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MHI Lesson 28: Buying mobile homes when liens are present w/ Mo

Welcome back, In today’s Mobile Home Investing Lesson Podcast episode #28, I’m proud to welcome active mobile home investor Mohammad to the co-hosting microphone. In today’s 50-minute podcast episode we dive deep into examples both real and hypothetical when it comes dealing with liens and loans on mobile home titles. Learn from our mistakes and […]

14 Apr 2019

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MHI Lessons 20: Creating Substantial Monthly Income With Mobile Homes, Moving Homes, Working with Parks, Tips and Advice – Guests Michael & Steve

In this nearly hour-long video podcast we discuss some of Michael and Steve's 5 mobile home cash-flow deals, transporting homes, partnerships, and the challenges of working with park managers and local handymen.

29 Nov 2016

Rank #2

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MHI 003: Park Manager Due Diligence With Bill

Today on the Mobile Home Investing Lessons Podcast we are excited to welcome a guess who has more experience in traditional. mobile home investing podcast..

15 Nov 2014

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MHI 008: First Mobile Home Deals With Juan Thread

Over the course of this 20-minute podcast Juan and I discuss some of our first deals and touch on just what took place. Some things should be duplicated and other things should be avoided like the plague. Over the past few years working with Juan I am happy to call him a friend and someone I know will go far in his real estate investing business.

14 Jan 2015

Rank #4

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MHI 004: Ruling Your Local Market With Ken

Today on the Mobile Home Investing Lessons Podcast we have another great, content filled episode for you. We're excited to welcome Ken Guzman, a very active and full-time mobile home investor to share his insights on a very important topic: Ruling your local market as a successful mobile home investor working inside parks and on private land.

22 Nov 2014

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MHI Lesson 18: Mobile Home Brokering and Wholesaling – Guest Dan

In today's Mobile Home Investing Lesson Podcast episode #18, we're talking about brokering and wholesaling mobile homes and how this applies to you and your local business. Each different purchasing-technique and/or strategy you possess to help sellers is a tool that can be used to provide options to help sellers and create value. The more "purchase techniques" you clearly understand with regards to mobile home investing the quicker your business may grow.

29 Apr 2016

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MHI Lesson 011: Market Where Buyers Want To Be

Over the next 18 minutes Vince and I break down the where and why when it comes to marketing your mobile home for sale. Any questions or further explanation you need please comment below.

20 Mar 2015

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MHI 006: Best Mobile Home Deals With Val Penna

These are not the best deals because they made us the most profit. Instead, these are some of the best mobile home deals in our portfolio because they proved to us the possibility of helping others while building our businesses and creating Win-Win deals from scratch.

11 Dec 2014

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MHI 005: Horror Stories With Stuart Bateh

In the podcast episode below Stuart takes us on a journey into a past horror story during his short, but active, mobile home investing career. While the story starts one way, it ends with a completely different message. Learn from Stuart's horror story and how you can avoid these same lessons in your own investing business.

28 Nov 2014

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MHI Lesson 12: Errors and Wins While Selling Your MH All-Cash with Special Guest Lana

Lana then made a series of seemingly wise decisions that lead to stressful days and late nights. Lana has been awesome enough to share with us over the next 24 minutes what these mistakes were and how you can correct them in your own business.

3 Apr 2015

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MHI Lessons 21: Closing 2-3 Mobile Home Deals Per Month With The Right TEAM – Guest Tommy

In episode 21 of the Mobile Home Investing Lessons Podcast I'm super honored and proud to welcome Tommy to the Podcast microphone. Tommy has only been mobile home investing for 6 months and has already amassed a total of 16 properties at the times of this recording. In today's quick 32 minute podcast we discuss all this and much more.

4 Mar 2017

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MHI Lesson 26: Rushing into deals, handymen, buyers, and more w/ Ryan

In today’s 54-minute podcast episode we dive into example after example when it comes to rushing into mobile home investing opportunities and deals. Learn from our mistakes rushing into working with shady sellers, handymen, high-risk tenant-buyers, purchase offers, closings, and unseen repairs.

17 Aug 2018

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MHI 013: Correctly Positioning Yourself While Helping Mobile Home Sellers – Guest Vince C.

Over the next 23 minutes Vince opens up his mobile home investing business, how he's been trained to speak with sellers, and moving forward with confidence to help solve a mobile home sellers problem(s).

18 Apr 2015

Rank #13

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MHI Lesson 17: Investing The Wrong Way & Profiting $6,900 – Guest Ryan

Although these first few mistakes were made this deal worked out great for Ryan. Working only a few hours Ryan made over $6,900 in less than 8 months. Listen to the Podcast episode below to hear the wins and losses of Ryan's 1st mobile home deal.

9 Jan 2016

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MHI Lesson 19: Missing Deals & Making A $13,000 Profit – Guest Roscoe

I'm very proud to welcome to the co-hosting microphone Roscoe to discuss his first mobile home deal and his experiences missing many other opportunities along the way. Roscoe is a self-starter and go-getter right out of college. Learn more about Roscoe's mobile home investing business in the short Podcast and video below.

8 Sep 2016

Rank #15