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With the MissionPreneur show you'll be learning what is working NOW when it comes to Cutting Edge Online Marketing & Mental Toughness Strategies. Mario Brown created a true lifestyle business that allows him to 'work' from anywhere in the world and now YOU'll learn how to create a business that is Fun, Highly Lucrative AND Truly Makes A Difference. Fasten your seatbelt and let's get started.

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6 - Winning Wednesday - This Absolutely Changed My Life! Power Of Changing Your Story

Changing your story and focusing on the positives in your life is invaluable. Don’t protect stories that are hurting you, it’s dangerous. Lift thousands of pounds off of your shoulders and share your story with others. Now is the time to change your story.  Key Takeaways:  [1:19] Mario’s story [4:08] Immersion in self development [4:44] Changing the story [6:47] Focusing on the positives [7:35] Sharing the story [9:01] What story can you change? [10:10] Things to help you grow [11:36] Protecting your story Mentions: Unleash the Power Within


13 May 2015

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10 - Winning Wednesday - Ultimate Accountability - Ignore This At Your Own Risk

Mario shares the useful tools he uses to keep him on track with his upcoming projects. Making your goals public is a great way to add some pressure and increase accountability. Make your list of what to do and what not to do then focus on the things that have the most impact.  Key Takeaways: [:57] Accountability [2:35] The 12 week year [3:48] Getting a big wall calendar [4:29] Mapping out your projects [5:30] Giving yourself a deadline [6:52] Coaching is great accountability [8:43] Take Massive Imperfect Action to Execute [9:18] Make it public [9:35] A mentor who resonates with you [10:03] What not to do [10:30] Focus on the things that are essential [11:00] The MissionPreneur podcast example [13:12] The next step for you Mentions: The 12 week year  Podcasters Paradise - John Lee Dumas


20 May 2015

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2 - Winning Wednesday - Taking Massive Imperfect Action - Implement and Go For It!

Mario describes Massive Imperfect Action and how it propels you towards your mission and your dreams. If you are telling a story about not getting results then you are making excuses. Your product may not be perfect but if you practice massive imperfect action and launch it, you will get productive feedback and people will resonate with you.  Key Takeaways: [1:03] Massive Imperfect Action [3:01] Article Marketing [3:45] Be honest with others and they will resonate with you [4:25] Creating positive momentum [6:58] Imperfect Action through webinars [8:22] Don’t try to be absolutely perfect  [9:20] Mario’s Massive Imperfect Action [10:48] Who are you letting down by not taking imperfect action? [11:10] Launching and letting it out Mentions: GoToWebinar Four Hour Workweek The War of Art 


6 May 2015

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5 - Marketing Monday - My Secret Weapon - ReTargeting

Mario shares his secret weapon of inexpensive retargeting ads via Facebook, Youtube and others. He discusses the real world examples of Amazon and Target to demonstrate how you can look like a rock star brand and get a return on your advertising investment. He created a video crash course on MissionPreneur,net and shares his own best practices and tips to help you win business. Key Takeaways:  [1:15] How does retargeting work? [3:28] Examples of retargeting that works [4:30] Setting up retargeting for your business [5:21] A video crash course for retargeting [5:50] Return on your investment [7:34] Places to retarget [7:58] Borrow others authority [9:07] Youtube video remarketing [10:31] Best practices  [11:03] Banner blindness or ad fatigue [11:38] Limit your ad time  [12:27] Effective for new product launches too [13:13] Getting started on Facebook for $5 Mentions: MissionPreneur.net Picmonkey Fiverr.com MarioBrown.net Ad Roll Perfect Audience


11 May 2015

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3 - Q&A Thursday from MissionPreneur Mario Brown

Mario answers your direct questions. This week Shane Johnston asks “What’s the best and quickest way to build a team? “What are the first two positions you would fill first on the team to grow a business in an automated, evergreen model.  Key Takeaways: [1:00] Shane’s question [1:28] Hire from the outside in? [2:31] No, hire from the inside out  [2:54] A Project Manager [3:43] Working for Mario [4:08] What task gives you the most headache? [5:08] Share and Review MissionPreneur Mentions: @askmariobrown on Twitter


7 May 2015

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9 - Marketing Monday - My Podcast Launch - Step By Step How I Did It

Mario discusses his comprehensive podcast launch strategies for success. If you treat your podcast like a hobby people won’t take you seriously. Treat your podcast like part of your business. To start, there are 10 strategies that Mario is using to accomplish the task of dominating new and noteworthy on iTunes. Start with your friends and family, they want you to succeed so they will share your contests and tweet about your podcast. Then move on to people who share your interests and be a guest on their podcast or blog.   Key Takeaways:  [2:17] Creating an event on your personal Facebook profile [3:37] A cool contest  [6:41] Facebook advertising [7:25] ReTargeting [8:26] Create teasers [8:54] Be a guest on someone else’s podcast [11:21] Guest Blogging [11:57] Press Releases - Syndication [13:20] Leverage your existing audience [14:53] 80-20 Rule [15:30] Old School Marketing Mentions: Contest Burner Contest Domination MissionPreneur Retargeting Podcast $100 MBA


18 May 2015

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27 - Q&A Thursday - What's the purpose of my life?

Wow, that's a loaded question and here is my take on it. Don't want to miss this one! [00:58] - What's the purpose of your life? [03:02] - 3 simple questions [05:46] - Remind yourself of your purpose


18 Jun 2015

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29 - Winning Wednesday - Forcing Breaks - Do this or end up burned out and beat with zero creativity

As entrepreneurs we all fall into the same trap of just working like crazy 7 forgetting to take breaks to unplug and rejuvenate. As a result we end up unproductive, without focus and frustrated. On this episode you'll learn how to force breaks and why that is critical. [00:41] - Concept of taking a break [02:06] - You have to take a break [05:27] - Break during the day [06:23] - Countdown time to break [06:41] - Make sure that You unplug


24 Jun 2015

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28 - Marketing Monday - Webinar Marketing Strategies & Follow Up

Discover how to ensure that attendees show up live for your webinars and how to follow up the right way according t the action they take. Plus, find out how I get 10x leverage from this specific landing page. [00:36] - Webinar [02:21] - Real world tactics [04:45] - Step one [07:08] - Next step before Webinar [09:36] - After the show...


22 Jun 2015

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26 - Winning Wednesday - Being Grateful - Instant Relief From Pressure, Anxiousness & Stress.

It's bee a rough couple of days here at the headquarters but as I was gearing up for this Podcast Episode I started focusing on what I'm thankful for and immediately I felt better just minutes later. This works every time - check out what I did and use it yourself to enjoy life more. [00:37] - About gratitude and being thankful [01:03] - 145 review on iTunes [01:39] - 11826 downloads :) [03:23] - The last couple days... [05:19] - The lesson that I wanna share today


17 Jun 2015

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25 - Marketing Monday - Live Events - Street smart tricks to fill them & dramatically lower your expenses

Doing live events can be scary and expensive if you don't have a blueprint but if you do them right, they can immediately position yourself as the leader and authority in your industry. Check this episode for some real world tips on filling your event and on how to cut your cost in half. [00:35] - Live events [02:35] - Why are they important? [03:38] - In addition to that... [04:28] - Focus on one person [05:44] - Lower your expenses [10:37] - When it comes to filling the event...


15 Jun 2015

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24 - Fearless Friday - Sean Tries His First Product Launch - $49,000 later ...

Fantastic interview with my student Sean right after he pulled off his very first product launch ever with my guidance. Key takeaways, great insights and real world discussion about what worked and what didn't work - don't miss this Episode. [02:55] - First launch ever [03:42] - Easier or harder than You thought? [05:33] - Main driving point [10:49] - Basic strategy [11:54] - Key strategy [19:08] - Next step [21:07] - Second time it's gonna be so much easier [22:39] - One mantra that You have


12 Jun 2015

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23 - Q&A Thursday - How To Not Get Your Merchant Account Shut Down?

There is nothing worse then being in the middle of a promotion or launch and getting your merchant account shut down meaning you can't take any payments anymore. Discover here how to ensure that this won't happen. [00:48] - We were playing catch phrase :) [01:11] - How can You avoid Paypal account shut down? [01:35] - Interesting side note [02:23] - Let's go back to the question [03:06] - You are in a high risk category [05:05] - Get multiple accounts [05:28] - Buzz about Stripe [06:59] - Spread the risk [07:56] - Let's repeat all


11 Jun 2015

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22 - Winning Wednesday - The truth about what your hour is worth - this will change how you work forever!

Struggle with how much to charge for your work or do you get distracted easily? Well listen to this Episode and you'll be absolutely shocked how much you have to make per hour to reach your financial goals and once you understand this concept you'll push much harder & you'll be more focused guaranteed! [00:49] - What my time is worth? [01:15] - Let's just say - $200000 [02:30] - One third of Your time is productive [03:40] - Wake up call [04:09] - What if You want make a $1000000? [07:40] - How should I price my product? [08:29] - What's Your number?


10 Jun 2015

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20 - Fearless Friday - Killer Interview With Russell Brunson - Advanced Marketing, High Ticket Sales & Funnels

Fantastic interview with Russell digging deep into his funnels, high ticket sales and biggest lessons learned. Both Mario & Russell don't hold back on this interview and share the nitty gritty of what is working Right Now. This absolutely is a 'Do Not Miss' Episode. [3:16] - One minute summary Russell Brunson [4:10] - First product - potato gun? [5:50] - Approach to fear [10:29] - Diversity in ClickFunnels [14:51] - Launching ClickFunnels [23:05] - If You moving forward, You keeps opening new doors [36:43] - Guru on the mountain [38:39] - Blood, toil, tears and sweat [39:48] - Best investment [41:07] - My favorite book [43:01] - In one year from now...


5 Jun 2015

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