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Mostly Harmless With Dammit Damian - Punk Rock Podcast

Mostly Harmless is Denver's punk rock talk show. After a few beers, Damian talks to Musicians, comedians, artists, filmmakers and more about their origins stories, creating their own paths, future projects; along with life, the universe and everything!

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111 - LIVE! "Holidays from HELL!" with Bree Davies, Kevin O'Brien & Jack's Smirking Revenge

MOSTLY HARMLESS LIVE: "HOLIDAYS FROM HELL!" Guests include Bree Davies (Welcome To Rock Island Podcast, Denver Westword), Comedian Kevin O'Brien (These Things Matter Podcast) & musical guest: Jack's Smirking Revenge (Alex Pelissero)! Recorded in front of a "studio" audience at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver! This episode is brought to you by Ratio Beerworks!  In this month's live episode, Damian drinks too much while the gang discuss horrible holidays past, the joys of retail and MORE! The gang also play a fun and filthy game of Mad Libs!This live event features a solo set with Alex Pelissero as Jack's Smirking Revenge!

1hr 42mins

17 Dec 2015

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101 - Dan Andriano from Alkaline Trio & Emergency Room

Alkaline Trio bassist, Dan Andriano talks about his new band, The Emergency Room, working with Jeff Rosenstock, what he wanted to be when he grew up, his relationship with Mike Park of Asian Man Records and his daughters intense love of music. All of this and more!


11 Aug 2015

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David Dondero joins us to talk his discovery and obsession with music, discovery of Punk Rock, getting sober, his life on the road and oh so much more! Plus Dondero serenades us with a rendition of Newcleus "Jam On It!"


12 Nov 2013

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80 - Speedy Ortiz

Hot Damn! SPEEDY ORTIZ are our guests today on The Mostly Harmless Podcast! We meet up with the band in the basement green room of the Hi-Dive. We have a free flowing chat with the band that covers topics such as their early musical origin stories, how they chose their instruments, the geography or middle America and comic books! Songs from this episode include: "Everything's Bigger" from their EP, Real Hair and "Doomsday" from their brand new split 7" with Chris Weisman for Famous Class's LAMC single series!


13 Oct 2014

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105 - Reel Big Fish & Mad Caddies talk BEER at Ska Brewing 20th Anniversary

A few weeks back we traveled to Durango, Colorado for the best damned beer festival in the United States, the Ska Brewing 20th Anniversary Party & Brewers Invitational! In this week's episode we meet up with both REEL BIG FISH and MAD CADDIES to drink beer at a beer festival and to chat about..... What else??? BEER! First Beers, favorite beers, making your own beers and MORE! 


30 Sep 2015

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56 - Masked Intruder talk their first thefts, first loves, stealing music and more!

We join Masked Intruder on The Fat Tour tour  discuss their first loves, first thefts, first records, being bad guys, women, High Fidelity and E.T. All this and more from The Aggie Theater in Fort Collins before playing with Less Than Jake and Ant-Flag!


26 Nov 2013

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103 - Jeff Rosenstock Talks We Cool? and the demise of Bomb the Music Industry.

Jeff Rosenstock is the guest on this week's podcast! Damian gets birthday drunk and chats with Jeff about 30's, zines vs podcasts, the end of Bomb The Music Industry & the beginnings of the new band, the WE COOL? record, the Bomb documentary, being a lifer & oh so much more!


18 Aug 2015

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59 - OLD MAN MARKLEY Live interview and Live Acoustic set from Illegal Pete's South Broadway!

OLD MAN MARKLEY join us for a very special episode of Mostly Harmless, recorded in front of a live studio audience at  Illegal Pete's South Broadway in Denver, Co! We talk with the band for about ten minutes before the band plays a short set for the All Ages crowd! Video of this event is available on the Mostly Harmless Youtube Channel.


13 Jan 2014

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110 - Foxing (Josh Coll, Jon Hellwig & Conor Murphy)

Damian chats with Conor, Josh and Jon from FOXING on Conor's birthday in Denver, Colorado. The band is currently on tour in support of their newest full length, DEALER, out now on Triple Crown Records. The four of them hide from the impending snowstorm and have a deep, sometimes dark chat about DEALER, using music as therapy for the listeners and the musicians and embracing the love of fans. All of this and more in today's podcast!


17 Nov 2015

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100! - Dammit Damian Burford answers questions from comedian Eric Henderson about 100 Episodes of Mostly Harmless Podcast

In this 100th episode of Mostly Harmless, the microphone gets turned on our host Damian Burford, as his old friend, former roommate and Denver comedian Eric Henderson asks questions about 100 episodes of Mostly Harmless, Worldly travels, creativity and oh so much more!

1hr 39mins

29 Jul 2015

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109 - Bob Suren - Author of Crate Digger

This week's guest is BOB SUREN! Bob Suren is the author behind one of my favorite book discoveries this year, Crate Digger, out now on Microcosm Publishing. The book is about his early childhood discoveries of punk rock, how that discovery became an obsession. He tells the stories of how he opened Sound Idea in Brandon, Florida and Burrito Records out of that same shop; not to mention how he met and fell in love with his wife in those hallowed halls.    Bob was recently in Denver to promote Crate Digger, and this interview was done at the 7th Circle Music Collective. This episode also includes exerts from the Crate Digger audio book, also out on Microcosm Publishing. 


12 Nov 2015

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104 - Soul Asylum (Dave Pirner & Michael Bland) Bonus: Comic Artist Sean Tiffany

SOUL ASYLUM! WHAT?!? Damian's favorite band from when he was 14 is this week's special guest! Damian hangs out and chats with Soul Asylum frontman Dave Pirner and drummer Michael Bland about their early origin stories, how they found their paths, destiny and the importance of getting off the couch! Michael Bland also talks about how he came to be Prince's drummer in 1989 and more!   This episode is brought to you by Ratio Beerworks! Also in this episode is Soul Asylum fan and fantastic artist, Sean Tiffany! Tiffany is the mastermind behind Oil Can Drive, a futuristic band in space comic book series! Tiffany has also worked for Marvel comics, Time Magazine and Sports Illustrated! 


16 Sep 2015

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81 - Kierston White

KEIRSTON WHITE is this week's guest. She can currently be seen on tour with John Moreland. We meet up with the singer songwriter to talk about her early musical origins, how she was an annoying little sister who learned to play and sing from her older brother, Bryon White from The Damn Quails. We also talk about how she found her voice, Stagefright, her friendship with John Moreland and her family connection to Roger Miller. She also maybe sings a little bit of Sublime in this week's audio adventure! Recorded backstage at 3 Kings Tavern in Denver, Colorado.


12 Nov 2014

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107 - Joe Sib Comedian & SideOneDummy Records

JOE SIB, the comedian, founder of SideOneDummy Records, host of Complete Control Radio and vocalist for WAX & 22 Jacks; joins Damian at the Comedy Works loft in Denver, Colorado. The two drink too much coffee and chat about the band WAX, working with Spike Jonze, and Joe's role at SideOneDummy. The two also talk about their experiences working in Comedy and Joe talks about finding courage to follow your own path! All of this and more in today's episode!

1hr 22mins

2 Nov 2015

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106 - LIVE: Scary Stories with Mara Wiles, Josiah Hesse & The Knew!

Mostly Harmless Live: "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark!" Join us as special guests Comedian Mara Wiles, Author Josiah Hesse, & Musical guest The Knew discuss the things that scared them scared them as children and now as adults and how to face your own fears! This episode features a comedy set from Mara Wiles and live performance from THE KNEW!!! Recorded October 8th, 2015 at Mutiny Information Cafe! Sponsored by Ratio Beerworks

1hr 55mins

12 Oct 2015

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108 - Beach Slang - James Alex & JP Flexner

James Alex and JP Flexner of Beach Slang talk about the influence of their former bands, Weston and Ex-Friends, has had on the success of Beach Slang. They talk about their graphic design/Art careers, Destiny, staying humble and how these components created their new record; "THE THINGS WE DO TO FIND PEOPLE LIKE US," out now on Polyvinyl! All of this and MORE!


9 Nov 2015

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112 - Jim Norris - 3 Kings Tavern & Mutiny Information Cafe

Jim Norris is a founding owner of 3 Kings Tavern and Mutiny Information Cafe. Today we chat with Jim about his numerous roles in the Denver music scene, his departure after 10 years at 3 Kings, the future for Mutiny and how easy it is to participate in the local music landscape! Music included in today's episode includes songs from Whiskey Kiss & White Fudge!

1hr 4mins

5 Jan 2016

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58 - PJ Bond talks about his nonstop touring life, his early origins, first bands and more! Includes live tracks!

PJ Bond joins Damian at the Larimer Lounge in Denver to talk about his earliest musical obsessions, his first bands, his touring lifestyle and more! This episode also included a partial live set with Marko Casso from his show that evening with Maria Taylor.


6 Jan 2014

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82 - HARD GIRLS / Shinobu

Mike, Max and Morgan of HARD GIRLS tell us about what led to their newest record, A THOUSAND SURFACES, working with Jesse Michaels of OPERATION IVY, the wisdom of Mike Park and more! Mike also talks the upcoming Shinobu release!


25 Nov 2014

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83 - Dan Potthast (Mu33) & Rick Johnson (Mustard Plug) talk Sharkanoid!

Dan Potthast of Mu33o and Rick Johnson of Mustard Plug join us today to talk about the first time they met, the first records they bought, their home lives, tour life as an adult and the creation of Sharkanoid; the duo's Guided by Voices inspired pop-punk concept album!


9 Dec 2014

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