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Sunday Sermons from the UPPERROOM Dallas Campus

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►Forgiveness || Jeremy & Ashley Shuck

This week our friends & pastors Jeremy & Ashley Shuck from UPPERROOM Frisco share their profound story of how the Lord has authored forgiveness in their lives. A big question we’re faced with in the process of forgiveness is “what does it look

26 Jul 2022

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►Pursue Your Union || Joshua David

“In the same way you received Jesus our Lord and Messiah by faith, continue your journey of faith, progressing further into your union with him!” Joshua David continues this Sunday in Colossians, bringing us out of the shadow of our own thoughts and feelings and into His marvelous light. By faith we become one with Jesus, transforming the condition of our hearts as the first fruit of union with Him.

20 Jul 2022

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►Holy, Flawless, & Restored || Joshua David

We see in the book of Colossians the foundation of Jesus Christ being enough. Joshua David from UPPERROOM India speaks from multiple places in scripture that reveal the true delight the Father has in us through His Son in the new covenant.

10 Jul 2022

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►Loving Your Neighbor || Aaron Smith

Our very own Aaron Smith is breaking down the parable from Luke 10:30 answering these questions practically: who is my neighbor and how do I love them?

3 Jul 2022

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►A Resting Place For God || Jaco Booyens

There are several “giants” in our day that culture is subject to. Jaco Booyens, a member of UPPERROOM & abolitionist fighting human trafficking, gives us tangible ways through the Word to stand up to fear and become a resting place for the plans and purposes of God.

26 Jun 2022

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►The Knowledge of God || Corey Russell

Corey Russell brings us into one of the deepest revelations of his heart - that there is no pleasure or pain that compares to God revealing who He is to the human spirit. In Ephesians 1:18, we see the hope of His calling given to us through the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of God.

14 Jun 2022

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► The Blood Speaks Forgiveness || Peter Louis

This Pentecost Sunday, Peter Louis leads us to bring our hearts before the Lord as a prerequisite to taking communion and worshipping. We look in Hebrews at the Mediator of the new covenant and how truly beautiful it is that Jesus ensures our access to the Father on our behalf. The law speaks and many die, but when grace speaks many live. Grace only flows through faith, and this magnificent truth authors faith in us to receive the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness He has for His born again believers. The blood is speaking, crying out “you are forgiven.”https://www.braveheart.run

8 Jun 2022

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► Biblical Hospitality || Kevin Tipps

Hospitality: to love a stranger, the different one; the other one. If there is one principle that is at the core of who we are as a house of prayer, it would ultimately be hospitality. Kevin Tipps helps bring our body into this revelation through 1 Peter 4:8, in that the Christian life is meant to be lived out together. As we host the presence of Jesus in the prayer room, we’re asking that He would teach us and provoke us to create the same holy place around our dinner tables. Maranatha, come Lord Jesus in our homes.

1 Jun 2022

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► The Communion Revival || Peter Louis

There is one cure for the church in this hour - receiving, discerning, and honoring the blood and body of Jesus. The giving of God to Man is the sufficient ministry to save, deliver, and heal His children. As we return to the table of the Lord, we believe that there will be a great repentance that not only impacts the global church, but will transform the family unit around our own dinner tables. https://www.braveheart.run

25 May 2022

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► The Go of the Gospel || Aaron Smith

Jesus is calling His Bride to go and do what they’ve been called to do; make disciples of all nations. Aaron Smith gives us three things from Matthew 28 that will empower our body and set us up to have fear broken off of ours lives - recognizing the power of His voice, the passion of His desire, and the promise of the end. We hope you’re moved to ask for nations; our glorious inheritance as the church.

17 May 2022

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