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Listen to the latest messages from Eagle Brook Church. The podcast is usually updated by Sunday afternoon of each week and provides the message from the previous weekend. Eagle Brook is a multi-site church in Minnesota with locations in Anoka, Blaine, Lakeville, Lino Lakes, Rochester, Spring Lake Park, Wayzata, White Bear Lake, and Woodbury.

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Catch & Release

God created us for relationships, with him and with others. Choosing the right person to date and marry is one of the most important decisions you (or your kids) will make—because relationships can either be the greatest source of joy in life or the...

8 Jan 2017

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When I'm Anxious

In this message, Jason Strand challenges us to invite God into our anxious moments and trust that He will give us exactly what we need, when we need it.

16 Dec 2018

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Reclaim My Future

In this message, Pastor Jason Strand teaches about trusting God with our future.

27 Sep 2015

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Honor Your Parents

In this message, Pastor Jason Strand teaches about living a life of honor and respect.

16 Aug 2015

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To Do Something Significant With My Life

What makes a person great? Is it how many followers you have or how famous you are? In this message, Pastor Jason Strand talks about how greatness is defined in God's eyes. A true life of significance looks a lot more like Jesus', and a lot...

26 Jun 2016

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Comfort in Suffering

Though we don’t always know why we’re suffering, we can be confident of this: God promises to comfort us in our suffering, no matter what. In this weekend’s message, Pastor Jason Strand shows us how pain can serve a greater purpose—to help us rely on...

24 Jul 2016

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I Get Anxious

Some call this the age of anxiety. Do you feel it? Let’s pause, take a breath, and sit back for a moment. The battle of anxiety is worth fighting, and little victories can be won every day.

5 Jan 2020

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Born Blind

Sometimes we can't see what God wants us to see. What might God be trying to show you?

24 Mar 2019

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When we hold onto resentment, it tends to hurt us more than the person we’re holding it against—but we have a tough time letting go of it. In this message, Pastor Jason Strand unpacks how to uproot bitterness and do the hard work of choosing...

17 Dec 2017

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What is your mind set on? What dominates your thoughts? Because, according to Romans 8, whatever dominates your thoughts will determine where you go, what you do, and how you live. In this message, Pastor Bob Merritt digs into the battle of control of...

12 Mar 2017

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It Creates Insecurity

This is the second message from the Eagle Brook Church series, Left to Our Own Devices: How Your Phone is Changing You, by Pastor John Alexander.

8 Jul 2018

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I'm Decisive

In this message, Senior Pastor Bob Merritt outlines a few simple steps to take to discover God’s will for your life—so that wherever we go and whatever we do, we can be faithful to Him.

14 Oct 2018

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We Ignore Real Relationships

This is the final message from the Eagle Brook Church series, Left to Our Own Devices: How Your Phone is Changing You, by Teaching Pastor Jason Strand.

15 Jul 2018

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Renew My Strength

In this message, Senior Pastor Bob Merritt teaches us what we can too when we feel rundown, weary or weak in spirit.

20 Sep 2015

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Develop Intimacy

In this message, Teaching Pastor Jason Strand challenges us to measure the amount of relational intimacy in our lives and encourages us to repair the ruptures that exist within our relationships.

6 Jan 2019

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Feeling Forgotten

Sometimes we feel forgotten—by others or even God. When it happens, it's hard to feel loved and like we really matter. But does God ever truly forget us?

8 Dec 2019

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Coins and Sheep

Jesus cares about lost people more than anything else. He can’t stand the thought of any of us going through a single day feeling alone, which is why he invites each of us into a relationship with Him. In this message, Pastor Bob Merritt illustrates...

13 Aug 2017

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Survive the Wilderness

Have you ever been through a time that can only be described as wilderness? It feels like the world is crashing down around you. You're not sleeping well and have a lot on your mind. Whatever it may be, you're not alone. In this message...

29 May 2016

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Big Faith

If Jesus looked at your faith, would he be amazed at how big, bold, and audacious it is? Or, would he be amazed by your lack of faith? Each of us has the opportunity to be filled with big faith—to become people who truly believe that God can do...

9 Apr 2017

Rank #19

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It's Not Working

In this message, Senior Pastor Bob Merritt teaches us to be persistent in prayer, confess our sins, and trust that God will answer.

25 Oct 2015

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