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The LNG Big Chill gives a quick update on the latest news and price in the gas and LNG sector. A Wood Mackenzie podcast production.

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M&A in Arctic-2 and Mozambique LNG – implications for CAPEX boom

Implications for Mozambique LNG from the tug of war for Anadarko. Outlook for Arctic-2 following Chinese NOC investments. Just how big will the LNG capex boom be? And one step forward, one step back for Japanese nuclear power. Produced by Wood Mackenzie


1 May 2019

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Full Steam Ahead - Mozambique LNG And Sabine Pass Train 6

Mozambique LNG final investment decision announced. Meanwhile, US LNG activity continues to ramp up with the FID at Sabine Pass Train 6 and Saudi Aramco investing into Port Arthur.Hosts: Nicholas Browne (Nicholas.browne@woodmac.com)Giles Farrer (Giles.Farrer@woodmac.com)


3 Jul 2019

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What's next for the Japanese LNG market and why Canadian LNG is looking good

What will impact LNG demand in the worlds largest market? How Japanese buyers are changing the way they buy LNG? How the Western Canadian Woodfibre project is getting closer to sanction and what other factors are driving a rosier picture for future Western Canadian LNG projects?00.00 Intro00.57 Prices1.48 Japanese LNG Demand1.48 Japanese LNG Demand Outlook3.51 Nuclear Uncertainty impact on LNG demand5.30 Expectations for coal fired power6.45 Japanese Energy Policy8.45 Tokyo Gas Shell Coal Indexed Contract11.34 Japanese LNG buyer contract innovation13.20 What Japanese buyers want in contracts and arbitrations 15.05 Canadian LNG Supply Outlook15.48 Woodfibre Project16.50 Cambrian Acquisition19.10 Woodfibre LNG Contracts21.42 Wider LNG supply business environment in Western Canada23.30 How Canadian LNG can become greener25.54 Other new project developments and innovation in project design and structuring


23 Jul 2019

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China’s LNG market – what to watch?

A deep dive into China’s LNG market. Is it slowing down and if so by how much? We assess the ongoing development of gas trading. Will companies start to seek to include local hub pricing into international contracts? And examples of the non-stop dynamism and innovation we see. 


26 Aug 2019

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How Coronavirus is driving Asian and Europe demand down and hitting LNG supply too

In this episode we are talking about: How the oil price crash and coronavirus and gas is changing the market. In Asia we are covering how the Chinese gas market is recovering, what lockdown means for Indian LNG demand and the potential for coal to gas switching in Japan and South Korea. In Europe we are talking about how far gas demand will fall this quarter and the implications for storage. We are also looking at how the global LNG supply outlook will change.Timings:00.00 Intro00.50 Prices1:49 Chinese Gas and LNG Demand Growth4.14 Pipeline imports down - LNG imports stay strong6.00 Longer term Chinese Demand Outlook8.00 Indian LNG imports down9.58 Is there potential for upside in Japan and South Korea from Coal to gas switching13.30 The impact of Coronavirus on European Gas Demand18.00 European Gas Storage at record highs20.30 LNG Supply impact near term24.00 Delays to under construction LNG projects25.40 Which pre FID LNG projects will still go ahead


23 Apr 2020

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