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Creativity is the source of all innovation, but how can we cultivate it? Natalie Nixon defines creativity as our ability to toggle between wonder & rigor to solve problems and produce novel value. She draws on her background in business and the arts to show how we can unlock our innate creativity to produce breakthrough products and services.

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Could you launch a multi-million dollar business literally based on a dream you had? You betcha! And Beatrice Dixon, Founder and CEO of The Honey Pot did just that. Learn why she thinks about intuition as alignment, how she regularly uses her intuition to make decisions and why she believes emotional intelligence will be crucial for the future of work. Enjoy the listening!


27 Jul 2021

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Improvisation is NOT doing whatever you feel like. In this conversation with global DJ Rich Medina he doubles down on why mastery of the fundamentals are essential to flow and moving’ the crowd. What are your fundamentals, and who’s the crowd you want to move? Enjoy the listening!


27 Jul 2021

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Curiosity is a state of wonder- and it’s totally within all of our capacity to get better at asking different sorts of questions. So says Warren Berger, a questionologist (yes, he made up his amazing job title!) and the author of A More Beautiful Question. In my conversation with Warren learn why asking questions is essential to all innovative breakthroughs. Enjoy the listening! 


27 Jul 2021

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Eve Rodsky wants to tattoo rigor on her arm because to her, “without rigor, everything is an unfulfilled dream.” Eve is the New York Times best selling author of Fair Play a book that makes visible, the invisible work of women- also look out for her new book Unicorn Spaces. In this conversation Eve connects the dots between very provocative questions around the home as a systems failure to creativity and a better future for all of us. Enjoy the listening!


27 Jul 2021

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Suspending disbelief is crucial to building wonder and creating audacious future states. And no one knows this better than Faith Popcorn, a globally renowned futurist and author of The Popcorn Report, Clicking and Evolution. She is always learning - most recently she’s recorded an album to help people think about the future differently. Enjoy the listening!


27 Jul 2021

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Ingrid Fetell-Lee is an expert on joy and the author of Joyful. In this conversation she shows us how joy, magic and wonder are inextricably linked. Plus, we get insight into what we can learn from elf culture what Ingrid says we mis-understand the most about wonder. Enjoy the listening!


27 Jul 2021

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Natalie Nixon is a creativity strategist whose mission is to change lives with ideas. In this podcast series her conversations with incredible thought leaders get us closer to making creativity actionable- an important goal because creativity is the engine for innovation. Throughout this WonderRigor™ Lab podcast you’ll learn that creativity is our "ability to toggle between wonder and rigor to solve problems”. You’ll also get hip to the 3I Creativity™ model in order to exercise creativity: inquiry, improvisation and intuition. Check out what Natalie learned from futurist Faith Popcorn; author of Joyful, Ingrid Fetell Lee; New York Times best seller author Eve Rodsky; global DJ Rich Medina; the questionologist Warren Berger, author of A More Beautiful Question; and the dynamic entrepreneur Beatrice Dixon, Founder & CEO of The Honey Pot. Enjoy the listening! Learn more at figure8thinking.com and radiokismet.com.


27 Jul 2021

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