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Are you in a Style Slump? Season One of My Style Science gives you my formula, actionable tips and tricks, to get out of a personal Style Slump. I call it My Style Science

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Are you in a Style Slump? Season One of My Style Science gives you my formula, actionable tips and tricks, to get out of a personal Style Slump. I call it My Style Science

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My Style Science Podcast

Latest release on Oct 23, 2017

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Rank #1: My Style Science Podcast Episode 2 Clean Out Your Closet

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Welcome Back 
Thanks for tuning in again. Listen to the above episode and discover my system for a closet clean out in the quickest way I know is possible without just tossing it all away! I warn you, it's unconventional when you first hear it.
BUT Before you begin, if you haven't completed the first episode and downloaded it's worksheet, then head HERE  to give it a quick listen and increase your odds of success throughout this journey. Because that episode helps you FIND YOUR WHY, which keeps you motivated and on track. 
Once you've listened, here is  my system for organizing my closet.

Think of your closet as your own personal boutique!
I color block my clothes, hang sleeveless tops starting on one side and moving along to longer sleeve lengths as I move along the closet. I do this with every color grouping.
I also hang everything facing the same direction and I use all velvet hangers (they come in packs of 50 at Costco and my clothes don't slip off them).
My pants are hung with the bum facing in and legs folded to the right side, and my jeans are folded with the pocket/bum facing up so I can quickly establish what brand/style they are.
Sweaters are folded and on a shelf because hanging knits causes them to stretch.
And nothing gets hidden in dark corners. I know that if I can't see it, I won't wear it. 

Play Dress Up
Now go back to that list of feelings and play dress-up with what is left in your closet to put together a few outfits that make you feel the way you want to feel. Try to pair items you haven't worn together before. This includes shoes and accessories. Having a few looks up your sleeve will make getting dressed a whole lot easier in the future, and it's actually a lot of fun. Pour a glass of wine and call it a party. 

What about the unwanted clothes?
Hang onto them. They still have a purpose, just make sure they are out of your sightline for now. 
And that's it for now! Don't forget to get your FREE downloadable PDF worksheet associated with this episode!  Just click HERE.
So tell me, after listening, will you do the work? Will you be one for the few who puts in the time to ensure you are successful on your journey to finding or redefining your personal style? And I probably shouldn't ask, but do you think my method is completely crazy? 
Let me know. Also, if you have questions leave them in the comments below.

Oct 23 2017



Rank #2: My Style Science Podcast Episode 1 – Are you in a Style Slump?

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Are you in a Style Slump? Well, how about you ask yourself these questions:
Are you tired of feeling like you constantly look and feel tired? So tired that you think you look older than you really are? Do you get out of bed and get dressed in the same formula of stretchy pants and a fuzzy sweater? Every. Day. Have you lost any sense of your personal style because you have been working on caring for everyone else in your life first? Do you ever wish you could switch this up but you are overwhelmed by where to start? Or do you simply think it will be too expensive to achieve a whole new you?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this Podcast Series is for you. I want to show you a way that you can implement a structured plan, over time and on budget, that allows you to completely reinvent yourself to look and feel your best, and potentially delete a decade from the image you are projecting too!
How do I know this?
Well, I had also gone through a pretty serious frump slump myself a few years ago. I know I felt at least 10 years older than my real age and it showed on my face and how I started to present myself to the world. One day I looked in the mirror and simply did not recognize myself!
In the end, I used skills I had acquired in the past to pull myself out of my rut because that version of me really wasn’t me! I had always prided myself in keeping myself healthy, well-kept, and confident and I did my best to project that image. I knew the formula, I just had to start using it again, so gradually I worked my way back to that place and I want to help you get there too.
Maybe you only need a little tweak here and there. That's ok too. I have eight episodes, and they are all short so you can pick and choose what to work on.
I have always been asked for style advice and to help other women find theirs, but it wasn’t until I went through a serious style slump myself that I fully understood what happens and why.
I also had an epiphany that not all women understand how they can make changes to their appearance, and how closely related those changes are to confidence. Too many women believe that caring for themselves is regarded as conceited or selfish, and not enough have been taught that self-care is really self-respecting. Reaching deep inside and changing how you project yourself to the world somehow reaches down and grabs ahold of you from the inside too. 
This new podcast project, 8 weekly episodes, got me really excited because it meant I could help other women gain more confidence as they walked through life simply by helping them with their personal style. This is more than a little style change up for show though. My personal experience tells me that it can create a meaningful difference in your life beyond just how you look.
Give this quick 10 minute episode a listen, then download the worksheet by clicking HERE and do the work to get on the road to a whole new you. I promise, if you follow these steps, and I am piecing it out to you in baby steps, you could be a whole new you before the holidays. 
So will you do the work? Comment below and join the conversation of women helping women. 



Oct 16 2017