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#285: Tiny Gardener

Today we talk about ways to build up enough of a financial “runway” to allow your new business to take off. We talk about ways that both Charles and Joe have used to support our new businesses; Charles’ current strategy of cannibalizing one business to build another; and newer options like Tiny Seed, a newly […]


29 Oct 2018

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#357: Pandemic Edition

Welcome to Release Note: Pandemic Edition. The COVID-19 pandemic is in the news and in everyone’s conversations, so on today’s show we talk about how we expect this pandemic to affect our businesses and how it might affect yours. Mailing List Every month there are more great articles and content about the business of Mac […]


16 Mar 2020

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#315: Natalie Nagele (part 1)

We’re joined today by Natalie Nagele, co-founder of Wildbit, and a presenter at Release Notes 2019. We talk about how Natalie got her start in entrepreneurship, how her role at Wildbit has changed as the company has grown, the difference between “businesspeople” and “entrepreneurs”, and how hiring one of those “businesspeople” has helped fill a […]


27 May 2019

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#299: Can I Sign Up For That Job?

Today we tackle a hodgepodge of topics including a small pre-event gathering we’re hosting at FemtoConf, Charles’ attempt to control costs by changing email marketing automation platforms, Joe getting his tax information ready for his accountant, and a key dependency of Charles’ business discontinuing a service he relies upon. Release Notes 2019 We’re happy to […]


4 Feb 2019

Rank #4

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#346: Do I Get a Little Pin?

We want to learn more about you! Take our survey at https://releasenotes.tv/survey. As is our custom, we’re spending the last two episodes of the year reviewing our goals for 2019 and evaluating how well we met them. Last week we talked to Joe, so today we focus on Charles and the goals that he set […]


30 Dec 2019

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#298: Is it Like Cholesterol?

Today we answer a question from a listener who asks how we handle support (whether we use homegrown or third-party tools) and if it’s possible for an indie business owner (particularly one with customers) to go on an offline vacation. In our answers, we share some of the tools we use for support, our individual […]


28 Jan 2019

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#329: Coffee, Tea, Caffeine Tracker, Inc.

Today we talk about Joe’s recent trip to the 360iDev conference in Denver. We talk about the interesting talks he saw and conversations he had while he was out there, quite a bit about App Store optimization, and an overview of his own talk that he delivered at 360iDev. We also talk a little bit […]


3 Sep 2019

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#310: Multiply by Pi

In today’s episode we talk about a new proposal that Joe sent out. We talk about the origin of the proposal, and then we dig into some of the decisions that Joe had to make regarding time and cost. Along the way, we explore why charging more attracts better customers, how certain milestones affect customer […]


22 Apr 2019

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#273: Mike Taber (part 2)

We’re joined again by Mike Taber, founder of Bluetick.io and co-host of the podcast “Startups for the Rest of Us.” Last time we talked to Mike about his start in entrepreneurship. Today we talk to him about his new email follow-up product, Bluetick.io. We talk about how the conception and validation of Bluetick.io differed from […]


6 Aug 2018

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#265: The Cupertino Mafia

This week Charles talks to Joe about his time in San Jose at WWDC, and we chat about some of the changes that were announced. We talk about the event itself, some of the technology announcements that were made, and why we think some of the most important changes made last week were once that […]


11 Jun 2018

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#314: Luckily, We’ve Never Had to Test This Setup

Today we return to a recurring theme of this podcast and discuss single points of failure in our businesses. We talk about the ways we, sole proprietors, are the most significant single point of failure in our businesses, and ways that we have tried to mitigate this problem. Release Notes 2019 We’re happy to announce […]


20 May 2019

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#174: Rich Siegel (part 1)

We’re joined today by Rich Siegel, founder of Bare Bones Software and Release Notes 2016 speaker. We talk to Rich about how he got started with BBEdit, how he’s using free apps and trials with his products, and even get an update on how things are going since he pulled his apps from the Mac […]


12 Sep 2016

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#326: The Top End of Merely Doing Okay

Today we tackle a topic that’s not so pleasant to think about: What would it take for us to give up and call it all quits. We discuss an insightful article from Tracy Osborn about “the dangerous lure of barely profitable bootstrapped businesses”, we give some updates about our own businesses and how they are […]


12 Aug 2019

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#219: I’m Not Saying It’s Logical

Today we talk about 1Password, the password manager create by AgileBits. We discuss AgileBit’s recent push to encourage customers to use the cloud version of their product, the backlash from the security community, and our take on the change. Release Notes 2017 Release Notes 2017 is SOLD OUT! Release Notes 2017 will be happening October […]


24 Jul 2017

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#272: Mike Taber (part 1)

Today we’re joined by Mike Taber, founder of Bluetick.io and co-host of the podcast “Startups for the Rest of Us.” We talk to Mike today about some of his background, his start in entrepreneurship, and how he almost founded CompUSA. We also discuss the importance of choosing the right market, “product-founder fit,” and all the […]


30 Jul 2018

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#338: Drinking Guinness and Shaking Hands

Today Joe fills us in on a recent trip that he took to Ireland for the Belfast International Homecoming, a conference he got connected with through his networking efforts in New York. It’s an interesting story of attending a non-tech conference, and how doing the work to meet new people can pay off in unexpected […]


4 Nov 2019

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#339: I Don’t Want to Support This

Today we conduct a “therapy session” for Charles as he tries to decide whether to continue development of the home-grown client portal he uses for his RelaNet clients, or whether it would be better to use a third-party solution and use the time that is freed up for marketing. We talk about the current situation, […]


11 Nov 2019

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#264: Andrew Culver (part 1)

We’re joined today by Andrew Culver, founder of SaaS products like Bullet Train and Churnbuster. We talk to Andrew today about how he got into entrepreneurship, his start at Borrowed and Blue, and how his experience at Borrowed and Blue led to his first SaaS product Churnbuster. Along the way we talk about combining consulting […]


4 Jun 2018

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#327: I Like the Symmetry of Three Boxes

Today we start the first of two of our periodic “therapy sessions.” In this episode, we talk about some of Charles’ looming deadlines, and how he’s planning for them. We talk about Charles’ plan for the next few months, RelaNet’s feature roadmap, and which features are going to have to be deferred for a little […]


19 Aug 2019

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#164: Ruin it with Math

At WWDC this year, Apple announced iMessage apps in two varieties: stickers and interactive messages. Today we talk about the business prospects of iMessage apps, why Joe is building a sticker pack, and why Charles isn’t as excited about them. Release Notes 2016 If you’re serious about your business, Release Notes 2016 is the one […]


4 Jul 2016

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