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Admissions Live - What Accepted Students Want

As winter begins to slowly fade away, admission offices all over the country are planning and executing accepted student events, enhanced communication plans, and engagement activities. It’s yield season! More so than ever before, enrollment managers are asking the question – what do accepted students want? On this episode of Admissions Live, we sit down with three innovative, higher education professionals working with accepted students in different capacities but with the same goal; improving yield by deciphering what accepted students (and their parents) want.

1hr 6mins

26 Feb 2018

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Advancement Live - Activating Alumni as Social Media Ambassadors

You know that you're produce compelling content; now how do you make sure that content is reaching the maximum number of eyes? Or if there's a message you'd like to get out, do you have a reliable team at the ready to help you do just that? That's where alumni social media ambassadors come in. In this episode of Advancement Live, Kim Brown chats with experts from the University of Chicago and Northeastern University about their ambassador programs—and what you should know if you're looking to launch (or improve) one at your institution.


30 May 2017

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Student Affairs Live - High-Impact Practices: Maximizing Student Learning and Engagement

High-Impact Practices (HIPs) have been shown to increase rates of retention and student engagement and have the potential to shape campus culture and compensate for deficiencies in academic preparation. This episode will explore how to incorporate high-quality HIP's into programs inside and outside of the classroom.

1hr 3mins

21 Jun 2017

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Student Affairs Live - Emotional Intelligence in Leadership & Social Justice

What are the signs of an emotionally intelligent leader? How is emotional intelligence central to our effectiveness in student affairs leadership broadly and in social justice education specifically? What are the critical components of emotionally intelligent leadership that preparation programs and professional development for student affairs should address?On this episode of Student Affairs Live, guest host Keith Edwards connects with three individuals to talk about emotional intelligence in leadership and social justice. Joining Keith are Marilee Bresciani Ludvik, Paige Haber-Curran, and Mamta Accapadi (please read their detailed bios below).


27 Oct 2016

Rank #4

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Student Affairs Live - The Effects of Technology on Mental Health

A growing body of research from a variety of disciplines indicates that the widespread use of digital technology – including computers, the internet, video games, and smart phones – has a measurable, negative impact on the development and adaptation of the human brain, resulting in significant changes in our sleep, mood, concentration, memory and learning, as well as behaviors such as risk-taking and aggression. This effect appears to be more pronounced for the younger generation of so-called “digital natives.” This episode will explore the current research on this topic and the implications for the education and psychological development of college students.

1hr 2mins

17 May 2017

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Higher Ed Trends - 2019 Edition

It's a new year. What better way to kick things off than to check in on higher ed trends. We’ve tapped two Higher Ed Live OGs to bring you this episode. Hear from producer and host, Ashley Budd, and our network founder Seth Odell. Ashley will ask Seth his take on what’s happening in our industry and what to watch.


11 Jan 2019

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Student Affairs Live - How College Affects Students

Higher and post-secondary education professionals face intense scrutiny on several fronts. In these roles, we must have a working knowledge of college impact. And so, we need to understand the metrics that prove effectiveness. The newest volume of How College Affects Students builds on decades of research and incorporates findings from 2002 to 2013. It serves as an important resource for educators, administrators, researchers, and policymakers. The book reveals how colleges affect undergraduates economic, career, and quality of life outcomes. It provides evidence-based insights on the value of higher education. Join Student Affairs Live co-host Heather Shea on Wednesday, April 4. She'll speak with the authors of How College Affects Students. Hear how they distilled research for use in and beyond higher education. Heather talks with Drs. Matthew Mayhew, Alyssa Rockenbach, Nicholas Bowman, Tricia Seifert, and Gregory Wolniak.

1hr 1min

4 Apr 2018

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Student Affairs Live - Disability in Higher Education: A Social Justice Approach

What do student affairs educators need to know to develop an approach to disability that moves beyond access and accommodation? For the students we work with on our campuses, how does disability interact with multiple aspects of their identity and experience in college? In this episode of Student Affairs Live, we answer these questions and more.


31 Jan 2018

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Student Affairs Live - Building Living-Learning Communities that Work: Advancing Design, Delivery, and Assessment

Many postsecondary institutions use living-learning communities (LLC) as a tool for recruitment, engagement, and retention. Current research illustrates that solely having an LLC is insufficient as a means towards realizing these outcomes. In this session, panelists will discuss proven strategies for helping students achieve outcomes often associated with LLCs and provide recommendations for design, delivery, and assessment. On this episode of Student Affairs Live, guest host Keith Edwards speaks with Karen Kurotsuchi Inkelas, Jody Jessup-Anger, and Matthew Mayhew about their research on LLCs. These scholars will discuss lessons that practitioners can use to improve the student outcomes from LLCs. This free episode will air live on Wednesday, January 10 at 1 p.m. ET. To watch the archived video, just return to this page at any point after the episode airs.


10 Jan 2018

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Admissions Live - Trending Topics in Admissions: A Year in Review

2017 marked a newsworthy year in college admissions. Popular culture, the political climate, social issues, and technology helped drive a national conversation about the status of college admissions in America; the good, the bad, and the ugly. One thing is for certain, 2017 was a year of big stories and significant changes that will influence the admissions landscape for years to come. On this episode of Admissions Live, we are joined by Eric Hoover, a senior writer at the Chronicle of Higher Education, and Jon Boeckenstedt, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management and Marketing at DePaul University and author, to identify and discuss the hottest topics in admissions in 2017 and how they will impact the field in the future.

1hr 1min

18 Dec 2017

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Student Affairs Live - From Student Affairs to the Presidency

What is it like to be a university president? How does a career in student affairs prepare leaders for the presidency? What should student affairs leaders who are considering a presidency know about the role? On this episode of Student Affairs Live, host Keith Edwards speaks with three university presidents who started their career as student affairs leaders. This free episode will air live on Wednesday, October 23 at 2 pm ET. To watch the archived video, just return to this page at any point after the episode airs.


24 Oct 2019

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Student Affairs Live - Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs: Advancing Social Justice and Inclusion

What levels of multicultural awareness, knowledge, skills, and actions are required of student affairs professionals today? How does one go about building multicultural competence and embedding those practices into their work in student affairs? On this episode of Student Affairs Live, host Heather Shea speaks with Raechele Pope and Amy Reynolds, two authors of the long awaited second edition of the classic book Multicultural Competence in Student Affairs: Advancing Social Justice and Inclusion. This episode will explore both the underlying frameworks driving this work as well as the practical strategies and approaches to enhance praxis. This free episode will air live on Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 1 p.m. ET. To watch the archived video, return to this page at any time after the episode airs.


3 Oct 2019

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Marketing Live - The Liberal Arts Value Proposition

In today’s economy, how do you convince students (and parents) that studying what they love is worthwhile? Can rebranding build community and inspire confidence within your institution or unit? In this episode of Marketing Live, communications and marketing leadership from Notre Dame’s liberal arts college will discuss how they leveraged outcomes data to launch a branding campaign that is reorienting the career culture on campus, and they will answer your questions on communicating the value proposition of a liberal arts education.


29 Apr 2018

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Marketing Live - Building a Higher Education Brand

“Branding” is no longer a dirty word in Higher Education. The discipline is being embraced by all types and sizes of institutions and must be well understood by effective university marketing practitioners. Learn from two marketing communications leaders at vastly different institutions how to: - Discover your university’s true brand and implement a brand strategy that helps achieve university and department goals - Understand your brand architecture and how to tailor the brand for various units - Develop and launch a new brand identity/visual system - Align stakeholders to deliver and communicate in a brand-aligned way that elevates the university and all its divisions - Create tools and strategies that make it easy for units to produce professional, on-brand communications - Build consensus, buy-in and support among leadership, faculty, staff, students and alumni - Decide if you need to involve an agency, and how to work best with them if you do


16 Aug 2018

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Student Affairs Live - Developing a Comprehensive Co-Curricular Record

How can we provide evidence that student learning occurs outside of the classroom? What is the best way to document students' co-curricular engagement? In what ways might students benefit from such a record? How can the culture of the institution influence the design and implementation of a new co-curricular record-keeping database? On the next episode of Student Affairs Live, host Heather Shea will facilitate a conversation with several individuals from Michigan State University about their efforts to launch a Comprehensive Co-Curricular Record. Tune in live to this free webcast by visiting watch.higheredlive.com at the time of the episode (1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, May 2) or return to this site at any time to access the video archive.

1hr 1min

2 May 2018

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Admissions Live - Non Traditional Perspectives on the Value of Higher Education

Recent events rocked higher ed including fraud rings, closures, consolidations, and dissolved ethics. Has the value of higher education changed as a result? Has traditional higher education been resisting change for years? Hear Dr. Lynn Priddy, Chris Onan, and Josh Dorsey discuss the state of higher ed today from personal and professional points of view.


7 Aug 2019

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Admissions Live - Best Practies and Successes in Maximizing Yield with your Campus Visit Program

Colleges and universities are facing a problem – the pool for prospective students is declining. This means that institutions need to be creative in thinking about their admissions processes. The smartest way to manage enrollment is to get more students to visit campus and dive into the data from these visits. Easy scheduling, automated and simple communication plans, and robust data are the items that successful colleges and universities are turning to in order to meet and exceed enrollment goals. Ramon Blakley, Director of Admissions at Georgia College in Milledgeville, Georgia, has figured out and mastered the ingredients to this secret sauce. This live broadcast brings together Ramon and VisitDays CEO, Sujoy Roy, to talk about best practices and successes that occur through automating the campus visit.


15 Oct 2018

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Student Affairs Live - Engaging the Digital Generation

On this episode of SA Live, host Tony Doody interviews Ed Cabellon and Josie Ahlquist about their recently co-authored book, "Engaging the Digital Generation." Guaranteed to be entertaining and informative, Ed and Josie blend years of research, theory and practice to offer up practical advice and insight for Student Affairs professionals at every level. Topics covered on this episode include: Adapting to the rapid pace of technological change; professional development and competency; collecting and measuring data to inform strategy; coping and choosing from the array of tools and solutions that technology affords; creating structured policies and guidelines for social media; and predicting what the future holds for digital engagement in Higher Education.

1hr 1min

16 Nov 2016

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Student Affairs Live - Trends in Student Centers

What are the hot trends and issues in Student Centers today? How do you best blend technology, aesthetics, amenities, and a sense of institutional pride into community spaces that cater to the needs of modern-day students? How can intentional student center design lead to better learning and engagement on campus? What are the biggest challenges facing student center professionals today? On this episode of Higher Ed Live, Tony Doody interviews Debra Hammond, Corbin Smyth, Laurie Woodward, and architect Brian Schermer about “Trends In Student Centers” with questions related to sustainability, security, signage, accommodations for students with disabilities, and more.


26 Apr 2018

Rank #19