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Get ready for a whole new era of podcastingwith mentor, speaker & serial entrepreneur Peter Voogd - dedicated to bringing results, guidance, and excellence to entrepreneurs worldwide. Practical advice and proven strategies mixed with motivational music that will help you create YOUR ideal lifestyle. If you are serious about taking your life and business to a whole new level, this podcast is for you. Peter delivers real actionable strategies and inspiration that will help you elevate every area of your life and business. Everything has changed, and the rules you’ve been taught don’t apply anymore. The world has enough followers, it’s time to become a Game Changer. Subscribe to get a new episode every Thursday.

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Is it possible to have a life that's surrounded by only good, positive vibes? It is, even in this selfish society, but it can only be purposely created by YOU. If you're tired of all the negativity that surrounds you, listen to this episode as I tell you how to get in the groove of a life with only positive vibes. Building greatness and living an extraordinary life starts with the standards you set for yourself - what you accept in your life. How do you set quality standards in the face of mediocrity and daily opposition to your dreams? Find out how you can stay true to who you are and learn to attract and keep the people who align with you and your values. In this episode, you will learn . . . How to stay authentic and real while being surrounded by fear, doubt and negativity. Stop fearing the opinion of people and live the life that you deserve. Build an inner circle that will support you as you take your journey to greatness. Quotes: "The only with a thrive and rise above the noise is to be authentic and real" - Peter Voogd "Stay fearless in everything you do" - Peter Voogd "Don't let opinions drown out your real potential" - Peter Voogd Question: What action steps will you take to build a life surrounded by positive vibes?


13 Oct 2016

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YEL 170 - How to Reach The 1% of Any Industry

Episode show notes. Is the industry you’re trying to break into giving you a hard time? While it is the greatest time in history to be making money, 95% of the world’s population is still struggling. Literally. Why is that? It’s because what worked 5 or 10 years ago simply doesn’t work anymore. Everything has changed! I personally know 16-year-olds who are going to make a million dollars this year, and I also know some broke 50-year-olds. How is this happening? Age is now becoming irrelevant. So is your experience or where you’re from. I remember being 15, selling a pair of shoes off of eBay. I made more in five minutes than my friend who just got off work for 8 hours! Sounds unfair, right? Well, I realized I got paid for thinking differently. You can say you have 20 years of work experience, but can you say you’re not struggling in any way? The truth is you only have 1 year of experience that’s just repeated 20 times. If you’re not investing in yourself by expanding your network, sharpening your skills, adapting to the new times, and finding what value you can add to the industry you want to reach, you’re gonna have another year of struggles repeated. It’ll be a cycle that’ll take all your energy to break. Today’s podcast features Peter Voogd in Cabo, Mexico in one of his most compelling inspirational talks about making it in the industry. If your confidence is waning from all the setbacks you’ve faced, you better tune in and get hot tips that work from Peter! In this episode, you will learn... Why adapting to the new times is a must if you want to break into any industry What “The new era of entrepreneurship” is How one perspective shift can make you an extra million dollars What an “in the zone” ritual can do to get yourself in the peak state of mind Quotes:  -> You have to realize… wherever you are, you’re still there. -> The more you need someone else to tell you what to do, the less money you make. -> You should be able to motivate you unlike anybody else. Question: HOW ARE YOU GOING TO TAKE ACTION NOW?


7 Nov 2019

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It doesn't matter whether you are stressed or frustrated. You have to be committed in producing results within your business, that's your job as an entrepreneur. When your priorities are spending time with the people you care about, building a legacy and creating a life that you are proud of, the biggest key is to maximize your time. You need to know that every single second you've spent is maximized, and that you are aware of the ROI, so you can spend it how you want it. In this episode, you will learn . . . How millionaires maximize their 24 hours Keys on top-notch mindset and confidence What you need to do to step up your game How to systemize profit producing activities Quotes: “Powerful and purposeful intention” “Your job as an entrepreneur is to produce results in your business whether you feel like it or not, that's your job” “If you are not excited about something it becomes drudgery and you're gonna get complacent” Question: What are your non-negotiables?


24 May 2018

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YEL 168 - The Billion Dollar Time Management Secrets with Sean Cannell

Episode show notes... Do you have enough time in your hands to speed up your game and get faster results? In this new economy where both startups and established businesses are challenged by how fast technology evolves, there’s nothing more important than maximizing your time. The time you spend on your business determines your availability to your family, your choice of lifestyle, your level of fulfillment, and can even gauge your income. Are you spending enough time on the more important things? Or are you micromanaging to the point that the business owns you? You gotta draw the line when it starts to feel like your business is spreading you thin!  Understanding how the billionaires ace it and adopting their most solid practices will get you on top of  your productivity game and let you start living a world class life. Think Media founder and international speaker, Sean Cannell, interviews Peter Voogd for some powerful productivity tips and time management hacks to complete his channel’s business-making series.  Sean helps purpose-driven content creators and entrepreneurs build their influence with online videos. He has authored the #1 best-selling book, YouTube Secrets. With his YouTube videos gaining over 43 million views, Sean Cannell has earned a spot in Forbes list of the "20 Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business".  Today’s podcast features Sean Cannell interviewing me as he dares to tap into the minds of billionaires. With my own coaching expertise and a network of extremely successful people, you’re sure to get a deeper level of some billionaire time management hacks! In this episode, you will learn... Why it should be your top priority to improve your productivity and time management skills Why the billionaires constantly talk about “the next 90 days” How to leverage technology to give you streams of income That your legacy is what will make you irreplaceable and can let you live the rest of your life worry-free Quotes:  -> You’re so sold on it that no one sells you off it. -> Every way that you could speed up by investing in technology is super powerful. Scared money don't make money. SEAN CANNELL -> If you're only doing things that maintain your business, you just have a high-paying 9 to 5. Question: HOW FAST CAN YOU STOP WASTING TIME ON LOW VALUE ACTIVITIES SO YOU CAN START TAKING YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL?


24 Oct 2019

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YEL 175 - Creating The Most Legendary 2020 - The ONLY way to plan your year

Episode show notes. Is your 2019 all set up for an epic finish? 2020’s just around the corner and if you haven’t yet, NOW is the best time to build momentum - the momentum that’s gonna set the tone for the new year that’s coming in hot for you!  There’s only a bit of a snag. 99% of society thinks the real 2020 starts on January 1st. If you’re part of that statistics, you’ve already lost. But not for game changers! 2020 started at the beginning of this month for serious entrepreneurs and serious game changers because how you treat the end of your 2019 determines everything about your 2020. When does 2020 start for you? Let me tell you this one fact for starters: Companies are spending millions right now to get customers in buying mood. So if you’re not putting your product or information out there to get people to come to you, you’re losing the biggest opportunity to crush your 2019 and build the momentum you need going into the new year. So, how are you maximizing your year? Few days left in the calendar to wrap up 2019. Are you still going to let the same old barriers hold you back from being limitless? Or are you finally going to start purging ideas, opinions, and restraints that are critical to your growth and success? You only really need to take five steps if you want to create the most legendary new year. A great strategy to start off with is to make your whole December and January as productive as humanly possible because this is the momentum that’s gonna carry you in.  Go for a big head start. Finish strong, start stronger. Today’s podcast contains the 5 game-changing steps you need to take to make your 2020 the biggest one yet success-wise! In this episode, you will learn... How to purge all your 2019 excuses, clutter, worries, and distractions before touching 2020’s clean slate  Why you wanna “break the tape” How to organize and prioritize strategically How to get back in the zone after the holidays The 5 steps to creating the most legendary 2020 Quotes:  -> Few people actually build massive momentum in creating an epic finish and an epic start 'till the end of the new year. So if you wanna be one of those people, you're gonna make sure that you put in the work. -> What separates the winners and the losers is always the final stretch. -> Do the opposite of almost everybody else. The more people do something, the less value it becomes. Question: WHAT YEAR WILL YOU START BULLETPROOFING YOUR LIFE?


12 Dec 2019

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How do you stay focused? Are you actively taking steps to ensure you never procrastinate again? A lot of people complain about not achieving their goals and putting off the important things they should be focusing on. What's the problem? They've never sold themselves on the thing they're trying to do. You are your own culprit. You must accept the fact that you are the only one blocking your path to success. Markado and I give a quick, tactical list of three simple ideas that will ensure you get your results quicker by selling yourself on what you're trying to accomplish. Cut your learning curve in half by getting out of your own way by focusing on just three things. In this episode, you will learn . . . How to focus on goals that connect to your vision and higher purpose and let your results to the talking Questions you need to be asking yourself to set the criteria to make sure that what you're doing is the right thing for you. Identify activities you're not completely sold on so you could stop doing them. Quotes: "If you procrastinate you haven't sold yourself.” “When you are fully obsessed with one thing, time is irrelevant.” “Stop doing things you are not completely sold on.” Questions: What do you need to sell yourself on? And what do you need to sell yourself off?


20 Oct 2016

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Are you living a world class life? Most people don’t realise the power of focus and what you’re capable of when you have 100% clarity on what you want. The most dangerous words that can ever come out of someone’s mouth are “I already know that”. It has never been about what you know but rather do your results prove what you already know - does your bank account or your business prove that you are a living a world class life? The biggest game changer for me was when I truly realized the power of ‘focus’. It’s one thing to interrupt your interruptions or your distractions but having an actual prevention plan for your distractions is a total game changer. You must really focus on what you’re truly grateful for, what are you excited for and why? Staying results-focused and having a strong ‘why’ gives everything you do a new meaning and greater intent. Once you’ve honed in on your ‘why’, that’s when you’ve truly sold yourself on creating a world class life and nothing can stop you. Let’s dive in! In this episode you will learn... -> How to refocus and get back on track within the next 30-60 days to maximize your life -> What it takes to live a world class life -> The importance of having a strong ‘why’ to become successful in all -> The 5 things you can do to refocus and get yourself back in the zone Quotes: -> "The key to no procrastination, is to completely selling yourself where there is no other alternative" -> "Things that you take for granted or don’t show gratitude for, usually disappear" -> "How you do anything is how you do everything" Question: What are you most grateful for?


14 Feb 2019

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Episode show notes... Most of us fear of the unknown. We often stay complacent with what’s comfortable. But staying complacent HINDERS our ability to grow into our true potential. In order to push past complacency, you MUST step out of your comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone will result in exposure to the unknown. Taking calculated risks is the only way in order to take your life to the next level. Stepping out of complacency is exactly what our podcast guest, Parker Walbeck has to take his success to a greater level. Parker Walbeck is a rockstar creative: filmmaker, cinematographer, director, and entrepreneur. Parker started out like the rest of us--complacent with his life. But he had a realization that he was not living the life of his dreams. So he took the first step and jumped into a new world of possibilities, and landed where he is now: living a free, financially stable, and creative life! This one's for all of you out there who's on the edge about taking that risk in your life. Don't be afraid to make that shift. Take it from Parker Walbeck himself and tune in to his advice on today's episode! Ready? Let's dig in! In this episode you will learn... What you need to start doing in order to start living life on your terms How to step out of your comfort zone How to take risks and start living a financially stable life How Parker Walbeck risks towards his success Quotes: ->"Ultimately, I had a vision in my life. I wanted to achieve financial independence, financial freedom - Parker Walbeck" -> "Having somebody who supports you, who sees your vision, and shares your vision is super crucial - Parker Walbeck" -> "Plan as much as you can and prepare but the biggest thing is - you just gotta start doing it, start acting, start working. Working hard, working smart - Parker Walbeck" Question: WHAT RISKS WILL YOU TAKE TO START SUCCEEDING TODAY?


8 Aug 2019

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Do you challenge yourself to push past limitations or do you avoid them? It you truly want to succeed in life and business, you have to have the courage to face your fears head on. In this week’s podcast, I am very honored to introduce the legend, David Goggins. David Goggins is a retired Navy SEAL and is the only member of the U.S. Armed Forces to complete SEAL training (including two Hell Weeks), the U.S. Army Ranger School (where he graduated as Enlisted Honor Man) and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training. David is the best selling author of “Can’t hurt me” and is a much-sought-after public speaker who has shared his story and has impacted many worldwide. He’s one of the best in the world when it comes to maximizing potential, developing mental toughness and really pushing past limits. David inspires us to LEVEL UP in life and reach greatness by pushing through the mental limitations we have set for ourselves. He believes that by challenging yourself, you can really sharpest your mindset to motivate yourself during dark times. The hardest thing to do in life when you are placed in the worst situations and struggling is to motivate yourself when nobody else is around supporting you. If you’re ready to tackle your next obstacles in life and turn your challenges into triumphs, join us on this week’s episode. You don’t want to miss it! Let’s dive in! In this episode you will learn... How to face the demons in your life and push past the limitations in your mind How you can change the way you view yourself so you can level up in life Why challenging yourself is the key to mental toughness Quotes: -> A lot of people hate what they see in the mirror but they get worse and do nothing -> We forget how bad ass we are in those tough times - remind yourself that you’re still here, remind yourself of the things you’ve overcome - David Goggins -> You’ve got to challenge yourself. In challenging yourself is where you find all the answers - David Goggins Question: What challenges are you currently facing right now? What action will you take to push past them?


7 Mar 2019

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Welcome back to Part 2 of how to engineer your own celebrity and how to really build a world-class leading influence. We are going to continue from the last episode, if you haven't already, I highly recommend you listen to Part 1 as it builds the foundation for what we are going to talk about today. So on this episode, we are really going to dive into the next keys to engineering your own celebrity. A lot of these have taken me up to 12 years to figure out, I have done it the wrong way, I have been dead broke, I've got the 6 figures then 7. These learning lessons will help cut your learning curve in half and help you build a thriving business in a relevant, comprehensive, solid, and tactical way. Let's dive in! In this episode, you will learn . . . The 1% awareness factor that most people don't understand How to become extremely valuable How to master marketing Quotes: “Price is not the issue when you have the right client.” “Think. Feel. Act.” “The number one focus is customer satisfaction.” Question: What’s your biggest lesson to engineering your own celebrity?


31 Oct 2017

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YEL 176 - How to Master Self Awareness & Truly Know Yourself

Episode show notes. How well do you know yourself? We are all biased creatures, especially when it comes to ourselves. We may think we know who are, but it’s really only on the surface level.  Do you know what can reveal who you really are? Your innate core values. If you can determine what your innate core values are, you can begin mastering self awareness and start having improved relationships with people around you. Why? Because when you have mastered self awareness, you’ll start being comfortable putting yourself in other’s perspectives to better understand them during both their positive and negative moments. If you can get your “scores” based on your core values, you’ll be able to hit your BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH which can be a GAME CHANGER for you. This podcast is based on the CVI test which helps companies and individuals make their highest contribution possible. The CVI is a word-choice format human assessment that uses strategic and tactical values to reveal a person’s innate nature. You can take the test here: http://bit.ly/gamechangers-free-cvi Tune in to today’s episode where Peter Voogd illustrates how you can help understand yourself (and others) better by revealing who you are at your core based on your four CVI scores! In this episode, you will learn... If you are a builder, merchant, banker, or innovator What your every score’s inherent negative traits are  When you’ve hit your breakthrough Quotes:  -> People that don't understand the other person's  score is the most ineffective person on the planet. -> If you think someone should be just like you, the other person will resent you. -> You have strong reasons to do something and you're doing it for people that you care about, you're gonna take action. But if you can take action consistently, despite the mood you're in, despite if people are watching or despite if you have reasons, that's when you're unstoppable. Question: ARE YOU READY TO BE UNSTOPPABLE?


19 Dec 2019

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Have you ever asked yourself what can you do right now to lower your chances of regret? It’s important to take time to review your current situation and recognize what is detrimental to future and what helps your future. If you can really think things through and not have regret, you will live an amazing fulfilled lifestyle. You cannot let others expectations of you dictate your life and overall happiness. What will get YOU excited, satisfied and fulfilled in the next 90 days, 6 months and in 3 years? Know who you really are because remember, whatever you are now... you’re 10 times that in the future so move with purpose and intention in all you do! In today’s podcast, I share with you an unreleased track from my upcoming mixtape titled “Know Yourself Part 2”. Ask yourself these important questions… maximize your life and most importantly, live with no regrets. In this episode, you will learn . . . How to reflect on your current situation to ensure you’re maximizing life at the highest level Why knowing yourself is the key to success and overall happiness How ‘change’ can be the ultimate game changer for your life Know Yourself Mixtape 2 Quotes: “Don’t let others expectations of you dictate your life” “Whatever you are now, you’re 10 times that in the future” “Make decisions that your future self will thank you for” Question: WHAT WILL GET YOU EXCITED, SATISFIED AND FULFILLED IN THE NEXT 90 DAYS, 6 MONTHS AND IN 3 YEARS?


12 Apr 2018

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What’s the difference between someone who makes 6 figures and a millionaire? A relentless mindset, strategic game plan and a dynamic inner circle. There has never been a better time to rise above the noise and build a life on your terms. In this week’s episode, we dive into what it takes to be part of the world’s 2% and make 7 figures. We live in an era where age is irrelevant. You can be as young as 17 and reach millionaire status. To make this dream a reality, you have to be intentional and take advantage of the opportunities that are right front of you. Unfortunately, I see too many people stay in their comfort zones, failing to see the importance of levelling up their belief system, delegation, finding the balance between execution and study, and mastering the right investments.   The two most exciting things in life are working on meaningful tasks that matter, and making the most out of memorable experiences. If becoming a new age millionaire is your goal to achieve this, then you need to be fully maximising what you have in front of you today, so tomorrow can take care of itself. Let’s do this! In this episode, you will learn . . . The top 3 opportunities entrepreneurs miss that stop them from becoming millionaires How to develop a crystal clear vision The importance of mastering productivity High value vs. low value investments Why you need mentorship to level up Quotes: “There’s a time for thinking and time for action” “Steal time from your low dollar/low value work and invest it into high dollar/high value work and business” “The 2 most exciting things in life are working on things that matter and maximising memorable experiences” Question: What action will you take to maximise memorable experiences and become a new age millionaire?


28 Jun 2018

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Are you ready to 10x your life and business in 2018? I genuinely appreciate you for investing in yourself and being part of the select few who are constantly trying to level up their income, success, mindset, peace of mind, network and relationships. Here's the deal, it’s not necessarily “new year, new you” because the best way to predict someone's next six months of results and success is to look at their previous six months of results - habits trump inspiration. Remember, habits last forever... Let's go dive in! In this episode, you will learn . . . Identifying what habits are the most important to your end result and goals Mastery vs. Overload principle The most valuable way to start the year TOP 5 Episodes from 2017 The 5 Hidden Truths Of Self Awareness & Mastery How To Become A Sales Master How To Build A Million Dollar Network The 7 Figure Checklist - Going From 100K Yearly To 100K Monthly How To Engineer Your Own Celebrity & Rise Above The Noise - Part 1 Quotes: “Shift from complexity to simplicity.” “Mastery vs. Overload” “Get addicted to outcomes and results not information and knowledge.” Question: What’s been the most valuable episode from 2017?


4 Jan 2018

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Do you have what it takes to be a real entrepreneur? What if you had all odds against you, no roadmap, no mentors, no strategy or structure? Our guest today CEO/Founder of Live Fit, Randall Pich, shares the story behind his rapid growth and success. If you’re looking to start a business and get out of your 9 to 5, or you can't stand what you’re currently doing, Randall is the man to show you how to make it happen on your own terms! He has a ton of wisdom and value to offer, so be sure to take note and remember to execute at the highest level! In this episode, you will learn . . . How to turn doubt into motivation and success What it takes to be a real entrepreneur How to make your first hire Social media tactics Quotes: “There is no right time, you just have to do it.” “If you have that doubt, you've got to figure out how to conquer that.” “Word of mouth is still stronger than social media.” Question: What are your biggest lessons from Randall Pich?


10 Aug 2017

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Everyone’s got the same 24 hours, 7 days weeks. Ever wondered why some people manage to maximise their days more than others? It all comes down to your belief system and what you choose to do with your time. Discipline alone will fail you, but the reason you strive each day to grind won’t. This week, we hear all about this harsh truth from serial entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast Ed Mylett. By the time Mylett was 30, he had already reached a point of financial success making 7 figures. But what really mattered to him was being able to live to the day his daughter walked down the aisle. To do this, he needed to change his current lifestyle choices and eating habits. He needed stop acting like he was going to live forever. When adversity hit, he wasn’t there to complain and act like a victim. In fact, he was grateful. Thanks to his alcoholic father, Mylett began treating time as life’s most valuable gift. He shares with us why a strong belief system based on perspectives and choices, can help anyone maximise their potential to achieving anything. He also shares with us why we should stop listening to social media and focus on getting rich, rather than looking rich. If you want to leave your mark on the world, and use every waking minute to accomplish all that you can, this episodes for you. Let’s dive in! In this episode, you will learn . . . Why time is the most valuable asset you have in life How to be self aware and adopt a strong belief system Why you need to care less about what others think The reality of saving according to a millionaire vs. social media Quotes: “Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.” “The scriptures say ‘owe no man money’. The only debt you should have is on an appreciating asset like real estate.” “Whatever you believe you are literally right, because it creates the filter to which your world is revealed to you.” Question: What adversity can you be most grateful for?


2 Aug 2018

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In this new economy, starting a business is very easy and accessible. However being able to rise above the noise is the biggest difference between a successful company and one that will fail. In this week’s podcast episode I interview the one and only Randall Pich, CEO of Livefit, a multi-million dollar clothing empire. Live Fit is one of the most successful clothing lines that have been created from the ground up before Randall hit the age of 25. Starting a clothing line is arguably one of the hardest industries to succeed in as in most cases you are not solving a problem, but rather trying to start a movement or brand. For Randall, success did not come easy for his Live Fit line of apparel, and it was even more difficult considering the fact that Randall had dropped out of college just 6 credits shy of graduating to focus on his business. The difference was that Randall had a plan and a sense of urgency to make Live Fit work. Needless to say, he succeeded in achieving that by making Live Fit apparel a recognized brand that is slated to do 8 figures in sales. One of the biggest lessons that Randall shares with us is in order to succeed in building an empire and captivating brand is to hire the right people. Hire people who can represent the brand’s vision and values. Randall emphasises the importance of building the right team and hiring those who treat your business like it’s their business. Not having the right people to help run your business is one of the many reasons why business fail. Success is not created overnight. Randall preached the hardships of creating the success in the brand that he has created. It is 5 - 10 years of constant hustle, from marketing, networking and thorough research. Beyond the hustle, Randall is able to captivate people with his brand by being genuine and truly living what his brand is about - It is all about being authentic and living your brand. If you are struggling in taking your business to the next level and creating a captivating brand, make sure you tune into this week’s podcast. You don’t want to miss it! Let’s dive in! In this episode you will learn... How to create a captivating brand The importance of hiring the right people to succeed How to rise above the noise and create a successful company How to use social media to your advantage in order to grow your business Question: What is your vision for your business?


20 Dec 2018

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EPISODE SHOW NOTES: Are you looking to start off on fire in 2019? You must understand the new wave of entrepreneurship if you want to gain a competitive advantage as an entrepreneur. It is the best time to be alive! But the crazy things is, 95% of people are struggling, underpaid and discouraged. The truth is, the economy is going to get tough within the next year or 2. When you can develop yourself when times are tough, you’ll be able to dominate the rest of your life. Ultimately you’ll be dominating not just for yourself, but also for the people who are struggling who will need you the most. Why do most people struggle? Well the reality is, the game has changed. What it took to succeed just 5 - 10 years ago just doesn’t cut it anymore. I know 16 - 18 year olds who are crushing it and are making 7 figures. I also know broke 40 year olds. How is this possible? Because one is willing to change and adapt to new times, becoming more valuable. While the other is stubborn and makes constant excuses. Experience and hard work no longer works in the new economy. It’s no longer about working hard or smarter, it’s about working right. It’s so important to have a proven roadmap and a network. You have to get crystal clear on who you are, crystal clear on who you’re not and crystal clear on where you’re going. A genius without a road map is gonna get lost in any country. But an average person with a road map will find their way to any destination, it’s that simple. The biggest difference between someone who is successful and someone that is stagnant, is their circle of influence. Who you surround yourself is who you become. You must evaluate who you’re around the most. How are they affecting your actions, mindset and standards? It is a known fact that if you want to level up your life and build an empire, you need to level up who you’re around. A lot of people have a crazy misconception about those who are successful. I’ve been around a lot of successful people and it’s not about the cars the money or the fame, it’s about being a world class human being and building a world class life for yourself and for the people you care about. If you want to gain a competitive edge in this new economy and making sure you are prepared to dominate when the economy gets tough, make sure you take notes. Let’s dominate! In this episode you will learn... Top 3 breakthroughs and exactly how you can implement these lessons immediately How to simplify your entire business into 1 page (Very Valuable) How to create a dynamic and powerful vision for your life & business Ways to increase your confidence starting TODAY The power of mastery vs overload and why it kills 99% of millennials The #1 thing that holds people back… (and how to make sure it doesn’t hold YOU back) Quotes:“If you can develop yourself when times are tough you’ll be able to dominate the rest of your life” "A genius without a road map is gonna get lost in any country. But an average person with a road map will find their way to any destination" "You have to get crystal clear on who you are - on who you’re not and - where you’re going" Question: Who are the top 3 people in your circle and are they influencing your life by helping you take it to the next level?


10 Jan 2019

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Many entrepreneurs fail because they don’t understand the importance of the power of pure laser focus. People are too obsessed with learning and getting their hands on too many resources leading to information overload. The majority are still stuck in the mindset of “working harder, not smarter”. How will you find time on doing things that give you the most fulfilment when you’re stuck with the mindset of hustling all day? The one thing you must do in order to survive in this era is to focus on working ‘right’. Billionaire entrepreneurs, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates believe that the main key to success is the power of focus. In this new economy, there is overwhelming complexity, insurmountable change and incredible competition. This is the time where it has become more significant than ever before to focus on what’s most important. Do you truly understand the importance of maximizing your time? Perspective of your 24 hours is the biggest game changer. How you spend your 24 hours determines your productivity. Focus on changing your perspective with your time. The more you are disciplined with your time, the more you will find yourself working less and getting better results. In this week’s episode, I will share with you how you can create a legacy and a lifestyle that you desire through the power of focus. Let’s dive in! In this episode you will learn... Understanding the importance of maximising your time Why focus is important, and the 6 key strategies to staying focused How you can stay focused and start creating a legacy and a lifestyle that you desire How to be much more productive with your time Quotes: "Focus is ultimately a matter of simplicity and decision" "Whatever you focus on, multiplies. If you focus on your problems they get bigger. If you focus on solutions, you will develop more of them" "Your focus can single handedly determine whether your life is world class, and your business is world class, or your life and business is simply mediocre" Question: What will you do to be more productive with your time?


11 Oct 2018

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What makes a real ‘game changer’? How do you think your brand and network play a role in building credibility and respect in your industry? Our special guest today has a long track record of success and has gained massive respect by building his network without expecting anything in return. With charisma and experience in the entrepreneurship space, you’ll learn what it takes to build successful brands and networks. He’s an American lawyer, co-creator of The Art of Charm podcast with almost 5 million listeners... he’s a bad-ass! Our guest today is none other than Jordan Harbinger! In this episode, you will learn . . . How to develop massive respect in your industry How to build a network Benefits of creating a scalable network Why keeping score is toxic for your relationships Steps in rebuilding a brand based on experience Jordan's approach of inviting a guest on his show Actionable steps to take in building a podcast Keys on creating content Jordan's two biggest tips to creating healthy relationships Quotes: “People that really wanna make an impact, nothing really stops them.” “Helping people is really easy if you are not trying to figure out what you want from them.” “ Stop thinking about what you want to learn from the guest and start thinking about your audience.” Question: What's your biggest takeaway from Jordan Harbinger?


15 Mar 2018

Rank #20