ https://www.youtube.com/c/scrapbook?sub_confirmation=1 https://www.instagram.com/scrapbookcom/

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31 Dec 2019

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