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Business Coach and LinkedIn Top Voice, Jessica Fearnley is here to show you how you can work less and earn more in your consulting business.Welcome to the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, the show that takes you from booked up and burned out in your consulting business to THRIVING as the CEO of your 7 figure enterprise.Yes – you read that right!It really is possible to earn more money from your business, by working less. In fact, these two things go hand in hand.A lot of the content out there can feel like it is either speaking to people still fully in the corporate world, or to entrepreneurs with purple hair who work in their pyjamas and drop the f-bomb every other sentence.Neither of these boxes feel like quite the right fit when you’re a consultant because you sit in both camps – corporate AND entrepreneur – and actually sort of between them, so in this podcast we talk about the issues that make sense for YOU.We’re making a new box. And no one is going to be calling you a ‘boss babe’!Tune into the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast and let’s start the conversation about how YOU can work less and earn more in your consulting business today.

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072: Uplevelling Your Business Without The Growing Pains

When you first start your consulting business, some things seem so hard. You’re busting a gut to sell to lots of clients. You have all the mindset issues you haven’t worked out yet. And you think 6 or 7 figures will never ever happen. Business growth doesn’t have to be a painful process. It can often reveal the personal development we need to do on the journey to become the version of ourselves we want and aspire to be. This week on the podcast I am talking about uplevelling your business without the growing pains and sharing how you can approach challenges in a different way. I discuss: How we have different types of energy  Situations in which we thrive Working in a way which makes uplevelling feel easier How doing things differently led to more sales in my business Stepping into who you really are Useful links Get in touch with Jessica to discuss your consulting business Jessica’s LinkedIn profile


3 May 2021

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071: What Should I Do When My Client Or Prospective Client Is Stuck In Scarcity?

Are you talking to someone who is not sure they can afford to work with you? Or do you have a client who you’re talking about next steps with, and the investment involved, but they are holding back? You know you can help them. You know they need to make the leap. But you suspect they are stuck in scarcity, the fear that the things we need or want will run out, that others will be critical or hostile towards us, and the fear that everyone out there is just waiting to shoot us down. It’s frustrating. This week on the podcast I am talking about what you do when you’re talking to a client or a prospective client, and you sense they are stuck in scarcity. I discuss: How people can be at a different level of abundance The disconnect that can happen when a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset meet Building resilience in business How developing client relationships is like dating Options for how you respond to your client’s mindset Useful links Get in touch with Jessica to discuss your consulting business Jessica’s LinkedIn profile


26 Apr 2021

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070: Finding Your True Voice

As a woman consultant, one of the hurdles you face is showing up as the expert. You want to show your authority and captivate the room but at the same time you are probably thinking that you don’t want to come across as too dominant. Perhaps you were always told that children are seen and not heard and that message about blending into the background has stayed with you. Or maybe you always found that when you said an idea in your corporate life it was ignored, but when a man said something similar a short while later, it was picked up.  This week on the podcast my guest is Tracy Goodwin, an internationally known voice command coach and voice analyst. She helps successful professionals and entrepreneurs unleash their greatest asset, their real voice so they can command a presence, captivate their listeners, and make a bigger impact with their message.  Through her business Captivate the Room, Tracy has served thousands of celebrities, thought leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, and state supreme court justices over the last 30 plus years with her signature methodology, the Psychology of the Voice™.   We talk about: Finding your true calling What happens when you people please The lies your subconscious tells you which hold you back The power of your voice Maximising the best version of you Useful links Get Tracy’s free video course Connect with Tracy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Jessica’s LinkedIn profile


19 Apr 2021

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069: Leadership and Decision-Making Now You’re the CEO of your Consulting Business

If you’ve spent time in a corporate workplace you will know that leadership and management are not the same. Woe betide the team who end up with a manager when what they really need is a leader! Being the CEO of your consulting business is probably one of the biggest personal development journeys you will ever go on. We can often feel like we’re at the mercy of our businesses. It seems as if the workload just happens to us. When it’s out of control we tell ourselves we need to keep saying yes to the high volume of low paid work that comes our way because we’re in that place of scarcity when it comes to the money flowing into the business. But when you are the CEO of your consulting business, everything you end up doing comes down to what you are choosing to say yes to. You don’t want to manage the status quo and put up with high volume, low paid work. You want to be a leader - someone who sees a solution where you don’t just settle for what’s in front of you, you aspire to something better. This week on the podcast I am talking about leadership and decision-making now you’re the CEO. I talk about: Whether you are being the manager or the leader in your business Your most powerful tool as a leader How to make positive decisions Accepting that you will get things wrong Why we change course in our businesses Useful links Get in touch with Jessica to discuss your consulting business. Jessica’s LinkedIn profile


12 Apr 2021

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068: Are You The Best At What You Do?

You might have read the title of this episode with a slight look of panic. I’m asking this question, ‘are you the best’ because underneath the surface, we’re not always clear on this very simple issue. Am I the best? Can I really help people? Do I deserve to be here? What about my competitors? I am discussing these questions and more on the podcast this week. They highlight a really fascinating paradox that is often true for high achieving women like us. I talk about: Having confidence in your abilities Collaboration over competition and how this can lead to opportunities Lining your business up to your level of expertise Having a vision for how your business will be What you need to focus on to realise that vision Useful links Get in touch with Jessica to discuss your consulting business Jessica’s LinkedIn profile


5 Apr 2021

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067: Building A Business With Trauma In The Background

How do you know if trauma is getting in the way of your business and who do you turn to for help? Trauma can come in many forms. You might be acutely aware of it, or it might be in the background. Sometimes trauma can surface, seemingly out of the blue, after being buried for a long time. This week my guest on the podcast is Kelly Sullivan Ruta. She is a sought-after CEO Development Strategist who brings a unique combination of 26 years of formal education, training, and expertise as a clinical psychotherapist to the entrepreneurial table. Kelly combines several theories and applications of psychology, clinical social work, neuroplasticity, and the ability to safely navigate trauma to help transform CEOs and business owners from being the bottlenecks in their scaling efforts to confident leaders and change agents in their industries. We talk about: The differences and boundaries between coaching, mentoring, psychotherapy, mindset, and strategic CEO development How scaling a business to multi six figures and beyond is the greatest personal development challenge of your life How challenges in business can re-trigger trauma The impact of trauma on your system Not feeling ashamed to ask for help with trauma Useful links Connect with Kelly Ruta on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook Jessica’s LinkedIn profile


29 Mar 2021

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066: Pushing Ourselves To Succeed

Sometimes when you’re running your consultancy business, it feels like you’re in the plane with your parachute on. Will you jump? You will yourself on to succeed, even though you are tired, even though your body is saying ‘no’, and you tell yourself you must do this. You might have had a tiger mom figure in your life who pushed you to that point. But all too often - you are the tiger mom, and you want to do everything through fear and force. Then we wonder why we feel so stressed and unhappy! It doesn’t have to be this way. You can still achieve your ambitions without throwing yourself out of the plane before you are ready and hoping you have a good landing. This week on the podcast I am talking about pushing ourselves to succeed and how you can grow your business in a way that works for you. I talk about: Managing your energy as you build your business How your ambition can make a real impact in the world When your business demands more from you than you have to give What happens when your inner voice is tired of being ignored Understanding who you really are as a person Useful links Get in touch with Jessica to discuss your consulting business. Jessica’s LinkedIn profile


22 Mar 2021

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065: When Your Audience And Your Income Don’t Match Up

Are you working hard in your business, giving out and helping others, but it feels like you’re not making back an amount of money that adequately compensates you? It’s a classic scenario that women in all walks of life end up in. You’re stuck in resentment because you’re serving this huge audience but you, the shoemaker, are going barefoot, and it becomes a negative cycle of resentment and negative emotions and aspirations. The classic entrepreneur business model is to have a standard product or course that you mass market to a huge audience. But you want your business to be built around value, not volume. This week on the Seven Figure Consultant Podcast, I am discussing when your audience and your income don’t match up. I talk about: Being known as an expert but that not translating into income Feeling powerless about your situation Assessing your business model Taking action to turn your business around Feeling energised about your business Useful links Get in touch with Jessica to discuss your consulting business Jessica’s LinkedIn profile


8 Mar 2021

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064: Growing Your Consulting Business With The Kids At Home

Have you been running your consulting business while balancing home-school at the same time? Here in the UK, schools are poised to go back and this intensely difficult phase is coming to an end. Women have been disproportionately affected by childcare and home-school responsibilities during lockdown, and it’s been more pronounced for self-employed women who have often ended up cutting back their paid work, and then falling through the cracks of the government grants for the self-employed. That may have been the case for you, or it might have impacted your work and home life in other ways. This week on the podcast, I am talking about growing your consulting business with the kids at home and what we can take from this experience. I talk about: Making changes in your consulting business The advantage of running your business over a corporate career Wanting to make life perfect for our children The moments that make us the people we are Not being a ‘perfect’ parent Useful links Get in touch with Jessica to discuss your consulting business Jessica’s LinkedIn profile


27 Feb 2021

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063: The Power Of Copywriting Formulas To Cut Down Time And Increase Creativity In Your Writing

How much do you write for your business? When you start out as a consultant you might not write that much marketing material. You have probably put a website together but how well does it represent you now? And you might be noticing all the additional writing you are doing, from emails to your list to the preparation for a launch. I’ve been talking a lot on the podcast recently about what it means to be a CEO and doing all the writing you need for your business demands is one area to look at. If you are wondering how to outsource writing, then this week’s podcast interview is for you. I am talking to Kim Kiel, a direct response strategist and founder of boutique copywriting agency Kim Kiel Copy. With 15+ years of writing multi-6-figure campaigns for small businesses and non-profits, Kim helps brainy brands and experts share their gifts and positive impact with the world. We talk about: Knowing when you need to outsource your copywriting Using email when you are launching a course Common copywriting mistakes people make on their websites Copywriting frameworks you can use to make writing easier Whether it’s best to wait until inspiration strikes or to make a habit of writing Useful links The Ultimate Checklist for Magnetic Copy that Attracts & Sells Jessica’s LinkedIn profile


22 Feb 2021

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