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The COVID-19 crisis has changed life for many of us as we know it. Most of us have experienced or are experiencing an extensive lockdown and all the uncertainty that comes with that. Over the next few episodes, Trauma Therapist Adele Theron will explore the various aspects of lockdown and life beyond it as she examines how to handle mass uncertainty when our brains and nervous systems kick into overdrive, how to manage our personal relationships and not blow them up, how to navigate tensions in relationships and knowing if and when to blow things up, navigating beginnings and endings, handling uncertainty with finance and work and changes which may happen to your livelihood and how to build a plan for life beyond lockdown so that you exit with resilience, having stitched a brand new garment for your life. So if you are interested in tips and tools for resiliency and handling life inside and after lockdown, this is the podcast is for you!

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How to Initiate endings and bring about new beginnings in our lives beyond lockdown

In business, relationships, health, wealth and in life, people must decide whether to keep fixing something that isn’t working or to let it go. Lockdown has been a time where our lives slowed down and we got to examine what we really wanted to generate for our future. Some changes were initiated for us in being made redundant, going on furlough or in leaving a business or relationship BUT what about the endings we know we should initiate and are too afraid to initiate? Growth demands change, and change means endings. To make room for the next good thing, often you must rid yourself of the last bad thing. Endings are difficult. People make excuses to stay with something familiar because they fear the unknown and there is so much uncertainty as we leave Lockdown, that sticking with something that isn't half bad is better than facing the abyss of the unknown. Most people don’t know how to manage the endings that life forces on them, and that results in unnecessary pain. Similarly, failing to end things correctly often dooms people to repeating their mistakes. But when good endings are done well, they bring hope.In today's podcast I talk about the endings we should bring about to initiate change in our lives and give you a methodology to use to initiate those changes in your life. I will examine:The 3 criteria for WHY something should become an endingTaking the honest inventory of your life as you know itImagining life as you truly would love it to beDesigning a new strategy to get there using the MOSAIC methodEmbracing endings as a natural part of life will help you handle the uncertainty of life beyond Lockdown.xx


5 Jul 2020

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How to handle it when stress is killing your relationship

In this episode, Trauma Therapist Adele Theron delves into the role our hormones and stress levels play in hijacking us from our loved ones. We are wired differently as men and women and our differences are intensified by stress. The fact that we deal with stress differently, means it's really important to know what  type of support is needed when stressed. I examine the specific mix of actions you can take to reduce those hormones in women vs. men. Instead of resisting, resenting and rejecting our partners, we can learn new ways to provide the support our partners need as well as the support we need. We then stop feeling hopeless and resigned and love can flow once again!This episode is packed full of ideas you can practice immediately to restore the flow back to your relationship plus gives you communication protocols you can adopt to stop stress arguments from happening. #COVID-19 # Stress #Lockdownissues #Marriagetroubles


8 Jun 2020

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How to rekindle love and desire with your partner during lockdown

Lockdown has created alot of stress and pressure for couples. So many people are finding the groundhog day and endless 'sameness' is wreaking havoc on personal relationships. Now that the novelty of the experience has worn off, people need new skills to cope. In today's podcast, Relationship and Divorce expert Adele talks about the 6 critical signs to watch out for which can spell the end of a relationship or indicate a relationships which is teetering on the edge. She talks about how to step away from that cliff-edge and what the 10 principles of reconnection are. The episode is packed full of great tips to follow to reconnect and rescue the most precarious of situations.


23 May 2020

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How to handle Scratchiness, Anger and strong emotions during lockdown and in life beyond lockdown

We don't know about you but we have noticed something shift in the past few weeks as people start to become more and more irritated and scratchy during lockdown. The groundhog-dayness of this is starting to get to people. This giant experimental pressure cooker is pulsating more and more and as Trauma Counsellors we totally understand if you are starting to lose the will to live. Many clients are in this space with more arguments surfacing, houses starting to move into disarray and marriages starting to creak at the seams. The reality is that human beings were not built for lockdown, so we have some COOL techniques and things we recommend you do to stop yourself from chewing your own arm off or possibly ramming some unfortunate person with your shopping trolley next time you do your socially-isolated shop! :)Today's podcast is all about how to handle strong emotions and the lethargy that comes with this stage of lockdown. We cover topics such as:1) What health and crime effects we are observing on society and the world at large2) What the triggers of all of these strong emotions are3) 10 great Emotional release techniques which you can try out during lockdown or beyond!This episode is full of practical tips, techniques and advice for what to do in each instance.NO pressure or preaching, just 2 Trauma Coaches giving advice and keeping it real. xx


4 May 2020

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How to handle the stress, anxiety and uncertainty of lockdown

We are going through unprecedented uncertainty within this global COVID19 crisis. In this episode we set the scene and explain why some people appear to be "aceing" the lockdown, whilst many of us experience bouts of anxiety, stress and depression. Alot of how we are handling the lockdown has nothing to do with us personally, it has to do with how our brain handles trauma, uncertainty and massively stressful events. We cover topics such as:1) How our brains and bodies handle uncertainty and what we can do to help ourselves relax2) If you or your loved ones are feeling more emotional and scratchy, how to handle the ranges of reactions you might experience day to day3) For many people who are considering massive changes at this time, whether now is the time to pounce on those instincts or not4) How to handle all the supermen and superwomen on social media who appear to be doing epic things all the time. Figure out if you should be turning yourself inside out to run a marathon in your garden, bake bread daily, start and smash your side hustle or complete the push-up challenge like Sarah and Brad5) If you notice yourself being more lethargic than usual, managing the lethargy that so many people face daily in lockdown (remembering that this ain't a vacation!)6) How to ground yourself when your emotions get out of whack7) Whether you should have a routine OR whether you should be keeping it spontaneous and what the best approach is for handling mass uncertainty8) How to self soothe9) How to manage your environment for success10) How to lighten the mood when the whole planet appears to have gone pear-shapedThis episode is full of practical tips, techniques and advice for what to do in each instance.NO pressure or preaching, just 2 Trauma Coaches giving advice and keeping it real. xx


22 Apr 2020

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