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Where’s My Stick is a hockey podcast created by Kristie and Danielle, two Pens fans who have a lot to say about the Pens, their other teams, hockey and the NHL. In each episode, the girls will focus on their teams and favorite players, as well as all 31 NHL teams. The girls will discuss current/ hot topics such as player signings, breakout performances and league hiring's and firings. Each episode will include fun NHL themed games, questions of the day, polls and special guests!

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Where's My Stick 023: "The Playoffs Sure Are Playin'"

On today's episode of WMS, the girls discuss the playoffs, who'd they'd like to win the cup (SPOILER: they couldn't pick the pens :/ )and the men's worlds (aka the Kucherov, Kakko and Nylander show). As well as Holland in EDM, wtf Philly's doing in the coaching department and the new coach GM Eichel - cough- Botterill hired in Buffalo. We're excited to announce we are now part of the National Podcast Network, so if you are new listener- Hello! Or if you are a long time listener, check out some of the other podcast on the site! either way thanks for listening :)

1hr 17mins

19 May 2019

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Where's My Stick 027: "Everyone's in the Metro but Phil"

The team is joined by the amazing ladies of Saucy Rockets! In this episode, they try and digest the Kessel trade and other pre-free agency trades, hazing in the QMJHL and hockey culture. Also decide if they were drafted, what would their walk up song be? As well as all things Saucy Rockets because we all want to know how did a Caps fan and a Pens fan start a podcast?Follow Saucy Rockets @saucyrocketsListen: https://t.co/YAx9eBiiQw

1hr 30mins

3 Jul 2019

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Where's My Stick 022: Thanks Jim !

The gang is back together to recap the draft order, touch on Voynov's suspension and new coach hiring's. As well as try and digest what was the first round. Based on the pens post season results and the title of this episode the girls have a few concerns and comments for Jim Rutherford and quickly touch on how badass Ryan Reaves is. If you have any topics or questions for the girls contact them @wheres_my_stick

1hr 34mins

25 Apr 2019

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Where's My Stick? 017 (part 1): "So... I guess we're Panthers fans?"

The girls are back discussing women shaking up the NHL starting with Kendall Coyne-Schofield as a guest analyst for NBC's Wednesday "not rivalry" night. As well as morn the loss of Derick Brassard and Jamie Oleksiak and evaluate GMJR's trades and discuss the new kids on the block (Nick Biugstad and Jared McCann). Lastly, the girls try and answer the question: is the NHL All Star game fun? We tease an interview with our first official guest, stay tuned for part two of this episode! As always, you can always reach us at @wheres_my_stick on twitter!

1hr 9mins

5 Feb 2019

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Where's My Stick? 017 (part 2): "Wait, this table only has three legs?!"

Welcome back to part two of episode seventeen! In honor of the NWHL's All Star weekend, we are joined by Alyssa, the creator of Even Strength, a women's hockey analytics' website. We discuss hockey in Australia, rivalries and how Alyssa became a hockey fan. As well as her views on which analytics provide the best analysis of a player, the lack of data from both pro women hockey teams and Gary Bettman's views on a NHL partnership with NWHL and the CWHL. If you'd like to know more about analytics follow @even_strength and follow Alyssa at @alyssastweeting. You can also read her work at @theicegarden!

1hr 28mins

8 Feb 2019

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Where's My Stick 021: If He's a Virgo, I'm F*ucking Ending It!

The girls are back (well, almost)! And just in time for the Stanley Cup Playoffs! In this week's episode, the girls discuss some shake ups in Buffalo, GM Jack Eichel is on the move! Of course, we give our picks for winners of the first round. Spoiler Alert: we cry about the Pens. Connor McDavid had some things to say and we are all ears! Finally we discussed the unfortunate folding of the CWHL and the future of women's hockey.

1hr 27mins

10 Apr 2019

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Where's My Stick 032: Central Division Preview ft. Cassie Moiser!

With a new season nearly upon us, the girls are joined by Jets expert Cassie (@CassieMoiser) to discuss all things Central as they kick-off their division world tour! 01.26: the Nashville Predators; 10.20: the St. Louis Blues; 15.32: the Dallas Stars; 25.00: the Colorado Avalanche; 37.30: the Chicago Blackhawks; 45.11: the Minnesota Wild; 53.00: the Winnipeg Jets.Be sure to follow the podcast on twitter @wheres_my_stick, and check out Cassie at JetsNation (@NHLJetsNation) and the Broken Bandwagon (@brokebandwagon)!

1hr 27mins

13 Sep 2019

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Where's My Stick 029: "That's Why the League is in Chaos"

Hey all! It has been a while, oops. The Girls are back! In this episode they talk about the Alex Nylander trade, the Neal for Lucic trade (One for One). The girls also talk about the recent Jacob Trouba signing along with the Winnipeg Jets and if they're okay. Spoiler Alert, they're not and Kristie is upset about it and is pointing fingers! Jonathan Toews made some comments! Was he being a hater or not? Finally, they close the episode looking at the Zodiac Signs of our NHL GMs. Some GMs may surprise you while other make a whole lot of sense. For the Month of August, we decided to donate to the Sudan Relief Fund for every listen in order to help out in the crisis in Sudan. If you want to donate as well, feel free to click the link down below. https://sdnrlf.com/campaigns/If you have any questions, as always, feel free to contact us on Twitter @wheres_my_stick

1hr 52mins

3 Aug 2019

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Where's My Stick 018: "WTF Just Happened?"

There are good trades, and then there are the Penguins. On today's episode, the WMS ladies talk all of the trade deadline action.


28 Feb 2019

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Where's My Stick 026: "Tuuka Too"

The girls are back and in this week episode we talk about the Stanley Cup Finals results! Some of us are happy about while others are less enthused. Looking into off season moves we talk about the Flyer's recent moves, trading Radko Gudas & buying out Andrew Macdonald. The Penguins couldn't let the Flyers have all the fun, trading a staple on their defense. Finally, the girls talk about a Hockey Movie Classic, The Mighty Ducks!

1hr 34mins

17 Jun 2019

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Where's My Stick 030: "Who Do You Play For?"

It's not time for World Juniors, Women's Worlds or the Olympics, so why do the we feel so nationalistic? Well it's Movie Time and this episode the we watched Miracle. Before screaming about the movie, Herb Brooks and how the Olympic success changed the progression of USA hockey, we discuss news around the league. Such as, Paul Fenton, the Rangers and retirements before basically changing U S A. Any comments, questions or concerns? You can reach us at @wheres_my_stick on twitter !

1hr 4mins

17 Aug 2019

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Where's My Stick 031: "Larkin - DeSmith One for One"

The girls continue to brave the offseason, discussing their favorite teams' struggles, their top 5 centers and wingers, Billy Guerin's move to Minnesota, the Arizona State Sundevils' trip to China, and much more!

1hr 1min

22 Aug 2019

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Where's My Stick 020: "Bitter Betty"

In this week's episode the girls discuss the Canes YCP/ HIFE month, Spanish social media's and the Stars in Mexico City. As well as find out who is a Bitter Betty (spoiler, it's not Gary) and which playoff team is trustworthy. The girls also create a new playoff format that NHL owners may not like, but would be a lot of fun. As always rate, comment and follow the pod @wheres_my_stick !

1hr 18mins

2 Apr 2019

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Where's My Stick 019: "HOlli Maatta"

The girls are BACK! It's been a few weeks since the girls recorded so this week they played catch up. The girls discussed homophobia in today's NHL?, NHL's Player Safety and their inconsistency and some things they would change. The girls also talked Tavares' return to New York. Spoiler Alert: They loved it. The Caps invitations to the White House (they're not bitter about it you are). Malkin's 1000th point!. And of course the girls talked about the Pens and the playoff picture.

1hr 22mins

24 Mar 2019

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Where's My Stick? 028: We'll See!

The ladies of Where's My Stick are back to take on all things free agency - as well as some of the more recent trades, and notable non-signings!


6 Jul 2019

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Where's My Stick 024: "Why Don't I Get What I Want?"

In this latest episode, the girls talk about the Stanley Cup Finals, who could possibly win the Conn Smythe. It's never too early to talk about trade rumors and free agency! We talk about a Phil Kessel trade and possible landing spots for Erik Karlsson. As always feel free to contact us on Twitter: @wheres_my_stick


30 May 2019

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Where's My Stick 025: "No Shade!"

Welcome back to Where's My Stick! On our 25th episode, we talk very little about the Stanley Cup Final and a lot about how poorly the NHL markets itself and its players. We all chat about the recent signings (and not signings) of Jeff Skinner, Kevin Hayes, and Taylor Hall. We take a look at the prospects in this year's draft class (or, like, two of them) and discuss why the combine interview process is such a disaster. Finally, we tackle the Penguins' roster troubles and their media team's survey.

1hr 8mins

12 Jun 2019

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046: Fueled By Money

In today's episode, we discuss some meaningful topics in the NHL, but first, we have to take a moment of silence for Dustin Byfuglien, we miss you bud. We talk about the ownership in Buffalo and why they're the new villains of the NHL. As well as, give our opinions of what happened to Rangers prospect, K'Andre Miller, how the Rangers and the NHL handled it. Next, we talk about how the NFL's draft is persuading the NHL to keep their draft in June and question if the NHL should continue the '19-20 regular season and playoffs if it messes with the '20-21 season. All of the articles we referenced are linked below! Follow us @wheres_my_stick SHOW NOTES Pegula Article https://theathletic.com/1758235/2020/04/20/as-pegulas-face-business-challenges-employees-describe-a-toxic-culture-at-pse/?article_source=search&search_query=pegulashttps://theathletic.com/1758235/2020/04/20/as-pegulas-face-business-challenges-employees-describe-a-toxic-culture-at-pse/?article_source=search&search_query=pegulas NYT Article https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/17/sports/hockey/rangers-kandre-miller-zoom-racism.html?smid=tw-nytsports&smtyp=cur SportsNet NHL News https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/keeping-nhl-draft-june-raises-lots-questions/ https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/nhl-draft-work-june-amid-covid-19-pandemic/


1 May 2020

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045: Maybe bullying does work (in this situation)

What are we suppose to do now? Hockey is suspended and we take a look at what got us to this point. As well as look at what are the options moving forward. We also talk about which teams did the right thing and are supporting their employees, which aren't and which needed a little push. Follow us on twitter @wheres_my_stick! 


18 Mar 2020

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044: As a Treat

We're back! 2 weeks in a row! In this episode, the girls go around the league and talk about the tragic tornado in Nashville, the Islander's Johnny Boychuk's close call, Hockey Is For Everyone - except is it?. The girls even let Kristie gush about Mika Zibanejad about his 5 goal game. Finally, the girls talk about the Pens, Mike Sullivan's interview on the 31 Thoughts podcast,  the lines, injuries and goalie matchup.  Feel free to follow us @wheres_my_stick on Twitter and let us know what you think. 

1hr 7mins

8 Mar 2020

Rank #20