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Painted Trash: An LGBTQ+ Podcast of Hilarious Discourse

Pull up a seat and grab a drink. Join a couple of out and proud best friends living in the Windy City of Chicago! The Boys discuss life events, experiences, and news stories while keeping our tongue firmly in cheek. Whether its politics, movies, theatre, television LGBTQ news, queer culture, current events, and other elements of pop culture. We spill the tea consistently and "paint trash". Spend some time with your new Gay Best Friends.

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Bottom Shaming Thanksgiving

How was your Thanksgiving?  This week The Boys are giving up the dirty details of their Thanksgiving holiday and other events from their week.  Then Casey makes a bold prediction for the 2020 Democratic ticket, Mark remembers Rosario, and to close out this episode, painting bottom shamers.  It's an all out laugh-fest! Enjoy!

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8 Dec 2019

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Support Animal New Year

It's our first New Year's Special!  In this episode Mark & Casey share their Christmas holidays including traditions (new and old).  Then -- we have another letter from a listener, sparking an intense discussion about "support animals" bringing in our first special guest, Scott! Next -- our second special guest (and incoming political correspondant), Mary Beth, joins us where we discuss the current state of the Democratic Party and top Presidential nominee candidates.  After many a laugh, Mark & Casey close out 2019 with hopes and goals for 2020!  Welcome in 2020 with some laughter, fun, and some thoughtful discussion!

1hr 25mins

5 Jan 2020

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Garbage Gabbard and Underwater Love

 The trash gets painted and the jokes are flying!  In this epidsode Mark and Casey paint the latest 2020 Democratic Debate and call out the trash of the night.  The boys share updates on some major events to from the week.  Mark shares a very personal story of love in his life and Casey gives us an update on recent a recent audition as well as a very personal accident. After the break the boys touch on Dolly Parton's Heartstrings and the walkout at the premiere.  Then Mark and Casey call out the  trash son of 45 (aka Eddie Munster wannabe) for shaming HIV+ people as a report is a disturbing report comes out showing a large group of 20-30 somethings are ignorant/ uninformed about HIV transmission and living with the disease. 

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5 Dec 2019

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Butter Letters From The Ditch

In this week's episode, Mark & Casey discuss their New Year celebration with some of the highlights of their activities and antics. The Boys discuss some timely news stories including Pete Buttigieg painting the name calling and homophobic remarks he endured from one particularly "orange source" and the lawsuit in Tennessee seeking to attack Clerks who are issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.  Then the boys discuss a letter received from an avid listener with thoughts and questions on our Thanksgiving Bottom Shaming episode.  And --- have you seen Flirty Dancing?? A listener asks our thoughts about this new TV show.

1hr 7mins

12 Jan 2020

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It's trashy, it's dark, It's Christmas!

Happy Holidays from Painted Trash!  This week the boys paint a dramatic Poker event. Then Mark & Casey discuss their favorite gifts they have received and Paint painful ones.  It's the first Painted Trash holiday episode so, so light the tree or the menorah or the Kwanzaa lights and cozy up for some time with your favorite G BFFs!

1hr 10mins

23 Dec 2019

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Annual Oscars Special w/ Port Vintage

It's our Annual Oscars Episode!! Have a seat next to Mark & Casey while discuss this year's Oscars ceremony.  You can count on the boys to paint the rainbow on the best and worst dressed on the Red Carpet as well as ALL the performances, bits, and presenters.  Our predictions, snubs, and painting the winners (and some of the losers). 

1hr 10mins

12 Feb 2020

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Bippity, Boppity, Bern Bro Brows

In this episode Mark & Casey discuss the highlights of their week including a brief review/discussion of Netflix's American Son, an audition completed, and Casey visits Andy Warhol (well the art exhibit) currently at The Art Institute in Chicago.  Later The Boys discuss the 2020 Democratic Debate reviewing the highlights of the evening for them. Then Casey gets to reviewing "the receipts" and interactions with some "Bernie Bros" this week.  It's another laugh out loud episode with your Gay BFF's, so pour yourself of something to drink and get ready to Paint some Trash!

1hr 10mins

20 Jan 2020

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O, Throat Coat-ed, Hole-y NIght

Kick off the holidays with Painted Trash!Mark & Casey are kicking off the Christmas Season!  Mark reports of the cabaret show from the week which Casey missed being sick after a weekend visit from a good friend and Painted Trash super fan.  The boys rank their favorite Christmas songs and Paint a few not so favorite songs.  Here are just a few of the highlights;Casey's #3 ---- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvK1F6bUrzUCasey's #1 and Mark's #2 ---- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CreWsnhQwzYMark's #1 ---- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fVNGaEV07cCasey Paints --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKIY9tCaqU0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJcPVB-we7gMark Paints --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgIwLeASnkwIt's a Christmas Music show!  Be sure to follow Painted Trash on Instagram and Twitter (@paintedtrashpod) and email us at paintedtrashpodcast@gmail.com. Enjoy!while Mark shares his Christmas Tree shopping tradition.  

1hr 8mins

16 Dec 2019

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Mi Gente... it mighta been kicked

What's a caucus your say?? The boys are back and talking some informative trash!  But first, Mark & Casey are discussing the highlights of their week, and both share what movies and television shows they have seen this week including painting the highlights and the low-lights of the 2020 Grammy Award performances. Mark & Casey are delving into some important painting of some Democratic Presidential Nominee Candidates and spilling the tea on their track records on many of the important issues.  Then The Boys are breaking down a caucus for you and painting them... especially the trash of the 2020 Iowa caucus. Next up The Boys are dropping it down to Let's Get Loud and the rest of the Super Bowl Half Time Show along with a full color paint of the reactions to the performances in the show.Closing out this week's show, Mark & Casey read a letter from Chicago Drag Star, CoCo Sho-Nell, a Painted Trash superfan!  It's jokes, it's informative, it's colorful, painted trash!

1hr 19mins

9 Feb 2020

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Itty Bitty... Teeth un FLEEK!

This week The Boys are in rare form!  Starting with their week in review, Casey is painting the shade he and his volleyball team mates are receiving during their winning season and Mark is reviewing two Oscar nominated films--1917 and Marriage Story.In the news, Mark & Casey are weighing in on some of the stories folks are talking about.  It's Primary Season and The Boys are discussing the live results coming in from the New Hampshire Democratic Primary with commentary you will only get from Painted Trash. Next Mark asks Casey spill the tea about where Oscar winning actor, Julianne Moore caught the 2020 Oscars telecast.  Then it's time to unpack how they are coming for Renee and her "fraud" marriage to country music singer, Kenny Chesney.  The Boys paint more of the Iowa Caucus voter who wanted her "card back" for her vote for Pete Buttigieg with Pete's classy response and Mark paints "The Dentures" for a base attack ad painting Pete's record.  Lastly, The Boys are discussing a found diary in England where a farmer expresses very progressive reviews for 19th Century England and argues the basis for Buggery laws in place at the time which remained in place long after into the 1960's.It's a hilarious, informative, and entertaining episode from your favorite gay besties, spilling the tea over some Port Vintage.  So pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage and laugh along with some Painted Trash.

1hr 8mins

17 Feb 2020

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Welcome Miss Coco Sho-Nell! - Part Deux

The port vintage has been refilled and The Boys are back with Part Deux of their episode with Drag Sensation, Miss Coco Sho-Nell!  Mark, Casey, & Coco are kicking off the second have with a game of Drag or Drug where a category is read ("Category is...) and someone's drag is celebrated while the loser is drug down.  And then.... it's our weekly segment, Trash Talk, where Mark, Casey, & Coco talk trash about gay and queer headlines and news stories from the week. This week's trash topics include; Wendy Williams...how you doin'?, Rush Limbaugh's values ain't got a thing to do with family, and pay-per-view truth telling.Be sure to catch Coco Sho-Nell at Charlie's Chicago on the first and third Saturday of each month and her upcoming engagement at Eataly Chicago for Drag Queen Story Hour. Pour some of your favorite Port Vintage and get ready to paint with Casey, Mark, & Miss Coco!

1hr 10mins

27 Feb 2020

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A Hot New Saucy Controversy

This week is a goodie!  Mark & Casey are discussing their highlights from their week including Jessica Kirson in Chicago, Madame Butterfly at Lyric Opera Chicago, a choral concert, and the new movie, The Invisible Man.   Additionally Mark talks to Casey about the choral performance he attended which included an arrangement of LIttle Grey Girlfriend's "Cells, Planets" check out the song here: Vanderbilt Chorale:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBUi8JzpNyYNext up The Boys are highlighting their March top bops! Check 'em out!Mark's Picks;             1- Alanis Morrisette; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoW2LEEs4WA            2- James Blunt; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTFbGcnl0po            3- Lady Gaga; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5L6xyaeiV58Casey's PIcks;            1.  The Dixie Chicks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbVPcPL30xc            2.  Jessie Reyez; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxLUj1Mrarshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCkmq93g0MA            3.  Megan Thee Stallion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYnHAAn1mc8                       Honorable Mention: Drag Race Season 12 Season Premierehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nL8HO4x_CeMAnd in this week's Trash Talk segment Mark & Casey are painting the news about Sherrie Pie and Season 12 Drag Race news. Painting the Democratic Primary status pre/post Super Tuesday with running mate predictions, reaction to Biden's LGBTQIA announced plans, Fox News Analyst lets his kink flag fly high and proud, and Aaron Schock's coming out (officially).email: paintedtrashpodcast@gmail.comVisit Painted Trash at: paintedtrashpodcast.comFollow Painted Trash on Twitter; twitter.com/PaintedTrashPodFollow Painted Trash on Instagram; instagram.com/PaintedTrashPodJoin Painted Trash on Facebook; facebook.com/PaintedTrashPodcast

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9 Mar 2020

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Painted Lady - Welcome Miss Coco Sho-Nell!

Painted Trash is back and we are thrilled to be spending this week with the drag sensation, Miss Coco Sho-Nell!  This Part 1 of our evening with a Painted Lady.  Mark & Casey are reviewing their week's including their Valentine's Day plans.  The boys the start the conversation with Miss Coco Sho-Nell spilling the tea on her drag and drag in Chicago!  Coco shares her history and drag fmaily as well as some stories about her performances and even a failed tuck. Next Coco paints the eyes and the cheeks for Mark & Casey.  Check out the Instagram feed for some fun photos and keep an eye out of additions when we release Part 2 of our awesome evening later this week!


24 Feb 2020

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Paint Me? Paint You!

The boys are back!  It's an all new episode of 'Painted Trash'!  In this episode the boys sit down to discuss some events from their week including what they're TV shows they have been watching, a trip to the spa, and the opening of the Australian Open.  Next Mark & Casey discuss topical news items including Wendy Williams guffaw, a columnist gets fired for insensitive reporting and goes on a tirade, and a check in on the Democratic Presidential Nominees.  In their last segment, Mark & Casey answer questions from each other to get deep and learn more about each other.  It's a lively and full episode so pour your favorite beverage and get ready to paint some trash!

1hr 9mins

31 Jan 2020

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WRECKED! .... on a stretcher

This week Mark & Casey discuss what they are watching and live music they've seen this week.  Next up is The Boys giving their feedback and reaction to the WRECK that was the South Carolina Democratic Debate and closing it out with some Trash Talk of some of this week's current events, cultural, political, and entertainment news stories.Visit us at: paintedtrashpodcast.comFollow us on Twitter; twitter.com/PaintedTrashPodFollow us on Instagram; instagram.com/PaintedTrashPodJoin us on Facebook; facebook.com/PaintedTrashPodcast

1hr 2mins

1 Mar 2020

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Bonus: A Golden Globe Bonus In Your Stream

Mark and Casey share their reactions to this years' Golden Globe nominations.  What shows, movies, and actors are their favorites?  Which get 'painted'?What are the surprises and snubs?? You gotta listen to find out!

1hr 2mins

21 Dec 2019

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Bonus: Live Golden Painted Globes

Did you see the Golden Globe Awards?? If not, we have you covered!  If so, listen to our "blow by blow" as we discuss fashion, winners, losers, and whatever the hell was going on with Renee Zellwegger! Join The Boys for a truly painted bonus episode highlighting the Golden Globes!

1hr 31mins

6 Jan 2020

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Eyebrows vs. Homosexuals

It's episode 25 of Painted Trash and have The Boys got some painting to do!  So grab some of your favorite port vintage, a paint brush, and get ready to Paint!Kicking of this week's episode in the weekly Trash Round Up, Mark is sharing about parking pad happy hour and the Smash concert and reunion streamed this week as a fundraiser for The Actors Fund.  Then Casey is discussing invitations for several events he's received and challenges the viewers, readers, callers, and especially, the listeners, to a Top 25 playlist by artist.In this week's Mid-section, are you finding it difficult to read non-verbal communications these days? Mark & Casey are discussing changes in body language and facial expressions due to the mandate for face masks. Then The Boys are discussing the upcoming Rupaul's Drag Race Season 12 Finale with some discussion on controversial thoughts regarding one of the cast members.  Mark & Casey are giving you their picks and predictions on what to expect.And in this week's extended Trash Talk, Mark & Casey are circling back to some of the recent stories discussed and giving you updates (and more painting)--- homosexuals giving blood; the tirade of a Trenton councilwoman; and a social media influencer outing men.  Next Casey spills the tea that we are being sued -- as are all homosexuals in the United States-- by a woman in Nebraska. Then Mark is painting a Colorado bigot who is upset he can't go to the gym due to Governor Jared Polis' order. Lastly, The Boys are having a lively discussion on the recent expose from Time on anti-bullying tactics at Tik-Tok and and have some thoughts and ideas on how to change (maybe improve) their exposed practices on anyone seeming "challenged" including LGBTQIA people.It's a topical and informative (breaking news, anyone??) episode! Enjoy!

1hr 13mins

25 May 2020

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I Need To Log A Complaint

Welcome to Painted Trash!  It's our 24th episode and Mark & Casey have some trash to paint this week.  While giving us the tea on his week in review, Casey has a complaint to be registered on what he will not be hearing any longer.  What could it be?  And he is sharing a controversial opinion on a newly streaming series and praising another full of STARS.  Then Mark is responding to Casey's claim he watches all TT movies and series. To prove his innocence, Mark is giving a review on Becoming, the new Michelle Obama doc, and then the fun musical series, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.  Finishing out the week review, The Boys are reviewing last week's episode with the top 6 Queens from a controversial episode of Rupaul's Drag Race.In this week's Mid-Section, The Boys are discussing the re-opening of the country from South Carolina to Georgia to Wisconsin, Mark & Casey have some thoughts and feelings about how State governments and citizens are dealing with how to get things restarted while trying to avoid (or not) a resurgence/insurgence of COVID-19 all while Cook County becomes the county with the highest total cases of coronavirus in the United States!  Then Mark & Casey are reacting to the statements leading doctors have made while addressing the US Congress last week. Then lastly, the current White House Administration is proposing a law where doctors and nurses can deny care to LGBTQIA people. In this week's abbreviated Trash Talk, Mark & Casey are weighing in with some advice for a woman who has written to Dear Deidre asking for some advice for a problem in her relationship. And in our second and final topic in this week's Trash Talk, The Boys are discussing the event in NYC last week now being referred to as, Rona Rave. It's a full episode!  Entertainment, politics, lifestyle, current events, health and wellness... Mark & Casey are sure to get your juices flowing in this week's episode (at least the port vintage will be flowing)!  So pour a glass of your fave port vintage and enjoy episode 24 of Painted Trash!

1hr 10mins

17 May 2020

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Fair And Unbalanced

Welcome to Episode 23 of Painted Trash Podcast!  Kicking off this week's episode Casey and Mark discussing the major activities and memories from the past week including a brief review of the new series We're Here no showing on HBO starring Eureka O'Hara, Bob The Drag Queen, and Shangela Laquifa Wadley, Ryan Murphy's new series, Hollywood, on Netflix and some of the eats and treats they have enjoyed. The Boys also are discussing the most recent episode of RuPaul's Drag Race including the outcome of the lip sync battle and the all-new secret Celebrity Drag Race with special guests; Loni Love, Tami Roman, and Vanessa Williams!In this week's Mid-Section, not only are their mid sections a point of reference and discussion, Mark & Casey are catching up on the political climate and recent events in politics including the Town Hall Fox News hosted at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC and allegations of sexual assault on The Dentures (Joe Biden).  Find out our thoughts a what we think you need to know in this week's deep dive in to our Mid-Section.And of course --- Trash Talk!  To kick of this week's topics-- are you finding breathing a bit more of a challenge with having to wear a mask?  Well in a viral video out this week, a woman in Kentucky has figure out how to make it a bit easier for us all, but does it keep you safe?  Check out the video link below.  Then it's an all new Stay At Home challenge activity and Mark & Casey are serving it up for you.  Next up, a councilwoman in Trenton, NJ goes on a 10 minute homophobic, anti-semetic, and profanity filled tirade in response to a challenging question from new mayor who is an out gay man.  The Boys have some feelings on this one.  The Mark & Casey are discussing (and painting) Nicki Minaj's tea revealing (GASP) "Used to be bisexual. Now I'm heterosexual."  Lastly The Boys are reviewing recent listener feedback and mail received challenging Mark & Casey on a new game and asking what new games they have started playing while staying at home.It's hilarious, upbeat, and thoughtful episode this week!  So pour yourself some of your favorite "port vintage" and get ready for an all new Painted Trash!Kentucky woman making it easier for us to breathe -- https://nypost.com/2020/05/04/covidiot-says-she-cut-hole-in-mask-to-make-it-easier-to-breathe/=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Check out Painted Trash online at paintedtrashpodcast.comEmail us at paintedtrashpodcast@gmail.comFollow us on social media at;Instagram --- instagram.com/paintedtrashpodFacebook --- facebook.com/paintedtrashpodcastTwitter --- twitter.com/paintedtrashpod

1hr 8mins

8 May 2020

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