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Dj Mix sets- CLUB/HOUSE/TECH-HOUSE/DEEP/MINIMAL/MELODIC/TECHNO/HARD/BASS/PSYTRANCEPurely for showcasing talent and the love for UNDERGROUND.Get in touch - thetipsysessions@gmail.com

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Tipsy Session 39 - Bearface (U.K.)

When it comes to electronic music, few cities cantouch Bristol or London. Renowned for their diversity and richmusical offerings, both have graced us with a cultural significancethat’s very much their own. How fitting then that they both playedkey roles in the life of Bearface. Born to Punjabi-Indian parentsand raised on a diet of eclectic sounds, the DJ/producer was bornin Bristol but decamped to London during his formative years inthe late 90s. It would prove to be an inspiring move.Bearface has come a long way since then. These days, he isbusy working on the Beartone label, which itself has enjoyedgreat success recently courtesy of the recent San Jose EP. Aperfect example of where the producer is at right now, the breezysounds of the EP has endeared Bearface to a whole newaudience, and ultimately led to his music being signed to themighty Exploited, where Claptone and Purple Disco Machineleant their support to the brilliant sounds of ‘Moon’. The soundon San Jose is a far cry from his early days as an acid jazzpercussionist and his breakthrough track, ‘Bare Brass’, comingfrom his and Max Mistry’s Bana Kuba moniker.There were steps between these two. Soon after he started in theacid jazz scene, he became a regular at clubs such as theiconic Plastic People, where his love affair with all things housemusic only intensified further. “I always love the music that the DJwas playing at 3am”, says Bearface, and an infatuation with the sounds of Masters at Work, Mood 2 Swing, Ron Trent and Chez Damier would appear to cement the point. “Whether it was French touch or house music from Chicago, as long as it maintained that dreamy, futuristic sound I was hooked”, he says. A born creative, it wasn’t long before he began to experiment with music production himself. After honing his sound over a number of years, his first release, the ‘Bare Brass’ track, became KISS FM’s ‘Track of the Week’, an accolade that eventually got the record signed to Roger Sanchez’s Stealth label and licensed to compilations by Defected and Vendetta. From this, Panasa’s career was born. Following on from ‘Bare Brass’, he released several more tracks on Stealth under the Bana Kuba alias, including ‘Tribal Dancing’ which became a fixture in his sets for some time. Since then, a host of labels have taken on his music, including Exploited, Volupso, Clubstream and Clubstar, to name just a few. Alongside this, many DJ’s of renowned talent have lent their support to him, with Hector Romero, Danny Tenaglia, Todd Edwards, James Zabiela and Groove Armada all showering his music with praise. The Bearface alias started in 2013 with the founding of his Beartone label. The first release was ‘Tuba’ and the label has gone on to release more of his music, which has also been featured in multiple compilations. Related Weblinkshttps://www.facebook.com/bearfaceme/ https://soundcloud.com/beartonerecords https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/bearface https://www.instagram.com/hellobearface/Booking: beartonerecords@gmail.comLabel Beartone: beartonerecords@gmail.comPR: stephen@eureka-artists.comSocial Media: patricia@dellabellamanagement.comTrack List:Bearface-Yogi (BeartoneRecords)David Gtronic-DRZN(Tervisio Records)Bearface-Mumbai Nights(Beartone Records)Gout du Grove-GroveOne (Tealer Records)F.eht-No Sense(BosphorusUnderground)Subb-an, ArchieHamilton, Enzo Siragusa-Playdem (Fuse London)Pancho Villa-RamanTaco (Beartone Records)Guti-Red Eye (CuttinʼHeadz)Bearface-Rise(Kdub)(Beartone Records)Bearface-Fade Feat.LoveChild (BeartoneRecords)Ricardo Villalobos-Backand Forth Feat KE (HotCreations)


16 Jun 2019

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Tipsy Session 6 - Shamul (India)

Hi, Happy April Fools Day / Happy Easter✌🏾Today some in the world celebrate the Resurrection Of Jesus 🤓, While most of us celebrate the Fools😎😋Let me take this opportunity to present a brand new episode of Tipsy Session 🎧A Nice Groovy Underground Set to mix well with the Sunday Celebrations 🎊 ⭐️ Tipsy Sessions is available as a FREE DOWNLOADABLE PODCAST ON I-TUNES. Pls subscribe and show your love 😊Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to u, “Tipsy Session 6” Mixed by SHAMUL🎧Track List:1. In the mix – Funk the beat2. Filtered African Blues (FNX OMAR Remix) – Oscar P, FNX OMAR3. Bigger than Prince (Remastered) – Green Velvet4. Human Remix (Club Mix) – Vintage Culture5. My World (Jason Rivas Extended Remix) – Whodany feat. Ing6. Wild Coyote (Osmyo remix) – Tritemyo7. Rock Da Body (Alex Raider remix) – Joe Lukketti, Andrea Foggy8. Cloud Sculptures (Tropical House Mix) – Eddy Chrome9. Good Timez (Original Mix) – Superlover10. Cant Breathe (Radio Edit) – Pischinger & Dermota11. Decomposing – Andrea Oliva12. Into the Deep – Soleeman13. Call Upon Me – Franky Rizardo


28 Mar 2018

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Tipsy Session 60 - Ronzi (U.A.E.)

RONZI known as one of the most referred djs for DUBAI Bars & Club Scene for past 14 years. He has made it his duty to share his knowledge and entertain the global audience with his versatile music style. Track List:1. Frankey, Sandrino - Gamma Ray2. Mark Alow, Fake Mood - Azure (Fake Mood Remix)3. Colle, Oluhle - Owami (Armonica Remix)4. Marsh - 19925. Township Rebellion - Magna Terram (Original Mix)6. Apir - Emphatic7. Angelov - Retrida8. Knives Out - Sugarcoat (Sasha Remix)9. Oliver Winters - Call After Dark (Original Mix)

1hr 5mins

8 Dec 2019

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Tipsy Session 57 - NOHZM (The Netherlands)

Track List:1. ignacio arfeli - the dark side of life2. ramon tapia - bang the box3. daneey - night construction4. filterheadz - intensity5. raito - give yourself to me6. moby - porcelain (luca agnelli remix)7. raito, t78 - can you see8. work deep, alesis - in control9. roentgen limiter, dolby d - dolby roentgens 2.010. i am bam - carbonate11. dusky - staunch (kettama remix)12. raito - rave 9213. superstrobe - in god's house14. cajmere - percolator (will clarke remix)15. armand van helden - witch dokter (agent orange remix)16. slam - vapour17. max delta - maskarade (t78 remix)18. dense & pika - cartoon heart ( slam remix)19. roentgen limiter - the oldschool20. regal - still raving21. dino maggiorana - the beat22. yan cook - sand23. eats everything - space raiders ( charlotte de witte remix)24. hypereel - cosmic junglism

1hr 13mins

31 Oct 2019

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Tipsy Session 58 - Dima Sun (Israel)

Tipsy Session 58 - Dima Sun (Israel) by Shamul Sharma

1hr 5mins

10 Nov 2019

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Tipsy Session 59 - RAŠKOVIK (Argentina)

Hi everyone. My name is RASKOVIK and im a sixteen year old argentinian dj. I love music since i was born. At that time, parents used to put me rock music and now i love it. However, two years ago, i started listening to dance music and I’ve come back. That music catch me so much that i decided to become a dj. So now i can say that I like old house music, tech house and techno. In my sets, without forgetting my origins, i usually include voices and sounds from genres like progressive rock, blues, punk, metal, among others.TRACKLIST:Final_Sample_-_Sinner_to_Saint_Original_MixPumpin (Original Mix)Working Day & Night (Original Mix) - Juarez ft. Michael JacksonScraping_Original_MixPump It - Black Eyed PeasIn Africa - Original Mix - Real NiceFour Seasons in One Day - Crowded HouseRumba Dumba - Paul C & Paolo MartiniYou Make Me (Original Mix) - WhitecardAlegria (Original Mix) - Sllash & DoppeDoctor Pressure - Mylo vs. Miami Sound MachineFreaky Funky Flow (Original Mix) - Rino(IO)DJStreet Stuff (D.T.T.H.) (Original Mix) - Jay LumenTribe Vibe - Mirko Di FlorioCan You Feel It? - CLSMessin My HeadHauz (Original Mix)That Jimmy Person - Message (Original Mix) [Formatik+]

1hr 17mins

30 Nov 2019

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Tipsy Session 47 - Rummy Sharma (France/India)

Pleasure to present another mighty session by the man who has been there, done that. A special set Recorded live Somewhere in India.


15 Aug 2019

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Tipsy Session 48 - Giedriawas (U.K.)

His interest in music started in the mid-90’s when electronic music was started up trending. In 1999, mixing became more attractive for him & start focused on mixing techniques. A dynamic, passionate DJ with an encyclopedic knowledge of electronic music history and a record bag to match it, he can dig deep in any given situation, bringing good vibes and contagious energy to the dance floor. With past residencies at private parties, as well as sharing decks with world known Dj's like Nick Warren, Kastis Torrau, Donatello, Dj Mindaugelis, Tomcraft and more, Giedriawas is an unrelenting ball of positivity behind the decks, delivering high quality to every dance floor he plays to. A versatile and professional selector with an acute understanding of how to adapt to various settings Giedriawas retains that unique touch that only he can provide, never losing sight of his own musical identity and staying true to the art of DJ’ing.www.facebook.com/djgiedriawas/ hearthis.at/giedriawas/ soundcloud.com/giedriawasTrack List:01 Retza - Eta Carinae (Matt Waters Remix) [Lo-Fi-45]02 Aron Volta - Believe (Original Mix) [Moiss Music]03 Gorge - Depth of Silence (Original Mix) [Still Hot]04 Can 7, Angela Caran - The Promise (Meines Remix) [Deepalma]05 Intense Flight - Fomalhaut (Niceshot Remix) [AMITABHA]06 Stanccione - Cancel [Get Physical]07 Eleonora, Bigasti - Fjords (Armen Miran Remix) [Lost Diaries]08 Baunder, Interaxxis - Harmonious (Original Mix) [Sudbeat Music]09 Monolink - Burning Sun (Davi Remix) [Stil Vor Talent]10 Frankey, Sandrino feat. Ia Oberg - Ways of the Sun (Original Mix) [Drumpoet Community]11 Hauy - Redpath (Original Mix) [Get Physical Music]

1hr 2mins

24 Aug 2019

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Tipsy Session 56 - Shamul (India)

Track List:1. Good for the City feat. Sam Duckworth [Marcus Jakes Dub] - Kraak & Smaak2. Love In Town - The Beat Movement3. Insane (Original Mix) - Charles Ramirez4. Voyager (Original Mix) – Fibix5. Tube Riding (Original Mix) – Traumton6. Harmony (Original Mix) - Claudiu Valentin7. akcent vs. edward maya feat. A8. Saddle Up (Extended) (feat. David Christie) – Traumton9. Hold My Hands - Deep Noise10. Vertigo - Mikael Manvelyan11. Follow Me - Chillhouse Edit - California Sun12. Can Get You (Traumton Remix) - L.B. One13. Water Painting – Arpyem14. Better Late Than Never (Tamere Remix) – Adjust15. Inside - Image Sounds

1hr 4mins

24 Oct 2019

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Tipsy Session 49 - Lady Windsor (Australia)

Life can get so fucking heavy sometimes. It is so important to have an outlet, or several for that matter. Here is a window into mine: deep, melodic, and indulgent soundscapes.What does your happy place look like?Track List:1: Black Fish - Dangur2: Sinopsis (Original Mix) - Juanjo Tur3: Stargazing - Fur Coat4: Horse (Mind Against Remix) - Darlyn Vlys, Haptic, Mind Against5: Dark Horse - Jay Pei6: Nowadays - AndrÈ Hommen7: Urania - Teenage Mutants, Moonwalk8: Vocoder - Ivan Masa9: Beluga - D-Formation, Edone10: Cheveux Roux (Ran Salman Remix) - Paul Anthonee, Ran Salman11: Ambius - Doctor Dru12: Sinai (FOTN Exodus Mix) - Tilt13: Stay Here (Original Mix) - Shall Ocin14: Visions - Fort Romeau15: Dramatur - Daniele Di Martino16: Paradise 25 - Murat Uncuoglu17: Closing Doors - Khen18: Oxygen (Original) - TH;EN, Las Von19: Valhalla - Hidden Empire20: Skywalking - Mathame

1hr 50mins

31 Aug 2019

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Tipsy Session 61 - Void (India)

V O I D is a techno name of Nitin Arora from Punjab (India).A fresh talent .He got to know about his interest in music when he started going to the music festivals .He took his passion very seriously and started djing .Genres he covers are afro house, melodic techno and progressive house . In a very short span of time he has shared the console with very big names like Bullzeye Nawedkhan Mashter and Deepesh Sharma.Talking about this mix is all about electronic tunes melodic techno and progressive music which is full of immense energy.Track List:00.00 - such a sweet ability by bryan kessler 03.50-last call( karmon remix) by alex kennon 08.00-no name by mundo d. Roglar 11.35-rotlicht by oliver huntermann 16.07- all locations by dosem 20.10-mystery (tale of us remix) by adriatique 25.50- dystopia(nick devon remix) by jobe 28.30-fatback by shimza 31.20-allegro by paul thomas 35.30-dance alone ft tone of arc 38.50- east still vor talent 42.49- roast by adriatique 46.01-what keeps you there (avidus remix)


16 Dec 2019

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Tipsy Session 62 - Ultrafunq (Australia)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year........ :)Track List:1. My Beat (David Harness extended remix) – Blaze, Palmer Brown2. I’ll Take you there (Dario D’Attis remix) – Paolo Martini3. Let me in fellas – Skizzo4. Slink – Claude VonStroke5. Lost Souls (Yes Baby! Remix) – Bonetti6. Face off (Deetech remix) – Andres Power, Outcode7. Force (Extended mix) – Catz ‘n Dogz8. The Water (Buka! Remix) – Jonas Blake9. Come on Come on – Darius Syrossian10. The Mothership – Supernova, Martin Waslewski11. Buy me a Drink – Supernova12. Spiritual Battery (Chus & Ceballos remix) – Paul Jays13. Move your body (Krystal Klear Extended Remix) – Xpansions14. Suburbia – Jo Crimaldi


24 Dec 2019

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Tipsy Session 28 - If You Can’t Stand The Heat ~ Lady Windsor (Australia)

Lady Windsor:For my second appearance on Tipsy Sessions podcast, I wanted to take myself on a journey to suntastic Miami. With Miami Music Week just coming to a close, memories of attending last year's Winter Music Conference as well as the sounds, sights, tastes and attitudes of the city are flooding my mind. I have yet to experience the convergence of all these cultural aspects into one amazing package anywhere else in the world, and hence, I am itching to go back.So with this set I would like to take you on an imaginary tour through Miami, with it's soulful and ritzy eateries that tantalise the taste buds, poolside bars and watering holes that don't stop bopping, and nightclubs displaying the creme of the crop of electronic music artistry, encased in a no BS philosophy that forces you to leave all forms of judgement at home, give in to your senses, and completely let go.Of course this jaunt to 'The Magic City' with it's spectacular sunsets, balmy breezes, and warm waters would not be complete unless sound-tracked by yours truly, so do expect to hear an injection of that Lady Windsor flavour along the way.And with that I will leave you to mentally teleport yourself from anywhere you are on the planet to the incredible place that is Miami. Do stop to send me a postcard. Can't wait to hear all about your trip :)Track-listing1: Real Pain (K&S Remix) - Kraak & Smaak2: The Black Note - Daniel Steinberg3: Damned - Daniel Steinberg4: Keep Me Up - Worthy5: Bepsi (wAFF Remix) - Butch, wAFF6: Rapido - Dee Montero7: No Matter (Original Mix) - Iron Galaxy8: Wide Awake (Original Mix) - VONDA79: Cries - Glowal10: I Go, I Go (Undercatt Remix) - Booka Shade, Kaktus Einarsson, Undercatt11: Matrix (Original Mix) - Undercatt12: Buggin' - Hot Since 82, Jem Cooke13: Twilight - Daniel Steinberg14: The Call - David Mayer15: Bring The House Down (Original Mix) - Pagano16: Monaco F. (Club Mix) - GHEIST17: Stork - Kaiserdisco, Karotte18: Malfunction Manipulation (Satoshi Fumi 'Sequential' Mix) - Ken Ishii, Satoshi Fumi19: Satellite (Original mix) - Fab, Aninha20: Nebula - Alex Metric, Ten Ven21: Peonia (Original Mix) - Chus & Ceballos, Fabio Neural22: Ages of Consent - Habischman23: Heaven Scent (Eagles & Butterflies Remix) - Bedrock, Eagles_Butterflies24: Planet 9 - Adam Port

2hr 7mins

31 Mar 2019

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Tipsy Session 24 - Ronzi (U.A.E.)

RONZI Dubai Based DJ , Ronny Rodrigues AKA RONZI Hails From MUMBAI, INDIA . In His 14 Years of Djing & Living In Dubai , Ronzi Has Found That In Order To Really Bring The Party , A Wide And Varied Knowledge Of Music Is Essential. His Sets Includes Tunes Of Various Open Format Genre (HOUSE, DEEP HOUSE, TECHNO, NU-DISCO, GARAGE, RnB, HIP HOP, LATIN & COMMERCIAL POP, RETRO DISCO & ROCK , COMMERCIAL BOLLYWOOD & UK PUNJABI, LOUNGE ).On A Commercial Note, Ronzi Has Played At Few Elite Club/Bars, Events In Dubai & World Wide. Listed Below Are Some Of The Clubs & Event Of Past And Present:1.BLISS LOUNGE , SHERATON JUMEIRAH BEACH RESIDENCE.2.LOOK UP ROOF TOP BAR- LA VILLE HOTEL , CITYWALK3.MORIMOTO DXB – RENAISSANCE HOTEL , BUSINESS BAY4.FUEGO , SOUK AL BAHAR5.JUMPBOXX (INDOOR TRAMPOLINE) , UPTOWN MIRDIFF6.HARDROCK CAFÉ - DUBAI FESTIVAL CITY, DUBAI7.RED BULL AIR RACE ‘ 2017 – SKY LOUNGE , ABU DHABI MARINA8.DESERT WARRIOR CHALLENGE (RED BULL)’17 - AJMAN9.JAMBASE – MADINAT JUMEIRAH SOUK10.TRILOGY –MADINAT JUMEIRAH SOUK11.BAHRI BAR – MINA A’ SALAM , MADINAT JUMEIRAH12.AHLAN MASALA AWARDS 2012 – AFTER PARTY13.CIRCLE3 / EL TYCOON - AMMAN JORDAN14.CLUB PLUSH/ZEE DURBAN BEACH FESTIVAL-DURBAN SOUTH AFRICA 15.BLUE MOON RISING (MOVIE SCREENING) : MANCHESTER CITY AFTER PARTY @ EMIRATES PALACE16.RESIDENCY IN DUBAI CLUBS @CHI LODGE / TIMES CAFÉ /OXYGEN2/ PLAN B / ALPHA / HENRY J BEANS / BEDLOUNGE / CLUB TOUCH17.TAKAMATA – GRAND BAEI , MAURITIUS18.IZ LOUNGE - GRAND HYATT , DUBAI 19.FASHION GIGS @ BLOOMINGDALES 20.CUBE LOUNGE – ABU DHABI21.LATE NIGHT LIVE RADIO SHOW @ 101.6FM WITH RJ ABHIJEET / @RJ ASEF (105.4)22.SKI DUBAI – MALL OF EMIRATES 23.MADNESS 2 / VELOCITY – MUMBAI24.THE CLASSIC – TOOTING BEC, LONDON25.CHROME – VIZAG / BIKES N BARREL – CHENNAI, INDIA26.ABU DHABI CITY GOLF CLUB27.BOLLYWOOD MOVIE PREMIER @ ITS MIRCHI (RANBIR KAPOOR , ARJUN RAMPAL & KATRINA KAIF)28.SHARED PERFORMANCE STAGE WITH VISHAL & SHEKAR , BIPASHA BASU , SHIBANI KASHYAP , SUKHBIR , MANISHA LAMBA , SHILPA SHETTY & SHAMITA SHETTY .Ronzi Is Currently Making Use Of Available Time And Extending His Knowledge In Sound Production. SOUNDCLOUD : https://soundcloud.com/ron-ziMIXCLOUD : http://www.mixcloud.com/ronnyrod1/BEATPORT RELEASE :1. EMERALD CITY – MOODYBOY & RONZI (SINGLE)https://www.beatport.com/track/emerald-city-original-mix/87668952. ROLL UP – QUENTIN DOURTHE/MAX DELTA (RONZI N MOODYBOY REMIX)http://classic.beatport.com/release/roll-up/15151063. COPYCAT – MOODYBOY & RONZI (SINGLE)http://classic.beatport.com/release/wmc-2014-miami-bombs/12656204. KISS - LEVEG (MOODYBOY & RONZI REMIX) http://classic.beatport.com/release/kiss-ep/1154491CONTACT DETAILS:Email: rodronn@gmail.comPhone: 0097150-3572161Track List:1. Night Blooming Jasmine (Rodriguez Jr.) – Eli Fur2. Cant Sing – Nicone & Lunar Disco3. Hang Room – Kris Davis4. Living In Paradise – 88 Dubs5. Birdsong (Superflu) – Claptone. Feat Zola Blood6. Midgard (Sebastian Leger) – Darin Epsilon7. Lost Secrets – Alyne8. So Long – Solomun, Jem Cooke9. Pecas – Khen10. Joublie (Oliver Giacomotto) – N’To11. After Earth – Ben Bohmer

1hr 8mins

28 Feb 2019

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Tipsy Session 25 - Lisa Jane (U.K.)

One of the new wave of DJ/producers inspired by the recent disco revival, Lisa Jane has quickly made a name for herself in and around Leeds with her infectious blend of funky, disco and house, blended with a tougher late-night edge.Track List:Join us (full intention mix) David Penn Love Rights Kevin Mckay Big Love Anfunk Alan Schiavone For your love Mirko & Meex Sum of Dat Ordonez Your love is medicine The Jagg Lonely Love Jonk & Spook I don't understand Risk Assessment Till the day I die Saison Gotta have house Johan S Jackin Sinner & James Count on you Autoerotique


10 Mar 2019

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Tipsy Session 26 - Rummy Sharma (France)

Rummy Sharma:Labels-Blu Fin/Tronic Music/ Neuhain Recordings/Kling Klong/ /Love Harder/ WONNE MUSIC/Circle Music/ Muller Records/ Natura VivaBrief Info-Ever since he began his career in 1992, Rummy Sharma has been able to hit International charts year after year and track after track. Besides being one of the most renowned techno/ underground artists in India, Rummy has also earned a commendable position as the first Indian to ever be rated at the world's biggest underground music festival, The Love Parade, Berlin. Although he moved to Berlin recently and ensured a viral spread of his music even there, Rummy has split his time equally to ensure the spread of his music even back home.So, keep a look out for his dates in the respective zones and book him to break the monotony and experience a whole new world of musicwww.rummysharma.comfor bookings:bookrummysharma@gmail.comLatest Releases-"On a Mission" remixes for PhutureWAX Records.( Germany )Release time- MId May 2018"Dark Nights In Bordeaux" Rummy Sharma and Tom Wax- Blufin Records( Germany)Two remixes By TR Rockets and MashterRelease time- End of May 2018Recent Releases-"Wait No More" Rummy Sharma & Tom WaxThree Track EP on Gain Records,an Italian Label."Sufi Chemise" EP - Rummy Sharma & Tom Wax- Blufin Records."Time for Revolution"- Tom Wax and Rummy Sharma-( Part of an album"45 RPM" of Tom Wax) -Phuturewax Records.Links-www.mixcloud.com/djrummysharma/@djrummysharmawww.facebook.com/djrummysharma/ www.shazam.com/artist/44065120/r…a#referrer=shz.amReleases-Mankind United- EP- Rummy Sharma&MijkVan Dijk- BluFin Records( April 2016)Delhi Belly- Beroshima& Rummy sharma- Mueller records- Feb 19th 2016Rainy Day- Daniel Boon- (Rummy Sharma Remix)- Natura Viva- Feb 12 2016"CHILD IN TIME"-Rummy Sharma remix" is available on almost all Music sales Platforms.(# 4 on German Club Charts)Mankind united- Rummy sharma &Mijk van dijk-Blufin RecordsThe Frankfurt- Delhi - Berlin Trail- Neuhain recordingsStarring Rhythm - EP on Blu Fin recordsBleibtreu EP- Rummy sharma& Mijk Van Dijk - Blufin records( No1 Chart position on DCC- German club Charts)Plexico EP- Rummy sharma- Blufin records( No 1 Chart Position On DCC- German Club Charts)Delhi Thunder- Rummy Sharma& Tom Wax- Tronic MusicRund- Small & Tall Vs Sweep ( Rummy sharma Remix)Aquos EP- Circle MusicSliver- Soupherb IndiaString break- lutzenkirchen- (Rummy sharma Remix) BluFin records (#16 on DCC - German Club Charts)Wade In the Water- Rummy sharma & Namito- Kling KlongTight &Deep- Rummy Sharma- Love Harder recordsSUPERMAN- Tom Wax- (Rummy Sharma Remix) WONNE MUSICTrack List:1. Clubs-Drugs-Pubs-Party (Nerdjack Remix – Tom Wax2. Komet (Original mix) – Sam Paganini3. Whats up (Original Mix) - Sergy Casttle4. Dancing (Original mix) - Pappenheimer, Ben Dust5. Wanted Me - Juliet Fox6. Portable Paradise – Anna7. Bass Wave (Original Mix) - Sergy Castle8. Blue Magic (Original Mix) – Sergy Castle9. The Suite (Original Mix) – DMB10. Stay With Me (Perc Remix) – Amelie Lens11. Radiate (Feat.Juliet Fox) (Original Mix) – Arjun Vagale12. Far Beyond (Original Mix) – Anna13. The Maze (Original Mix) - Timmo


20 Mar 2019

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Tipsy Session 70 - V-Groove (India)

Tipsy Session 70 - V-Groove (India) by Shamul Sharma

1hr 3mins

24 Feb 2020

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Tipsy Session 50 - Shamul (India)

Track List:1. Father Ocean (Ben Böhmer Remix) – Monolink2. Zero Love (Original Mix) - Nick Curly3. Nothing To Lose (Oliver Koletzki Remix) - Giorgia Angiuli4. Lay Your Weapons Down feat. Just Her (Alex Kennon Remix) - Fabrice Lig, Raw District, Just Her5. No One Saves You (Original Mix) – Alyne6. Atmosphere (Original Mix) – Benttum7. Glass Wool Acts feat. Arthur Johnson (Original Mix) - Did Virgo8. Circles (Sascha Cawa Remix) - Andreas Balicki9. Rye (Extended Mix) - Fritz Kalkbrenner, Ben Bohmer10. Turn It Around (Extended Mix) – Yotto11. Montserrat (Artbat Edit) – WhoMadeWho12. You're Not Alone (Solomun Remix) - Agoria, Solomun, Blasé13. Gift (Original Mix) - Powder


9 Sep 2019

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Tipsy Session 29 - Whodany (U.S.A.)

This Tipsy session takes you to Miami. While listening to this set you will feel like you are on the beach yourself. Whodany runs the record label Pearlicka Records and has been DJing since the beginning of house music. Now he is mixing it up on 4 decks. Enjoy!Track List:1. Xinobi - Far Away Place (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix)2. Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body (Skapes Remix)3. Michael Bibi - Hanging Tree (Original Mix) [SWM]4. OFFAIAH - Push Pull (Club Mix)5. Jack Back - (It Happens) Sometimes (Extended Mix) [SWM]6. Honey Dijon, Sam Sparro, Tim K - Look Ahead (Extended Mix)7. Sonny Fodera - To Love feat. Shannon Saunders (Qubiko Extended Remix)8. Shiba San Tim Baresko - All I Need Extended Mix9. Wankelmut, Anna Leyne - Show You (Club Mix)10. FISHER (OZ) - Losing It (Extended)11. Dom Dolla - Take It (Extended Mix)12. Tim Baresko - Focked Up (Original Mix)13. Kraftwerk - Boing Boom Tschak (3-D)14. OFFAIAH - Push Pull (Club Mix)15. David Penn - Nobody (Club Mix)16. Jack Back - Grenade17. Solardo - Be Somebody18. CamelPhat & Cristoph Ft. Jem Cooke - Breathe (Original Mix) 19. Carl Cox, Chip E - Time To Jack (Back 2 Jack 2018)20. Shakedown - At Night (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix)21. CamelPhat, Ali Love - Dopamine Machine (Club Mix) 22. DJ Koze - Pick Up 12 Extended Disco Version23. PAX - Electric Feel (Extended Mix)24. Cambis, Wenzel, Debbi Blackwell-Cook - Prescription For Life (C&W Extended Mix)25. Depeche Mode - Cover Me Nicole Moudaber Remix26. Adam Beyer, Bart Skils - Your Mind (Original Mix)27. Herbert - It's Only (DJ Koze Remix)28. FISHER (OZ) - Crowd Control (Original Mix

1hr 2mins

6 Apr 2019

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Tipsy Session 44 - Shamul (India)

1. Reverie (Original Mix) – Audiojack2. Crossfade (Maceo Plex Mix) – GusGus3. On a Boat (Jerome Isma-Ae Extended Remix) - Tone Depth & Ampish4. Curved (Original Mix) – Hatzler5. Black Sun (Original Mix) - Victor Ruiz6. Eyes on You (Original Mix) – Rudosa7. Get Down (Original Mix) - Brennen Grey8. Get Ready (Original Mix) – Deetech9. Phantom Ship (Original Mix) – Kozzoa10. Satisfaction (Original Mix) – Hordi11. Rock Climber (Original Mix) - Lee Walker12. Pressure (Original Mix) – SnX13. Changing Face (Adana Twins Remix) - Fritz Kalkbrenner14. Fake (Original Mix) - Dennis Cruz15. Reverie (Original Mix) – Audiojack

1hr 6mins

24 Jul 2019

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