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How does one properly chop wood for a fire? Does it hurt like all h@#! to get a Thai massage? How much strength does it take to do a proper pole dance? Romance author, Katana Collins (Callback, Soul Stripper) and her comic artist/writer husband, Sean Gordon Murphy (Batman: White Knight, Tokyo Ghost) are on a quest to find out. Every other week Katana will attempt to do things that have appeared in each of their books. Their hilarious discussions are real, raw, and unfiltered as they talk romance, life, comedy, and comics.

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Episode 5: Hey Babe, Let’s Talk Musicals…

Hey, hey, hey! Welcome back for episode 5–this time we’re talking about one of Katana’s favorite hobbies… musical theater. In episode 3, we talked about Sean’s favorite hobby, driving and car culture (so check that one out if you missed it). Today’s episode is sponsored by Chris Nichols, one of our patrons over on our Patreon page! We also mention Tristan over at Coast City Comics who has a podcast you should check out. It can be found here: https://umactuallycomics.podbean.com/ In the episode, we also talk about Joe Kinosian, a playwright/composer who went to college with us. He wrote a well known off-broadway show called Murder for Two. http://murderfortwomusical.com/ For a glance at the first item I ever bought with an acting paycheck… Here it is! Rufus, my big, white teddy bear that I couldn’t separate with when going through my childhood things. He was worth every penny. He still hangs out in my office. And lastly, we put together a short video of Sean coming to see Katana in Young Frankenstein this summer for Patreons. You can join our Patreon and see this video and other extra content at www.patreon.com/talkflirtytome


21 Sep 2018

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