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S5E3 - 4 Steps for Creating Powerful New Beginnings

"Everything that has a beginning has an ending. Make your peace with that and all will be well." - BuddhaHappy New Moon, my sacred friends!This is a potent day of new beginnings, as all new moons are. The energy of this new moon is amplified by our move into the month of September and a solar eclipse. With all of this action in the sky it is a powerful time for us to begin anew and take a leap of faith saying yes to the deep heart-felt desires within. New beginnings can be very exciting, and while the fresh start is something we desire they can be something we fear and have a lot of resistance around. A new beginning means letting go of an old way of being. Letting go of an old or unhealthy relationship. Closing the doors on a part of our life that we may have greatly enjoyed but recognize no longer serves our highest good. I'm sure you can see this is where our fears come into play . . . where our resistance pops up and interferes with our willingness to really say yes to the new beginning we desire. In this week's episode we dive into this topic and I share with you four steps for creating powerful new beginnings. Listen in and leap fearlessly!Wishing you a beautiful week!much love, Lori


1 Sep 2016

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#012 - What You Need to Know When Preparing for Ceremony

It is very warm here today . . . like 47. It feels more like spring than mid winter.​ I even spotted some fuzzy and open pussy willows while on a walk earlier this week.​ I love midwinter days such as this. They are refreshing and filled with sunny optimism. And they leave me feeling eager for spring.  Something about next week's full moon, blue moon, lunar eclipse feels much like spring. Over the past couple days I've been preparing for next week's crystal ceremony. I'm always intrigued by how preparing for a ceremony is about so much more than just simply creating a beautiful space or planning the ceremony itself. Those are the obvious things. What's less obvious is how spirit begins to open an energetic portal, gather the unique energy of the group, and how the energy and intention behind the ceremony gains its unique momentum. Creating space for this portal to open and for our energy to come together happens in more subtle ways . . . like listening to our dreams, doing a little reflection, and creating internal space the inspiration, ideas, and vision that want to come forward for us in ceremony.  Ceremony is a beautiful way to create a bridge between the spiritual and physical worlds, to open a portal of connection with not only our higher self, but also with our guides, the angels, our ancestors, and the divine.  How we prepare for ceremony is just as important as showing up and being present.  In this week's episode I share some great tips for clarifying your ceremony intention, tuning into the wisdom and insights that are already flowing days before the ceremony, and how to shift perspective about any challenges that may be popping up. I would LOVE for you to join me in ceremony by joining us in the Crystal Immersion FB Group. https:facebook.com/groups/crystalimmersion


26 Jan 2018

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#011 - 2018 Crystal Forecast

Earlier this week I did a FB live crystal reading to connect with a Crystal Forecast for 2018 . . . perhaps you happened to catch it.  It was so much fun!  The crystals had a lot to say and I'm feeling even more excited and supported as this year begins (I hope you will too as you listen to the replay in this week's episode of Rooted Life Radio).  Divination creates an opportunity to see life from a new perspective or through a different lens.  It is a wonderful way to access inner wisdom, listen to our inner voice, and open to divine wisdom and messages.  It's not the place to come for our precise next steps or to create a picture perfect outline of what's going to happen, but rather it invites us to recognize our own potential and the places where we maybe holding ourselves back. Divination is a powerful ally for accessing our own inner wisdom and opening our hearts to divine wisdom. ​ Tools such as oracle cards, crystals, pendulums, dreams and so much more offer a perspective or insight into our lives that we may be​ hushing or are too distracted to hear. They may help us better understand a challenge we're facing or a story that seems to repeat over and over. They may encourage us to stick to our original decision when we are feeling a little uncertain. Or, when we are stubbornly digging in our heels and missing a bigger picture, they may bluntly help us to see how we're stuck. Our divination tools may help us recognize our unique timing, like when we need to take action and when our soul is seeking a bit more growth first. And most importantly, a little divination will support us in really listening to what is happening within. Cultivating the ability to listen to and trust our inner voice is priceless.  I know, that phrase is a bit overused (thank you mastercard). But, I know that listening to my inner wisdom, trusting it, and taking action that reflects it has been a life changer for me. And, it is a skill that I continue to cultivate and deepen.  Divination brings an essence of magic and fun that helps us open our heart and soften our resistance to our inner voice of wisdom.  This week, join me in a little divination magic and fun as you listen to the replay of the 2018 Crystal Forecast in this week's episode of Rooted Life Radio.  And, while you are there, I'd love to hear, what are some of your favorite divination practices and why? xoxo, Lori Links referenced in this week's episode: Discover how to do your own personal crystal reading here: https://loriaandrus.com/2018crystals Crystal Magic Journey: https://loriaandrus.com/crystal-challenge Crystal Immersion FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/crystalimmersion/

1hr 4mins

18 Jan 2018

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#010 - What crystals are guiding you in 2018?

Hello my sacred friends! I'm so enjoying the vibe of this new year! Oh my, it's feeling amazing. As I've been settling into this new vibe, I've been finding myself feeling curious about what is in store for this year. We're starting out with a pretty big bang. My astrology friends love chatting about all planets being direct and the two full moons and a lunar eclipse this month. And me being a capricorn, I love having saturn back in my sign! I'm feeling grounded and focused and in my goat like way, ready to climb a mountain.  And I realize not everyone is feeling this steadiness or take off energy. Last year was a bummer for many of us (myself included). Of course some wonderful things unfolded and in the great cycle of life I see how what unfolded holds significance but I'm ready to shut the door to 2017 by harnessing this winter energy to pause, listen within, and do a little divination. Doing a little divination is a wonderful way to cross the threshold of the new year and clear the slate. It's an opportunity to listen to our soul, listen to our guidance, and begin to connect with our vision. Do you have any divination practices you love to use? Over the years I've explored many . . . from oracle cards to coco leaf readings and so much more. But the one practice that I just keep coming back to is a crystal reading. So, with the new moon coming up next week I decided to take an afternoon to discover what they have to share right now and to do a crystal reading for myself (next week I'll be doing a 2018 crystal forcast for the collective . . . stay tuned!). I am in awe of what popped up and I'm so curious to see how this year will continue to unfold and how these crystals will also show up as my allies. And one of the things I really love about having done a crystal reading is that now I feel like I have a resource or an ally for each month as this year unfolds.  Crystals love to support us in all facets of life and they have so much wisdom to share.  Let yourself dive in and explore what crystals will be guiding you as you tune into this week's episode and discover a quick and easy way you can do your own 2018 crystal reading! Download Wheel of the Year pdf - https://loriaandrus.com/2018crystals Looking for more opportunities to deepen your relationship with the crystals and stones? . . . check these programs out:  Crystal Magic 7-day Journey to get to know your crystals (free). Sign up here: https://loriaandrus.com/crystal-challenge Journey Jewels Guide Certification Program. Learn More Here: http://journeyjewelsguide.com


11 Jan 2018

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#009 - Winter, Creativity, and the Magic of Going Within

Happy New Year! I hope it is off to a wonderful start and that you enjoyed some great time with family, friends, and loved ones over the holidays.  I love the holiday season . . . from the winter solstice, to my birthday on the 24th, and through the new year . . . for me it feels like a magical time that I always long to savor.  Every holiday season seems to have it's own charm. This year Chris and I kept things pretty low key. We spent a lot of time at home, clearing space, watching shows on Netflix, chatting, and simply enjoying time together. And the recent cold spell made staying home even more inviting.  While I have always loved this time of the year, I have not always been a big fan of the winter season.  If you live in a northern climate, you know what I'm talking about when I say that winter can be a pretty uncomfortable; from the cold to the snow to the fewer hours of sunlight, the slower pace that my body craves, and the surfacing of deeper emotions.  For so long, my way of dealing with my winter angst was to try to stay active or avoid the cold by traveling to a warmer climate for an extended getaway. Yes, those great ways to keep our spirits up in the midst of winter, but what I didn't realize was that I was fighting my own natural natural rhythm and creative cycles. I wasn't listening to my body or my spirit. Winter truly is a season of magic. It is one that calls us into stillness and creates space for inner discovery and creative inspiration. It opens our hearts to our deepest truths and desires. It awakens vision and nourishes us on all levels so that in spring we feel ready to take inspired action. In this week's episode of Rooted Life Radio I share some thoughts and ideas that will hopefully inspire you fall in love with winter too! 


4 Jan 2018

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#008 - Crystals, Shamanism, + Episode 100!

Today we are celebrating episode 100! Thank you so much for joining us for this journey and being a part of our community. In this week's episode I am talking about two of my favorite topics: crystals and shamanism. And the sweet spot where the two merge.  Tune and discover the unique way shamans look at and work with crystals. 


27 Oct 2017

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#007 - Root + Rise

This week's message is coming on Tuesday and is a bit different than the message I was imagining I would be sending this week. I was picturing something light and cheery that would invite you to join me for the Crystal Magic Journey that begins later this week. Several ideas were moving through my heart and mind and yet each time I sat down to put voice to it, the message became jumbled and confused.  I've come to know that when this happens there is a piece of information missing, that there is something I have not yet attuned to that is wanting or needing to be shared.  So I decided to simply sit with it, to create space.  Then, I woke up Monday morning and I still lacked clarity. I meditated. I went for a hike. And then about halfway through my hike I took a peek into the world of social media and learned about the events in Las Vegas Sunday night.  With that simple awareness, ​my heart ached and I felt a wave of intense emotions. I chose to journey deeper into what I was feeling. To be present with the discomfort. To feel what I really wanted to avoid and ignore.  It was not an easy day. There were a lot of tears. A lot of sadness. A lot of anger, and fear, and doubt, and judgement.  Being empathic is an incredible gift and at the same time it is very difficult. Many times I think I would prefer to be numb to such intense emotions as they surface collectively . . . and these past couple months have been filled with events that bring such intense emotions to the surface. Yet I have come to recognize empathy as a superpower . . . as a way to be more fully present and alive; to offer support, love and compassion to others; to hold space for others to be present with what wants to be seen and felt from deep within.  I also know that many of you are very empathic. That at times you too have struggled with what to do with all of the emotions you feel, you have struggled to discern your own emotions from the emotions of others, you have struggled to feel safe and fully present here on earth, and you have struggled to root deeply into your life and rise into your potential offering your unique gifts to the world because of the weight of the emotions you feel.  In this week's episode of Rooted Life Radio I get raw and real about this topic and I share what I have come to know about how to truly Root + Rise in the turbulent times, how to be present with what we feel, how to heal, and how to share our unique gifts. Listen in. p.s. In this episode I speak of a ceremony I will be offering at 6pm ct on Wednesday, October 4th. It is going to be a part of day 1 of the Crystal Magic Journey. You can sign up to join us here: https://loriaandrus.com/crystal-challenge


3 Oct 2017

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#006 - How Well Do You Know Your Crystals?

Let's chat crystals this week! Crystals and stones are one of our most powerful allies for creating a deeply rooted life; a vibrant, healthy, prosperous, and joy-filled life. Yes, they have literally rocked my world and I have witnessed the amazing ways they have done the same for my clients, family, and my friends. As we deepen our connection with our crystals we begin to understand how they are weaving their magic in our lives to create health, prosperity, and fulfillment. In this week's episode I share 4 great practices for getting to know your crystals and I offer an invitation to join me for an upcoming Get to Know Your Crystals 7-day Challenge. I would love for you to join me. Learn more here: https://loriaandrus.com/crystal-challenge


25 Sep 2017

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#005 - Happy Equinox : Rituals for the Fall Season

In this week's episode we are chatting about all things Fall Equinox (my favorite time of year) . . . from what to energetically expect to rituals that will support you in flowing with this seasonal energy. Listen in and discover how you can find your rhythm within this season.


17 Sep 2017

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#004 - Crystals for the Fall Season

Hi Friends! We are just a little over a week away from the season change (I can hardly believe it) and I've been making changes in the crystals I'm working with. My beloved summer crystals are feeling complete and new crystals for the fall season are beginning to step forward. As I sat down with them, I began to inquire about the themes emerging for the collective right now . . . from the intense storms, fires, and earthquakes to the political arena, we are in the midst of massive changes and they intense. So, I was curious what the crystals had to say about this and which ones are stepping forward this fall to support each of us in the unique ways we are experiencing what's unfolding and how we can contribute to a new vision for the world. In this week's episode I am excited to share their insights, wisdom, and messages. Listen in now! p.s. I speak of an opportunity to have me create a personalized piece of jewelry . . . here is a link to learn more: https://loriaandrus.com/jewelsforme


11 Sep 2017

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#003 - Filling Your Cup : An Interview with Dr. Mary Pritchard

Hello my sacred friends and welcome to this very special episode of rooted life radio. This week I am interviewing my dear friend and colleague, Dr Mary Pritchard. Now this interview is a little different than some of my other interviews and you will notice that right of the bat. So let me give you a little background . . . This interview was created for Dr Mary’s upcoming virtual retreat event ‘The Well Nourished Goddess’ and it has been slightly edited to fit the format of this podcast. This event begins Sept 18th running through September 29th. Over these 11 days Dr Mary will be sharing interviews with 20 experts on the topic of sacred self care. I am greatly honored to be one of those featured experts. Register here: http://thewellnourishedgoddess.com After being interviewed by Dr Mary, I had an opportunity to turn the tables and interview her . . . oh and this was so much fun! This is an intimate conversation about what inspired her to create this event as well as how she has discovered the importance of sacred self care in her own life and what it means to wholly say yes to self love! So let me tell you a little bit about Dr Mary and then we will dive in . . . Dr Mary is an expert in the areas of reclaiming body love and reawakening your inner goddess. She is the creatrix of 30 Days to Body Love, The Nourished Temple, and the Reawakened Goddess. She's also the founder of the thriving “Awaken Your Goddess Within” virtual community, a BodyLove Expert, an esteemed blogger at Psychology Today and Huffington Post, and a frequent contributor to Aspire and Fitness magazines. Dr. Mary is passionately dedicated to empowering today’s women in healing their relationships with food, their bodies, and themselves, reconnecting with their Inner Goddess, stepping through their perceived fears, and embracing the truth of who they are.


30 Aug 2017

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#002 - Eclipse Reflections + Insights

Hi Friends! Last week's total solar eclipse left me in awe! Chris and I traveled to Southern Illinois to be in the eclipse zone of totality. From the energy to the floods of people this experience was not at all what I expected and at the same time so much more than I could have ever imagined! In this week's episode Chris joins me and we share our personal reflections and insights from this truly incredible event.  Wishing you a beautiful week! Shine brightly! xoxo, Lori


27 Aug 2017

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Conversations with Wise Women - Vanessa Sage of Sage Priestessing

In this week's episode I am joined by Vanessa Sage of Sage Priestessing.  Join us as we dive in and explore what it means to be a priestess as Vanessa beautifully shares her journey to claiming her unique role as a priestess and what it means to her to walk this sacred path.  "I knew in that moment I was strong. I knew in that moment I could handle anything. And I knew in that moment I was connected to something so much greater than myself, and that my voice need to Be in the world. And I think in a sense the priestess path is about being in the world." - Vanessa Sage Listen in to learn more.


17 May 2017

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3 Crystal Rituals for the Spring Equinox

The spring season arrives next week, March 20th, and this is a wonderful time to step into sacred practice with our crystal allies.  In this week's episode Lori shares 3 crystal rituals to support you in honoring this season of rebirth and renewal. 


16 Mar 2017

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Crystal Altar of the Week (1) - Inspiration

One of my sacred practices is to create weekly altars with my jewels . . . to shake up the combinations based on intuitive guidance, what's unfolding in the collective, and so much more. This week I am beginning a new series on this podcast to include a message, wisdom, and insights from my weekly crystal altars. If you would like to see the image of my altar, you can find that on my blog. Visit http://loriaandrus.com/blog


21 Feb 2017

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Love Rocks! (10 jewel allies for love)

Happy Valentine's Day! Today, we celebrate love. This day encourages us to open our hearts just a little wider to the beauty, magic, and wonder available within every facet of love.  In today's episode I share 10 amazing jewels who are ready to to support you in this celebration and deepening of love.  Tune in to discover what they are and how they can 'rock your world'!


14 Feb 2017

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Finding Your Full Moon Glow

With tomorrow's full moon and eclipse, so much energy is moving. Creative ideas. Inspiration. A desire to rush into immediate action. A feeling of needing to push to make things happen now. And at the same time overwhelm and complete exhaustion. With all of this energy, finding stillness can feel challenging.Take a deep breath, drop in, and discover your inner place of stillness. In this week's episode discover three sacred practices to support you during this time, as well as three powerful jewel allies. Crystals in the Moonlight was a practice referenced in this episode. You can listen to an episode about that practice here: http://priestesspathway.podbean.com/e/crystals-in-the-moonlight/


10 Feb 2017

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Let's Get Rooted + 4 Jewels for Strong Roots

Let's get rooted!This topic has been in my heart for the past couple weeks . . . especially as we, in the US, inaugurated a new president. Lots of changes. Lots of uproar. And Lots of uprooting of what many of us perceived to be the very foundation of our lives and of our country. In many ways this feels like a point of complete turning over. Right now many of us are experiencing some level of the chaos that ensues such drastic and unexpected changes. We are experiencing emotions that may feel unfamiliar. We are struggling to understand and at the same time finding ourselves not only called into a whole new level of action, but also taking action that may have been previously uncharacteristic. Action inspired by the deepest parts of ourself. Some part of self has awakened in this process and we are saying “I will not go back to sleep. I will no longer remain silent.” Yet at the same time we wonder ‘how?’. During this time I have been finding myself called to work with my roots and my favorite root chakra jewels. The messages that seem to be just pouring forward are that now is a time to rise. Now is a time to let go of any fear, resistance, and untruth that previously interfered with our willingness to stand in what we know to be true and what we believe at the deepest levels of our soul.  Listen in and discover how you too can work with these beautiful allies to root deeper into your knowing of you and the unique ways you are here to contribute to the world at this time. 


2 Feb 2017

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4 Wisdom Messages from Peru (and 4 jewel allies)

Peru is a magical place filled with deep wisdom and powerful insights . . . and amazing jewels! My recent journey to the Sacred Valley was filled with experiences that brought forward a deeper understanding of how to move through this time of great transition. Right now many of us are feeling like life as we have known it has, in some way, turned upside down . . . especially in the political arenas. But these big upsets are also playing out in our day to day lives. We are experiencing unexpected and sudden changes in our relationships, in our jobs, in our home life and so much more. And, at the same time many of us are feeling like in the midst of the chaos, something big is on the horizon . . . and that something feels really good!. Part of this turning over is due to this past year of completion and letting go and another part is preparing us to become crystal clear about what me most desire in our lives and for the world. This is a time of incredible opportunity. While in Peru, the consistent messages that came forward were about surrender (letting go of any part of self, any vision or dream, any relationship, or any work path that does not serve our highest good), redefining power and embracing our personal power, discovering the sweetness of life (what makes our heart sing and bringing that into all areas of life), and lifting the veils of visibility (discovering where we are hiding ourselves and then lifting the veils to reveal our most authentic self).  Listen in to discover the jewels that have shown up as allies for this time and how you can bring some Peru magic into these final weeks of 2016!


3 Dec 2016

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S5E4 - Conversation with Transformation Goddess Shann Vander Leek

In this episode I am joined by Transformation Goddess Shann Vander Leek where we dive into what it means to walk in beauty and reclaim our feminine sovereignty as well as talk about her upcoming (free) interview series: Goddess Talk Sessions. Join us for lots of love, laughter, and soulful connection.Learn more about the Goddess Talk Sessions here: http://bit.ly/1HuurVh


12 Sep 2016

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