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The Innovative Agency is a podcast that exists to help marketing agency leaders answer the question: “What’s Next?”. How are agencies staying on the cutting edge of marketing trends? How are they adapting their businesses to meet new business challenges in the agency world?Hosted by marketing law and intellectual property lawyer Sharon Toerek, we’ll talk with agencies who are at the cutting edge of innovation and industry experts who have a front row seat to the practice of innovation in today’s marketing, communications and creative agencies. The goal is to help listeners learn to look around the corner to spot their next opportunity. Sharon will share her expertise along the way about how to legally protect your agency’s assets, and how to turn your agency’s innovation into cash.

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4: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of the Agency w/ Paul Roetzer

The real question, as marketers, is how can we leverage the power of artificial intelligence, why does it matter in the agency world, and how do you square the implementation of artificial intelligence with the ever changing data privacy laws that are popping up all over the world? Artificial intelligence is going to disrupt everything. From the way you staff your agency, to the way you do operations, services, hiring, & pricing, it’s all going to change. Everything that anybody thinks that they know about their business is going to change within the next decade, if not sooner.

1hr 8mins

28 Aug 2018

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