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The veteran policy community needed a common, nonpartisan space to discuss current and future policy decisions that affect our nation's military and veteran community. From access to healthcare and earned benefits, to illnesses caused from service related toxic exposure, depression and suicide, transition and educational programs, Policy Vets gathers the top experts in the industry in one place to vet policy for vets.Board Executive Chairmen The Honorable Dr. David Shulkin and Executive Director Louis Celli explain why Policy Vets is needed today.

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The Importance of the Caregiver to Some of Those Who Served

Sarah Verardo is a national advocate for wounded Veterans and their Caregivers, and CEO of The Independence Fund (https://independencefund.org/). Her husband Michael was catastrophically wounded in Afghanistan in 2010, in two separate IED attacks that took his left leg, much of his left arm, and left him with polytraumatic conditions that required more than one hundred surgeries and years of speech, visual, physical and occupational therapies.Sarah's compelling story delves into the impact of the war on Afghanistan, getting personal about the impact on her husband, her children, and of course, herself. 


23 Jul 2021

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Military Sexual Assault - Does it Degrade Military Readiness

Join Dr. Shulkin and Lou Celli as they speak with Phillis Wilson and Lucy Del Gaudio.  Phyllis is a retired Chief Warrant Officer 5 and Policy Vets BOD member, and Lucy is a Military Sexual Assault victim who works to advocate for other  Military Sexual Trauma victims. Different eras, different experiences, same problem - is it getting any better?


16 Jul 2021

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Are race relations a national security issue?

Join Dr. Shulkin and Lou Celli as they speak to Reuben Keith Green and Gloria Dent.  Keith is the author of "Black Officer, White Navy", and Gloria is a small business owner. Both had long careers in the military and have a perspective on race in the military that is especially important considering recent events.  


9 Jul 2021

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"He returned a hero, and died a villain" Danica Thomas Talks about SSG Allen Thomas

Dr. David Shulkin and Lou Celli speak with Ms. Danica Thomas, who shares her story about her husband Army Staff Sergeant Allen Thomas; how they met, what happened to SSG Thomas in Afghanistan; and the tragic afternoon he left the VA and murdered two people he had never met thinking they were enemy combatants before taking his own life.


1 Jul 2021

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Service Dogs Pt. 2 Increasing Our Paw Print in Support of Veterans.

Dr. Gordon Sumner, President and CEO of Veterans Moving Forward (https://vetsfwd.org/staff/) and Cole Lyle, President of the Working Warrior Foundation (https://workingwarriorfoundation.org/) join Dr. Shulkin and Lou in talking about how to increase our paw print in support of veterans without wasting taxpayer dollars on scientific studies.


25 Jun 2021

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Service Dogs Pt. 1 How service animal regulation affect Veterans

In part 1 of this two part series Donald Overton and Danique Masingill join with Dr. Shulkin and Lou to talk about the power of animal regulation for the future of Veteran support.  Donald is the Executive Director of the Blinded Veterans Association (https://bva.org/), and Danique is the Co-Founder and President of Leashes of Valor (https://leashesofvalor.org/).  


18 Jun 2021

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Combat Veteran and Author Tom Voss Speaks About His Journey

Combat Veteran and Author Tom Voss Speaks About His Journey following his return home from Iraq, the combat-related trauma he suffered, and how family, a very long walk, and his family helped to bring him to a peaceful place.


11 Jun 2021

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Senator Jon Tester Discusses 117th Congress and Veterans Affairs Committee Work

Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, Senator Jon Tester talks about teh Department of Veterans Affairs, burn pits, and future legislation.


4 Jun 2021

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Joe Chenelly from American Veterans (AMVETS) Talks Memorial Day

In this episode of the Policy Vets Podcast, Joe Chenelly, the Executive Director of American Veterans Inc (AMVETS) talks about Memorial Day, the Rolling to Remember Memorial Day motorcycle run, and the state of Veteran Service Organizations in Washington, and their relationship with the Department of Veterans Affairs.


28 May 2021

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Dr. Chris Nowinski talks about the brain bank

Dr. Chris Nowinski, CEO and Co-founder of the concussion legacy foundation talks about the Brain Bank, and the importance of the VA to his efforts at understanding brain trauma.


21 May 2021

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