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Hello and welcome to the Mind Field Pod! We delve into people’s unique stories and how they have navigated their very own Mind Fields. We’re here to deepen the conversation around mental health, whilst having some fun along the way!We sit down with a diverse line up of fascinating guests from genuine entrepreneurs, influencers and athletes through to experts on the mind and ‘normal’ people who live with daily challenges around mental health. The mission of this podcast is to understand the workings of the human mind better, and to help those suffering from any form of mental health find a path to overcome it. Many of the greatest achievers, impactors and creatives in our world have faced huge mental challenges and found a way to use them to their advantage.We are well into Season 3 of the podcast and aim to release an episode every other Sunday @ 8am. You can follow us for updates and keep in touch via our Mind Field Pod Instagram or email us: ‘info@mindfieldpod.com’. We’d love to hear from you! If we’ve impacted you positively in any way, please don’t forget to subscribe, rate, share and/ or follow us, it helps more people find our podcast.The Mind Field Podcast is hosted by Kyri (27) and Alexi (25), two brothers on very different work-life journeys, coming together to attempt to understand their own mental health challenges, in order to aid those around them. Thanks to all our listeners for your continued support!

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Managing Bi-Polar Disorder and why we all need mental fitness: Minderful co-founder James Harrop on the Mind Field Pod

Minderful co-founder James Harrop joins the Mind Field podcast to talk us through his experience of living with bi-polar disorder and co-founding the mental fitness company ‘Minderful’. The soon to be launched app and website were created to make mental fitness available to all. After wrestling with bipolar throughout their twenties, James and his co-founder Nick learned the hard way that optimising their mental fitness had a hugely positive impact on their lives. Minderful gives its users everything they need to manage their mental health and mental fitness. James takes us through some startling stories about the bi-polar induced manic highs and lows of his twenties: this even included a belief that if he stared at the Sun for long enough, he would be teleported. James is incredibly honest about his experience, his acceptance of the condition and how it led to Minderful – it’s a must listen for anyone struggling themselves or anyone who wants to improve their own ’mental fitness’.  Find out more about Minderful and keep up to date on their mental health fitness app launch: https://minderful.com/


21 Mar 2021

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Anxiety, skin and our mental health. How it’s all linked: Lionne co-founder Megan Felton on the Mind Field Pod

La Lionne co-founder Megan Felton joins the Mind Field Pod to discuss the link between mental health and skin. Megan takes us through her own battles with her skin and how that led to her starting Lionne. The company was born out of frustration with the skincare industry and they look to give their customers and clients the right tools and knowledge to make more informed decisions when shopping for skincare products. We go through what you can do to look after your skin with a low budget and Megan’s top tips for dealing with anxiety and specifically skin related anxiety. Megan takes us through her go-to products and we go deep into the link between skin and mental health. For more from Megan and Lionne checkout: https://lionneldn.co.uk/ , https://www.instagram.com/lionne.ldn/ , https://www.instagram.com/megfel/


28 Feb 2021

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Surviving University and transitioning to the real world: Gals Who Graduate founder Brontë King on the Mind Field Pod

Gals Who Graduate founder Brontë King joins the Mind Field Pod to talk all things University and mental health. Brontë is the founder of an organisation called Gals Who Graduate. Gals who Graduate is a community and space that brings like-minded females together to support one another through all of the fun and games that University has to offer. It acts as a support network for female students and graduates who encourage and help each other navigate their way through life, particularly after graduation. Brontë takes us through how her own struggles and experience led to her starting a support network that now has over 35,000 engaged members. She shares her top tips for getting through those first few weeks of Freshers life and how to make the transition from graduate to real-world adult. We hear her views on how lockdowns and Covid-19 has changed the game for university students and what we can do about it. For more from Brontë and Gals Who Graduate checkout: https://www.instagram.com/galswhograduate/ , https://www.instagram.com/brontekingg/


14 Feb 2021

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Mental health campaigning: from personal tragedy to discussing mental health with the Prime Minister: Campaigner Ben West on the Mind Field Pod

Ben West’s life was turned upside in 2018 when his younger brother committed suicide. Ben grieved and sought answers, like we all would. He then made a decision that would alter the direction his life would take: He decided to turn all his energy towards campaigning for mental health awareness. Ben joins the Mind Field Pod to tell us his story, from tragic beginnings to meeting and discussing mental health provision at schools with none other than the Prime Minister Boris Johnson. His campaign, Save our students, focuses on making mental health first aid a compulsory part of teacher training. It recognises and addresses the rather staggering fact that the most likely cause of death for a boy in a classroom is suicide. His petition has received over 300,000 signatures to date and he hand delivered it to the PM Boris Johnson at Downing Street himself. Ben’s story of meeting the PM at an awards event after a few drinks is worth hearing all on its own. Ben takes us through his latest campaign: He's now looking to tackle mental health at universities by forcing University rankings to include mental health support as a measure. Ben is only twenty years old and he’s already featured on the BBC, ITV, Channel 5 and in the Times. It’s probably no surprise that he’s discussed mental health with figures such as the Prime Minister and Prince William. For more follow: https://www.instagram.com/iambenwest/


31 Jan 2021

Rank #4

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Nutrition for a healthy mind: Grace Kingswell on the Mind Field Pod

Grace Kingswell is a clinical nutritional therapist with a specialised interest in the functional medicine approach to health. She is particularly interested in the field of gut health, skin disorders, toxicity, mould and mycotoxins, hormones and allergies. She joins the Mind Field Pod to discuss all this and her journey to being a nutritional therapist. She has been featured in Women's Health and also hosts an Apple Top Charts ranked podcast, State of Mind, discussing how lifestyle interventions can have a profound impact on our physiology. She talks about her passion for the healing power of food, mindset and lifestyle, plus how it has led her to work with complex cases and chronic health issues such as SIBO, thyroid disorders, chronic gut imbalances, eczema and psoriasis. We cover the basics of a healthy and balanced diet and what Grace looks to eat in a day in order to promote a healthy mind and body. If you'd like to find out more,  we encourage you to head to Grace's website: https://www.gracekingswell.com/ or follow her on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gracekingswell/


10 Jan 2021

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Student Wellness and Emotional Health: Jon Toms on the Mind Field Pod

Jon Toms is a student wellness manager at Tileyard education, a record label and college based in London. Jon takes us through his own story and explains how his own mental health battles led to him starting a career in the space. He discusses the most common problems he sees amongst his students and the practical advice he gives to those who might be struggling. 


6 Dec 2020

Rank #6

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Modelling, body confidence and empowerment: Moya Palk on the Mind Field Pod

Moya is a London based model and the co-founder of Models Empowered, a community that supports, informs and empowers fashion models. She's represented in the UK by Wilhelmina and has worked for the likes of Victoria Beckham's beauty brand and Charlotte Tilbury. Her involvement in modelling doesn't stop here. As part of her work with Models Empowered, she recently contributed to a Guardian podcast on the exploitation of models. Moya takes us through the trials and tribulations of modelling: from the high of being scouted at 15 to being told she needed to lose weight to get bookings. We delve into how this environment led to her developing an eating disorder. We go through how she dealt with body confidence issues and what it was like trying to grow up and work as a model at the same time. 


15 Nov 2020

Rank #7

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Drug addiction, meditation and mindfulness: Michael McCaffrey on the Mind Field Pod

Michael McCaffrey is a breathwork and mindfulness teacher. He is the founder of Breathing Space Wellness, a group that provides individual and corporate wellness coaching - their clients include WeWork, Amazon and Chelsea FC's Women’s team. Michael's own journey is a pretty amazing one; Michael grew up with a nagging sense that something wasn’t quite as it seemed. As a child he spent time contemplating life, death and infinity.  In his mid-teens he medicated himself through his discomfort and then things started to spiral out of control. He was pretty much high 7 days a week. He fell and became a shadow of his former self. Michael found meditation and something clicked. Michael relives his story on the podcast, taking us through the various changes in his life that led to him turning it around. He offers advice on the best way to get into meditation and how he won his battle with drugs. 


1 Nov 2020

Rank #8

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From contemplating suicide to becoming a leading resilience and vulnerability coach: Josh Connolly on the Mind Field Pod

Josh is one of the UK’s most influential mental health advocates and he regularly speaks on the BBC, ITV & Channel 5 news. Josh has spoken in the House of Commons, contributed to government mental health policy and even advised the scriptwriting team on Hollyoaks. He now runs resilience workshops for global brands and organisations. Josh has become quite the authority on vulnerability, resilience and managing emotions. Josh takes us through his incredible story: In 2012 he planned his suicide, thinking it was the best thing that he could do for his children. He believed that resilience was the ability to keep going no matter what and to avoid any struggle. We cover how his view of resilience has changed into a far more fluid concept and one that embraces vulnerability. We discuss emotions and how best to deal with them, what it means to ask for help and how his battle with alcohol contributed to his suicidal phase. Josh’s positivity is contagious. His podcast is a must listen for anyone who is struggling. 


25 Oct 2020

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Anxious Man: A Life Lived Nervously – Author Josh Roberts on the Mind Field Pod

Josh is an author and mental health speaker. He's recently written a book entitled Anxious Man: Notes on a Life Lived Nervously. It's a book that the great Stephen Fry described as 'required reading' and one that he read in one sitting - high praise indeed. In 2016 Josh experienced an intense mental breakdown which culminated in him being diagnosed with a Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). He wrote about this experience in an article for The Times which, following an overwhelming public reaction, led to him writing his first book ‘Anxious Man’. Josh now devotes his time to trying to help others through writing, broadcasting and public speaking. We talk about managing anxiety, his own experience with GAD and how it led to him writing his first book. As Josh puts it: ‘when it comes to mental health problems, sometimes just talking about it is enough’. This is exactly what we do with Josh. 


18 Oct 2020

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