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The Voice of Israeli InnovationThe Start-up Nation, Unveiled.In 2014 alone, Israeli startups generated nearly $15 billion in exits and IPOs. Startup Camel podcast reveals the inside stories behind the sizzling start-up scene of Israel - an 8-million-people-nation with more start-up companies and innovation than anywhere outside Silicon Valley. Every episode features an insightful interview with a founder of a successful Israeli startup and tells the story of how to build a great company from scratch. Learn entrepreneurship from those who have made it.

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Eco Wave Power - Inna Braverman

Eco Wave Power- Addressing the global demand for RENEWABLE, RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE energy• Established in 2011 and headquartered in Israel, EWP has developed proprietary technology for extracting energy from sea waves.• EWP completed its wave tank and field testing in the Black Sea, and currently has an installed R&D power plant in Jaffa Port, and a 100kW grid-connected power station in Gibraltar, to be followed by a 5MW grid-connected power station.• Highly competitive & cost effective green solution – EWP's construction costs , as well as production costs per kWh, were found to be the most competitive in the wave energy market and are also competitive compared to wind and solar.• Excellence Awards Winning - Granted the “Frost & Sullivan Product Award” , “Business Green Leaders Award” the “IAIR Sustainability Award”, “Energy Globe Award” for “Best project in Israel“ by Unesco, the Mixiii Innovation Award by the Chief Scientist of Economy, Erasmus University Award and recognition as “pioneering technology” by Dr. Halaf, Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Energy, Government of Israel. EWP’s project in Gibraltar also received funding from the European Union.• Global Spread- EWP has subsidiaries in China, Mexico and Gibraltar, with additional subsidiaries in advanced negotiation phases.• Projects pipeline in capacity of 130 MW


3 Feb 2018

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Gong.io - Amit Bendov

Gong.io is the #1 conversation intelligence platform for B2B sales. Gong.io enables sales teams to improve their calls and demos and gives sales leaders insights into how well calls are being conducted. Gong.io’s patented technology records, transcribes, and analyzes sales calls using AI, helping the sales organization understand what works and what doesn’t. Visit Gong.io for more information.


7 Jan 2018

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SC 003 - Eran Ben Shushan - Bizzabo

SC 003 - Eran Ben Shushan - Bizzabo by Startup Camel


10 May 2015

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Tomobox - David Sachs

Tomobox uses artificial intelligence and human collaboration to drive customer experiences through texting and messaging for financial institutions.


1 Jan 2018

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SC 005 - Tamar Yaniv - Preen.Me

SC 005 - Tamar Yaniv - Preen.Me by Startup Camel


10 May 2015

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SC 004 - Liat Mordechay Hertanu - 24me

SC 004 - Liat Mordechay Hertanu - 24me by Startup Camel


10 May 2015

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Display.io - Stephen Caffrey

Display.io is a mobile audience network. We enable app developers to become a profitable app business through advertising.Our innovative publisher tools generate ad-funded revenue from in-app audiences and deliver app advertisers with a measurable return on advertising spend.


15 Feb 2018

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Flytrex - Yariv Bash

Flytrex is building the world's first drone delivery operating system, enabling the on-demand drone revolution.


8 Jan 2018

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SC 006 - Jonathan Caras - Glide

SC 006 - Jonathan Caras - Glide by Startup Camel


10 May 2015

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AppReal-VR - Yariv Levski

AppReal-VR is an Israeli software company, specializing in VR & AR, Co-founded by Yariv Levski, the CEO and Aviram Eisenberg, the CTO. AppReal-VR recruits and manages dedicated teams in Ukraine for companies who wish to develop VR and AR offshore or lack the internal knowledge or resources to do that. The company has deep knowledge of 3D modeling and software development for XR domains, has its own IP of development tools and platform. AppReal-VR works with some of the largest companies in the world in developing applications and products for VR and AR, in verticals such as – medicine, gaming, advertising and more...


22 Feb 2018

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Right-Hear - Idan Meir

Right-Hear is an advanced accessibility solution that allows people who are blind or visually impaired to acquire better orientation in public spaces (mostly indoor). Our popular, innovative solution has turned over 300 venues into accessible zones in Israel alone. This includes market leaders such as Weizmann Institute of science and Azrieli Group (valued at $2.5B) and many more. With our free app on iOS and Android, over 1500 Accessible Spots installed worldwide, and an ever-growing user base, our vision of making the world more accessible for people who are blind or visually impaired is becoming a reality every day.


14 Jan 2018

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Citizen Cafe Ulpan - Tamar Pross

Citizen Café is a leading new-style Hebrew ulpan, offering language- culture-lifestyle courses, lectures and events to smoothly integrate the international community into the local Tel-Avivian culture. Today, Citizen Cafe caters over 800 students each year and includes clients from Embassies, Google, Facebook, Waze, My Heritage and The Jewish Agency.


27 Dec 2017

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Cybereason - Yossi Naar

Cybereason is the leader in endpoint protection, offering endpoint detection and response, next-generation antivirus, managed monitoring and IR services. Founded by elite intelligence professionals born and bred in offense-first hunting, Cybereason gives enterprises the upper hand over cyber adversaries. The Cybereason platform is powered by a custom-built in-memory graph, the only truly automated hunting engine anywhere. It detects behavioral patterns across every endpoint and surfaces malicious operations in an exceptionally user-friendly interface.


25 Dec 2017

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Wisor - Omri Dotan

Wisor is developing a product to help loan officers and mortgage brokers to close more deals and reduce the cost of handling leads. It is a SaaS platform that utilizes data to create better engagement with potential customers, create personalized loans, and increase retention using proactive monitoring.


3 Jan 2018

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VRHealth - Eran Orr

VRHealth develops breakthrough certified medical solutions using VR (Virtual Reality) to deliver real-time data analytics that benefits patients, clinicians, and healthcare providers, at clinics and at home.Their products include VRPhysio™ for physical rehabilitation, VRCogni™ for cognitive rehabilitation and Customized VR Medical Apps all leveraging VR for enhancing rehabilitation via immersive experience and meaningful analytics. All of our products are authorized by the FDA.


30 Dec 2017

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VoiceItt - Danny Weissberg & Sara Smolley

Israel-based social enterprise developing a speech recognition technology that recognizes non-standard speech patterns and translates unintelligible sounds into clear speech in real time, enabling children and adults with severe speech impairments to communicate spontaneously and naturally using their own voices. No other assistive technology solution enables a person with speech disabilities to communicate spontaneously using their own voices.


22 Jan 2018

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Veho-Technologies - Itamar Zur

Package Delivery, Re-invented. Veho Technologies is a crowdsourcing technology platform that enables anyone in their own car to become a package delivery driver (often dubbed “the Uber for last mile delivery”). Veho is a disruptor in the $100 billion package delivery industry, which has not seen significant innovation in the past 30 years. Since launching in 2016, Veho drivers have delivered over 10,000 packages in the Northeast US using the Veho app. The company is also developing an AI based dispatch management software that allows it to scale its delivery operation while removing much of the operational friction from the process. Veho is the grand prize winner of the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition (2017) and is backed by some of the top executives in the industry, including Tom Schmitt – the former CEO of FedEx Supply Chain, and several former UPS executives


14 Jan 2018

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GreenIQ - Odi Dahan

GreenIQ, the leader of the smart garden revolution, developed an IoT platform for efficient landscape irrigation. The platform controls irrigation scheduling based on current and forecasted weather, and reduces water consumption by up to 50%. GreenIQ also developed a smart sprinkler controller with Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity that can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime, using an app. GreenIQ’s IoT platform enables connectivity to soil sensors for moisture balance control and to a flow meter that provides leaks and pipe break alerts. GreenIQ is the perfect solution for homeowners, professional landscapers, irrigation companies, commercial real estate, and municipalities.


27 Feb 2018

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Ranky - Yoav Vilner

Ranky is a startup marketing company, with a portfolio of 300 known tech companies. The Ranky team helps startups grow using content, social, automation and paid campaigns.​ ​Clients range from israel to europe and US.​


26 Jan 2018

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Optibus - Amos Haggaig

Operating since 2014, Optibus was founded by Amos Haggiag and Eitan Yanovsky and is the leading vendor of city-wide mass transportation planning and operation. Based on proprietary AI and optimization algorithms, Optibus provides a dynamic platform to enable public transportation and fleet operators to optimize resource allocation and improve the transport experience, while saving their clients tens of millions of dollars annually. Powering some of the largest transit operators internationally, Optibus is developing the future operating system that will control and optimize multi-modal, flexible transportation within cities.


18 Dec 2017

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