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The Pimms are back with a swashbuckling tale of revenge and dark magic in OTRO MUNDO, a weekly actual-play tabletop RPG podcast. Join them every Wednesday for a brand-new high seas Forged in the Dark adventure!

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Otro Mundo - Chapter 2: A Desperate Bargain is Struck

Desperate to flee the coming storm, Thomas begs for passage. Captain Crowe and Mrs. Tucker strike a bargain to travel to the New World. Sorrowful Barks tells them of the pirate Claes Gerritszoon, a man he believes to have magical powers. Tarquin wins friends, both among the crew and elsewhere.

1hr 5mins

11 Mar 2020

Rank #1

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Otro Mundo - Chapter 3: What Was Waiting in the Wind

As Mrs. Tucker and her crew try to evade Edward Dougal and take their supplies, Thomas tries to get more information on the threat waiting in the wind from the learned Dr. Norwood, who has found his own treasure from the deep. Captain Crowe sights sails on the horizon and gives pursuit, intent to stop the thieving George from stealing Mrs. Tucker's supplies, but a storm is coming...

1hr 13mins

18 Mar 2020

Rank #2

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Otro Mundo - Chapter 4: Running Before the Wind

Captain Crowe and Mrs. Tucker have made it to sea, but they still have to weather the storm ahead of them before their escape from the Somers Isles is complete. Somewhere in the Americas ahead of them is William Warmgore, the pirate who murdered Mrs. Tucker's husband, and she'll need the loyalty of their questionable crew if they have any hope of finding him.

1hr 34mins

25 Mar 2020

Rank #3

Podcast cover

Otro Mundo - Chapter 5: Landfall in Jamestown

After a month at sea, the Caliban and the stricken Ariel have finally arrived in Virginia in search of any sign of William Warmgore, but before they make landfall Sorrowful Barks needs to persuade old George to stay loyal to his newfound crew--and in his reduced position. Mrs. Mary looks for any news of piracy in the Chesapeake Bay, while Thomas Edge continues to deal with the spirit in the wind for answers...

1hr 11mins

1 Apr 2020

Rank #4

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Otro Mundo - Chapter 6: Search on Hog Island

The Caliban has laid anchor at Hog Island across the Chesapeake from Jamestown, its crew searching for some evidence of the ship that took the Dove. Thomas uses his powers and the stolen coin to search out any clues while Mrs. Tucker and Captain Crowe head into town to look for clues the old-fashioned way. Somewhere on the island there's a traitor...


8 Apr 2020

Rank #5

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Behind the Pimms: City Limits - Season 5

The Pimms are finally back in the Raleigh Memorial Theater in beautiful Discord to answer fan questions and reminisce about the 60-episode run of City Limits. Join in the fun on social media or email us at brotherspimm@gmail.com.


8 Apr 2020

Rank #6

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Otro Mundo - Chapter 7: Assailed by Brigands

The treacherous Abraham Root has ordered his gang of blackguards to assault the crew of the Caliban, hoping to end their inquiries into the Dove once and for all. With the Mrs. Tucker and Captain Crowe separated from their men, they'll have to fight for their lives if they hope to reunite and find out the mayor's treachery.

1hr 1min

15 Apr 2020

Rank #7

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Otro Mundo - Chapter 8: Seeking a Meeting with a Pirate

With victory in hand, the crew of the Caliban take the defeated Mayor Root into the swamp to get the answers they need out of him. They've learned about his confederate Pierre le Grand, a minor pirate far from his usual haunts, but they'll need to rest and recuperate before they can meet with him--and get the answers they need.


22 Apr 2020

Rank #8

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Otro Mundo - Chapter 9: An Offer from LeGrande

The crew of the Caliban has an appointment with Pierre le Grande, with Sorrowful Barks leading negotiations. With this brief window into the world of piracy, will they reach an agreement and learn more about the whereabouts of William Warmgore? Or will they offend LeGrande's crew and pay the price for crossing a pirate?

1hr 6mins

29 Apr 2020

Rank #9

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Otro Mundo - Chapter 10: Brigitte

As the crew prepares to weigh anchor Mary confronts the stricken Ariel and how best to make their way to Tortuga with their new ally Pierre Le Grande. But one of Pierre's trusted aides seems to know something is wrong with their new partners, a cunning woman named Brigitte. Thomas looks for what she stole from the spirit in the wind--but once he finds it, will he have the strength to take it?

1hr 15mins

6 May 2020

Rank #10