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From antibodies to bicycles

Professor Sir Gregory Winter explains how therapeutic antibodies have revolutionised the pharmaceutical industry in recent years.


11 Apr 2013

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Travel with T cells- a journey into childhood immunity and global health

Professor Beate Kampmann talks about her experiences researching childhood immunity in Africa in her inaugural lecture.


26 Jun 2012

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Regeneration and the immune system

Professor Nadia Rosenthal discusses human tissue regeneration in her inaugural lecture.


1 May 2012

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Tropical tales from the front line

Professor Kathryn Maitland talks about her experiences on the front lines of emergency child care in Kenya and how unexpected results like these may affect not just clinical care in Africa, but could impact the West too.


14 Nov 2011

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From autoimmunity to zebrafish - an immunologist's view of the world

How a career investigating the inflammatory responses of organisms could hold the key to treating life threatening conditions. Professor Margaret Dallman delivers the 2011 Athena lecture. recorded at Imperial College London


29 Jun 2011

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Discovering a new treatment for rheumatoid arthritis

Professor Sir Ravinder Maini and Professor Marc Feldmann discuss discovering anti-TNF treatment and the impact it has made


2 Oct 2009

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Imperial Clinical Trials Unit (ICTU) video for potential trial participants

What are the advantages of taking part in clinical trials?


5 Aug 2015

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Bone-eating giants

Immune cells can fuse together to form giant cells with many nuclei. Dr Jacques Behmoaras is investigating why this happens and how these cells are involved in osteoporosis. (Extract 2 of 4 from the Imperial College Podcast 25 March 2014)


25 Mar 2015

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Bugs, drugs and genes: seeking new treatments for cystic fibrosis

Professor Jane Davies gives her inaugural lecture


15 Sep 2014

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How to Catch the Flu. MOSAIC @ Imperial Festival 2014

This video clip shows how the flu virus can spread through a community using an interactive display of dominoes set up over a city-scape. It also shows how vaccines (immunisations) can protect individuals, their family, friends and contacts

17 Jun 2014

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