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Selling More by Talking Less - Sales Training, Sales Motivation, Sales Techniques, Prospecting

Get Something Different by Doing Something Different. Learn specific, real world, time tested, proven sales strategies and techniques that make it easy for prospects to open up and get out of their own way - telling you all the reasons they should buy.

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4 Words that Kill Your Prospecting Calls

This company, their sales strategy was to follow up with individuals who had indicated some level of interest by completing a form on a website and requesting additional information.  Sharing their name, phone number and e-mail address.On the surface these should be very hot leads, a no brainier with a high success rate…but this wasn’t happening.


22 Oct 2013

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3 Ways to Beef Up Sales...Immediately

Last week, one of my clients—we'll call him Rick—had a demo scheduled with a prospect. The standard "show up and throw up" they typically did early in the sales cycle. Trying to shorten the sales cycle, I asked naively, "Why does the customer want to buy? What are they trying to accomplish?" Rick couldn't tell me. I asked if he thought the salespeople knew. He said no. I gave him an assignment: he had to find out "Why," "Why now," and "What's it worth." Otherwise no demo.


24 Mar 2014

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Send This Email & You Will Close More Sales

Here is a real bold statement; Send this email and you will close more sales.  Now let’s see if I can live up to it…. You be the judge and jury on this one…  Ready?


6 Nov 2013

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Always B Closing or Should We B Closing – Part 1 of 4 Money

Should we be closing implies there are things that we need to understand before we share what we have in specific detail.


1 Oct 2013

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Voice Mail – The Secret Formula to Move the Process Forward and Build Credibility

Let your competition roll the dice and hope they get a return call…then have to decide if they should just keep pretending their being ignored.You stay in the driver seat by telling them the next time you’ll be calling, setting a soft appointment and building credibility along the way.


20 Aug 2013

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1 Question that Grabs their Attention…and Keeps You on the Same Page

Think about when you’re on the phone.  Better yet, think about the last sales call you made…were you simultaneously online clicking though different web pages? YouTube, Facebook maybe CNN?  How about playing games on your phone?You may or may not be able to relate….The fact that it’s possible that you COULD have been doing something while on the phone it’s ALSO reasonable that your prospects are MAY BE doing something else while there on the phone.  Fair?


21 Aug 2013

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Is Your Voice Mail Greeting Setting You Up to Fail

Call any office in America today get someone's voice mail and you will likely hear some version of: "Hi, you've reached the desk of ______; I'm either on the phone or away from my desk.  Please leave me your name and number I'll get back to you as soon as possible."


25 Mar 2014

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10 Email Ideas for Salespeople

Nowadays, marketing has been made much easier. With a strong email list and some few ideas, you're set to give your business all the prospects you’ll ever need. Here’s a quick 10 point list: 


18 Mar 2014

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Creating an Opportunity…by Asking Better Questions

Our job is to help prospects identify the gap between where they are and where they want to be.We can do this is by asking questions that challenge the assumptions they have, creating an opening for them to want something different.


26 Aug 2013

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The Hungry don’t get fed

The hungry, they don’t get fed… Just because we need a sale doesn't mean we get a sale.  In fact the more we need it, the higher the likelihood we won’t do the things that need to be done to get it.  Ask the hard questions and clear next steps.


29 Oct 2013

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Take the Pressure Off…..Yourself

How much pressure do we as salespeople put on ourselves unnecessarily?  After all literally what do we have control over? It’s been said when two people want to do business together the details can be worked out – but – when two people do not want to do business together the details will always stand in the way.


22 Aug 2013

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Your Prospect has a Secret Reason for Not Buying… Here it is.

How many sales have been lost because the person we are talking to didn’t get what we were saying and suddenly felt unsure about their ability to make an informed decision.


12 Sep 2013

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Do this 1 thing and turn frustrating, useless - waste of time follow-up calls into conversations that make money.

What I’m getting ready to share with you is a simple tool you can use to take the follow up calls you’re already making and transform them into laser focused discussions that get your prospects to start telling you why they need what you have and literally asking “What’s the next step?”… 


4 Feb 2014

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Amateurs Follow Up – Professionals Follow Through

“I’m tired of wasting time with people who waste my time...”  This is how the conversation started with a new perspective client.


10 Sep 2013

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Why We Don't Close More Referral Business

There an interesting dynamic many salespeople drop into when dealing someone who has come to them on the recommendation of someone else. They abandon their sales process.


20 Nov 2013

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10 Years’ Experience or 1 Year Repeated 10 times?

Let’s get clear on what happened and make some specific decisions that will affect our results next time.


20 Sep 2013

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1 Thing the top 20% of Salespeople do… Prospecting with a Purpose

“Success demands singleness of purpose.”    -  Vince LombardiThere really is a difference in what the top 20% do.  Here’s one of them….


2 Sep 2013

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3 Ideas to Make it Happen on Purpose

At the beginning of the year or whenever I start working with a new coaching client there is an exercise that has proven over time to be very profitable to walk through.  - I call it Where and When.


12 Jan 2014

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Speaking their Language part 1 of 5

We want to get a clear understanding of who we’re talking to and how to speak the same language…. Making sure our communication gets us the response we want.


20 Dec 2013

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Getting Out of Your Own Way

What separates good sales people from those who struggle is their ability to learn how to get out of their own way.


23 Jan 2014

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