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It's Not That Hard to Homeschool High School

Homeschooling high school can be scary and overwhelming to think about, but it doesn't have to be that hard! Ann has 20+ years of homeschooling experience, including graduating four kids (one more to go!). In this podcast she will reassure you, inspire you, and empower you with the information you need to feel confident and successful as you homeschool your teen. Includes interviews with experts as well as Ann's own practical advice.

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High School Credit Before High School?

Is it a good idea to give your kid high school credit before they've entered ninth grade?  In this episode, Ann discusses what to consider before giving your younger kid high school credit in eighth grade or lower. Her thoughts on this may differ from what you've heard elsewhere; give it a listen and see what you think. SHOW NOTES


27 Mar 2020

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Aiming for Top-Tier Colleges as a Homeschooler

Heather Woodie has gotten TWO kids into two different high-level colleges, and she's here to share a bit of her experience with us. She gives us insight into who will and won't succeed there, how  homeschoolers can get through the application process, and more. SHOW NOTES


6 Mar 2020

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Helping Your Teen with Time Management

Sometimes it can seem like our teens have no concept of time, that they let it slip through their fingers and then wonder where it all went. Here are tips and ideas to use with your teen to help them become more aware of using time well. Rome wasn't built in a day, but we can make baby steps towards the goal!  SHOW NOTES


28 Feb 2020

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Time Management for Working Homeschool Moms - Part 2

More great stuff from Jen Mackinnon of Practical By Default and The Working Homeschool Mom Club. Our conversation is encouraging and wide-ranging and fun! Every homeschool mom can benefit from listening to this podcast, but for those who also work, they will discover their struggles are common and they are not alone in the journey. Get practical strategies to make life less stressful and be able to do what you need to do! SHOW NOTES


14 Feb 2020

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Time Management for Working Homeschool Moms - Part 1

If you are a working homeschool mom, your time is very limited and very precious. Get some great tips for making it stretch further from Jen Mackinnon of Practical By Default. She runs the popular Facebook group called The Working Homeschool Mom Club and has so much great wisdom to share about how to decrease the stress of being a working mom AND a homeschool mom. (And a lot of what she shares is helpful for ANY homeschool mom, so if you don't work you might still want to listen in!) SHOW NOTES


7 Feb 2020

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Time Management for Working Homeschool Moms - Part 3

Self-care, systems, survival—super helpful ideas for how to make the working mom and homeschooling thing work! Jen Mackinnon has been there and knows what it takes to do it all with some sense of sanity. SO MANY PRACTICAL STRATEGIES in this episode. Give a listen! SHOW NOTES


21 Feb 2020

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Learning Outside the Box in Your Homeschool - Part 3

Bethany Ishee and I talk about "any & everything" in this episode, from the differences between children to the way kids change to how does a mom get time for herself... This is such a fun conversation, and I think there are great little nuggets for you to grab onto throughout. If nothing else, you'll be reminded that you're not the only one experiencing what you're going through!  SHOW NOTES


17 Apr 2020

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Learning Outside the Box in Your Homeschool - Part 2

In this second episode with Bethany Ishee of bethanyishee.com, we talk mostly about dual enrollment, which is what Bethany has done with her oldest daughter. Is it possible to succeed with this kind of structure after a relaxed homeschool environment? You bet! She gives us all the nuts and bolts about how to make it happen, including one trick to make sure the credits will transfer where you want them to! SHOW NOTES


10 Apr 2020

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Aiming for Top-Tier Colleges as a Homeschooler - Part 2

Heather Woodie from blogshewrote.org is back with more wonderful wisdom for us! This time we talk about your out-of-the-box kids and how to make them stand out amongst all the others that are applying to colleges. We also touch on doing a fifth year of high school, naming courses on the transcript, and other helpful stuff! SHOW NOTES


13 Mar 2020

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Learning Outside the Box in Your Homeschool - Part 1

This episode is with Bethany Ishee of bethanyishee.com, and we discuss various ideas to provide your kids with learning that is outside of the box, aside from formal curriculum or the "have-to's" that we get so concerned about with high schoolers. The conversation is fun to listen to, and as always you get to hear the perspective of another homeschool mom who has been in the trenches of high school and found ways to make it work! SHOW NOTES


3 Apr 2020

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Aiming for Top-Tier Colleges as a Homeschooler - Part 3

This episode is all about working with your creative teen. How do you help them find their passion? How do you encourage them to just do. the. work? How can you set them up to be ready for WHATEVER is in store for them? All this and more answered by Heather Woodie from BlogSheWrote.org, who knows what she's talking about since she has raised two creative kids who are now at top-tier colleges! SHOW NOTES


20 Mar 2020

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Thoughts on Choosing & Using Curriculum

It's that time of year when we are narrowing down our curriculum choices, when the hope is high that we'll find something that will really work and ignite our homeschool to be better than it's ever been. Cuz maybe this past year was disappointing (which actually is probably true for everyone this time around, what with quarantining and all). Yet you don't know where to start or how to find that perfect something. Or you're overwhelmed with all the choices. It's almost worse than choosing from the dessert menu at Cheescake Factory! Do you need someone to give you some pointers? That's where this podcast episode comes in. Ann shares her thoughts on choosing and using curriculum so you don't set yourself up to fail. It's gotta work for YOU, right? As always you'll hear Ann's practical viewpoint that you might not find elsewhere. She wants you to feel encouraged and inspired—but with no pressure. We've all got lots going on; no one needs to turn this into yet another thing that we feel like we're not good at. So in 15 minutes you can regain perspective and get motivated to press on! SHOW NOTES


29 May 2020

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Nuts & Bolts about the ACT, SAT, & CLT

In previous episodes Jean Burk told us how to prepare for the ACT, SAT, & CLT, but you might still have some burning questions about the basic things you need to know. Why take these tests? When should you take them? Which test to take? How do you register? These are the questions that I answer from my own perspective in this episode. I'm up to #5 kid starting to apply to college—yikes!—so I've had some experience, and I distill it down to the doable and manageable. As always, LOL. Listen for the nitty gritty, quick and dirty lowdown on these tests and what you absolutely need to know about them. SHOW NOTES


22 May 2020

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Preparing for the SAT, ACT, & CLT w/ Jean Burk - Part 3

What is the difference between the ACT, SAT, & CLT anyway? Haven't you wondered that? I know I have. In this episode Jean tells us exactly what we need to know, and we spend a bit of time learning more about the CLT, since it's newer and not everyone has heard of it. Other topics discussed are when you should start working with your kid to prepare for these, how long do they really get per question, and why do some "smart" kids still have trouble with these silly things? LOTSA valuable info AGAIN!  SHOW NOTES


15 May 2020

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Preparing for the SAT, ACT, & CLT w/ Jean Burk - Part 2

This discussion with Jean contains more great info about the SAT, ACT, & CLT, including why schools give scholarships based on these scores, what type of score is necessary for a scholarship, is it necessary to take them multiple times, when should your student start preparing, etc, etc, etc. Jean is a wealth of information; she really knows her stuff! Listen and be informed about this very important topic for your kid's future. SHOW NOTES


8 May 2020

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Preparing for the SAT, ACT, & CLT - with Jean Burk - Part 1

The guest for the next three episodes, Jean Burk, got FREE RIDES for both of her kids using the strategies that she has now put into her test prep course called College Prep Genius. She knows her stuff, y'all, and she is truly fun and fascinating to listen to. Get ready for a great ride as we discuss all about her course and also lotsa great info about the SAT, ACT, and CLT! SHOW NOTES


1 May 2020

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Assigning Credits - especially when learning outside the box

If you're stumped wondering what a credit is and how to assign them to your teen, this podcast episode is the one you need. It will answer all your questions and give you confidence to proceed. Credits aren't difficult to understand once you get the right information. Don't be intimidated by what others say you need to do. Listen here for the real truth! SHOW NOTES


26 Apr 2020

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Choosing the Right College for Your Teen

The scary task of choosing a college for your teen can be simplified if you take it step-by-step and don't put the cart before the horse. What do I mean by that? You'll have to listen to the podcast episode to find out! SHOW NOTES


31 Jan 2020

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How to Look Good on College Applications

What does it take to get your homeschooled teen into college? Not as much as you think! Ann has a perspective you may not have heard before, but it's an effective strategy that anyone can use. SHOW NOTES


24 Jan 2020

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Homeschooling High School with Youngers Around - Part 3

This conversation with Lynna Sutherland of Homeschooling Without Training Wheels just keeps getting better and better. In this episode she tells us about another couple strategies she uses to make sure her teens AND her younger children are homeschooled in a way that works for everyone, and we discuss the question of how she finds time to work with EIGHT kids. I think you'll be given some new ideas to try and also some encouragement that you CAN do this thing! Woot! SHOW NOTES Get on Ann's email list


17 Jan 2020

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